Slightly frowned Xiaoqing tone is particularly serious.

"The so-called four gods and four spirits are in the myth, right?"
Although until the end, Master Pei said that he didn’t know about Pei Hui’s fall.
But he gave them a clue that was not a clue before Pei Wende left.
That is, Pei Hui’s will has been wandering since he won the "Qingqiuhu Fox" Yuan God. Pei Hui and Kyubi no Youko tian hu often forget their true identities.
During the day, Pei Hui looks like a typical lady when Miss Pei’s second door is closed and her second door is closed.
Once in the evening, Pei’s family becomes a genuine fox demon who likes all kinds of magic and illusion to play tricks on outsiders.
In order to get rid of this split life, Pei Hui began to lay out the intention from then on to truly realize the feat of turning a mortal body into a demon god.
According to Master Pei, Pei Hui intends to forcibly swallow the green hill fox Yuan God with the help of the "four spirits" personality.
All these years, she has been looking for a successor who can adapt to the "four spiritual forces"
The four spirits, that is, the four gods, are the four sacred animals that China has been guarding since ancient times, namely Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku and Xuanwu.
Therefore, to be able to undertake this personal belief must also be one of the most powerful demons in the world.
"Isn’t it a so-called’ myth theory’ to say that our story will flow to future generations?"
Speaking of which, Pei Wende suddenly remembered his incarnation as the Python God.
Compared with the ancient times, the future generations of the Quartet God beast also belong to the category of myth
It’s a person’s popularity. They’re not the same level.
[Is it a coincidence that I will inherit the name of Mohologa? 】
There is no question to continue thinking about because Pei Wende knows that this question is doomed to have no answer.
Nowadays, in this era, Buddhists don’t have a specific theory of "Bu Tianlong", let alone the origin of the boa constrictor.
Did you create history by yourself?
Or will history develop along the established track?
This question is the same as whether you are the future fahai. The root is to solve the problem.
"This is different."
Xiaoqing frowned again and hated Peiwende’s beating around the bush rhetoric.
The other party knows that he doesn’t mean it, but chooses to avoid the important and gently digress the topic.
"If your father is telling the truth, it means that your second sister’s situation is better than we thought …"
This Xiaoqing suddenly closed his mouth.
Because when they were talking, a strange breeze blew in front of them.
Xiaoqing can’t see things, but her intuition tells her that there are some more things in front of her.
"What is it?"
Hear Xiaoqing PeiWenDe also surprised with your eyes wide open.
"There is more than one like you?"
As if in response to Pei Wende’s words, his eyes were disturbed in succession.
Seeing five weird-looking kids for a moment depends on manifestation and each one has its own characteristics and abilities.
And when these five kids are together, they can contact and communicate with the outside world like "normal people", which is no longer limited by previous constraints.
"Of course!"
"We are five ghosts!"
"Since it is five ghosts, of course there are five!"
"If the boss hadn’t told us that you had something interesting here, we wouldn’t have come!"
"But I think you saw a silly snake without seeing anything interesting here!"
Five little devils, I took turns to say that Xiaoqing’s face was iron blue-this is the first time she has been called a "silly snake"
"Ahem, don’t be angry. They mean no harm."
Hurriedly take a step back according to Xiaoqing’s plan to draw out the green snake sword, and Pei Wende’s right hand is so light that the other ear explains
However, eager to appease Xiaoqing Peiwende, he didn’t notice that Xiaoqing was stiff as if he touched each other’s hands at that moment.
This is the first time Pei Wende grabbed her hand in Xiaoqing’s humanoid state.
That kind of touch made Xiaoqing forget for a short time that she was "insulted" by the five kids and replaced by a feeling she had never experienced before.
"Let go!"
Xiaoqing soon pressed the strange feeling in her heart after a short stupidity and then continued to maintain the former state of low yelling.
"Good good! I let go but you don’t start work … "
"I know these kids. They really mean no harm."
Be well-advised to immediately loosen your hands and see PeiWende continue to appease Xiaoqing with a wry smile.
"What! Is just a … "
Seeing this situation, Xiaoqing, the kid who had previously provoked me, just wanted to open his mouth and continue to say something when he was startled by the cold murder eyes of the other party.

夜网 约茶

By now, Wang Lang has been disappointed in Stone. How can such a person achieve great things?

Sure enough, everything was as Wang Lang expected. Shi was crazy. He told the soldiers to run out and catch the able-bodied men of the right age when he ordered them to go in and grab them. They were all burning, killing and looting.
Old people are killed, women are humiliated, and men are killed if they fight back!
The site of Shizhi is completely chaotic!
What a mess!
At the same time, Pu Hong and Yao Yizhong were overjoyed when they received the news of the Cishan War. Pu Hong first sent a note, so Pu and Yao formed an alliance to form a Coalition of 100,000 people and marched toward the east.
The Chinese Coalition forces came out of Tonglin Sanchuan to attack the city and pull out the village, and also took the ancient Luoyang city to the tiger prison. However, in the tiger prison, the Coalition forces encountered a very tenacious resistance. Li Nong led tens of thousands of troops to fight in the tiger prison and firmly held the pass. If the Chinese Coalition forces put it to good use, it would be a breakthrough!
In a secret room, there are three middle-aged men with high noses, deep eyes, yellowish hair and wide foreheads, who are discussing something. From the appearance, it can be seen that this is a western race and this race is in the Central Plains. There is no doubt that they are Jie people.
If Ran Min were here, he would certainly recognize that these three men are Shi Cheng, the leader in the middle, Shi Qi, the assistant, and Shi Hui, the former prefect of Hedong.
They’re all Confucian classics. Although they’re not the clan of Jie Zhao, they have some relatives in Schleswig. Their interests are actually linked to the clan of Jie Zhao!
Shi Cheng first said, "I have arranged to kill Ran Min, the rebel, and he will pass through Suzaku Street. At that time, he will be escorted by 200 people, but dozens of people will be careless. If Ran Min dies, his thief army will be the first. If we handle it properly, we can seize Ran Minbing in the name of killing thieves as Dong Zhuo did in the late Han Dynasty!"
"But …" Shi Qi is a little brain had to hesitate tunnel "and not Ran Min side pro-who badly Ran Min this life alone tore butch is not brave, ordinary people are afraid of not close to his body has been so"
Shicheng snorted. "Ran Min is brave, but his fists are hard to beat. I’m not a vegetarian when I find an assassin! I found these assassins from Langya, all famous assassins in nirvana in fire! I spent a lot of money! "
Shi Hui said with a smile, "It’s so good that if Ran Min dies, then everything can get back on track and we can get back on track."
"Not bad!"
Shicheng punched the console table with a face of indignation tunnel "Ran Min this Lao hateful! When Emperor Wu was in power, he never mistreated him. He didn’t think that just after Emperor Wu left, he would do anything to abolish things. It’s a sin to treat the emperor and treat me as a person! "
"Shi Hui Zhang Shen, have you contacted?"
"Contact well to let’s side together Zhang Shen will troo into yecheng! Moreover, General Sun Fudu will also take 3,000 soldiers to Jianzhang Palace! "
"good! If we kill Ran Min, we’ll be wrapped up in stone lessons. I believe that the emerging king will not treat everyone badly when he sees that we have made such great achievements! "
&#767E; κ&#4E; &#4EB; &#21C; Ran Wei thinks of himself &#722A; &#4E66; &#5C4B; &#21D; C&#65B; &#7AE; &#7B2C; &#4E; &#65F6; &#95F4; &#514D; &#D39; υ&#BFB;
Chapter 315 Yi three families
Alfred Hitchcock Presents" The Morning After
In the huge Suzaku Street, a group of chariots and horses marched in great strides.
At this time, it was frosty and freezing, and scattered snowflakes fluttered in the sky like falling leaves, and little ice crystals landed on the eaves, bridges and streets, and the whole world became white.
It’s Yinshi, but the officials have already gone to court.
The courtiers went to the court to see the king and discuss affairs.
In addition, there is a certain etiquette in the DPRK, and some old ministers will be punished for being late. Most of them will retire to their hometown.
During the Han Dynasty, the emperor treated the prime minister with courtesy. When the prime minister met the emperor, the emperor stood up and gave the prime minister a seat. When the prime minister was ill, the emperor went to visit him personally.
During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, officials were all seated at the court. In the Song Dynasty, officials had to play at the court. Ministers of the Qing Dynasty could not even play at the court. They had to kneel on behalf of Zhu Yuanzhang, and it was stipulated in the article that "all officials should kneel".
Bureaucrats in the Qing Dynasty were especially good at kneeling when facing the court, and ministers all had special knee pads.
From the etiquette changes, it can be seen that since the Song Dynasty, the emperor’s prestige has become higher and higher, but the bureaucratic status has been declining.
And eye this marching team to Jianzhang Palace is Wang Wei Ran Min team.
According to the official residence, the daily travel route of every official will hardly change much, and the general officials will take sedan chairs or ride horses, which is not enough to make such a big battle with Ran Min, but it is because of the special status of Ran Min.
When passing through a hidden street corner, suddenly a rain of arrows shot from the eaves!
"howls howls! ….. "Arrows volley a few unlucky push pro who should fall on the ground immediately!
"There is an assassin!"
The pro-guards and ceremonial ceremonies in the team were flustered for a while, and then they pulled out their swords or broadswords and stood out with spears or spurge, and surrounded the six royal carriages in Ran Min, forming a circular array and forming a state of fear.
But the enemy did not allow them to do so.
It’s not another rain of arrows that shot and killed several pro-guards, and then a dozen men in black with crossbows jumped out from the eaves.
The first man in black made a gesture, and the dozen men in black abandoned the crossbow machine and killed the carriage side by side with swords.
There are many pro-guards who are naturally not afraid of these assassins, but assassins are not good at fighting on the battlefield, but they are very good at assassinations. This is not limited by more than a dozen assassins. Then there are several other people who are ready to launch a stone bomb with a trebuchet and directly hit the carriage that has been parked there for a long time!
The huge carriage should be broken!
Where is this stone bullet?
Points are iron bullets!
"Big king! Your majesty! ……”
The ministers outside the discussion hall were waiting to enter the hall, but this did not prevent them from talking and whispering in the snow and cold wind.
Suddenly, a eunuch ran to Shicheng’s side and whispered for a while. Shicheng’s face was very festive, and he seemed more happy than having a son and marrying a wife!
Shi Qi, the assistant, couldn’t help but run over and ask, "Is it the leader?"
"It’s done!" Shicheng’s face could no longer conceal his smile.
General Fagan could not kill Ran Min, but Ran Min’s strong force alone was enough to deter most assassins!
But if Ran Min didn’t even have a chance to react, it would all be natural if he was directly killed alive!
Soon a waiter came out to let the ministers enter the temple for deliberation.
Originally, Ran Min led the ministers into the temple, but when Ran Min was away, the ministers went into the temple separately.
Ran Min often doesn’t attend the early morning meetings. On the one hand, because of many things, Ran Min can’t get away or is on a war trip. On the other hand, Ran Min is too lazy to think of it so early!
"hmm? What about Wang Wei? " Shi Jian didn’t see Ran Min after accepting the worship of his ministers, and he couldn’t help but be curious.
Ran Min has informed him in advance that today is bound to be an early morning, but I can’t see anyone? Ran Min is not that kind of person who will break his word and get fat!
At this time, Shi Cheng came out with his head held high. He adjusted his skirt like a fighting cock, and then strutted to the platform and replied, "Wang Wei may not be able to come!"
"I have heard on the road that an assassin assassinated Wang Wei Wang Wei and died on the way to the early dynasty. There may be someone collecting his body on Suzaku Street!"
At this point, Shi Jian’s face became very strange, and he seemed to want to wake up once and for all, but he didn’t like it.
"Wang Wei! ?”
All the ministers were furious and discolored, and the ministers were even more frightened!


