Write a check directly without blinking an eye. Maybe this is the so-called emperor’s mind? Yuan heng heart no way

It took Yuan Heng too much effort to form the mountain-sea boundary. Although this body has the rank of emperor, it specializes in whitewashing divinity, but the true God is specialized in this.
Yuanheng corners of the mouth smiling leisurely overlooking the distance Tianheng true imperial spirit moves with one’s heart and slowly infects Qishui Long Mai.
"oh? Qingqiu fox family? Ha ha … "
Keenly aware of a touch of prohibition, almost imperceptible, without hesitation or concealment, Tianheng’s true imperial spirit swept directly past.
There seems to be a hard-to-guess meaning in the low laugh.
Half a ring, only a touch of light color, dragon gas forming …
On the other hand, violet walked along the Qi water without hesitation and gradually left the boundary of the snow-capped mountains at the source of Qi water. In violet’s eyes, it was a fertile plain in Wan Li.
"Qingqiu fox family is good for their family ….."
Looking at the plain of the earth, Violet couldn’t help exclaiming, "This plain where Qi State is located gathers the spirit of all directions to occupy the essence of Qi Shui. If it can breed 100,000 in the future, it may be able to breed a spiritual fetus one day. Once it is born, I am afraid it will be a natural body, which may be comparable to those heroes of heaven and earth in ancient times."
If you can succeed, I’m afraid it’s the hope of the Yi people to take off in the future.
But …
"Although the future is promising, it doesn’t seem so good now?"
Violet peered at the tribe where the Yi people lived, and her eyes narrowed slightly. Then she chuckled, "It seems that I will be easy this time?"
In the eyes of the violet god, the Yi people are transported like a lonely red smoke, but they don’t gather and scatter, and they don’t even look at it, but they don’t unite to protect the beast and establish a humanitarian pillar of order!
It’s like a three-year-old child holding gold and parading through the city-it’s not a common death!
It can be seen that it is sad that this family is suppressed by big businessmen-it is still backed by the Qingqiu Fox family. If not, I am afraid that the family has already been shattered. There are many words in the wrong novel network
A faint ripple passed away, and violet smiled and stepped into this small tribe fair and square.
Surprisingly, violet passed by one by one. It doesn’t seem strange at all. It seems that violet is one of them.
Walking slowly in the street, Violet slowly put all kinds of information about the current situation of Qi country into her heart and sorted it out.
"After all, my violet card road is from here ….."
With a long sigh in my heart, Qinglian Baita’s data avenue is different from others. If it is simply closed deduction, I’m afraid that a generation will never try to prove that the mixed-element achievement dominates. After all, the data comes from practice, and here is his true Shinto.
Even though there is a whole horizon plain with fertile land, the poor family has not been able to grow up to millions for hundreds of years. Compared with other large tribes and clans, it is miserable and sad …
"But this standard of living is good. How did you get into this?"
In my heart, I don’t understand what Violet saw in front of me. Almost every family member walked for a long time without wearing expensive clothes, but he didn’t even see a dress patched and his face was ruddy. Obviously, it didn’t look like he was short of clothes and food, and the beggar’s career was simply extinct …
Then violet eyes a bright!
In many cases, houses of learning, schools, private schools, and so on can often show a lot from here. It can be said that how the local level directly affects a tribe and a clan depends on the real level of a country.
The school is not big, or the name of the school is said to be its standard, otherwise it is not called the school supervisor, but it is in the college city, hehe …
Violet found that this school is small but also a sparrow. Although it focuses on enlightenment, it has also divided three or five different classrooms and different subjects to enlighten children’s wisdom.
