If I stay with the guy in front of me again, Zhang Ting feels that there will be an impulse to strangle this guy.

Zhang Ting was the first to walk downstairs.
"Small court elder sister, don’t walk so fast, wait for me." Zhan Hao pursued.
Three people went downstairs and sat in the lobby of the inn.
As soon as he sat down at the inn, the man Ma greeted him before he left, "What did the three guests want to eat early?"
Zhang Ting glanced at the two of them khufu with war hao said the same sentence "eat anything".
Zhang Ting chuckled and looked back at the man and said, "Give us a pot of rice congee and another side dish. What do you have here?"
"Did we have a meal early today?" Dude, answer
"Then give us a pot of rice congee and twenty meat buns. Let’s do it first."
Dude, remember that Zhang Ting just ordered breakfast and nodded to the three of them, and then turned around and left here to fight.
As soon as Hao and other shop assistants left the horse and approached Zhang Ting, they asked, "Sister Xiaoting, aren’t you worried about the food here?"
Zhang Ting picked up the teapot from the table and poured a glass of cold white water from it and drank it.
"I’m not afraid of those meals last night. I’ve had them tested. I’m not worried," Zhang Ting said while drinking.
"That’s great, so we won’t worry about being poisoned here." Zhan Haomian smiled excitedly at the good news.
He was always worried when he slept alone in his room last night after listening to his little sister say that the inn was abnormal.
With such a good sleeping environment, he will surely have a good sleep. As a result, he didn’t fall asleep until midnight because of this matter.
Khufu glanced at it and was so happy that Zhan Hao chuckled. "What are we going to do today, young lady?" Khufu looked at Zhang Ting.
"Let’s take a walk outside today and get familiar with this place first," Zhang Ting replied.
While the three of them were discussing things, the inn boy also brought them some breakfast.
It wasn’t long before Zhan Hao suddenly rang out in the lobby of the inn and shouted angrily "man, man"
The inn man came over with a flustered face. "What can I do for you, guest officer?"
War hao a face of looking, pointing to a pot of rice congee in front of them "dude, is your shop a joint? Is this porridge? Is it water? "
The man in the shop looked at Zhan Haoshao and filled up the porridge face with a smile and explained, "Guest officer, our store is really not a black shop, but this is our store. Several guest officers in rice congee also know that now it is possible to let the merchants selling grain in the south call at any time. We have not had any merchants here for half a year, and this food is getting less and less. We are all saving it now."
"It’s your business that you save, but it’s your inn’s fault that you invite us to spend money on eating like this, but you pay money to your inn, and your inn uses this kind of thing to fool us. What is it if you are not a black shop?"
"Guest officials, we are really not a black shop. We also want to cook thick silk rice congee for the guest officials, but the whole town has our inn, and we have to save our food." The inn man wiped his forehead with a cold sweat and shouted at Zhan Hao.
"What are you?" Zhan Hao dropped the table and was about to continue to scold when suddenly his arm was pulled.
"Sister Courtyard" Zhan Hao looked down and found that the person holding his arm was actually his sister Courtyard.
Zhang Ting glanced at him and then at the anxious inn man. He said to Zhan Hao, "Forget it. The inn should also have difficulties. Let’s make allowance for a family."
Chapter 1216 Husband and wife meet!
"But little sister, we eat like this. Where is rice and water in rice congee?" Zhan Hao gnashed her teeth and stared at this pot of porridge.
"Isn’t there a bag? We’ll just eat this bag." Zhang Ting pointed to the table with the twenty bags.
Zhan Hao glanced at the twenty bags and glared at them gently. He hasn’t left the inn yet, man. "Maybe these twenty bags didn’t contain any meat."
The inn man is doubting this when he listens to his head lower and lower. When Zhan Hao looks at this man’s expression, he is more and more sure that he must have guessed correctly.
Zhan Haoma picked up a Bao Li tear from the table. "Shit, there is really no meat inside, but vegetables." Then Zhan Hao threw his hand to tear the bag in front of the man.
The man looked up and looked at his face, which had been torn in front of him. He smiled and pointed to a small place in the bag and said, "My guest, you wronged our inn. Didn’t you see that there was a piece of meat in it?"
Zhan Hao looked along the man’s finger with a dubious expression for a long time, and finally found out where the man said the meat was before he almost opened his eyes.
"Shit, this is the meat you said, so little meat is not enough to plug my teeth. You have the face to say that this is a meat bag." Zhan Hao finally found a man in a small corner of the meat bag and said that the meat was too small to be a piece of meat.
The inn man made Zhan Hao look so embarrassed. "There’s nothing I can do. This meat is still our former salt wax, and now there’s no place to buy meat here."
"The joint shop is really a joint shop". War heroism once again struck the table, and the man’s neck shrank back two steps.
"I said, how can it be so noisy here? It turns out that this guy is making trouble here." Just when Zhan Hao wanted to smash this inn, suddenly a familiar sound came out.
When Zhang Ting heard this sound, his eyes lit up and the horse turned to look at the door.
After a while, a tall man came in outside, wearing an ordinary clothes head and a hat.
"Hao Ren" saw the bearer Zhang Ting immediately got up from the chair and ran to the man who came in. His face was happy and he looked at the man in front of him with a smile.
Hao Ren looked at Enron’s illness and his wife finally breathed a sigh of relief in front of her.
"It’s very kind of you to come to such a dangerous place without telling me. Now let you go and discuss this matter with you later." Hao Ren bowed his head and said this in Zhang Ting’s ear
When Zhang Ting was in a daze, Hao Ren strode into the inn and looked at this table of food and picked his eyebrows.
"Brother Hao Ren, it’s really you. When will you come?" See people fighting Hao changed just angry appearance into a happy smile at Hao Ren asked.
"I just came here, and I’m going to find out where you live in this town. As a result, I didn’t expect that I was so lucky that I heard someone swearing at this inn, which made me find here." Hao Ren smiled and stared at Zhan Hao.
Zhan Hao listened to Hao Ren’s words and made himself uncomfortable. Du Du was dissatisfied with his lips. "Brother Xiaoren, it’s a bit ugly for you to say this. I didn’t scold you much."
"Did you scold us guys know" Hao Ren looked at Zhan Hao with a face of Gherardini expression.
Zhan Hao let Hao Ren show embarrassed blush at such a staring face and bowed his head.
With that, Hao Ren nodded at Khufu. In fact, he saw Khufu’s figure here just now. He was startled. He didn’t expect the old man at home to send Khufu, the right-hand man, to the small court to protect him.
"Do you live here?" Hao Ren looked at the inn before and then turned to Zhang Ting to ask.
When Zhang Ting saw that he had finally talked to himself, he walked up to him with a flattering smile and replied, "Yes, we live here. What about you? Where do you live and how long are you going to stay here?"
Hao Ren looked at her with a Gherardini expression and asked, "How long do you want me to stay here, then?"
Zhang Tingshen pulled a stiff mouth and smiled. "Of course I hope you can stay here for a while, but the most important thing for you is up to you."
I was still very angry in my heart. She came here without consulting her. Now I hear her words. Hao Renjiao feels that his anger has finally disappeared a lot.
"You three go back to your room and tidy up. I’ll take you to another place to live." Hao Ren ordered with a straight face.
When the three men heard this sentence, they didn’t ask much. The three men went upstairs very quickly.
Zhang Ting just entered the room and was about to open the door. Suddenly, a big hand appeared horizontally and stopped her. I didn’t want to come out, but I was worried that I would scare the woman Hao Ren inside.
Zhang Ting heard his voice and breathed a sigh of relief. He took back his hand and let the man outside come in.
As soon as he came in, Hao Renzheng wanted to say a few angry words, but he didn’t expect to turn around and see a pretty face that was wronged by him.
"What’s the matter with you? I haven’t scolded you yet. Just give me a picture that I have bullied you." Hao Ren looked at his wife in front of him in distress situation.
Zhang Ting sucked his nose. "People have been thinking about you for so long that you don’t even give them a smile and put on an angry face. Don’t you want to see them so much?"
Hao Ren listened to her accusations and her face was even more wronged than Dou E.
"Courtyard, you’ve wronged me. How could I not want to see you? You don’t know that when I came here, I thought about you and the children every night. I wanted to see you, but you couldn’t imagine it." Hao Ren explained to her with a wry smile.
Zhang Ting continued to pout his mouth. "Then why do you put on a dead fish face when you see someone?"
"I’m angry that you came here as soon as you didn’t ring. I still learned about it from Xiaoxin. How do you want me to be happy? It’s already good that I didn’t chase you and hang up to fight. Do you know that when I learned that you were here, I really wanted to find you quickly and teach you a lesson?"
Chapter 1217 Confess the origin!
"How do you want to teach me a lesson?" Hearing him say that he would teach himself a lesson, Zhang Ting was a little afraid to look at him and ask.