"I hate the old monk. You can’t say anything about this."

Nai rolled his eyes. Pei Wende knew that this was the character of Zen master Lingyou.
Now that the other party has acquiesced in this mountain, let’s be ignorant of each other’s thoughts!
Because by just observing and searching Pei Wende, I can finally be sure that Xiaoqing is no longer Weishan.
On the other hand, the other party often inhabits the water pool, or runs through most of Weishan beauty stream, but often haunts the back mountain jungle in front of the other party …
Pei Wende didn’t find a trace of Xiaoqing, which seems to confirm the youth’s saying of "delivering letters" from the side.
"There is one last place …"
A moment later, Pei Wende, with his vigorous figure and fast pace, left Weishan Mountain Road and came near the foot of the mountain.
Then Pei Wende did not see the familiar figure with the familiar tree.
When going to Peiwende Mountain every time, ask him to wait for him in front of the big tree at the foot of Xiaoqing without informing the other party.
In a sense, the big tree at the foot of Weishan has become a tacit understanding between the two.
"If that’s not the case, where the hell is she?"
Reminiscent of the former flash in the pan, Pei Wende took out the label left by the other party from his arms.
"That guy said he came from Xiaoqing to realize his wish and this sign is the answer."
"This sentence can’t be understood literally."
"After all, Xiaoqing’s personality root can’t take the initiative to ask for help."
"That is to say, whatever that guy’s real intention is, he must have left me a clue."
As Pei Wende kept talking to himself, his thoughts gradually became clear.
No matter what purpose that guy wants to help Xiaoqing realize his wish, it is not simple for Pei Wende to see this sign.
-sooner or later, into Buddhism, transvestite.
This is of course the manifestation of Pei Wende’s complicated mood.
However, if you think about it carefully, even if you have the greatest ability, you can’t know the fear in Pei Wende’s heart before.
The signing of the "answer" is more a reflection of Xiaoqing’s thoughts than Pei Wende’s fear.
This also coincides with the young man’s own statement that he came to realize Xiaoqing’s wish.
The simplest and most rude way to realize Xiaoqing’s wish of "breaking the fetters" is to let the two break up before, which naturally breaks the dust.
"If this is to help people realize their wishes …"
"Then this way of realizing one’s wish is not too bad, and it is no different from the devil."
What’s the difference between this and the realization of your wish to kill you before you worry about dying?
Pei Wende has completely pulled the young man into the "blacklist" anyway. He now wants to know what clues the guy left with this sign.
"Since you want to break the bond between Xiaoqing and me, let me see what you have prepared!"
Pei Wende said this sentence when the eyebrows suddenly beat a.
Then see a vertical eyes suddenly opened and stared at the sign in his hand.
Pei Wende stared at all the remaining information of this sign and was quickly read out.
From the material to the raw materials to who made it by hand, it leaves some marks on a holder …
Pei Wende quickly classified and summarized these complicated and tedious information and finally formed a series of concrete and clues.
"The face is very wet. It really wasn’t my batch of stamps."
"This sign is made of Chinese fir and is less than ten years old …"
"Plus, I’ve seen Xiaoqing. According to her daily action speed, it won’t exceed a hundred miles at most."
"Then you need to screen the places where Fiona Fang Baili has planted Chinese fir trees less than ten years old."
"Well, although there are still a lot of places in this circle, it’s better than wandering around."
Chapter 10 Skeleton Giant
"Eldest brother? Are we going to stay outside? "
Looked up and cast a glance at the horizon with only a little light. The second of the three civet cats was afraid and asked
Night is when wild animals are rampant and demons are rampant.
Even for the civet cats, the wilderness is very dangerous after dark.
In particular, there is always that strange mist here, which makes the three civet cats have a sincere fear.

喝茶VX 夜网

Kate has been puzzled by the crazy scene in the fighting association, but Stuart Liu is very calm and said lightly, "People are blind animals. I think they are all so crazy when they are around the environment."

