Qi shui yuan tou

The cold wind of a snowy mountain roared with rich sunflower water elites, and the cold wind was enough to make most monks freeze ice sculptures.
This is also the case. Although the Qishui iceberg is not a very famous polar region in the mountains and seas, it can be collected by the Blackwater Protoss and reserved for the descendants of the clan. Naturally, it is not simple. It not only belongs to a rare water-blessed land, but also contains a large number of natural treasures!
"Gee, it’s really not simple. It’s true that the family of Si was able to suppress the Shang Dynasty without genocide."
Snow-capped mountains surround a valley. A Fiona Fang is rich in water resources, but it is only half a meter away. Next to the spring, Yuan Heng is amazed. Looking at the spring, isn’t it that some spring water seeps into the iceberg snow water to form the original Qi Shui River?
A little research on Yuan Heng’s white spring is no ordinary thing. Even in the congenital spring, it belongs to the same ranks. I can’t help but admire, "Long Mai is full of water! I’m afraid this is the successor of Blackwater Protoss, right? Wrong novel network many words "
Long Mai is a unique thing in the mountains and seas. In the wild and other worlds, it is actually not such a thing as Long Mai
The three realms of the universe and the wild are the ancestral veins of the heavens and the earth, and other theories are about the spiritual veins, the earth veins and the qi veins, and what are the nether veins and the star veins? In fact, they are all branches of the ancestral veins!
In fact, there are ancestral veins in the mountain and sea circles … Long Mai!
And Zu Long Mai is the source of strength in the whole mountain and sea world, and naturally there are branches. Long Mai is one of the strongest rivers in the mountain and sea world, and Long Mai is naturally the terrible yellow Long Mai-the Yellow River is also called the Yellow River!
Violet waved his hand, and a handful of clear spring water appeared in the palm of his violet robe. He held it in front of him and sniffed it and nodded his head. "After finding this spring, even my brother couldn’t help but rise up in his heart. I’m afraid my brother’s green lotus pond would have been built here if he hadn’t had scruples about causal entanglement here …"
He was born with violet, but now he is only nine levels. Even the source of neon cold was a little better than him. It is the time when all kinds of resources are urgently needed, especially this kind of innate spiritual spring with high quality, which is very attractive to him.
"In that case, this is a respected site from now on!"
"Violet, go and inform the Cuan family that they now have two choices: to belong to Zunhui or … to give them three days to pack up and go straight away!"
There is a doubt in the faint voice! To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine History of mountains and seas in Jade Emperor Road
Yuan Heng squints at driving away from the light, leaving violet with a long sound in the faint snow valley.
"Tianheng is really arrogant!"
The silver light is blurred, misty, deep and secluded. It seems that there is some kind of power to control the vastness of all beings, and it is noble and respectful.
This is the innate true imperial spirit brought by the position of Tianheng true emperor Luo Shen Di. On its mysterious strength, it is not necessarily the strongest imperial spirit in the wild, but it is also in the first sequence-of course, in fact, all those who enter the mountain and sea world and get the position of emperor and the great power base are similar …
"Come out, are you still here?"
Yuan Heng glanced lightly at the source of this congenital spring, the true god’s eyes must look directly at its essence.
After three breaths, the valley remained silent.
A cold hum, "If you don’t come out, you won’t come out!"
Half a day, the emperor’s true spirit suddenly soared, and the silver spirit crossed the sky and the earth. All creatures in Liuhe respected the power and suppressed it mightily!
In the middle of nowhere, there is no one who is the emperor, and their true imperial spirit will be the same. Here, at the very least, the great throne must be an ancient god with immortal meaning when it shines brightly, and if you want to be the emperor, you must achieve the great god, just like the five gods of Terran.
The emperor’s rank and the king’s rank belong to the highest position, just as the Shang Dynasty, the gods, dynasties and dynasties were all Shang kings.
When Shang Tang and Britain and SHEN WOO?
Shang Tang, who claims to be born naturally, can’t claim to be the emperor, which is the case.
The core quality of Yuan Heng’s true imperial spirit is Heng!
Heaven and earth bring the people together forever, and the people are always in the emperor’s system. This is the spirit of respecting the emperor in the wild world!
Now Tianheng’s true imperial spirit no longer conceals that the vast imperial spirit has converged into a continuous torrent, which can stop the suppression of the potential, and even the quasi-great power of the divine monarch dare not directly sweep its front!
"Ow …"
No one can see this true imperial spirit, Yi Long’s singing, Qi Shuilong’s breath suddenly converging and rushing from the spring. This is the essence of Qi Shuidi!
Ho …
There is a trace of anxiety in the dragons.
Break at the touch of a button!
The majestic Long Mai spirit can’t carry the true imperial spirit in the end, and the emperor can command the mountains, rivers, the earth and Long Mai to breathe together in a word!
And a statue of the emperor is Jade Emperor! Jade Emperor has been recognized by his ancestors and blessed by the God of Pick. Their words are that he has the power to speak and represent the Emperor’s Avenue!
However, in the end, it is a strong water, and Long Mai can be regarded as a vassal level of Long Mai. Even if it is backed by its ancestors and Long Mai, it still has poor stamina. Whenever the dragon gas is defeated, there is still a steady stream of support to keep its most fundamental quality from being levied.
"Give you one last chance to come out."
Yuan Heng looked on coldly. Since we want to prove the throne, the first thing to do is to blend in and now we are a future emperor here!
"sb, you have great power in the wild and few who can resist will come to me for this little Long Mai? ?”
Sigh, snow-white light shines, and a seven-year-old elf appears in front of Yuan Heng. It’s like the spirituality of heaven and earth. There is a faint shadow of heaven and earth around the elf, which is like the embodiment of snow dragon. The image of heaven and earth is imprinted on this heterogeneous water dragon, snow dragon. Breathe in and breathe in, and the water vapor of heaven and earth echoes from a distance.
At the moment, the young and delicate elf’s face is full of nai, and with a weak smile, he said to the distinguished person who rules the world, "The water and Long Mai here have been the only thing I have integrated. Even my real name has been greatly changed by this side in these years-how can I give up?"
Qi awed to see that fear can resist the gas. This is the rank. It is still true that he is strong in water source. After he merged with water and Long Mai, he got a little support from his ancestors. Of course, this is a wry smile in his heart. "Heaven and earth bring the people together forever, and the land will last forever. Is this the true emperor’s way?"
"Really awesome …"
Sighing in my heart, if it weren’t for his persistence, he could almost change his obsession. I’m afraid he would kneel down as soon as this true emperor came out …
From the true imperial spirit, we can see that what the emperor did, and what he got from it, of course, broke his heart. This is the charm of the emperor
Yuan Heng was satisfied. He heard something from other words. He knew that this little guy didn’t have the idea of crash and burn. That’s good. He is the emperor, not the bully. He has enough width.
"Your obsession is just the prosperity of Qi State. In the future, the emperor will sweep away the barren Liuhe and give Qi State a title."