"Fool" Ding Qiunan raised my hand and gently stroked Li Chu’s face.

"The best gift for so many years is that you don’t want me!"
Li Chu smiled and got up and kissed her on the forehead.
"I’m not going to run away. It’s always your jewelry. I still have to give it back late. You put these away for the two children first. Don’t give them all."
"I can’t pass the next month when I go back late. Let her see it first!"
"I’ll leave it to you. Do it at your will and I’ll leave it alone."
Ding Qiunan stretched out his hand and patted the box cover. "Leave it here first and go back to me later. I’ll have a rest here."
"Go to her! Be in the cupboard "
"You accompany me by the bed!"
"Good I accompany you! You have a good rest and I’ll sit by the bed. "Li Chu smiled and rubbed his wife’s hair and took her hand to the bed.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-five Visiting
Tongyishi wangwen office
Idle, he was just about to go out with a teacup and find someone to chat with when the office door was knocked.
Wang Wen let go of the teacup and walked over to open the door.
"Hey, who am I talking about, Zhu? Why did you get up today and come to me? Please come in."
"Nothing just came out after dinner and walked around and found myself in front of you, so I thought I’d come and see you."
Hehe, believe you, where is your home and where is my unit?
"Come on, come and sit with me. I just got some good tea. Try it."
Wang Wen invited someone to sit down and took out a tea bucket from the desk cabinet to make him a cup of tea.
"How can Lao Zhu adapt to his retirement?"
"I can adapt to it, but it’s a little too chatty. It’s almost the same as retirement. I can still walk around the office."
"Just take your time. I didn’t get used to it when I first transferred here. It’s been two years."
He took Wang Wen’s tea and pointed to him with a smile. "You are the boss who gives orders and you are used to this leisure government."
"What orders are issued are all about organizing the cause and fighting for the people."
"Don’t be bureaucratic with me here. I’m a retired old man."
"Ha, ha, ha, Lao Zhu, tell me about it. What are you doing here today?"
"Yeah, look at you. I’m just looking around."
"Really just look around?"
"Well, just look around. I can make it clear to you. Don’t tell me anything for a while. Let’s just talk."
"Hey, you … okay, okay, I just came to see you, okay? Are you satisfied?"
"Zhu, it’s not a day or two before the shift between our two brothers. If you have something to say, just say it. Now you’re playing around with me."
This is called Zhu. When Wang Wen was the director of the former Grain Bureau, the two men cooperated well at first.
Later, because of his age, Wang Wen was transferred to the CPPCC and Zhu retired directly.
"Well, it’s not that I want to beat around the bush. It’s that I have to be careful when people walk in the cold tea!"
Talking Zhu’s face flashed a bit lonely.
Once the grain system was also a powerful force, once he retired, he was a bad old man
"What’s the matter with you?"
"I went back to the station to reimburse medicine that day. A young man I didn’t know in the office suspected that I didn’t write it here and posted it there for a long time. Finally, fortunately, the pony passed by and saw me and helped to say a few words about it."
"It’s still a pony. I’m a horse section chief now. You, Zhu, don’t put on your seniority if I say you’re retired. No one’s watching!" Wang Wen gave him a hand.


At the moment, there was a sudden roar of anger from a huge dark hall.