Fortunately, most of the students in Dream University are guys who think highly of themselves at ordinary times. Although they are called crazy at this time, they still control themselves. No one has thought of hugging them and picking something to commemorate them in Windson. In fact, no one really thought of this, but if they want to be such a person, they will first weigh their own weight. Don’t forget what Windson four of them are famous for.
Lin Feng didn’t enter the bar area, but slowly walked to the front of the glass curtain wall. Through the glass, you can see that the training ground inside is a little lower than the bar outside. There are a thin layer of mats and some sandbags and training equipment neatly placed on three walls. There are hundreds of students in uniform fighting training ground who are doing all kinds of training. Seeing that they are absent-minded, you will know that they have not focused on training one by one. If several coaches are not trying to restrain themselves, I am afraid they would have rushed out.
Lin Fengsi looked at the training ground now, but something seemed to be missing when he was trying to think, but Zhao Rulong pulled it into the training ground.
Just after taking off his shoes on the sidelines, Lin Feng was surrounded and brought to the training ground. In the middle of the field, the training students stopped with the acquiescence of several coaches. Outside the glass wall, several fighting associations were keeping order and blocking some students who were not fighting societies. After these attempts to fish in troubled waters and enter the training ground failed, the students could give up and look inside the glass curtain wall.
After Lin Fengding, he smiled at Zhao Rulong and said, "President’s adult, I must have come here today. You should have known about it. Come on, if you have any means."
Zhao Rulong knew that Lin Feng was joking and replied with a smile, "Don’t worry, today will definitely make you happy."
Kate also booed, "Yes, yes, hehe, Lin Feng, you can’t leave here."
A few words made the people around you burst into laughter.
After all the people laughed, Zhao Rulong put away his smiling face and said seriously, "We all know that you came here today, but you should also know that if it weren’t for you, Kate and Stuart, three people, intervened on behalf of the school to participate in the fighting competition, they should all be our fighting association people, that is to say, you three people robbed our fighting association." Speaking of this, Zhao Rulong stopped to look at Lin Feng.
Windson knew that Zhao Rulong was telling the truth and that he had something to say, and there was no excitement. Instead, he motioned Zhao Rulong to continue.
Zhao Rulong nodded and was satisfied with Lin Feng’s composure, so he continued, "But you are not wrong. After all, participating in the Universiade is also a glory for the school. Of course, you should choose the strongest player to participate. Although I know your strength, people in our association don’t know much about it. What I want to say is that if you want to win the competition, you must show your strength to satisfy everyone in our association!"
Before coming here, Lin Feng knew that he was going to show up in the fighting association today, so he didn’t care to smell the words and asked casually, "Have you confirmed the five places for Lao Zhao to participate in the monthly fighting competition on behalf of the school?"
"We haven’t finished determining that our fighting association is going to hold a formal audition in the day. I didn’t expect you three guys to come first, but Stuart and Kate’s fighting skills have made our association’s hearts beat. They have already won the competition. If Lin Feng wants to get the competition, don’t hide anything." Zhao Rulong said with a smile.
Lin Feng bowed his head and said, "Well, then I will definitely play against Lao Zhao on behalf of the Fighting Association. That is to say, three of the five places have been confirmed. Can I compete for the remaining two places?"
"That’s right!" Zhao Rulong said firmly
"Well, I don’t know what you mean. I want to see if I have the strength to participate in the fighting competition on behalf of the school. Come on, I’ll follow you one by one!"
Zhao Rulong smiled with satisfaction, waved and led the crowd back several steps, leaving Lin Feng alone in the middle of the training ground. When Lin Feng was very surprised, he felt that his feet seemed to be rising slowly. In a short time, a round standard fighting platform with a diameter of 25 meters and a half meters appeared in the training ground. Lin Feng looked at the foot fighting platform and remembered that the fighting association was missing. How could the fighting association not have a fighting ring?
The rules of the University Games Fighting Competition are the same as those of the top-level fighting competition in the Earth Federation. There is no weight level, regardless of whether men or women are mixed together. Every game will be played for 30 minutes without rest. Except that both sides must wear necessary protective gear and cannot hit their opponents’ heads or bite people, whatever fighting skills you want, whichever side can’t afford to fall to the ground will surrender automatically or drop the ring, even if it is negative. If the two sides have not yet won the game, the referee will judge the outcome according to their performance in the game.
Protective gear, including tooth protection, neck protection and crotch protection, and crotch protection are all made of reinforced light alloy, which can effectively protect the key points without affecting the action. When women and men play, women have to wear the same bra specially made of reinforced light alloy, mainly not to protect but to prevent sexual harassment, and also to dispel the concerns of male players, because this special crotch protection and bra will not feel "wonderful" to both sides.
However, these protective devices are specially made according to each human body shape. Lin Feng has never participated in similar competitions in reality. Of course, there are no such things, and Lin Feng is very confident in his own strength. Even if he did, he would not necessarily wear them. Therefore, he took off his coat and revealed a generous and simple long-sleeved white shirt and a pair of washed white jeans. He held out his right hand and pointed to the crowd and said, "Which one of you will come first?"
Is still a boring tape recorder sound "vote collection vote collection …"
I don’t know how to call it for so long, but it hasn’t stopped. It is estimated that someone has quietly changed the pool.
Chapter XXIV World War III
Lin Feng’s domineering attitude in Taiwan has aroused the excitement of the students around him.
In a piece of "forest air! Lin Feng! " In the call, Zhao Rulong asked, "Who wants to play against windson? Put your hands up! "
After all looked at each other for a while, no one raised their hands, which made Zhao Rulong feel very confused.
At ordinary times, every member of this gang can blow his manners, except Zhao Rulong, and he doesn’t take Lin Feng and the three of them seriously. He always blames himself for his bad luck and didn’t touch the gang. Otherwise, they are famous now, and what makes Zhao Rulong even more puzzled is that when Stuart Liu and Kate came here two days ago, these guys were still in high spirits. Although they all lost miserably, their attitudes were good and they all said that they were angry. How can they all be timid when they touched Lin Feng today?
Zhao Rulong didn’t know that they were so arrogant at ordinary times because they didn’t really see Lin Feng’s strength. Now Situliu and Kate have given them a vision. It is conceivable that they can be on par with Kate. Lin Feng is definitely not a soft persimmon.
Although they all looked like bachelors after losing two days ago, it was a shameful thing after all. What’s worse, so many people and so many beautiful mm came again today. If they lose miserably again, they will be humiliated and lost home. Besides, Lin Feng was famous for his mystery and terminating in the "Dream Four Masters". At the beginning, more than a dozen young masters were abruptly interrupted by him and thrown into the dream sea. In case Lin Feng lost control after the game, members of the Fighting Association felt that their limbs were a little cold.
Zhao Rulong waited for a long time and didn’t see anyone raise their hands and say, "Since no one raised their hands, I think so. The original five places have been confirmed, and there are two places left. Our fighting association will send two people to compete with Lin Feng. If Lin Feng can win, he will get the competition. What do you think?"
Everyone in the Taiwan Fighting Association looked at each other, but no one dared to fight. In fact, they all knew that if Lin Feng’s fighting level was similar to Kate’s, he would definitely win the competition. Then Zhao Rulong, the first master of the Taiwan Fighting Association, would definitely occupy four places, and they would also be able to compete for the only place left. All these guys felt that it was better not to lose face and reserve the strength to compete with the preparation department. If Lin Feng’s performance in Taiwan was not worthy of the name, it would not be too late to pick up the cheap again.
Zhao Rulong is a little disappointed with the performance of these members. It is a dream of every fighting enthusiast to be able to play against real masters. These guys have wasted their faces. It is really stupid to be able to improve themselves.
Just when the situation was deadlocked, a voice came not far away, "You cowards don’t deserve to be real fighters!"
Hearing this sentence, Zhao Rulong didn’t look back, but Lin Feng saw that his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. Obviously, he recognized the sound master and the members of the Taiwan Fighting Association also showed angry expressions.
Windson turned to look and saw a young man dressed in white fighting slowly coming from the locker room.
When he came to the platform, he easily jumped off the fighting platform and said to Lin Feng, "You are Lin Feng’s classmate, right? I just transferred here this year. Ichiro, the big dog, just joined the fighting association two days ago. I just came to school and heard that you’ve always wanted to learn something about the’ Dream Four Masters’. But I didn’t come to the association two days ago and missed the opportunity to learn from Stuart and Kate. Today, I heard that Lin Feng’s classmate was coming to the association to compete for the competition. I came here specially to meet Lin Feng’s classmate. I didn’t expect Stuart and Kate
Big dog Ichiro’s words seem to be very polite, but the arrogance in the words is also obvious. There is no regard for Lin Feng’s four people, and Stuart Liu and Kate’s eyes also take up cold light.
Windson staring at this guy is not frowned big dog Ichiro-listen to the name will know that this guy is all Chinese people hate people in the race, but not Chinese people hate the earth. Most people in the Federation have no opinion of this race.
At the beginning of the 22nd century, a large area of energy crisis and economic crisis broke out in the world. Many capitalist countries experienced a sharp economic recession, and the unemployment rate reached a record high. The serious economic crisis also led to a political crisis, which passed on the economic and political crisis of the country. A right-wing organization in an island country re-established a dictatorship, took the old fascist road and provoked wars in neighboring countries.
This war soon swept the world and exploded the Third World War, which lasted for more than half a century.
In the middle of the war, some countries that killed their eyes used powerful nuclear weapons, which killed several people and caused great damage to the earth’s environment. At that time, when everyone was about to die together, the two most powerful countries in the world, the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America, had to join hands to quell the war and strive to cooperate with the two major powers in the war, and finally the Earth Federation was established.
In the third world war, an island country was suppressed by most countries in the war because it took the lead in provoking the war. At the end of the war, the country went crazy and used anti-human chemical and biological weapons, causing numerous tragedies around the world, countless families, displaced wives and separated.
Then it happened that a strong earthquake suddenly occurred in the island country shortly after the exposure of biological and chemical weapons, which constituted the smallest island in the country. In the earthquake, the tsunami caused by the 6-sinking earthquake will also leave several islands submerged, and after the seawater receded, the population of the island country will be greatly reduced and the economy will go backwards for hundreds of years.
Because there was no warning at the time of the earthquake, many people thought that the earthquake in the island country was caused by its actions of moving chemical and biological weapons, which angered God and reduced the scourge. However, after the war, some weapons experts thought that a country detonated a large-equivalent crustal deformation bomb in the country, but no country recognized this statement at that time. It is still a mystery how the earthquake happened today.
After the foundation of the Earth Federation, the country has been completely reduced to a minority because of the huge population loss in the war, but the arrogance of people in this race has not changed, so it is also hated by most races.
I don’t know who smashed the old tape recorder in front of the Fighting Association, leaving a wreckage and the monotony that still lingers in people’s minds. "Vote collection, vote collection …"
Chapter 25 From falling all over the place to falling all over the place
Ichiro, the big dog, is about 1.7 meters tall, and his eyebrows are fine and his figure is well-proportioned. However, his brow always shows a cruel look, which makes people feel uncomfortable.
"If Lin Feng chooses a day and doesn’t hit the sun, let’s learn from each other first. The competition is reserved for powerful people!" Big dog Ichiro saw that Lin Feng didn’t speak. Lin Feng became timid and spoke more and more presumptuous.
Windson is too lazy to talk nonsense with such people, and the middle finger of the right hand is put up.
Big dog Ichiro was so angry that he leaned slightly and made a fighting ceremony. No matter whether Windson was ready to salute or not, he stepped forward with his fist and roared straight to Windson alongside of.seem.
Windson sneer at a left hand casually to a heard "bang" after a crowd surprised now big dog did not move windson was his one punch back two steps.
The big dog Ichiro won’t let people smile again, but his hands and feet are so sharp that he can’t beat Lin Feng back. Everyone can’t help but get nervous when they see Lin Feng in distress.
Although windson looked like a mess, he didn’t panic. He wanted to clean up this guy, so he didn’t intend to move the real yuan. He didn’t even close the gravity ring that had been transferred to 3g.
I didn’t expect the big dog Ichiro’s boxing strength to contain a strange energy, which seems to have cultivated some unknown achievement method to make windson snacks lose a little bit. However, the big dog’s energy is not strong, even if windson doesn’t move, Zhenyuan will be able to cope with it with his own strength and high fighting skills. At this time, windson is hesitant to move Zhenyuan to settle the big dog Ichiro cleanly.
Just as Lin Feng hesitated, Ichiro the big dog sneered at the left foot, forced his left foot to the waist and kicked his right foot through a strange arc at Lin Feng’s head and flew to Taiwan to watch the game. Everyone involuntarily exclaimed.
Originally, when the two men met, they didn’t salute each other 5 meters apart in the middle of the fighting table as in the regular game. After the game just met, Lin Feng pulled over and was on the verge of falling off the fighting table after resisting several attacks by big dogs.
Big dog Ichiro’s face reveals a smirk, so much for the "four fantastic heroes". In his view, Lin Feng now has three choices, either to automatically retreat from the fighting platform or to block himself from being shocked by the fighting platform. The result of these two choices is the same, that is, the only way to lose Lin Feng’s life is to cross over from himself with a short body. Although this way of avoiding is very normal in fighting competitions, for Big dog Ichiro, looking at this man who is more than 10 centimeters taller than himself, he will feel unspeakable satisfaction, and even worse, he will have another way to kill himself later.
Windson looked at the big dog’s smug face and snorted in his heart, but his feet leaned back like nails. When the big dog’s right foot passed in front of him, Windson’s body kept leaning back and suddenly turned extremely strange for 1o degrees. When he stabilized, he was already behind the big dog Ichiro.
Ichiro, the big dog, now that Lin Feng suddenly disappeared in front of his face, his fighting skills were good. He immediately judged that Lin Feng should be behind him and quickly turned to prepare for defense, but it was too late. Ichiro, the big dog, did not think that Lin Feng could avoid his attack in this strange way, so his back was so unguarded at this time.
Windson didn’t give him a chance. Before he turned to defend himself, one foot was extremely nonstandard and insulting. It was kicked in the big dog Ichiro’s ass. Pang Dazhen yuan flooded into the big dog Ichiro like a flood, and his body was instantly recovered. Even the big dog himself didn’t feel that he was kicked by Windson. After that, his body seemed to lose control for a moment, and then in a burst of laughter, a seemingly called dog eats shit and fell to the ground.


See the magic monk and Yang Xiu want to escape together. Oh, my God, Ken will leave it at that.