"Imagine that the leader of the nine heavens and the earth in the boundless mountains and seas-Shennong Emperor meteorite group dragon head five protoss tore up the Wild Mountain and Sea turmoil, and there were Blackwater protoss Gonggong’s and Rise of the Legend protoss Zhurong’s battles for the mercy. The vast territory of Zhongshan was fought by fire, water and divine power, which penetrated nine deep and remote places and split the sky for nine days. The galaxy water flowed backwards and tilted, and the surging flood drowned the lives of five mountain regions …"
Violet listened attentively at the window and could hear that this enlightenment school was to teach the history and humanities of the mountains and seas to be continued …
Chapter three hundred and forty whispers
? The passage of time has changed forever.
Although Yuan Heng seems to have founded the mountain and sea world soon, it is already their ability to play when jumping out of the time line.
The establishment of Shanhaijie is simple, but it involves the whole universe. When the four wastes are combined, it is inevitable to distort and collide. Even the river of destiny needs to be fine-tuned. Although the whole chapter of Shanhaijie history is not as vast and ancient as the whole universe, it is also wonderful.
Epic Myth After Epic Myth At the beginning of the world, the laws of heaven and earth were intertwined with each other, and the rise and fall of the five-color protoss ran through the wild years …
A statue of Shang Tang, a hero who swallowed up the ages, rose up, killed the gods and demons, shattered the wild history of the five-color protoss rule, and entered the era of the Yin, Shang and Shen Dynasties. SHEN WOO’s vision was as deep as the sea …
Plato and Tai Wu love each other and kill each other. An ideal country and an ideal hometown …
Zou Yandong understood the five elements of the Kyushu Alliance, and the number of followers of the same enemy in the mountains and seas was terrible when the Kyushu Alliance was founded …
"Mo Shi Lun" fully embodies Mo Zhai’s thought of physical things, and his thoughts are engraved in the daily actions of several creatures in the mountain and sea circles. It is a pity that it can be preached.
Dante’s Divine Comedy can still be "divine" in this world of mountains and seas.
The trilogy of "Hell", "Net Realm" and "Paradise" contains the high treasures of the philosophy of human change and the spiritual path.
A series of well-known mountains and seas have passed through the creation of the world. In ancient times, the black water was rampant and wild. In ancient times, it was the flying exhibition that turned out to be a practice road, and it was about to enter a relatively peak!
Up to now, the exhibition of mountains and seas has just entered the same era, and people have to admire a saying that there is a destiny in the world!
"… this is the change of our pulse for thousands of years."
The podium is slightly older. The old man has a hint of reminiscing about the glory and pride of his ancient ancestors. He can’t hide his pride. It is because they inherit the last and most mellow descendant of King Dayu that they dare not kill them all. Otherwise, hey hey, his family is finished, but they are not mixed up …
The school is still talking about the class, but the violet outside has frowned. "This arrogant family has been engraved into their blood. Do you want to make them subordinate to the teacher?"
Violet pupil blue light flashed across the data, and all kinds of data kept flashing in my mind, and then I put the data into it. From the source and development track of the family, I planned and analyzed the data one by one according to their current situation
"Pure absolute force oppression?"
Shook his head and rejected the data, which was not enough, but the data told him that it was never possible to use absolute force to levy a nation, otherwise the Shang Dynasty would have done it long ago and waited for them?
"Martial uncle, if the people want to gather one side’s luck instead of the people’s heart …"
Violet walks in the street, but an individual turns a blind eye to it. The most real angle of this family’s usual life is collected by him and then turned into pieces of data.
"Have you heard? The patriarch and the elders met again. I heard that they quarreled for a day and a night? "
At this time, a pair of middle-aged men and women uncles came up, and the middle-aged man was interested in asking the middle-aged woman next to him
"Who said that I didn’t hear that they were all going to fight arm in arm? Seven elders were said to have been directly knocked unconscious by the heads of families with one punch …"
Speaking of this middle-aged woman, she immediately gloated, "Although the patriarch is a little young, is it the blood of King Dayu who has returned to his ancestors? The prestige among young people is not low, and it is useless to fight. Do the elders dare to really be rough?"