"ah! ! Who dares hurt my son? ! Who is it! "
Whistling like thunder in the daytime and black fog surging on the black wood peak responded to the speaker’s anger.
"What’s with the suzerain sound?"
"Go and see if something happened to the young patriarch?"
Before the whistle fell, dozens of figures swept from all over Zongmen, and the destination was the huge dark hall.
At the moment, a shadow appeared in the dark temple, and there was a lavender spirit fire in front of it, like a soul fire.
And now that flame is slowly dissipating …
The shadow reached out and tried to catch the purple fire that was about to dissipate, and the black fog wrapped the soul fire that was about to go out, and the purple fire finally dissipated.
"No … no, you can’t die!"
There was a hoarse voice in the shadow, and then when the purple fire completely dissipated, I saw that the shadow actually reached into my heart. After a while, the shadow hand was now a deep red blood with a bit of black fog in it.
"On who you are, from today on, I will also dismember you! !”
In an instant, the blood in the shadow’s hand condenses into a blood print engraved with complicated complex lines, and a half-blood print emerges, and a black fog silk is like the essence to outline a face.
With a wave of the shadow, the blood print turned into a red mountain and went straight through the dark temple.
"This is? Traces of ghost blood! "
"Patriarch unexpectedly moved trace ghost footprints don’t …"
Don’t wait for everyone to think about the temple again. The black audio-visual discourse is full of heinous murder and determination.
"Today after the xuan Yin zong issued a lore! There is no need for the blood print of the’ ghost blood print’ person in the target! "
After a hundred years, Xuanyin Sect once again issued a lore order!
The trace of ghost’s blood print was created by Tousen, the ancestor of Xuanyin Zongzong, when he broke through the Yuan Dan territory and went straight into San Xuan territory.
At that time, a traitor of Xuanyin Sect fled, who had held an important position in Xuanyin Sect and knew many secrets of Xuanyin Sect like the palm of his hand. Once he escaped successfully, it would bring disaster to Xuanyin Sect.
At that time, according to Tu Sen, he was firmly seated in the Xuanyin Temple, and the ghost’s blood print simply killed the traitor thousands of miles away.
Afterwards, a younger brother of Zong found the man’s body according to Tu Sen’s directions. Except for the recognizable head, his part has become a mass of blood fog.
However, the shadow people’s understanding of the trace of ghost footprints is obviously not there yet.
Anyang city at this time
Meng Chen felt extremely weak after the end of’ Yan Xing’
Theoretically, if Meng Chen wants to, he can always remain in a state of "evolution", but in the end, the blood gas consumed will turn Meng Chen into a mummy.
And the massive consumption of blood gas many times will also lead to some methods to reverse the trauma, which is a hidden danger to the post-spiritual doubt
"Li housekeeper hurry … go back to Dong Gu the three elders also-"
Meng Chen walked with a strong body words haven’t finished my heart suddenly felt a little cold, like being stared at by something.
At the moment, Dayan Shengyang Jing actually works on its own!
Just then Meng Chen suddenly turned-
Seeing the distant sky, a blood mountain crossed the virtual cause too fast, leaving a bloody trace on the tail, such as the same deep red ribbon cutting through the sky.
A cold and cold breath instantly enveloped the whole street.
Eye-turned out to be Meng Chen behind Li Xuan!
"Li Guanjia is hiding!"
Suddenly, I didn’t want to think much about Meng Chen’s strong line, and I suddenly jumped forward and pushed Li Xuan.
The blood mans into the body was accompanied by a strange sound.
Then Meng Chen felt that his eyes seemed to be covered by a curtain of blood, and everything in front of him turned into a bloody color, and a cold, cold breath spread all over his body …
"Little master, little master!"
Finally, Meng Chen felt Li Xuan shouting in her ear.
Chapter III Follow-up Achievement Method
Three days later, Anyang City experienced a thorough family cleaning.
The Lujia immediately annexed most of Dong’s resources and neighborhoods, and those small families who followed Dong’s actions were helped by Meng’s family.
This era of the original four families in Anyang City has come to an end completely.
With the death of Dong Huayuan and Dong Zhuo, Dong Gu people suddenly dispersed, and several cronies of Dong Jie and Dong Gu also disappeared.
From then on, Anyang City went to Dongjia.
In addition to Dong San, the three elders of the Dong family both expressed their willingness to serve the Meng family, which temporarily solved Dong Sanliu’s other two.
Like this kind of betrayal of the family elders at any time, Meng Shoudi can’t believe it, but Meng Shoudi, who has lived in officialdom for a long time, knows better that the rise and long-term operation of a family need some people to manage it.
It’s a pity that Dong Yi and Dong Er are both a heavy seal.
Although I was surprised by Dong Jia’s downfall of Meng Shoudi, I could never sympathize with the enemy
The law of the jungle respects strength.
If Meng Chen didn’t appear and Lujia stepped in, it was his Meng family who collapsed three days ago. Then Meng Shoudi didn’t believe Dong Huayuan’s compassion.
Only strength is the greatest reliance.
Thought of Meng Chen Meng Shoudi couldn’t help frowning brows.
Three days have passed since Meng Chen was in a coma, and it is the King of Qi’s visit to Meng Family Day.
"Even if the King of Qi blames me, he can no longer bear it alone!"
Looking at the attic behind him, Meng Shou seems determined in his heart.
It is enough to make some mistakes once.
Meng Kexin looked at the bed in the attic, and his beautiful eyes were full of tenderness.
A month ago, the original tender face of the teenager was a little more determined, and the knife-like lines set off the tenacity of the teenager’s heart.
He was always alone …
His parents’ separated families suppressed him, which made the world laugh coldly. He survived one by one, and he will survive this time!
"You are no longer a person, master …"
The girl leaned gently against the boy’s chest to show off her long black hair and spread it like clouds of string, wrapping them tightly and never separating.
At this time, Meng Chen felt as if he were trapped in a huge swamp.
There are blood pools all around and waves of black fog are coming!
"Dayan Shengyang Jing" runs by itself, and the truth keeps invading the blood pool of black fog …
Even Meng Chen himself didn’t know how long it was before the black fog was gradually refined and left a mass of blood marks.
The bloodstain is palm-sized, engraved with metaphysical lines, and a black fog thread runs through the whole bloodstain like a substance to form a face.


"Multiple shadow busy! Kyubi no Youko mode is on! " In two words, there was a violent chakra fluctuation in the room, and then in less than two seconds, all the shadows in the room became Kyubi no Youko mode, and then the department activated a direction to fly the Raytheon spell.