And when the fist knocked down the Taoist priest and Yang Xiu threw it to stop the ofuda, it was even more furious to see Bai Zhi’s soul escape.
See his hands a change out of a gimmick hands suddenly pulled out a flash and then pushed to Yang Xiu.
And he himself took up a hurricane with a flash of his body, followed by a fist and hit Yang Xiu alongside of.seem.
Because the passage is so big, Yang Xiu has no place to hide, but seeing the flash and the sky is threatening, I can’t imagine how to get away after being entangled in the sky.
Therefore, so that the ghost king can block the attack from behind, and he himself injects spiritual power into the wings of Qingluan and raises the degree to the extreme.
See the ghost king flying backwards, see the flash and the sky, and the whole body suddenly gushed out with black gas. Two skulls hung in the front ear also fell off and hid themselves in the black gas, grinning at any time.
Flash into the black gas seems to be not stopped at all, and suddenly it swings into a large ghost fog.
When the Ghost King saw it, he immediately commanded two skulls to bite it, while he himself wielded a knife to cut it to the sky.
Seeing the sickle split in the sky, waving a fist instead of hiding or flashing, hitting the blade more quickly. Seeing the sickle, I can’t bear the common meat fist, and it will break up in an instant. I will do a few ghosts from Xinhua and wander in the black gas.
In the same day, after punching and scattering the ghost sickle, the force still keeps coming. Both hands can see the ghosting continuously hitting the ghost king’s body. The ghost king was beaten back repeatedly with backhand force, and his skin was raw. Even that soul seems to be wobbly and crumbling at any time.
And the two skulls greeted Flash with a bite and swallowed Flash into the mouth, and then a thick smoky black gas came out of the skull and wrapped Flash tightly, but the flash didn’t dissipate in the skull’s mouth, or it was "scratching" and the frenzy didn’t just flash and suddenly burst. The two skulls suddenly screamed and looked shaky.
However, the ghost king is busy now, and there is still time to pay attention to the magic weapon. The figure is erratic and moving back and forth, and the soul of the ghost king will be locked in the fire. The ghost king will even be stunned immediately.
Of course, the Ghost King also knows how severe it is to fight in other parts of the body, regardless of whether it is to keep the head and soul from being hit by fire or not. The so-called ghost king can recover slowly even if his body is broken. Therefore, it seems that the ghost king is in an abnormal mess now, and he has no ability to fight back. If it is not for Yang Xiu’s persistent suppression of the ghost king’s soul, the ghost king may have run away long ago and dare not stand in front of him again.
However, with the ghost king blocking Yang Xiu from finally escaping from the belly of the idol, he also happened to see that Brother Magic had flown to the mouth of the idol.
When the disaster strikes, the two of them have their own flying conditions, and Yang Xiu still has a feud. No matter when he flies out of the idol, he goes to the ground to flash away. His idea is that since the witch gods are not strong, they are confident that they can escape from the pursuit of the common sky. Otherwise, they have been pursuing the goal of reaching the common sky with their wings. Secondly, Qingluan wings consume more spiritual power than soil evasion.
At this time, when the zombies and monsters saw Godsworn Magic Road and Yang Xiu coming out of the idol, they came to harass them separately. It was because Yang Xiu was still in the scope of the idol that the monsters were afraid at the moment.
The magic monk is flying out directly. I don’t know what posture he is. There is no magic weapon to fly. It is even faster than Yang Xiu’s qingluan wings. Of course, those zombies immediately followed him.
Yang Xiu stopped on the ground first. At this moment, he just saw that the ghost king was punched by the sky, and Bai Zhi, who was hiding behind the ghost king, was also affected by the wave. The soul was in a trance and I don’t know if it would dissipate.
Although he was beaten away, the ghost king just retreated to Yang Xiu Yang Xiu more quickly through the blow of the same day. Seeing this, he conveniently put the ghost king into the hands of Gan Kun and then quickly fled into the ground to show the soil.
I can’t help but frown when I see Yang Xiu hiding in the ground, but I can’t help but see that Bai Zhi’s soul was taken away together. Where are you willing to just give up and leave it alone? Brother Magic Road just chased Yang Xiu in the direction of hiding.
But after chasing for a moment, I realized that he felt more and more vague about the breath of Yang Xiu, and after a while, he completely lost sight of Yang Xiu
This can’t help but make the big fire like a stone pillar, and the huge legs can’t help but hate stepping on the ground. The ground suddenly breaks around and extends for more than ten feet.
And just when he was going to give up chasing and go back to refining the statue, and then slowly look for these people, he happened to see those monsters who chased Yang Xiu. Because he had been fighting with the ghost king just now, he had been chasing Yang Xiu. He didn’t look closely. Now he noticed that he suddenly recognized these monsters and couldn’t help mumbling in surprise.
"These are’ Yin’s worms’ that have evolved to semi-mature bodies. I heard that they have not appeared for thousands of years. I didn’t expect that there will be a group here, but it is a pity that these Yin’s worms are not easy to domesticate after the larval stage. Otherwise, if they are domesticated into spiritual worms, they will become a great help in the future."
"Wrong" and then the sky immediately thought of what these Yin’s worms flew all the way to the front? And it happened to be the man’s escape direction. When he thought about it carefully, he immediately thought of the key and followed the direction of Yin’s worm.
In fact, he didn’t have to kill Yang Xiu, but Bai Zhi. Although Bai Zhi is now in a state of soul, after all, he has lived for thousands of years. It is difficult for a monster to have such a secret method. If Bai Zhi escapes, it will be the same as releasing the tiger to the wild, which will make the common mind feel at ease!
Yang Xiu is in a hurry to escape, but he can’t help but condescend to chase himself. He doesn’t know that this is because he has been paid for his work.
Because of the critical situation just now, Yang Xiu directly put Bai Zhi’s soul into the hands of Gan Kun and didn’t hide it. At this moment, he couldn’t help but regret that if the secret of Gan Kun’s hand was known by others, he was afraid that it would be in Ningri, so he made up his mind that no matter what the person inside was, he couldn’t let him live away from Gan Kun’s hands.
At this moment, Yang Xiu saw that the man hadn’t chased him. Zhang Chi-hsin finally couldn’t help but relax for a few minutes. While hiding, he separated a trace of mind into the hands of Gan Kun. First, he saw if Bai Zhi’s soul had made any unusual moves in the hands of Gan Kun. Second, of course, he heard Bai Zhi say that he knew the passage from here. Therefore, of course, Yang Xiu should know whether it was true or not. Otherwise, he couldn’t have been fleeing all the time. If he wasn’t chased, he would be exhausted.
Yang Xiu mind into the dry hand at a glance to detect Bai Zhi.
See Bai zhi at the moment a face of surprise with somewhat uneasy with somewhat curious and a look at the dry hand.
Now there are more than 200 square meters of Gankun hands, and during this period of time in Yang Xiu, many monks have been sacrificed. Although the aura content in them is still not high, it is not as thin as it was at first, and several unknown grasses have grown sparsely.
Among them, the most striking fear is that it is like a mountain stone, and the whole set off is shining brightly. At that time, Yang Xiu was in a hurry and didn’t expect to be hidden in the forest and seen by Bai Zhi.
Bai Zhi couldn’t help but be tongue-tied when he saw this pile of Lingshi, especially when he thought of Yang Xiu’s construction period and then combined it with this strange thing, which made him secretly guess Yang Xiu’s identity.
Jiman is lying in a coma now, of course, and is being swallowed up by the cloud-controlled spirit beast. Brother Qiu’s hunchback has lost less than half a circle, but Bai Zhi can’t see these two people now because Yang Xiu hid Jiman and the cloud-controlled spirit beast from each other when he put them in Bai Zhi. Otherwise, if Bai Zhi had any bad heart, it would be a big loss.
But the situation of the Ghost King is not good now. After Yang Xiu burned the purple jade gourd in the cold swamp, it hurt the soul’s vitality. Otherwise, it would not be so troublesome to deal with those monks in the foundation period in water curtain cave.
Now the ghost king has solidified his body and smashed the first two corners, leaving the soul fire in his head intact, which may not be restored in a few years or more.
And the skull on its ear didn’t come back at that time, and the ghost sickle had already returned to the source. The ghost spectre pervaded around the ghost king’s body, and I don’t know how long it would take if I wanted to condense again
The total ghost king has many problems now, so he can’t help Yang Xiu to take part in the battle in a short time. This not only makes Yang Xiuda grieve and sigh, but this time it’s a big loss, which not only makes the ghost king lose his fighting capacity, but also makes him look at Bai Zhi with no good intentions.
Yang Xiu didn’t expect Bai Zhi’s soul to be out of the flesh and to be so energetic after a common pursuit.
Mind micro Yang Xiu no matter what Bai Zhi saw, he controlled the Gankun hand array, so he couldn’t get out of this range by fixing the meter around Bai Zhi.
Yang Xiu did all this without any difficulty. Kun’s hand didn’t collapse. He was the absolute master.
Bai zhilai looked around and suddenly felt that his body was like hitting a permeable wall, but he changed direction, but the result was still the same.
This Bai Zhi can’t help but feel flustered and dare not touch anything banned.
However, Mata felt a horrible breath that made him feel palpitation from the depths of his soul. He spread out in front of him and looked up. I didn’t know when there was a pale flame the size of a fly in front of him. Although the flame was small, Bai Zhi couldn’t help but shudder at the sight of his soul. He was convinced that even a little spark would burn him to the ground.
This flame, of course, is Yang Xiu’s secret derivation of a little chaotic fire. Of course, its power is still far from real chaotic fire. It has not reached the realm of refining everything, but it has been refined at least before, and no fewer than a hundred monks are faint. A little chaotic breath is not what Bai Zhi, who has just left his soul state, can bear.
Seeing that Yang Xiu, who was shocked by Bai Zhi, was no longer delayed, Shiyizheng immediately asked Bai Zhi, "Do you really know how to leave this witch tomb?"
Bai Zhi immediately recognized that this was the monk’s voice. First, after hearing Yang Xiu’s question, he relaxed and then associated it with the present posture of imprisonment and flame. After all, it’s a long-term Johnson, which is not white. What is this? I couldn’t help but say with some shortness.
"I really know how to ask Daoyou to help me recover my body and kill the bully and destroy my ancestors. I not only told Daoyou about another passage away from here, but also looked after Daoyou!"
If it was before, I didn’t pay attention to Yang Xiu’s repairing water for no reason, but now his situation is quite pessimistic. Because he also stayed in the ghost king’s body when he was ravaged by heaven, he was also affected by waves, which is not as good as what Yang Xiu sees now. If Yang Xiuqi now has evil intentions, it is easy to refine his soul, so he has to stabilize Yang Xiu first.
Considering the horse behind the pursuer is coming to Yang Xiu, when there is no time to travel with him, he has made no secret of his murder in his heart and said coldly.
"Hum, it’s my business to destroy the sky. Is it time for you to be conditional? Tell me the way out of here quickly or I’ll leave you? If I lose patience, the horse will refine you! "
Yang Xiu said that he immediately directed the trace of chaotic fire to get closer to Bai Zhi so that Bai Zhi could vaguely feel the burning sensation of chaotic fire on his soul without hurting his roots.
However, Yang Xiu still looked down upon Bai Zhi. Although the chaotic fire made him afraid to move and burned his soul, he didn’t compromise, so he said hard.
"Now that I said after you can’t guarantee my life that I what to say? I have to be you anyway, okay? Besides, I have tasted the taste of poison, and this pain is nothing! If you still have other means, you can use them all to see if I can’t stand it! "
Yang Xiu saw that he also threatened to sound even colder. "Don’t you really dare not? Tell me where the export is quickly, or my horse will feed you to my ghost servant, just as it is now weakened and needs soul tonic. "
But Bai zhi is still a dead duck. It seems that I really don’t care about the so-called way of life and death
"How to choose between you and me is as simple as that, and it doesn’t do you any harm. I think I’m a big fool. I’ve learned a lot of secrets over the years. Although it’s different from your Taoist practice, it will definitely help you. And I’m just like this. Are you afraid that I can do something to you?"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four From two
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Yang Xiu rushed to the statue of Laiji people to make sure that the people around him suddenly flew out of the mouth of the statue from the wings of Zhanqingluan.


Soon Ran Min arrived at the Changqing Hall where Shijian was located with the wine army.

