They are all outstanding people in their own world, but they are not interested in choosing some people who are hard to bring up and then playing a so-called killing drama …

After all, it is necessary for them to take risks together for a long time to come.
It is worthy of the captain’s attention that the burly man who wakes up first and is stable is a fighter from the end of the world. Let’s not say that his strength alone is enough to be valued. This is a girl strongman with a mind and will comparable to that of’ Yue Yue’. It is definitely a poor potential!
In the conversation with Jun Sha, the succubus girl of’ Yuezhe’, it was officially confirmed that she had pulled out the abyss and her will was chaotic. After further exploration by the mage Mogu, this turned out to be an orderly and kind camp figure!
A succubus girl in an orderly and kind camp?
Hehe, even as I expected, Xian Lan can see one leng one leng. Can a person from the abyss be associated with this?
What kind of fairy tale is this?
"Well, the dimensional Lord God has completed the preliminary acquisition of this world information, and we have been studying it for a while, and we are ready for the dimensional Lord God’s power to leave soon." Captain Armor said, "Especially you newcomers, although the Lord God won’t decorate them, we can’t be too cautious about pioneering now."
Captain Armor didn’t specifically ask about their strength. According to the consistent law of the dimensional God, the lower the strength, the more people can adapt to the different environments in the virtual world. If the realm is too high, it will not only easily lead to the tragedy of law collision in the new world, but it will be a sad reminder if the world will show it. Otherwise, they will have to go out. Wouldn’t it be better if those great ancestors came in person?
"Captain," Ogura said with a frown, "it’s very strange and strange."
"The difficulty is a nightmare level after the preliminary estimation of the dimensional Lord God! It’s not an accident that expanding the new world is less of an elite level, and a few strange worlds are the highest abyss level, but … "
"The world background-the gods contend with a hundred schools of thought, and the Shang Dynasty gods rise to the dragon and snake. 6 This is the mountain and sea world, where Shinto dominates the world, martial arts, immortal arts and magic arts … and so on, and the world is bright. Although the strength level is not high, there is great power to secretly note that it should not attract the other side’s attention."
"Concretely-the Yin-Shang dynasty experienced a long period of change, and its luck was about to shift. 6. The clock of the existing true god Tianheng Gas Transportation Station was about to gather gas in Qishui Ditan, follow the Tianheng true god and assist its national establishment."
"Background Tianheng True God is a very big and proud true god. If you trust him, it will be a long time before Tianheng True God is officially founded, and you need to try your best to collect information from this world and live."
"There is a lot of information in it and we need to analyze it slowly …"
Captain Armor also frowned. "The first dimensional Lord God detected that this is a very complicated world with many adult avenues, and this is only a few extremely strong cross-worlds with characteristics!"
"What’s more, the master of this world is still alive and has been silently watching this world!"
This is the power to create the world!
How will this grandfather react once he is invaded by foreign monks in his own world?
People pinch themselves to death just like an ant!
"Captain, this is not what we need to worry about. This aspect has its own dimensional god to arrange our focus this time …" Xian Lan looked solemn. "Don’t you feel strange?"
"I dimensional god temple pioneer which time is not running around the world? You don’t forget the founding purpose of the dimensional god … "
Captain Zhan Kuisan and Mogu looked at each other and whispered, "Explore!"
That’s right. Explore!
At this point, if you want to continue your promotion, you need to explore the mystery.
Virtual talent can stop the eyes of Daozu!
But now, the dimensional god will spend a lot of money to send them here, but firmly bind them to a true god, which is contrary to the usual law unless …
The great ancestors behind the second dimension god think that they will get more information from this "Tianheng True God" than they do from searching all over the world, and much more!
"You imagine …" Xian Lan said solemnly to his teammates, "Our level is nightmare level, but the dimensional Lord God wants me to wait for the letter of approval from Tianheng True God, but the difficulty occupies the vast majority at this point …"
Obviously, the God of Dimensionality believes that they can get the approval of this "Tianheng True God", and they have actually completed the Thai half. What is the concept?
"PSST …"
Want to white the key war Kratos and others can’t help but breath in a gasp scalp is a hemp … To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and forty-two Four vigorously
? Time flies.
The cross-border defense shield of the second dimension god is also very energy-consuming. Several senior people discuss that the original foot is isolated from the heaven and the earth, and the will-shaped barrier will be dispersed. The foot of the mountain in the majestic snowy area at the source of Qi Shui will directly freeze to death!
This is the level of energy in the wild is absolutely high enough, but this environment is by no means unbearable for ordinary creatures.
"PSST …"
Soon, the new people gasped one after another, even though they were all elites, but in their original world, they were actually not much better than ordinary people. Except for Jun Sha, a succubus girl who was used to the harsh environment, even Wang Trace, a warrior with iron will, couldn’t help shaking his muscles slightly.
"Damn it, there should be Baidu, right?"
King trace, breathing, this tough guy can’t help cursing.
Captain Zhan Kui motioned for the mage to look at Mogu, nodded his hand and reached for ten lux auras, which were blessed to these new people. They imposed a state to keep their body temperature at a suitable level.
Captain Zhan Kui came to all the newcomers and said faintly, "You can all show up here and say that you are all members of the hall of God who volunteered to become a second dimension. Now, for what purpose, I will give you some help and guidance in this world!"
"If you can return safely this time, do you want to join us or become a loner and look for a team again? I will bless you, but I hope that now you can confirm your status quo and don’t make any mistakes in the next action …"
When it comes to the captain, he can’t help but glance at the’ Little Three’ Ogura, where the edge is full of meaning, so that a little three eyes can’t help blushing. Besides Mogu later, even Xianlan looked at Ogura with a smile …
The new people nodded silently, which is justified. They are also elites in their own world. Who will join the temple of the unpredictable dimensional god?
It seems that this new person is not only of high quality, but also of stable mentality!