"All right!"
"Benedict …" Knocking at the door rang at the right time.
"Come in!"
"Four generations of adults just now …" This ninja is sensitive to the fluctuation of chakra. He was attacked at the Watergate just now. Who would have thought that he found nothing after entering the door?
"Oh, it’s okay. Just now I sent my shadow member out to perform an execution and will be back soon."
Medical unit
"Hey KINOMOTO SAKURA, have you heard? Naruto’s father is coming! "
"Four generations of adults? Come and come, it’s not unheard of! "
"Not this time, four generations of adults came out here to catch mice. I heard Sister Mute say so, but it is said that we can see the Watergate adult Kyubi no Youko model. It is said that it is full of strong light, but I have never seen it."
"Kyubi no Youko mode? Aren’t you all red? What is there to see? " KINOMOTO SAKURA left the pie mouth. Naruto is Kyubi no Youko’s pillar force, but she hasn’t seen Naruto’s Kyubi no Youko model. She has seen his whole body red and Kyubi no Youko.
"I didn’t hear that the Kyubi no Youko model is very powerful and emits strong light …"
"Hey, hey, you already said it. Can you stop?"
At this time, a figure flashed before KINOMOTO SAKURA.
"Haha, I’m sorry to fly over and make you laugh!" Watergate Shadow smiled at KINOMOTO SAKURA and suddenly his face turned cold. "I didn’t expect you mice to be so courageous!" Seeing that the hair band at the back of Watergate suddenly became longer, two people grabbed the corner and pushed them to the ground. Then the two people turned into a tree without even saying a word.
KINOMOTO SAKURA was dumbfounded with Ino. At this time, KINOMOTO SAKURA discovered that it was true that he was emitting golden light, and more than that, he was still emitting golden flames, which automatically disappeared when he flew to the middle. KINOMOTO SAKURA was stunned at this moment.
"Hello, little girls. Say hello to Lord Gang Shou for me. I’ll help you get rid of those mice first. Let’s talk about something later!"
Watergate doesn’t know how lethal he is to those girls, and he forgets where this is. This is the only medical unit in five countries. Most of the ninjas here are girls with calm personality and delicate mind, so after visiting the whole camp for several times, he found that he was surrounded by a group of beautiful medical ninjas!
This kind of treatment has also been given to those girls when they first met Bai, but Bai is a very powerful medical ninja, and four generations of a member can also receive this kind of treatment. I have to say that even a small white face is very popular.
The same thing happened in his army, the second army and the third army, which caused a great sensation in their camp because of Watergate, a strange Kyubi no Youko model.
No, it’s not. Watergate is so handsome. With the Kyubi no Youko model, it’s just a natural killer for girls and aunts, isn’t it
Okay, the building is crooked
Actually, because Watergate visited those mice, people were interested in it and even mobilized the morale of the whole army. This is what the general staff imagined, and it is also a pleasant surprise.
Of course, it was a pleasant surprise to them, but his male ninja didn’t think so
"Damn it, even if you are four generations of Huo Ying, you can’t rob my wife (girlfriend)!" These male ninjas are all in high spirits and want to fight with Watergate, but they also know that this is their self-esteem, so they have an unprecedented fighting capacity against the enemy and want to save the admiration of the goddess in their hearts.
Not to mention the fact that a sense of security is very important during the war. Many people actually got married after the war. When they asked about their wives, they all said that they were brave in the battlefield and gave them a sense of security before marrying them. I have to say that when the truth came out later, it also caused quite a stir.
[special forces]
"What person?" The ferret stared closely at the forest in front of him, which seemed to be inhabited by a prehistoric monster. Even the ferret felt a little tricky, and it was rare for the mackerel not to jump out and make trouble.
"Brother Skunk!"
"Huh?" Others also posed as a fighting posture, staring at the forest in front of them.
"Ah, little brother, I’m curious. Why did I see people with a’ forbearance’ on their foreheads when I walked along? But their costumes are what the five major countries have, and some iron warrior brothers can tell me what this is? " In the Woods, White Tooth stepped on the ground and slowly came out with dead leaves and branches. It looked so casual, but it was his behavior that put a lot of pressure on several people in front of him.
"You, you are …" Asma’s cigarette fell directly to the ground, but he had the same reaction. The high wind trembled and pointed to the man who came out of the shade and then he could vaguely recognize his face in the dim sunlight, but …
"Who the hell are you?" The weasel may or may not have seen the white teeth, but judging from the current state of the weasel, he has never seen the white teeth. After all, Uchibo is very unlikely to know the white teeth from the white teeth.
"My name is Qimu Shuomao!" In the sight of this white-haired man, he raised his forehead, and that was scratched with a knife, konoha’s exclusive forehead.
At this time, they found out that the man who was reincarnated by filth was also a Konoha ninja in front of him. His words made this quiet forest ring an incredible ring at once.
"White teeth predecessors!" Asma seems to have become speechless, and even Xuan and Gao Feng have a feeling of crying.
"Asma teacher white teeth predecessors? Who is he? " Naruto asked
"Asma? Are you Asma? I didn’t expect to grow so big. It seems that my answer can be explained! "
Chapter 374 White teeth!
{Yesterday’s title should be Chapter 373, but today is Chapter 374 or the beginning of Chapter 374}
[special forces]
"White teeth? Qi Mu Shuo Mao? " The ferret seems to have heard of this name somewhere, but I can’t remember it. The ferret is chanting this name in his mouth, but he frowned and recalled it.
"Are you really a white-toothed elder?" The high wind came out directly, but pulled out the broadsword tip and pointed it to the ground, not pointing at the white teeth, but posing as a fighting posture.
"Blast, what are you doing?" Asma asked
The skunk stopped Asma directly, and Markey came to Asma to stop him from doing anything wrong.
"You should have seen that he is now a filthy world. In other words, even if I love Luo’s father, I will make the same choice. Please forgive me." When Markey said this, Asma remembered that it is a time of war, and this can’t be such a joke.
"But I didn’t expect to be lucky enough to meet Hatake Sakumo! Nice to meet you! "
Markey’s words were like a light arrow shooting through the ferret. The ferret remembered that the man in front of him was the man who bore the whole blame alone in the village.
"Flagwood shuomao? Are you teacher Kakashi’s father? " Naruto asked uncertainly
"Hey, Uncle Xuan, it seems that you didn’t come out to investigate alone before, and you didn’t even find him?" Sasuke makes signal with the lips, which means a lot. Besides, Xuan’s execution is not powerful.
"Ah ha ha this was found by you? There’s nothing I can do about it. I was ordered to make a stopover in advance. By the time I found you, you had already gone a long way. I chased you again. I didn’t expect to let me go to the outpost just after I chased you … Besides, I’m not good at reconnaissance.
But even if the top detective ninja wants Uncle Shuomao not to show up, I don’t think anyone can find him, right? "
Xuan said in a low voice with a slightly heavy heart, but he also learned to pose a defensive posture with a high wind. The more familiar he is with white teeth, the more he knows white teeth, the more he will understand white teeth terror.
A few people can’t help secretly cursing Dou from the bottom of my heart. It’s unforgivable that even this adult was psychic by him.
"Kakashi? Kakashi, how is he now? "
Sure enough, if he wants his son, he will become very excited. Before he can react, he will be caught by the excited white teeth, and his white teeth will gently shake his shoulders. He doesn’t know how much shock he has given others.
"This ….." Naruto’s pupil in his eyes pricked up directly, just like exploding a fox, and Sasuke sharingan also spun up rapidly. Everyone else jumped back about one person’s position, and everyone chose to enter the attack state because of his sudden move.
White tooth doesn’t seem to feel the malice of people around him, but keeps asking "Kakashi, Kakashi, how is he!"
"Teacher Kakashi is very good. Now he is the deputy commander of the third army!" Despite Naruto’s feeling of exploding hair, he said in detail that there was a voice in Naruto’s heart telling him that this man was not an enemy.
"The third army?"
At this time, the shark ferret behind the ferret said in his ear, "He smells of blood all over his body."
The ferret knows that his partner may not be sensitive to his smell, but he knows a lot about the taste of blood.
"White-toothed elder, I want to know where your bloody smell comes from?" The skunk asked the question directly.
"oh? How did you know I smelled of blood? Look at your coat of arms. You should be Uchibo, right? When did Uchihiro people have such a sensitive sense of smell? Are you going to catch up with the dog burial clan? " White tooth seems to have found something wrong. At present, these people want to get information from him, but they don’t want to answer his questions directly. The only person who answers his questions is still a child.
Lumaru has been hiding behind Asma and observing the man in front of him. He secretly made a sign to Naruto to show that the enemy didn’t mean any harm to everyone at present, so that he could communicate with him at ease.
"Well, now we are at war with an organization called Xiao, whose intentions are very complicated, and it seems like revenge and subversion of the whole world. They have declared war on our five major countries, and now we are at war with them."
"Xiao? Do you say it is a spot? "
"Why? Uncle Shuo Mao, have you seen them? " Blast asked.
"I don’t know if you said it was him, but I did see one of them smell like a disgusting snake of orochimaru’s apprentice, and the other one was spotted. After two moves with him, I found that I could choose to slip away if I lost!"
"Do you know where they are? We have been looking for them! " Sasuke asked directly
"What are you looking for them? Although I don’t know your strength, I still know that you will die if you go! " White tooth said this to Sasuke. He saw that the man who had just been questioned was also a Uchihiro clan. He died because of Uchihiro, so he didn’t like the Uchihiro clan. If it weren’t for others, he would have been ready to ambush this team just now.
"You …" Sasuke’s face turned red and he was full of fire. He turned around and punched the tree behind him, and the whole tree was directly pierced.


A Dai pouted angrily. "Why don’t you have such a bright brain in front of Dagong and Shaofu?"