Looking at Ran Min’s appearance in front of his face, Shi Jian couldn’t help but become angry, but then he changed his face as if nothing had happened. "Haha, the king of Wei came just as I was about to see you in the past."
"Aren’t you bathing and changing clothes?"
"Er … ha ha Su smiled …"
Looking at Shi Jian’s miserable appearance, Ran Min said rudely, "Are you wondering if I can still be in front of you now?"
"Where is Wang Wei?" Shi Jian put on a look of consternation. "Why is Wang Wei so guilty?"
"Bring people in!"
Ran Min waved and then Shi Bao, Zhang Cai and Li Song were taken to Shi Jian and knelt down.
Ran Min squinted. "Do you know these three people?"
This time can’t play the fool fully distracted Shi Jian service road "happened? Wang Wei captured King Leping, Zhang and Li? "
"Let’s ask them what they did first!" Ran Min snorted the cold "I was waiting for the position to be summoned in Kun Hua Dian, but Shi Bao and Zhang Li led people to besiege me, and now I have been defeated! Widow skirt is very curious about whether this matter is inspired by you? "
"I really don’t know!"
Shi Jian made a chilling remark, but it’s a pity to abandon the car and keep handsome!
Ran Min didn’t talk nonsense, but directly ordered people to take the three of them to pieces!
"positions! I am embarrassed! "
It didn’t take long for this sound to come to an abrupt end. Soon Shi Bao, Zhang Cai and Li Song were placed in front of Shi Jian. These three people died unsatisfied.
It took Shi Jian a long time to slow down and ask Ran Min, "I don’t know what Wang Wei saw me?"
"I heard you pull out Liu Qun, the former Qin Zhou secretariat, and shot Lu Zhan, the former assistant."
"It does" Shi Jian before as cool as a cucumber nods.
"So positions may know people not I have mastered Liu Qun, Lu Zhan some criminal evidence! Liu Qun and Lu Zhan often take bribes when they are in office and don’t seek their own government. How can such people steal high positions knowing that they are flattering and flattering? "
Ran Min, this is to press the trumped-up charges on Liu Qun and Lu Zhan, but now Ran Min is "pointing at deer and horse", even if he is a blank sheet of paper, no one dares to say that it is a blank sheet of paper!
Ran Min snorted. "And I’ve got the secret information. Liu Qun and Lu Zhan have already colluded with the thief stone, and now they’re fighting in Xiangguo. It’s not appropriate to have these two people to help, is it?"
"I wonder what Wang Wei wants to do with Liu Qun and Lu Zhan?" Shi Jian trembling asked.
"Dismissed and investigated and then … copied with the door!"
Shi Jian almost didn’t slow down, so Shi Jian still crustily skin of head agreed with Ran Min dialect.
Ran Min, who solved the problem of Gongbian, led 100,000 elite division generals Wen Tai, Li Xin, Suochao and others in Zhanghe swearing-in.
I didn’t expect Ran Min to move so fast for a few days and then pull up a hundred thousand Rao Dajun stones, but soon he stabilized his mind and immediately called the nearby military forces loyal to Jie Zhao to tie the knot with Xiang Guo to prepare for a life-and-death war with Ran Min!
At the same time, Shi also wrote a letter to Puhong, Yao Yizhong, Zhang Hedu and other governors asking them to send troops to attack Ran Min as soon as possible.
Stone didn’t dare to take the initiative to stick to Xiang Guo Cheng, but Ran Min thought it was necessary to solve the war here in Xiang Guo as soon as possible. Otherwise, once Pu Hong, Yao Yizhong and Zhang Hedu sent troops at the same time, it is estimated that Ran Min, like the historical king of mourning, must put out fires everywhere and then die of exhaustion!
After all, no matter how brave a tiger is, it can’t stand the wolves’ attack, or it’s a steady stream of attacks!
At the same time, Ran Min also ordered Li Nong to lead 50,000 military forces into Hedong to prevent Pu Hong and Yao Yizhong from sending troops to the East.
At the same time, Zhang Hedu, Duan Qin, Liu Guo, Jin Dolphin and other local governors are watching, but they are afraid that Yecheng and Wei’s elite soldiers will not dare to rush.
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Chapter 31 White robe teenager
Shi Dan has gathered hundreds of thousands of troops in Xiangguo, and the Dalian camp is dozens of miles. But Shi Dan did not dare to rush, but ordered the foot soldiers to strengthen the Yugoslav capital and build barriers to prepare for the upcoming Wei Jun.
Shi Kun, king of Ruyin, and Wang Lang came to meet Shi Jian.
"I heard that Wei Jun is leading hundreds of elite divisions to Xiangguo!"
A good soldier and a strong general? Ishiguro himself doesn’t have this confidence.
Ran Min probably said that they were all hard-fought soldiers, sharp soldiers who had fought many battles, and most of the soldiers and horses in Shi’s hand were old soldiers or recruits who had never experienced the baptism of blood and fire in the battlefield.
Who is strong and who is weak is clear at a glance!
Shi can’t help whispering, "Ran Min is good at marching and fighting, winning and attacking Bike is like Han Bai’s life as a contemporary god of war. I can’t guarantee that I can defeat him."
Smell speech next to Wang Lang immediately said, "the king’s words are poor. You can’t win the field battle. Can you beat Ran Min by sticking to the duct country? I’ve seen Ran Min Wei Jun’s returning cannon as a weapon to attack the enemy. The king is afraid that he will be attacked by Wei Jun in a few days if he sticks to Xiangguo for half a month! When the king will go from? "
Shi Yan is deeply worried about this. "Does the general teach me?"
"Fear before war is a big no-no! Your Majesty is now a famous scholar with the imperial edict issued by your Majesty, and all the heroes in all directions have responded in succession. It can be seen that Ran Min regicide has usurped Zhao’s ambition, but all local governors are not angry with your Majesty. Now you are a famous scholar, but you are afraid to fight against the traitor Ran Min, but you have attacked your country under the banner of crusade against rebellion. So how dare you stand tall and judge the heroes in all directions to follow your majesty? "
Wang Lang said with a sad face, "Your Majesty, although Ran Min’s forces are strong and prosperous, they are not invincible. Local governors such as Zhang Hedu, Duan Qin Liu Guo and Jin Dolphin are still holding a wait-and-see attitude. If you dare not March at this time, you will fall by!"
"The most powerful vassals are Pu Hong, Yao Yizhong, followed by Zhang Hedu, Liu Guo and Duan Qin. Now the king crusades against Ran Min, but he is justified. If he wins, the king can order the king to be defeated, and he can dispatch troops from the country where he is sitting. So the king doesn’t fight?"
When I heard these words, I suddenly felt a tingle and said, "What the general said is that I really can’t be timid at this critical juncture!"
So Shi decided to send troops, but he did not command the army himself.
Twelve Lunatone only Ruyin Wang Shikun’s viceroy Zhang Ju and Wang Lang will lead 70,000 troops to fight a decisive battle in Ran Min Wei Jun Exhibition.
Shi Mao himself continued to stay in the country to accept the military forces who came to various places, and recruited foot soldiers to build weapons and armor to continue to expand his military forces.
Many people shook their heads at this move. It seems that Ran Min is timid after all. After all, the name of Ran Min, the great Zhao God of War, is not blown out but actually typed out!

夜网 约茶

I was not surprised and discouraged by Lin Feng’s silence, but I tried another way. "But boss, you have a good eye. There are Qin Xinyu’s names in the top ten school flowers just released this year, and they are in 3A. Oh, they are absolutely handsome and handsome. How do you know Qin’s sister?"

