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"Sometimes you have to see it!"

Yuan Heng can’t help but be heartbroken after turning over this power data!
In those days, Yuan Heng spent so much effort to study hard, and then he made a move. Isn’t that the secret of reincarnation?
What’s more, if Yuanheng wants to improve his own avenue, he will have to do something sooner or later. Whether it is an eternal avenue or a branch road, a magical wheel road …
What’s more, if you can join this force smoothly and get some words, there are no small benefits, so you can kill two birds with one stone!
for a long time
Yuan Hengpan sat in the violet shrine and silently watched the neon cold and Li Youdao’s ancestors die.
"Maybe it is really necessary to find some allies in the future …"
I have to say that what Zusu received over the years really helped Yuan Heng a lot. It is definitely not that Yuan Heng got much more from the unlucky mixed Yuan Neng when he robbed in those years. It can be said that he planned for the future.
At this moment yuan heng side violet suddenly let out a stuffy hum was slightly pale.
At this time, violet can also look up to heaven and look at her own talent. She has a hard time smoking her face-
Name? ?
Race? ?
Conclusion Don’t look at the cough. Think about how to live it quickly. Maybe you can sell some moral integrity.
Well, actually, violet can also be called the protagonist according to the immortal law of the protagonist? Spying on saints … Being busy and not dying is actually a kind of power.
Different from Yuan Heng Yuan Heng, the source is that the seal road is close to the edge of the proof road, and its essence is not peeped by the violet data avatar, but Li You and Ni Han are different. They can be said to be truly mixed with the foundation of the Yuan sage …
"Don’t aim casually when you are young. It’s easy to die. Do you know!"
Yuan Hengyu stretched out his hand and patted violet’s head directly to shock him and stabilize him. "Although you won’t really die, it’s fun to directly drop the level and re-number?"
Of course, Yuan Heng is just saying that under the protection of Nu Wa, Violet is stronger than expected. Don’t say that it is not easy for a saint to be busy, even if he really wants to kill this little one.
But then again, Yuan Heng found a flaw in violet’s mentality, and there was a data avenue. I’m afraid he was also unconsciously affected, depending on the game data of everything in the world. A good swimmer who drowned in water may be completely planted in the future …
This may also be one of the reasons why the great talents majoring in data avenue can’t prove the truth.
The higher the realm, the deeper the influence of the data. Once the dependence is formed, I’m afraid I’ll have to fall head over heels … To be continued …
Chapter three hundred and thirty Qi State
Yuan Heng looked at violet thoughtfully.
He Dao Tian Di This is a hurdle that every aspiring monk will face!
If you cross the sea, you will soar every day. From then on, you will have the qualification to pursue immortality, travel and read hundreds of millions of worlds.
On the theory that the past and the future will be obliterated by the vast and incredible source of heaven and earth-all the real names, information and avenues will be instantly erased
But even so, from the beginning of the universe until now, the earth has accumulated its peak savings, and I don’t know how many times it has turned over. At that time, it is already countless. How many surprises are there? Even if it is a stalwart ancestor, I’m afraid there are dozens of them. What’s worse, are those who mix the yuan, pick the golden fairy and mix the yuan?
It’s really incredible that when I flipped hundreds of millions of universes years ago according to Yuan Heng’s fugue, I couldn’t find even a statue of Data Avenue mixed with Yuan Sheng!
Now I see violet, the true Yuan Heng who inherited the data avenue, and it seems that I just realized that there is a little fishy hidden in it.
"If it weren’t for the statue, I’m afraid the mother of Avenue wouldn’t make this future violet bear data Avenue, would it? Wrong novel network many words "
Yuan Heng felt something in his heart, and he realized the incredible power of Avenue Mother. Even though he had glimpsed a trace of immortality, he could step into the immortal realm at any time, but at the beginning of the day, he was able to arrange everything naturally. This power simply amazed him.
"Somehow, I already feel that the bust that was sent out of the universe has made an incredible breakthrough, especially in terms of mind. It can be looming across all virtual obstacles and I can perceive the bust far away …"
I thought that when I woke up from a deep sleep, I seemed to be able to feel that I still don’t know where to practice the bust in the corner of a knot in one’s heart, but it really startled Yuan Heng and hurriedly perceived my own realm and wanted to see if I was not paying attention to the immortal position of rushing half a step during my sleep.
Later, after these years, I gradually realized that my half-body spiritual power seems to have undergone some kind of transformation, and I want to pull the Zun side to synchronize along some kind of invisible track. Although I failed due to the limited obstacles, I can also see that the mind over there has crossed into some incredible horror realm.
It is not impossible for Yuan Heng to conclude that it takes a lot of effort to help Violet tailor a set of terrible skills comparable to the one who set off the fate of the flood in those days-his terrible transcendental skill "Great Destiny" and Yuan Heng’s fate "Eternal Chaos"
That’s enough to guide the monk to step out of the terrible big skill. One of the things that the monk does is that it’s incredible, and there’s hope in the future.
This kind of great skill has a purple sky and a dying sky, even in Luo Hou. This is the root of their avenue. Everyone who can create this kind of great skill is bound to be a great master with proof of his ancestors’ hope.
Therefore, I have read the vast expanse of the earth for several times, even if I count myself as the great mother, I am afraid that only Yuan Heng and other guys who have pushed spiritual cultivation to such a horrible realm as the ancients and the latecomers have the ability to create a spiritual detachment!
A great skill that others can practice spiritual detachment!
Without such transcendental skills to help practice data, it is a dream to cross the threshold of uniting heaven and earth!
This kind of great skill, which involves all aspects and wants others to practice their own detachment, will not be assimilated into a puppet soldier by the source of their own avenue, and its difficulty should not be exaggerated.
Thought of this, Yuan Heng’s mouth curved a little instead. "It’s time to test and practice your spiritual achievements, so that Martial Uncle can see how far you are."
Here, Bian Yuanheng thought for a lot of moments, and I don’t know how many thoughts he turned around. In this, he saw a little place that he needed to carve.
He didn’t accumulate everything like Nu Wa, Silent, Sanqing, etc., but he realized it by himself, and some things still needed baptism to make up one by one …
"It’s Uncle Shi," violet replied respectfully. "My brother has roughly chosen several locations that meet Uncle Shi’s requirements. We can go and check them one by one."
From the meeting, violet’s name for Yuan Heng kept changing, from God Emperor, Senior, Uncle Heng … and then to Uncle Shi Hehe …
Of course, this is because Yuan Heng thinks Uncle Heng is a terrible name …
"In that case, let’s go"
In A Few Stories about Great Daili, it is recorded that after Shang Tang defeated Xia Jie to destroy the Xia Dynasty, he did not kill all the people, but moved some people of Xia Dynasty to Qi and established his own tribe, which can be called Qi State.
However, of course, this remote and small country of Qi State, the remnants of the former dynasty, was naturally suppressed by the big business gods, especially after Shang Tang’s emperors Shang Tang, so the title of Qi State was abolished several times.
This shows how bleak the life of Qi State is. Oh, no, the title of Qi State has been abolished for thousands of years. It can be called a small tribe …