Magical, of course, can’t admit that he dropped the line as soon as he saw the IQ of those two people, and sneered, "It’s always like this. You’re not fooling enough."
A Dai turned his face and muttered that he didn’t want to play with him.
Magic asked him, "Tell me the truth, what did Big Brother do these days?"
A Dai ignored him.
The magic threatened, "Do you also want me to take you away for an elopement?"
Smell speech A Dai face smoking finally mouth "what else can there be is all kinds of dead to tie up lousy dozen bai make the bed fold is still boil sugar water massage oh heard …" He tone a meal and then four Chou the eye down voice secretive way "I heard that Dagong even little lady that what all hand-sewn"
"What is that?"
Do you feel bored all day? Hahahaha, it’s good to cultivate feelings in the early stage so that you can fight monsters together and soon you will have them.
☆, two more send father soldiers.
"What is that?" The magic question is very serious and there is no joke.
A Dai "…"
Can this be said? Dare he say? Why can’t these idiots understand what they can understand? Besides, he’s embarrassed to say that.
Magical impatience urged him to "say it"
A Dai vaguely said, "Women and men don’t need it."
"… no"
Section 56
"no? What is that? "
"I-I forgot"
"Grass A Dai you find smoke, right? Hurriedly say ""… is it a woman who comes to the moon, also known as the patron saint of sex maniac? "A Dai lowered his voice and said that his face was red. He had already made ten Dagong paintings and peeked a few times. Some men and women had already had a little knowledge.
Magic stared at him blushing can’t stand the quiver "A Dai, are you disgusting? Who should I show this picture of longing for spring in front of the old man? Grass you don’t really want to elope with me, do you? "
A Dai smell speech ashamed jump "you less psychosexuality me".
Magic disdain sneered, "didn’t you be so disgusting first?" Oh, and blush? It’s just … "Speaking of blushing, A Dai’s eyes dodged and she didn’t talk back to him.
Magical but still clinging to something "What did you just say about Na Yue?"
Smell speech A Dai face more red, if it weren’t for the magic face expression is too serious, he would almost suspect that people are deliberately stimulating him. He coughed and looked left and right. "It’s just that thing every month."
Magic frown or don’t understand "monthly thing?" What can a woman do every month? "
A Dai can’t explain it. "Oh, I’m not very clear. Let’s not talk about it. Let me tell you a joke. Hehehe is funny. I overheard it when Dagong coaxed the wealthy family. Hehehe …"
Magic is not interested, turn around and leave.
A Dai chased after him, "Oh, listen, it’s really interesting and meaningful. Listen, what are the natural enemies of the old mother-in-law and daughter-in-law?"
Magic face Meng force "what? Who said that the mother-in-law is a natural enemy? "
A Dai "… that’s not the point, okay?" "cut"
"I continued to talk about it. What is the answer? Because it took her mother-in-law several years to teach her children to wear pants, but her wife took him off in a few seconds. Hahahaha …"
A Dai laughed her head off.
Magic handsome face black as the bottom of the pot stared at him like a mental derangement "are you stupid? Is it so exciting to let a woman take off her pants? "
"eh?" A Dai’s smile came to an abrupt end. Isn’t it a joke that he said? Or are the three fairs too wonderful? Magic seriously despised him. "I didn’t expect you to be so shameful, obscene and slutty in A Dai …"
"Poof …"
After the magical contempt, it seems that it is disdainful to walk away again.
A Dai hurt for a moment to chase him, but dare not forget Dagong’s account. "Oh, Sangong, wait for me. You don’t want to hear this joke, so I’ll tell you a divination."? What’s interesting is that Mrs. Shao and Mr. Gong read questions in the competition … "
When I heard this magical sentence, A Dai paused. When I saw a play, I quickly told it to him in high spirits. It was more cadence and fascinating than saying Mr. Magic, but that face kept pulling for a long time …
Riding a horse has already gone far, and the two of them are talking about the same look, one with bitterness and one on the verge of madness.
"Warm son, are you really looking forward to kissing your second brother?"


This Mr. Bai is very generous!

Thousands of people’s hearts and energy are thrown out without blinking.
Su Yu touched the bar
"Ann ~!"
Fox jumps to Su Yu’s shoulder, and her small cheek rubs Su Yujun’s face.
Su Yu shook his head with a wry smile and took out a few low-level orcs to feed the fox.
[Low-level Monster Dan] can heal the animal injury slightly, and the cultivation effect slightly consumes 1 point of people’s energy.
Little fox Anan doesn’t know what he particularly likes to eat monster Dan. Although the low-level monster Dan method can cure his injury, he still likes to eat it.
Su Yunai can spend thousands of people’s energy to buy some low-level monster Dan as food and food for Ann.
"Ann ~ ~"
Narrowing her big eyes in peace, she swallowed the low-level monster beast Dan, then curled up and snuggled up beside Su Yu.
Su Yu smiled and rubbed his hairy body in peace. With this little guy, Su Yu has been practicing faster and faster recently.
Su Yu is confident that when he adds a period, he will definitely break through the shackles of the centenarian peak and break through the burning realm!
In the next few days, Su Wangfu ushered in a short leisure time.
The emperor seems to have forgotten that Su Yu and Su Wangfu rarely took the initiative to pick things up, but devoted themselves to arranging all kinds of matters and preparations for the orc king to come to the imperial city.
But even if the emperor didn’t take the initiative to find Su Yu’s trouble, he didn’t forget to disgust Su Yu.
The old emperor never woke up, and he was always unconscious. He summoned Su Yu, the great hero of Beishan County, to quell the chaos.
Then it stands to reason that the emperor who is in power instead of his father is qualified to meet Su Yu in an official capacity to give him a reward and finalize his marriage with Princess Zhu.
As a result, I didn’t expect the emperor to delay this matter within a time limit on the pretext of being busy, and he always refused to meet Su Yu.
This incident also made Nian Qingyi complain that it was very difficult for Yu Er to make great achievements, but it happened that she fell into the hands of the enemy, the Great Emperor.
However, Su Yu’s so-called achievements are what he doesn’t care about. His own strength and influence development are Su Yu’s most important things.
Yu Yu, Princess Pearl Su Yu, feels even more like a woman she has never met before.
In these days, Su Yu has observed the territory of Beishan County from time to time through the system, and by the way, he has put his mind on his own strength to practice.
In her spare time, Su Yu also has three female harps and harmonies, surrounded by rockery gardens and peach blossoms, and Su Yu sits at the tip of her nose and watches the beauty dance enchanting and lingering.
His little life is envied by immortals.
Before you know it, it’s almost half a month since Su Yu came to the Imperial City. What makes Su Yu most happy is that the situation in Beishan County is rising step by step.
Zhuge Liang’s talent is revealed, and the attributes of the major territories in Beishan County have been greatly improved!
Name of territory Beishan County
Territorial owner Su Yu
Territory level 1 (1 point of popular energy required for upgrading)
The territory population is 365,755.
Five soldiers from the territory army, the Royal Guards (the peak of the solid state), were trapped in the camp (the fifth stage of the soul-condensing state), one from the samurai army (the peak of the soul-condensing state), one from the Zhuge Liannu Army (the peak of the solid state), five from the reserve (the strength of martial arts), and 12 from the counties and counties (the peak of the intellectual state).
Territorial popularity 1 (worship of leading people’s state)
Minxin energy 142316
You can gain 36577 popular energy every month.
Virtual buildings in the territory 【 Lord’s Altar (Seal) 】 【 Level 2 Barracks 】 【 Iron Shop 】 【 Energy Mixer 】
The population growth rate of Beishan County has doubled! This is Zhuge Liang’s accumulated meritorious effect of appeasing refugees, persuading bandits and rebelling against the city! As a result, with the population growth in Beishan County, the number of city guards and reserves has also increased several times.
The popularity of Zhuge Liang in Beishan County has been constantly appeased and gradually reached 1 point! The attitude of the people in Beishan County towards Su Yu has changed from goodwill to worship!
These two high directly affect the territory’s monthly energy amount to Su Yu’s people’s hearts, which is as high as 360,000 this time!
360,000 people’s hearts and minds every month!
This is a good channel for people’s energy income!
Compared with thousands of people’s hearts and minds, Su Yu has developed his own strength to the point where he feels shocked.


Slightly frowned Xiaoqing tone is particularly serious.