If it is an ordinary person, he may be flattered by Wang Dao, and then he will suddenly come to the forefront. But who is Lin Feng? This trick is worthless in front of him. If he is in a good mood, he may even talk nonsense with Wang Dao. But now Lin Feng is in a bad mood, which meeting will ignore him?
I don’t know how to kiss up to the king. There is nothing to provoke. "Maybe I was wrong. Just Qin mm should have sand in her eyes. So is it. How can a stunning beauty like this look at ordinary people casually? Boss, don’t you think so? "
Lin Fenghuo laughed and said, "Do you really want to know what Qin and I are talking about?"
Wang Dao didn’t realize the impending disaster, but Lin Feng was ecstatic and said, "Yes, yes …"
Windson didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence. He pointed his finger at his throat and gently ordered a king. He immediately felt a numbness in his throat, and he couldn’t say a word. The frightened king hurriedly handed over and bowed to Windson for mercy.
"As usual, you can talk in two hours. There is absolutely no sequela. Now you should be quiet," said Lin Feng lightly.
Wang Dao regretted it at this time. I knew this guy had used diabolical means to provoke him. For Wang Dao, being unable to speak for two hours was like killing him. However, he didn’t make a fuss about Lin Feng, the most mysterious acupuncturist in ancient Chinese theory. In today’s society, some people say that ancient martial arts have been excavated by a willing heart and proved to be effective, including acupuncturism. What’s more, Wang Dao has not been recruited for the first time.
Looking at scratching their heads and jumping around, Wang Dao felt quiet, and Lin Feng was in a good mood. Many turned and walked in the direction of the Fighting Association. Although Wang Dao just ate a boring loss, he still stayed behind Lin Feng and prepared to go sightseeing. Of course, there were a long list of good people behind them.
On the way to the Fighting Association, Lin Feng remembered the scene last summer vacation.
In today’s high-tech society, one week after the college entrance examination, you can know your scores and get into the school. Therefore, when Qin Xinyu learned that he had been admitted to the dream university as he wished, he immediately had to wait to come to Shencheng and live in Windson to buy a nest outside the school.
Just at that time, Lin Fengcai’s mending technique came to the key, and the sudden arrival of Xinyu made Lin Feng feel very inconvenient. However, in the depths of Lin Fengxin’s heart, Xinyu was his favorite woman, so Lin Feng was unwilling to let Xinyu live outside alone.
When Xinyu came in, the result was doomed. Even if Lin Feng concealed it, he couldn’t explain why he would often stay out at night. Although Lin Feng made up all kinds of lies every time he went out, he didn’t know that he smelled of women perfume from time to time after he got home, but he had betrayed him.
At the moment when Qin Xinyu could bear it and had a showdown, Lin Fengcai knew that his flaw lies could not stand scrutiny in front of Qin Xinyu. At that time, Qin Xinyu still had the last glimmer of hope. She gave Lin Feng an opportunity to explain, but she was still eloquent at ordinary times, but Lin Feng was stupid at this key.
Windson really don’t know how to explain it. Do you honestly say that you are looking for a woman to practice? Regardless of this seemingly ridiculous statement, will Qin Xinyu believe that it is what she will think of herself after she believes it? Can she accept the practice by herself, which is regarded as very evil by many people? Lin Feng dare not gamble! If you don’t explain it, Qin Xinyu thinks that he may be able to become friends after things such as empathy are forgotten, but if you tell the truth, it is very likely that you will not be able to be friends.
So at the moment when Lin Feng chose silence, things became a foregone conclusion. In Lin Feng’s earnest efforts to retain Qin Xinyu, they didn’t move out immediately. They silently finished the remaining half of the summer vacation.
After learning Qin Xinyu, they lived in the student dormitory, so no one in the dream university knew that they were childhood lovers. After seeing Qin Xinyu today, Lin Feng knew that she had not forgotten that she was still looking forward to her explanation …
Longmen Zun made a grand debut, wishing all lovers will be well!
Windson asked, "When will I have my heart back? Valentine’s day also let me masturbate alone. I’m so poor … "
Turn a deaf ear to Longmen
Lin Fengnai said, "Please give me some tickets to comfort the poor man who lives alone in the boudoir …"
Chapter 22 Meeting
Walking along the dream sea to the west, after passing through the outdoor stadium of Dream University, there is a 50-story high-rise building. All the clubs of Dream University are in this building, and the fighting association is on the ground floor of this building.
When Lin Feng and Wang Dao led a bunch of followers to the door of the fighting association, they were surprised that Zhao Rulong, the president of the fighting association, led a group of people waiting at the door.
Zhao Rulong was greeted immediately after seeing Lin Feng’s appearance and said happily, "Lin Feng didn’t expect you to come. Welcome."
Windson smiled modestly and replied, "It’s kind of the president’s adult to meet me in person, which really makes me generous."
"Where where as early as more than an hour ago, I heard the news that you would also come to participate in the fighting competition to select our fighting association. It was like frying the pot …"
"Well, don’t be polite, you two. I really don’t understand why you Chinese people like to do this. Let’s go ahead and talk about it." Zhao Rulong was interrupted by a man behind him before he finished.
Lin Feng has long seen several people coming behind Zhao Rulong, two of whom are Kate King and Situliu, who are also called "the Four Fantasies" by Lin Feng Zhao Rulong.
Windson gave Zhao Rulong a wry smile and turned to the two men and said, "Kate Stuart, haven’t you already got the competition? What are you doing here? "
"Of course, it’s you. You’re the most mysterious among our’ Four Jies’. You’re also going to participate in the fighting competition. Of course we’re coming to pay tribute," Kate said naturally
Situliu smiled slightly and nodded in agreement.
"Okay, okay, I was just talking about it. Now I’m chattering about windson so much." Zhao Rulong laughed.
The four of them are talking at the gate of the fighting association, and the fans around them are going crazy. They have never seen Lin Feng since they fought against the gang together last year. Although Kate and Situliu are also fighting enthusiasts, they are not very interested in the level of the school fighting association. Except for Zhao Rulong, there are few decent masters in the fighting association, so neither of them has participated in the fighting association. In fact, Zhao Rulong does not want to participate, let alone become the president. However, because his family hopes that he can follow his father’s footsteps and strongly demands that he exercise now, he is reluctant.
Although the four of them were called "Dream Four Masters" by others, they didn’t know each other before they made moves at the same time, and they became friends because of their common interests. However, because of the usual "career" needs, Lin Feng is the most mysterious one among the four of them and rarely gets together with them. This time, I heard that Lin Feng will also come to the fighting association to participate in the selection. After a long time, Kate and Situliu didn’t meet Lin Feng.
At this time, when the four of them were together, some inquiries came around, and mm’s eyes didn’t know where to look. The four of them were not top handsome guys, otherwise the young masters in the school wouldn’t be in trouble with them.
Zhao Rulong’s height is close to 190 meters, and his tall and straight figure seems to contain poor strength. His face is like a knife and axe, and his lines are scattered in the eyes, which is full of security for some little girls. He is definitely a man among men.
Kate King’s height is similar to Lin Feng’s, her head is elegant and golden as the sea, her blue eyes are wide, her nose is high, her sexy lips belong to a typical western handsome guy, and it is even more rare that Kate seems to have a noble action and is full of gentlemanly demeanor, which is the perfect image of the white horse king in the eyes of little girls.
It seems that Situ Liu can’t be handsome, but he can be said to be handsome. He is 175 meters tall and slender, giving people a feeling that if he doesn’t take the wind, he will feel black and bright, long and simple, and his oval face and facial features will be more delicate than those of girls. Someone in the school once joked that if Situ Liu went to participate in the Miss Asia beauty pageant, he might even get into 3A. All those who have seen Situ Liu are deeply impressed by this, so Situ Liu is not only sought after by girls in school, but even some male "comrades" are drooling over him, which makes Situ Liu feel
And windson looks, of course, no less than the three of them. If Kate King is a typical western handsome guy, windson is a typical oriental handsome guy, elegant and gentle, giving people a mysterious feeling, which makes many girls itch in their hearts and want to find out, and finally fell in love like a moth to a flame.
Four people, four top handsome guys, four different flavors, how can these girls not be blinded? One moment, I feel that I need to find a boyfriend who feels safe, another moment, I feel that there is still a white horse king as my boyfriend, the most romantic moment, the most interesting moment, and then perhaps the boy who is full of mystery attracts me the most.
Just when these girls glance left and right, windson followed Zhao Rulong and others into the fighting association.
Before the Earth Federation entered the Galactic Alliance, fighting in the Earth Federation had already declined. Although human beings had a long life of more than 3oo years at that time, fragility was still not an advanced high-tech weapon, and martial arts training was not an overnight event. It took a lot of trials and tribulations to achieve something. The road to success had long been accustomed to a comfortable and comfortable life, and human beings refused to practice these fighting skills in kung fu at that time.
However, when the Earth Federation entered the Galactic Alliance and came into contact with all kinds of intelligent life, human beings were now advanced. All kinds of individual weapons were simply worthless in the face of some alien intelligent life. The incredible abilities made the Earth Federation’s individual weapons at that time extremely powerful. When the Earth Federation and the locust star people competed for Huang Yuanxing, they suffered a big loss. The ground troops were almost wiped out.
Fortunately, then the Earth Federation combined with various alien technologies to develop a powerful individual fighter armor, which finally enabled the Earth Federation’s individual combat capability to occupy a place in the Galactic Major League.
However, for an excellent mecha operator, skilled fighting skills of the earth are the most basic thing. Therefore, young people who yearn to become mecha operators are pushing ancient fighting to become popular again in the Earth Federation. Various fighting skills emerge in an endless stream, and various venues can also be seen everywhere.
In today’s Earth Federation, the popularity of top fighters is absolutely not inferior to those movie and television superstars, which is one of the reasons why windson four people will be noticed by so many people in Dream University.
I don’t know who put an old tape recorder at the gate of the Fighting Association, but the familiar monotonous tone kept saying "Ticket Collection Ticket Collection …"
Couples in front of the girls’ dormitory were surprised to see a famous prostitute in a dream university sneaking around the dormitory holding several 999 colored roses.
Chapter 23 Who will come first?
Although Lin Feng and Zhao Rulong are friends, it is also the first time to come to the Fighting Association. At ordinary times, when the four of them learn from each other, they just find a place to deal with it.
The conditions of the fighting association look very good. At least 700 square meters are divided into two halves by a huge glass curtain wall. At the door is a big bar. There are a few portraits of famous federal fighters hanging behind the bar. A path should lead to the dressing room at the back.
At this time, the bar is full of people, not only the fighting association, but also many students who rushed to the scene. Many students crowded the elegant bar into a vegetable market.
After seeing Lin Feng enter the bar, some mm screamed like crazy, so the vegetable market directly upgraded the concert scene.
Windson and couldn’t help but gave a wry smile to fans more crazy reaction "windson! Lin Feng! " Calling Lin Feng’s name sounds are endless, but it also caused Zhao Rulong’s three fans’ dissatisfaction, so these fans inevitably fought in the ring and called for four people’s name sounds, which could almost overturn the ceiling of the fighting association.
Before windson was surprised, he also knew that his popularity in school seemed good, but because he often skipped classes at ordinary times and didn’t have much time in school, he didn’t know what his popularity was until now that he really felt his prestige in school.
Zhao Rulong saw Lin Feng’s surprised expression and wry smile. "It’s strange that it’s not so crazy at ordinary times. I don’t know what happened today. Maybe Lin Feng has too many fans."

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Si Zhou Xiang Guo fu ya

Wang Shi, a newly-emerging king, is sitting on the throne and standing on his own. His civil servant, military commander, Shi Di had a government instrument and three divisions early in the morning, so among the princes of Zhao, it can be said that he needed soldiers, advisers, turf and territory. It was Shi Di’s bad luck. He missed several opportunities to seek the usurpation of the throne.
Now, on the throne, Ruyin Wang Shikun is telling all the new things in Yecheng with sorrow and sorrow.
"B-brother he Shi Min is really cruel! I think that when his father Shi Min was just a dog that I Shi raised, now the dog is out of control and strong, and it will bite its owner! "
Squinting his eyes, Shi Yan picked up a letter from the console table and said, "Can this secret letter from Brother Kun be true?"
"This is indeed the secret edict of the late emperor!"
"The first emperor?" Stone only froze.
Shi Kun suddenly burst into tears. "B-brother didn’t know that Shi Min had killed the emperor and changed to Shi Jiandi! I also managed to escape from Yucheng and give you a tip! "
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Chapter 37 Changing surname
Chapter 3 is palace change again
I heard that Shi Zun had been killed by Ran Min and was shocked.
"How dare Shi Min, a traitor, be so bold?"
"What else does Shi Min dare not do?"
Shi Kun tearfully tunnel "b-brother now things have come to the point of law to save! The late emperor will not be oppressed by the traitor Shi Min! I’m waiting for the first emperor to ask for a thief’s secret edict. You want brother. There are still tens of thousands of soldiers in his hands, such as Pu Hong and Yao Yizhong. When the time comes, Shi Min, no matter how powerful the soldiers are and how afraid the tigers are, can’t stand the attack of wolves! "
Stone is silent.
Then a captain ran into the room.
"The king Yecheng urgent report!"
Stone only hurriedly took the urgent report and was a little out of breath.
"What happened to brother?" Shi Kun left and right civil and military officials all looked at the stone.
Shi Yi sighed, "Shi Jian has ascended the throne in Yecheng, and Shi Min should not say that Ran Min has changed his surname to Ran and accepted the worship of his ministers at the Wei Palace in Daliang!"
"How dare Shi Min, a rebellious thief, be so crazy?"
Some people present who are loyal to Jie Zhao Wenwu can’t help but become angry and have a bad temper have already cursed Ran Min.
Stone only finally unbearable up "Ran Min inverse thief regicide treason can forgive! I will invite heroes from all over the world to crusade against unfaithful and unjust Ran Min! "
Ran Min, who has just released an appeal for thieves here, has got the news, and Ran Min immediately returned to Yecheng with 100,000 elite divisions ready to go, just waiting for Ran Min to order them to eradicate rebellion and eliminate all forces that are not from Wang Wei!
It is said that Shi Jian acceded to the throne and implemented Amnesty.
He ordered general Ran Min to seal Wang Wei, Li Nong, Sima and Zhang Caisi, the former secretariat of Qin Zhou, Liu Qun, the former servant, and Lu Zhan, the former assistant.
Zhang Cai, Liu Qun and Lu Zhan were all Shi Jian’s original cronies and belonged to Shi Jian’s school of ministers. Now Shi Jian has just succeeded to the throne and is busy monopolizing Ran Min, where he is very dissatisfied. He also went to see Shi Jian before going out to war.
"Where are you?" Ran Min entered the palace to see Shi Jian, but no one was taken to Kunhua Hall by a eunuch.
This eunuch looks unfamiliar. It seems that Shi Jian himself arranged his confidant in the palace. Ran Min just killed Shi Zun and eradicated all the forces that Shi Zun left behind, including Queen Zhang, Tai Shiyan and the original Yan Wang Shi Bin.
But at that time, Ran Min couldn’t manage Shi Jian, so Shi Jian took advantage of this gap to plant his confidant in the palace.
The eunuch bowed his head and said, "Report that Wang Wei is still bathing and changing clothes and will arrive later."
"Oh," Ran Min nodded and looked at the eunuch several times and said, "My father-in-law looks unfamiliar, right?"
"Xiao Ceng works in Yiyang Wangfu"
"So that’s it." Ran Min simply found a futon to sit on without asking more questions.
To be honest, it’s really not a taste to stay in Ran Min in this Kun Hua Dian.
Ran Min used to be a theist, but it’s a pity that his original worldview was broken through what really happened to him!
The world doesn’t know whether there are ghosts or gods.
But as the old saying goes, there is a god when you look up three feet!
It’s always right to be in awe. Not long ago, Shi Zun, the first emperor, hanged himself in this palace of Kun Hua.
Of course, Shi Zun died because of him, Ran Min.
Shi Zun can’t die and Ran Min can’t sleep well!
As far as Ran Min knows, Taizai Zhao Shu, Qiu Zhang Ju, Zhongjun General Zhang Chun, Guanglu Doctor Shi Yue, Fujun Shi Ning and Wuwei General Zhang Ji all belong to Jiezhao, who are loyal to each other, and their interests have been directly linked to the Jiezhao royal family, so they will definitely not support their regime change.
It’s good to keep the status quo yourself. Once you go too far, these people will jump out and resist!
It is said that Shi Zun was hanged from this beam. Ran Min couldn’t help but look at it a few times. What a horror!

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"Rush list! Go to Bangla! Who dares not vote? Who dares not to collect? " Windson still holding a weapon at the door like an evil roar is hoarse.
"Can you stop being hoarse after shouting nonsense for a long time?" Trail king hiding in the side quietly said
Chapter 10 Dream Four Jies
Wang Dao woke up from his crazy psychosexuality again and remembered the previous question. Lin Feng didn’t answer it yet, so he asked, "Boss, are you going or not?"
"What not to go? Wouldn’t it be a pity not to go for such a good opportunity? " Windson certainly replied
"Really? Yeah! Great! " Wang Dao cried with excitement, which led the students around him to turn their heads and look up. Even Professor Li, who was giving a lecture, looked at him.
Wang Dao, who is still in class now, smiled shyly at the professor, but Professor Li didn’t let him go and said, "What makes you so excited about this classmate? Say it out and let everyone share it. "
Wang Dao got up slowly and faltered for a long time, unable to speak.
"Why? I don’t want to say that this can’t be done. If you enjoy good things alone, you will eat your stomach. Oh, come on, let’s be happy together. "Professor Li said with a smile that the funny words caused the students to laugh a little.
Wang Dao can’t hide, and Professor Li is more accommodating among all professors, so he also threw caution to the wind and said in detail, "In fact, nothing happened because Lin Feng just told me that he is also going to participate in the selection of the Federal University Games held in the school next month."
Lin Feng is very disgusted with Wang Dao’s practice of betraying his friends. He secretly stepped on his foot. Poor "Trail King" almost screamed out with pain, and his face turned white.
"Oh, really? It is a glorious thing to represent the school in the Universiade, and it really deserves everyone’s happiness. "Professor Li was not angry but asked Lin Feng with interest." What project are you going to participate in? "
"I’m going to take part in the fighting competition," replied Lin Feng politely.
As soon as this remark came out of the classroom, the students around him were all excited to talk about it
"Did I hear you right? Is Lin Feng going to participate in the fighting competition?"
"Yes, I heard it, too. I just heard that Situliu also went to the Fighting Association yesterday and got the competition. I wonder if Lin Feng can get the competition?"
"Absolutely no problem. Great! The’ Dream Four Jies’ are here! It’s so exciting. "
Gradually, the atmosphere in the classroom is getting warmer and warmer. Some bold mm have even shouted "Come on, Lin Feng, I support you!"
Professor Li was also a little surprised. I didn’t expect Lin Feng to be so popular among my classmates, but now it’s still class time, so I quickly interrupted, "Okay, okay, let’s be quiet. Lin Feng’s idea of winning glory for our school is worth encouraging. I also wish him a good place in the fighting competition, but it’s still in class. Everyone wants Lin Feng to cheer up after class."
After the professor’s words, the classroom gradually became quiet, but the whispers around him were still heard, but fortunately, Professor Li was not bad. When he didn’t hear himself continue to lecture.
After class, Professor Li returned to his office, puzzled by the classroom life, so he couldn’t help asking several teachers around him, "Do any of you know what the" Dream Four Masters "is?"
"Lao li? Why do you suddenly want to pull this face? " Sitting on the edge, Professor Zhang asked curiously
So Professor Li talked about the class again.
After listening, several teachers around said, "Lin Feng, this little boy, will also take part in the fighting competition? Interesting! No wonder those students in your class are so excited. "
"What the hell is going on here?" Professor Li is more confused.
Professor Zhang smiled and said, "Lao Li, don’t worry. You just transferred from Beijing University this semester. I don’t know that these things are normal … and so on. I don’t know what to say." Professor Zhang didn’t know how to explain it for a while. He thought to the only young man in the office and said, "So Xiao Huang, you just graduated last year, you should know more about the four little things about Lin Feng than we do. Please tell Professor Li."
"Good" Xiao Huang, an assistant lecturer who just graduated from graduate school last year, smiled and said, "Let’s talk about these four people, who are called’ Dream Four Masters’ by the colleges. They are the second-grade Lin Feng Situliu and the third-grade Zhao Rulong Kate King. There are two things that make these four little younger brothers famous. As you know, although our Dream University is an elite cloud-level university, there are still many brothers who come to the gold-plated giants in the school. These guys usually don’t study hard and bully civilians everywhere. It’s very annoying, but who makes them backstage hard? Generally,
Professor Li can’t help but nod and sigh when he hears this. "Yes, this society is so cruel. People without strength and background will always be oppressed. But what does this have to do with those four little guys of Lin Feng?"
"Ha ha" Xiao Huang smiled and then said, "There is nothing to blame these non-academic guys for not having long eyes and bullying windson and their heads."
"Oh, is it that Lin Feng and others have provoked these guys?"
"No," Huang denied. "You should also know that those people always hide that others are better than them, and Lin Feng and the four of them are top handsome guys and very popular with girls, so …"
"I got it, so they went to windson for an excuse. They were in trouble, right?" Professor Li suddenly realized.
"That’s right!" Xiao Huang stopped here to drink a mouthful of tea before continuing to say, "Wonderful is coming. It happened that the four little teacher younger brothers Lin Feng filled in their family background in the enrollment registration form …" Speaking of which, Xiao Huang couldn’t help but sell one.
"What happened to the result?" Professor Li is listening happily and quickly asks.
"As a result, I wanted to teach windson, and all of them were taught a lesson by windson, the four of them. It was all a dozen. It was the most malicious thing to beat those dude brothers. I heard that the gang who found windson seemed to insult his parents in words. As a result, more than a dozen people were interrupted by windson and thrown into the dream sea. If it weren’t for hand rescue, it is estimated that they would die. It was a sensational school at that time."
Lin Feng said savagely, "You know I’m amazing, but why don’t you collect votes?"
Chapter 19 Sun Shi family
"Psst ….." Professor Li gasped at the air conditioning and was very shocked. He never thought that windson looked long and gentle, but it was so biting that all that glitters is not gold.
"Yes, yes, at that time, it was a noisy incident. The parents of those who were beaten dude all came to the school to demand that the perpetrators be severely punished. Finally, Lin Feng ate a warning to stop." Professor Zhang was in line with the way.
Sighed for a while, Professor Li seemed to think of something and exclaimed, "What did you say, Lao Zhang? Windson interrupted a dozen students’ limbs and threw them into the dream sea, which almost killed people. It’s good to take a warning. Moreover, all these guys have family background, dude. This … This is too exaggerated. Is it so hard for Lin Feng backstage? "
"That’s right!" Xiao Huang smilingly said, "I didn’t know that Lin Feng’s parents were actually the principal’s younger brother and younger sister until the young master backstage put pressure on the principal. The former famous weapons expert Lin You and Chen Ling were the couple."
"Turns out to be so, but whether it’s the principal or windson’s parents, they are top experts and scholars. It seems that there is nothing too general. The young master background won’t just let it go, "Professor Li wondered again.
"Lao Li, don’t you remember who the headmaster and their teacher were?" While professor Zhang woke up and said
"Oh, by the way, how did I forget President Sun Jingchang of the Federal Institute of Technology?" Professor Li suddenly realized.
"Yeah, regardless of Dean Sun’s own peaches and plums, all his women are not simple people. The eldest son Sun Fu is the chief of staff of the Star Fleet. The second son Sun You, the president of the Federal Inspection Institute, and the third son Sun Bao, the only daughter of the famous federal space explorer, Yu Sun is also the helm of the top ten federal consortia, and Lin Feng turned out to be Dean Sun’s own confession. Do you think about who will dare to bother him? If I had such a dry grandfather, I wouldn’t put the help of young masters in school in my eyes, "said Huang with envy."
Professor Li spent some time listening to it, but he never dreamed that Lin Feng’s backstage was so bad, but the four big families in the Federation are in a terrible situation.
"Although Zhao Rulong’s three backgrounds are not as hard as Lin Feng’s, it is estimated that they are not easy to provoke Kate and Situliu’s background. I don’t know, but Zhao Rulong was born in a fighting family, and his father Zhao Haifeng is the most prosperous president of the Federal Fighting Association. Zhao Rulong once won the federal high school fighting season army before entering the Dream University. From his life experience, Zhao Rulong is one of the strong backgrounds. Anyway, in the end, the beaten dude swallowed his pride after the investigation, so all the bullied civilian students in the school idolized Lin Feng and the four of them.
Xiao Huang said that all the teachers in the office laughed, and they didn’t like these unscrupulous brothers.
"This is one thing. What else will make them famous?" Professor Li asked cheerfully again
"The incident is also very simple. A student in the school doesn’t know how to get rid of a gang outside the school. He can hide in the school and dare not go out. He wants to hide in the school. It is the safest place in Shencheng. No gang dares to make trouble in the dream university. But he didn’t expect that he offended the gang, but he didn’t know where it came from. As a result, dozens of little gangs rushed directly to the school to arrest people. After getting into trouble, of course, they hid, so they couldn’t catch people. The gang was crazy and rampaged in the school.
"It’s too much and arrogant. These people should be exiled after being caught." Professor Li, an upright educator, is particularly reluctant to be a gangster who is bullying in the ivory tower
"Don’t worry, they don’t have a good game." Xiao Huang comforted.
"Is it windson four of them?" Professor Li guessed.
"That’s right. At that time, the scene was just photographed by several students’ small intelligent terminals from all angles. Later, it was placed on the campus virtual network, causing a sensation in the school!"
"It’s true that I also watched those videos. The four little guys of Lin Feng really rushed to the gang with their bare hands. In just 2 minutes, they were tall and strong, holding iron bars, machetes, chains, knives and other weapons. The gang was either lying on the ground with broken hands or broken feet, with the exception of 46 people, and Lin Feng’s four little guys were actually hurt!" Professor Zhang also regrets.
"The four of them are so powerful?" Professor Li can’t believe it. Although I just knew that the four of them can fight more than a dozen times, they were all students at the beginning and they were usually pampered rich brothers. But now Xiao Huang says that they are all gangsters at ordinary times. Compared with those rich brothers, it seems to be the difference between heavyweight and featherweight in ancient boxing matches
Xiao Huang definitely said, "Absolutely right. It is said that after witnessing the incident, there were hundreds of people. I also found out that Zhao Rulong and the three of them were informed that a gang had come to the school to make trouble, while Lin Fengze was hit head-on by a gang when he came to the school to explore the limelight after skipping classes for many days. Anyway, the four of them were famous in the Dream University. Think about it. They are not only handsome, but also strong and have no arrogant fighting level. Of course, such people are very attractive. I like the’ Four Fantasies’ from then on, and there is a strong fan group behind each of them. How can these students not be excited when they hear that the four of them will join hands to participate in the fighting competition again? "
"Xiao Huang, it seems that you are also a supporter of the Dream Four Masters. Otherwise, how can you be so familiar with them?" Professor Li said with a smile.
Xiao Huang smiled shyly and didn’t speak, which was the default.
"Dear big brothers and big sisters, give some tickets!" Screaming for a day, windson has gone, and during the day, he shrank down a peg or two and said, pathetic
Chapter 20 Difficult to destroy flowers
The afternoon class ended with low excitement among the students.
Seeing Professor Li walking out of the classroom quickly, Lin Feng stretched himself, getting ready to go to the fighting association to see the king. Of course, fart Dian fart followed behind Lin Feng. His character was lively and he couldn’t sleep if he didn’t watch the words late.
He was not the only one who had such an idea, and soon Lin Feng followed a group of people behind him. Lin Feng didn’t care so much about taking a high microgravity ladder to the teaching building.
Just out of the teaching building, I saw a lot of people around the gate who didn’t know what they were watching. Lin Feng frowned and was about to turn around and let it go. But at the moment of turning around, I suddenly heard a familiar crisp sound in the crowd. "Wang Wen, how many times have I told you that I won’t like you? Please don’t pester me!"
Windson immediately stopped and went straight to the crowd.