"The so-called four gods and four spirits are in the myth, right?"
Although until the end, Master Pei said that he didn’t know about Pei Hui’s fall.
But he gave them a clue that was not a clue before Pei Wende left.
That is, Pei Hui’s will has been wandering since he won the "Qingqiuhu Fox" Yuan God. Pei Hui and Kyubi no Youko tian hu often forget their true identities.
During the day, Pei Hui looks like a typical lady when Miss Pei’s second door is closed and her second door is closed.
Once in the evening, Pei’s family becomes a genuine fox demon who likes all kinds of magic and illusion to play tricks on outsiders.
In order to get rid of this split life, Pei Hui began to lay out the intention from then on to truly realize the feat of turning a mortal body into a demon god.
According to Master Pei, Pei Hui intends to forcibly swallow the green hill fox Yuan God with the help of the "four spirits" personality.
All these years, she has been looking for a successor who can adapt to the "four spiritual forces"
The four spirits, that is, the four gods, are the four sacred animals that China has been guarding since ancient times, namely Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku and Xuanwu.
Therefore, to be able to undertake this personal belief must also be one of the most powerful demons in the world.
"Isn’t it a so-called’ myth theory’ to say that our story will flow to future generations?"
Speaking of which, Pei Wende suddenly remembered his incarnation as the Python God.
Compared with the ancient times, the future generations of the Quartet God beast also belong to the category of myth
It’s a person’s popularity. They’re not the same level.
[Is it a coincidence that I will inherit the name of Mohologa? 】
There is no question to continue thinking about because Pei Wende knows that this question is doomed to have no answer.
Nowadays, in this era, Buddhists don’t have a specific theory of "Bu Tianlong", let alone the origin of the boa constrictor.
Did you create history by yourself?
Or will history develop along the established track?
This question is the same as whether you are the future fahai. The root is to solve the problem.
"This is different."
Xiaoqing frowned again and hated Peiwende’s beating around the bush rhetoric.
The other party knows that he doesn’t mean it, but chooses to avoid the important and gently digress the topic.
"If your father is telling the truth, it means that your second sister’s situation is better than we thought …"
This Xiaoqing suddenly closed his mouth.
Because when they were talking, a strange breeze blew in front of them.
Xiaoqing can’t see things, but her intuition tells her that there are some more things in front of her.
"What is it?"
Hear Xiaoqing PeiWenDe also surprised with your eyes wide open.
"There is more than one like you?"
As if in response to Pei Wende’s words, his eyes were disturbed in succession.
Seeing five weird-looking kids for a moment depends on manifestation and each one has its own characteristics and abilities.
And when these five kids are together, they can contact and communicate with the outside world like "normal people", which is no longer limited by previous constraints.
"Of course!"
"We are five ghosts!"
"Since it is five ghosts, of course there are five!"
"If the boss hadn’t told us that you had something interesting here, we wouldn’t have come!"
"But I think you saw a silly snake without seeing anything interesting here!"
Five little devils, I took turns to say that Xiaoqing’s face was iron blue-this is the first time she has been called a "silly snake"
"Ahem, don’t be angry. They mean no harm."
Hurriedly take a step back according to Xiaoqing’s plan to draw out the green snake sword, and Pei Wende’s right hand is so light that the other ear explains
However, eager to appease Xiaoqing Peiwende, he didn’t notice that Xiaoqing was stiff as if he touched each other’s hands at that moment.
This is the first time Pei Wende grabbed her hand in Xiaoqing’s humanoid state.
That kind of touch made Xiaoqing forget for a short time that she was "insulted" by the five kids and replaced by a feeling she had never experienced before.
"Let go!"
Xiaoqing soon pressed the strange feeling in her heart after a short stupidity and then continued to maintain the former state of low yelling.
"Good good! I let go but you don’t start work … "
"I know these kids. They really mean no harm."
Be well-advised to immediately loosen your hands and see PeiWende continue to appease Xiaoqing with a wry smile.
"What! Is just a … "
Seeing this situation, Xiaoqing, the kid who had previously provoked me, just wanted to open his mouth and continue to say something when he was startled by the cold murder eyes of the other party.


Lin momo didn’t know that Jakkula arrived in the ten-star array a day earlier, but he didn’t make a decision to enter the battle array. The wise man’s analysis is in place, and it can be seen that it is easy to get in here but difficult to get out. But is it going in or waiting?

Volume 19 Star Screen! Obsidian crazy Chapter 1134 Road
The blood-soaked wise man finally confirmed that a star cruise ship had entered the ten-star array.
Speaking of it, Jakkula is very lucky. The wise man Tai Zhong caught a trace of energy residue. It is likely that the discoverer’s fleet produced a slight shock wave when it rushed into the ten-star range. It is always 100% sure that the discoverer’s fleet has entered the magnetic cloud ahead.
Jakkula wanted the wise to assess the risk, but the nature of the magnetic cloud ahead was too mysterious, and the magnetic cloud occupied about four sizes of the earth, so it was impossible to see what was hidden inside.
Since it is difficult for even the fleet to get in and want to come back, Jakkula doesn’t expect the detection of flying saucers to build a remarkable feat. All the signals around the magnetic cloud will be distorted, but the more it is, the more it says there are good things inside.
This ten-star array should be a natural product. If it is artificially built, it would be terrible. Jakkula didn’t recognize that bloody Goethe had such strength.
Now it is difficult to decide whether to move on or wait. Jakkula hesitated.
What if you enter the 10-star array and rely on the blood-soaked fleet to stabilize the pressure of 60 star cruise ships, but when the Discovery fleet comes out? If the damage is too heavy, elite star cruises may not be able to walk out of the ten-star appearance.
If we stay here and wait for the rabbit, what if the discoverer’s fleet is armed with the help of bloody Goethe’s treasure or finds the bloody Goethe’s car? There are too many unpredictable factors. It’s absolutely no good waiting.
In addition, the head of the Zerg War, who is on the far border, wants to make sure that he will lead the fleet back and many plans will be forced to terminate.
Considering for a long time, Jakkula really didn’t want to wait. He wanted to go out again, but he was afraid of repeating the mistakes of the breeze fleet. He had to get together and escape easily even when he was in danger.