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Rush to pull to pull Lin Fenghong eyes left hand holding a "shadow" right hand holding a "water blue" devils shouted at the door "who dare not to vote? Who dares not to collect? "
Trail king smile happily on one side to a poor man frightened by windson novel way "no tickets? Without celebrating the grand debut of the solitary king, the solitary king will shoot at 12 o’clock tonight. At that time, all friends who come and vote for the collection will be shot by the essence of the solitary king! "
The poor man took a careful look at Lin Feng and said, "But what should I do now?"
Trail king "now? The lone king can’t help you. You’d better pray that the madman didn’t see you … "
Chapter 17 Galactic Alliance
When it comes to gossip, Wang Dao, this fellow, flying at Lin Feng immediately, said, "Boss, it’s really time for you to come here today. Something really happened at school. If you don’t come today, I’ll call you."
"What the hell happened to Rory?" Windson said impatiently
"Hey, hey, it’s really a big deal." Wang Daoyuan wanted to sell it, but when he saw Lin Feng’s face was a little bad, he said quickly, "So you should know that our school is going to hold the Federal University Games next month, right?"
"Well, it’s a big thing, but I already know that you don’t want to tell me that’s it." Windson is a dead man, although the habitual truant is often not at school, but the school wants to hold such an important event.
"No, it’s not, but it has something to do with it … don’t worry, listen to me slowly," Wang Dao explained quickly for fear that Lin Feng was playing him. "You should also know what is the most eye-catching event in the Federal University Games?"
"Should be a fighting contest" windson light way
Wang Dao nodded and said, "That’s right, I said something about this fighting competition. The day before yesterday, the school fighting association received a notice from the school student union to let them select personnel to prepare for the monthly fighting competition as soon as possible."
"Is this a big deal?" Windson frowned. I want to teach Wang Dao a lesson if I have a big ignition.
"Boss, please hear me out." Wang Dao saw something bad and quickly broke the news. "Kate King rushed to the Fighting Association to participate in the fighting competition on behalf of the school after receiving the notice the day before yesterday afternoon. I heard that he had single several fighting association experts and finally won the competition."
"Kate king? That guy is also tempted? "
"Yes, yes, more than that." Wang Daojian aroused Lin Feng’s interest and proudly continued. "Then it was yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, Situliu also went to the fighting association and also won the competition. Think about it and be sure that Zhao Rulong, the president of the fighting association, will be here except you. Think again. Isn’t it a big deal to see those three freaks so enthusiastic about participating in school activities for the first time? Of course, if you add the boss, hey hey …’ Dream Four Jies’ will play together, which is definitely one of the most important events in Dream University this year. "
Wang Dao was alone for a long time before he remembered that Gen hadn’t asked Lin Feng what he meant, so he quickly asked, "Boss, are you going?"
Lin Feng rolled his eyes and didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he asked, "Oh, I remember that every college student was specially recruited by the military before the fighting competition, right?"
"That’s right! This is a good opportunity to join the army, but for my poor strength, I would like to join it, "Wang Dao sighed." Imagine how exciting it is to command a huge interstellar fleet in the vast universe to wipe out the locusts. "
Wang Dao wanted to join the army for a reason.
In 3o79 AD, the Earth Federation was successfully colonized by aliens. When all earthlings were celebrating the victory, it was said that the aliens appeared in public and invited the Earth Federation to join the Galactic Alliance. At this moment, the earth people realized that their every move was monitored by extraterrestrial intelligent life.
After joining the Galactic Alliance, the earth’s talents have turned out to be wonderful in the outside world, and the outside world is also very nai. There are hundreds of intelligent races and thousands of countries or federations in a single galaxy.
Of course, these hundreds of intelligent races have high or low literacy levels. The Galactic Alliance stipulates that all alliance members can monitor and not interfere with the low-level literacy. When an intelligent race steps out of its home planet by its own strength, it will be considered as admission to the Galactic Alliance. At this time, the Galactic Alliance will send "people" to contact and guide it to join the Grand Alliance.
It’s ridiculous that people on earth didn’t know that they were sitting on their hands until now, but the brilliant achievements of science and technology were not worth mentioning in the Galactic Alliance.
Fortunately, human beings can be regarded as the cleverest race in the universe and have the greatest potential. After realizing their own shortcomings, the Earth Federation has finally United and struggled to catch up. In less than a thousand years, through private spying and looting and official learning, trade and commerce have been greatly improved, both in science, technology, economy and cultural and military aspects. Up to now, the strength of the Earth Federation has been at the average level of all the documents in the Galactic Alliance.
However, the Galactic Alliance Department is not calm. On Earth, there is a saying that where there are good people, there will be struggles. What about the Galactic Alliance, a huge combination of interests that includes hundreds of races, thousands of books, wisdom and life?
In 3239 AD, just after interstellar colonization, the Earth Federation fought for the same celestial locust star with a colonial star called Huang Yuanxing, and a war broke out. Although the war was quickly mediated by the major leagues, at that time, the weak Earth Federation suffered a big loss, and a large number of pioneers were led to slaughter by the celestial locust star people.
Since then, the earth Federation has formed a deadly enemy with the locust star people. Small-scale conflicts between the two races have emerged endlessly. At that time, the earth Federation always loses more than it wins. However, with the continuous flight of federal technology, the locust star people have been afraid to take the initiative to provoke conflicts in the last hundred years.
The morale of the earth’s Federation is changing, and the army is looking forward to rising. Most young people have joined the army, and the glory is getting worse. Not long ago, it was reported that the federal level is raising funds to prepare for a large-scale counterattack against Huang Yuanxing, so even some aristocratic brothers who didn’t want to join the army recently are scrambling to drill into the army. After all, joining the army is a shortcut to a higher position in today’s situation.
Windson, regardless of Wang Dao, is alone there daydreaming and thinking about his own business.
It happened that the original Lin Feng was going to take an examination of the Federal Military Academy after graduating from college. Of course, Lin Feng’s motivation for joining the army would never be success, nor would it be a pure-hearted national. Now he has a goal to find his parents as soon as possible.
But if you want to find your parents, you need a spaceship that can sail in the space, otherwise you can’t get through even if you find the hiding place of the anti-federal organization, but it is conceivable that the price of a most common spaceship is definitely not affordable now, and even with a spaceship, you can’t recruit a crew. That’s a huge sum of money.
This road is blocked, Lin Feng has another way, and adding troops is a good choice.
There is no doubt that the military department must know the anti-federal organization activity area, and it will definitely send people to carry out various activities in the past. If you join the army, you can find a way to get the qualification to go to the anti-federal organization activity area, so you can find your parents by the way.
This fighting competition is a good opportunity to join the army. If you seize this opportunity, you can save two years. When you find your parents, your hope is much greater. How can Lin Feng give up?