"All B-class star cruises leave all elite star cruises to prepare for the war and go to Magnetic Cloud six hours later to find out." Jakkula ordered him to leave B-class star cruises because these logistics ships really didn’t help much.
Blood-soaked fleet has ten B-class star cruises to do logistics, and 49 elite star cruises are responsible for fighting the flagship black dragon Ba Blood, which is even more outstanding. It is a very powerful and strange ship in the eyes of ordinary people.
Six hours to prepare for Jakkula’s ruthless kung fu. Most of the strategic materials carried by B-class star cruises were transferred to the elite level.
The tonnage of these B-class star cruises is not small, just to serve as cargo ships, while those elite star cruises are convenient to move and not full. The situation is special, so it is natural to climb to the maximum ammunition.
Lin momo is also preparing for the increase of ordinary soldiers and figures in the mountainside of xingbing to four million. The porous meteorites in the mountainside have started to expand at a height of three meters and five meters, and xingbing has expanded a lot. Don’t underestimate the strength of six hours, at least 20% higher.
"Set out" Jakkula ordered the bloody fleet to move forward slowly.
At first, it was very smooth, but after a few minutes, it became more and more dangerous. Magnetic storms often appeared near the fleet. Jakkula didn’t have the hidden eye method to detect the danger approaching
"Kaka Kaka …"
Intense light falls to the outside of an elite star trek ship, and the energy shield shrinks tightly. A few breaths are more dazzling, and the energy number flashes to the red line.
"What the hell am I? Is the deputy head of the team designing a trap for us to take the initiative to get in? " The blood-soaked captains complained that everyone had not forgotten that the breeze fleet was like the destruction of the other side with a high mirror division.
"Cheer up and open the energy shield to the limit. Don’t be idle when the ship has a matrix."
Jakkula’s quick response was wise. If he was very capable, how could he have been in charge of the Blood-soaked Adventure Group for many years? Although there is a colonel above his head, his command ability is beyond doubt.
Blood-soaked fleet All star cruise ships have raised the energy shield to the limit, and then increased the energy output to quickly start the ship-mounted guardian matrix.
The fleet continues to move forward, and magnetic storms still erupt from time to time. Jakkula has devoted a lot of effort to it. As the saying goes, every ship that enters the magnetic cloud is very strong for a while. Today is the day when the fleet exerts its super strength.
"Boom!" The gorgeous magnetic storm spread, and five star cruise ships received direct waves, but they survived.
"Bad gravity flow direction"
At the forefront of the fleet, the black dragon Baxue kept shaking and faced the gravitational torrent for several seconds, and then had to drift with the gravitational current and fly to the left and front.
The fifty ships of the Blood-bathing Fleet rushed forward with the gravity flow, and Jakkula chose to enter the position, which was a little far from the direction of the Discovery Fleet, and encountered many obstacles in the process of advancing.
Magnetic storm is the most common phenomenon in magnetic clouds. No matter how severe the black dragon Baxue is, it is also possible to give consideration to the whole fleet entering the magnetic clouds for about fifteen minutes. At the end of the fleet, an elite class was attacked by a strong magnetic storm.
"Boom …"
The hull was completely covered with light, and all I could see was flashing waves, and the frequency was full of screams. Then the energy shield collapse matrix of this unlucky elite star cruise ship was not supported for a long time, and it was also declared broken.
Fortunately, the crazy attack of the magnetic storm has come to an end. This star cruise ship named Hardware has fallen to an all-time low. If the turret is not moved, even Obsidian is three points stronger than this ship.
Jakkula’s face is very ugly. He will not be in a good mood if he suffers damage in a harsh environment before he meets the enemy.
After more than half an hour of hard flight, the blood-soaked fleet finally came to a relatively safe place at the cost of the destruction of the energy shields and guardian matrices of two elite star cruise ships.
"What’s that?"
"It’s a rocky mountain!"
"Look, there is a word on the top of the mountain. xingbing Mountain is written in human lingua franca."
"Oh my God! We found it. We found the bloody Goethe’s treasure. "
Jakkula is also very excited about the chaos in the wave frequency. Many people dream of finding treasures, especially the bloody Goethe, the leader of Star Pirates, who has searched for property all his life, but no one has really succeeded, otherwise it will inevitably cause a sensation.
There is no result. For nearly a thousand years, the mystery remains a mystery, and it gradually settles down with time. Even the best wise men can solve the puzzle. Bloody Goethe is like a galaxy out of bounds that has never been seen.
Blood-soaked Adventure Group raises many adventurers who are naturally familiar with the famous figures and treasures in history. The bloody Goethe ranks in the top five, and the bloody Goethe treasure map surfaced a few months after the insect robbery came.
Jakkula suspected at first, but after this incident, he felt that he was gradually grasping the context and there was indeed treasure.
"Hey, they came slowly!" Lin momo looked at the simulated image of the deep and remote eyes and smiled. Although xingbing Mountain did not expand to the maximum strength, the current strength was enough to create a lot of trouble for the bloody fleet
In the few hours after entering xingbing Mountain, a suggestion was made. He felt that those mineral beasts might as well stay at the foot of the mountain and stay in the dark and move together with Obsidian.
If xingbing Mountain falls and is taken by surprise, relying on the joint assault of the mineral beast and Obsidian can have a better killing effect
Momo Lin is a man who dares to accept other people’s opinions. After a moment’s deliberation, he sent a brute to arrange mirror arrays around Obsidian. This magnetic cloud is simply the best hidden place, and it is more convenient to arrange mirror arrays than asteroid belts.
The semi-indigenous people gave some advice and soon chose a region to deploy.
Suspended porous meteorites in the foothills of xingbing Mountain can not only build xingbing, but also carry out simple smelting and processing of ores, which makes quite a pleasant surprise and decides to maximize the advantages.
In fact, two and a half hours before the arrival of the blood-soaked fleet, the mirror array was quite pretty, but the perfect attack effect was quite pretty, and it was constantly added to make the mirror array more and more complicated.
"Little master, I must enter the Green Nest to preside over the Corps. Please forgive me if I can’t accompany you around." That’s why it’s hard to talk. I always keep a respectful attitude.

夜网 约茶

By now, Wang Lang has been disappointed in Stone. How can such a person achieve great things?

Sure enough, everything was as Wang Lang expected. Shi was crazy. He told the soldiers to run out and catch the able-bodied men of the right age when he ordered them to go in and grab them. They were all burning, killing and looting.
Old people are killed, women are humiliated, and men are killed if they fight back!
The site of Shizhi is completely chaotic!
What a mess!
At the same time, Pu Hong and Yao Yizhong were overjoyed when they received the news of the Cishan War. Pu Hong first sent a note, so Pu and Yao formed an alliance to form a Coalition of 100,000 people and marched toward the east.
The Chinese Coalition forces came out of Tonglin Sanchuan to attack the city and pull out the village, and also took the ancient Luoyang city to the tiger prison. However, in the tiger prison, the Coalition forces encountered a very tenacious resistance. Li Nong led tens of thousands of troops to fight in the tiger prison and firmly held the pass. If the Chinese Coalition forces put it to good use, it would be a breakthrough!
In a secret room, there are three middle-aged men with high noses, deep eyes, yellowish hair and wide foreheads, who are discussing something. From the appearance, it can be seen that this is a western race and this race is in the Central Plains. There is no doubt that they are Jie people.
If Ran Min were here, he would certainly recognize that these three men are Shi Cheng, the leader in the middle, Shi Qi, the assistant, and Shi Hui, the former prefect of Hedong.
They’re all Confucian classics. Although they’re not the clan of Jie Zhao, they have some relatives in Schleswig. Their interests are actually linked to the clan of Jie Zhao!
Shi Cheng first said, "I have arranged to kill Ran Min, the rebel, and he will pass through Suzaku Street. At that time, he will be escorted by 200 people, but dozens of people will be careless. If Ran Min dies, his thief army will be the first. If we handle it properly, we can seize Ran Minbing in the name of killing thieves as Dong Zhuo did in the late Han Dynasty!"
"But …" Shi Qi is a little brain had to hesitate tunnel "and not Ran Min side pro-who badly Ran Min this life alone tore butch is not brave, ordinary people are afraid of not close to his body has been so"
Shicheng snorted. "Ran Min is brave, but his fists are hard to beat. I’m not a vegetarian when I find an assassin! I found these assassins from Langya, all famous assassins in nirvana in fire! I spent a lot of money! "
Shi Hui said with a smile, "It’s so good that if Ran Min dies, then everything can get back on track and we can get back on track."
"Not bad!"
Shicheng punched the console table with a face of indignation tunnel "Ran Min this Lao hateful! When Emperor Wu was in power, he never mistreated him. He didn’t think that just after Emperor Wu left, he would do anything to abolish things. It’s a sin to treat the emperor and treat me as a person! "
"Shi Hui Zhang Shen, have you contacted?"
"Contact well to let’s side together Zhang Shen will troo into yecheng! Moreover, General Sun Fudu will also take 3,000 soldiers to Jianzhang Palace! "
"good! If we kill Ran Min, we’ll be wrapped up in stone lessons. I believe that the emerging king will not treat everyone badly when he sees that we have made such great achievements! "
&#767E; κ&#4E; &#4EB; &#21C; Ran Wei thinks of himself &#722A; &#4E66; &#5C4B; &#21D; C&#65B; &#7AE; &#7B2C; &#4E; &#65F6; &#95F4; &#514D; &#D39; υ&#BFB;
Chapter 315 Yi three families
Alfred Hitchcock Presents" The Morning After
In the huge Suzaku Street, a group of chariots and horses marched in great strides.
At this time, it was frosty and freezing, and scattered snowflakes fluttered in the sky like falling leaves, and little ice crystals landed on the eaves, bridges and streets, and the whole world became white.
It’s Yinshi, but the officials have already gone to court.
The courtiers went to the court to see the king and discuss affairs.
In addition, there is a certain etiquette in the DPRK, and some old ministers will be punished for being late. Most of them will retire to their hometown.
During the Han Dynasty, the emperor treated the prime minister with courtesy. When the prime minister met the emperor, the emperor stood up and gave the prime minister a seat. When the prime minister was ill, the emperor went to visit him personally.
During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, officials were all seated at the court. In the Song Dynasty, officials had to play at the court. Ministers of the Qing Dynasty could not even play at the court. They had to kneel on behalf of Zhu Yuanzhang, and it was stipulated in the article that "all officials should kneel".
Bureaucrats in the Qing Dynasty were especially good at kneeling when facing the court, and ministers all had special knee pads.
From the etiquette changes, it can be seen that since the Song Dynasty, the emperor’s prestige has become higher and higher, but the bureaucratic status has been declining.
And eye this marching team to Jianzhang Palace is Wang Wei Ran Min team.
According to the official residence, the daily travel route of every official will hardly change much, and the general officials will take sedan chairs or ride horses, which is not enough to make such a big battle with Ran Min, but it is because of the special status of Ran Min.
When passing through a hidden street corner, suddenly a rain of arrows shot from the eaves!
"howls howls! ….. "Arrows volley a few unlucky push pro who should fall on the ground immediately!
"There is an assassin!"
The pro-guards and ceremonial ceremonies in the team were flustered for a while, and then they pulled out their swords or broadswords and stood out with spears or spurge, and surrounded the six royal carriages in Ran Min, forming a circular array and forming a state of fear.
But the enemy did not allow them to do so.
It’s not another rain of arrows that shot and killed several pro-guards, and then a dozen men in black with crossbows jumped out from the eaves.
The first man in black made a gesture, and the dozen men in black abandoned the crossbow machine and killed the carriage side by side with swords.
There are many pro-guards who are naturally not afraid of these assassins, but assassins are not good at fighting on the battlefield, but they are very good at assassinations. This is not limited by more than a dozen assassins. Then there are several other people who are ready to launch a stone bomb with a trebuchet and directly hit the carriage that has been parked there for a long time!
The huge carriage should be broken!
Where is this stone bullet?
Points are iron bullets!
"Big king! Your majesty! ……”
The ministers outside the discussion hall were waiting to enter the hall, but this did not prevent them from talking and whispering in the snow and cold wind.
Suddenly, a eunuch ran to Shicheng’s side and whispered for a while. Shicheng’s face was very festive, and he seemed more happy than having a son and marrying a wife!
Shi Qi, the assistant, couldn’t help but run over and ask, "Is it the leader?"
"It’s done!" Shicheng’s face could no longer conceal his smile.
General Fagan could not kill Ran Min, but Ran Min’s strong force alone was enough to deter most assassins!
But if Ran Min didn’t even have a chance to react, it would all be natural if he was directly killed alive!
Soon a waiter came out to let the ministers enter the temple for deliberation.
Originally, Ran Min led the ministers into the temple, but when Ran Min was away, the ministers went into the temple separately.
Ran Min often doesn’t attend the early morning meetings. On the one hand, because of many things, Ran Min can’t get away or is on a war trip. On the other hand, Ran Min is too lazy to think of it so early!
"hmm? What about Wang Wei? " Shi Jian didn’t see Ran Min after accepting the worship of his ministers, and he couldn’t help but be curious.
Ran Min has informed him in advance that today is bound to be an early morning, but I can’t see anyone? Ran Min is not that kind of person who will break his word and get fat!
At this time, Shi Cheng came out with his head held high. He adjusted his skirt like a fighting cock, and then strutted to the platform and replied, "Wang Wei may not be able to come!"
"I have heard on the road that an assassin assassinated Wang Wei Wang Wei and died on the way to the early dynasty. There may be someone collecting his body on Suzaku Street!"
At this point, Shi Jian’s face became very strange, and he seemed to want to wake up once and for all, but he didn’t like it.
"Wang Wei! ?”
All the ministers were furious and discolored, and the ministers were even more frightened!


"I hate the old monk. You can’t say anything about this."

Nai rolled his eyes. Pei Wende knew that this was the character of Zen master Lingyou.
Now that the other party has acquiesced in this mountain, let’s be ignorant of each other’s thoughts!
Because by just observing and searching Pei Wende, I can finally be sure that Xiaoqing is no longer Weishan.
On the other hand, the other party often inhabits the water pool, or runs through most of Weishan beauty stream, but often haunts the back mountain jungle in front of the other party …
Pei Wende didn’t find a trace of Xiaoqing, which seems to confirm the youth’s saying of "delivering letters" from the side.
"There is one last place …"
A moment later, Pei Wende, with his vigorous figure and fast pace, left Weishan Mountain Road and came near the foot of the mountain.
Then Pei Wende did not see the familiar figure with the familiar tree.
When going to Peiwende Mountain every time, ask him to wait for him in front of the big tree at the foot of Xiaoqing without informing the other party.
In a sense, the big tree at the foot of Weishan has become a tacit understanding between the two.
"If that’s not the case, where the hell is she?"
Reminiscent of the former flash in the pan, Pei Wende took out the label left by the other party from his arms.
"That guy said he came from Xiaoqing to realize his wish and this sign is the answer."
"This sentence can’t be understood literally."
"After all, Xiaoqing’s personality root can’t take the initiative to ask for help."
"That is to say, whatever that guy’s real intention is, he must have left me a clue."
As Pei Wende kept talking to himself, his thoughts gradually became clear.
No matter what purpose that guy wants to help Xiaoqing realize his wish, it is not simple for Pei Wende to see this sign.
-sooner or later, into Buddhism, transvestite.
This is of course the manifestation of Pei Wende’s complicated mood.
However, if you think about it carefully, even if you have the greatest ability, you can’t know the fear in Pei Wende’s heart before.
The signing of the "answer" is more a reflection of Xiaoqing’s thoughts than Pei Wende’s fear.
This also coincides with the young man’s own statement that he came to realize Xiaoqing’s wish.
The simplest and most rude way to realize Xiaoqing’s wish of "breaking the fetters" is to let the two break up before, which naturally breaks the dust.
"If this is to help people realize their wishes …"
"Then this way of realizing one’s wish is not too bad, and it is no different from the devil."
What’s the difference between this and the realization of your wish to kill you before you worry about dying?
Pei Wende has completely pulled the young man into the "blacklist" anyway. He now wants to know what clues the guy left with this sign.
"Since you want to break the bond between Xiaoqing and me, let me see what you have prepared!"
Pei Wende said this sentence when the eyebrows suddenly beat a.
Then see a vertical eyes suddenly opened and stared at the sign in his hand.
Pei Wende stared at all the remaining information of this sign and was quickly read out.
From the material to the raw materials to who made it by hand, it leaves some marks on a holder …
Pei Wende quickly classified and summarized these complicated and tedious information and finally formed a series of concrete and clues.
"The face is very wet. It really wasn’t my batch of stamps."
"This sign is made of Chinese fir and is less than ten years old …"
"Plus, I’ve seen Xiaoqing. According to her daily action speed, it won’t exceed a hundred miles at most."
"Then you need to screen the places where Fiona Fang Baili has planted Chinese fir trees less than ten years old."
"Well, although there are still a lot of places in this circle, it’s better than wandering around."
Chapter 10 Skeleton Giant
"Eldest brother? Are we going to stay outside? "
Looked up and cast a glance at the horizon with only a little light. The second of the three civet cats was afraid and asked
Night is when wild animals are rampant and demons are rampant.
Even for the civet cats, the wilderness is very dangerous after dark.
In particular, there is always that strange mist here, which makes the three civet cats have a sincere fear.