And even if the ancestor of the abyss is like this, it’s hard to cut off those devoured worlds, those world associations …

In this way, conflicts will naturally arise!
If these worlds can come forward and save the unfortunate world that was swallowed up, even the Taoists will be jealous! Crazy!
"Therefore, those guys who are not strong enough but are unscrupulous have been killed by the Taoists!"
Daozusu quietly explained the reason "and the abyss? It’s a lot of food in the world, so you can imagine how much it has offended the Taoist ancestors, and it’s still good to look around the enemy in the group. You can imagine the horror! " To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-seven The Big Five
In addition to the emptiness, there are five giants in this searchable range!
Endless abyss
HarmonyOS Dajie
Titan ethnic group
Secondary god
"The Big Five!"
Yuan Heng frowned slightly. He had to admit that he really looked down upon the abyss. Of course, he didn’t regret it. Now, even if the abyss can come up with a double-digit Taoist series, when the short-term soldiers hand over, it will face the peak level of the abyss, but the strength will be gone.
It’s a pity to say that although the potential power of the abyss is powerful, compared with the other four giants, it’s just the same. Each of the other four giants is extremely complete in development, powerful in the universe, and its potential is terrible. Even Yuan Heng looks askance at their potential power now, but it’s just a tiny difference compared with the flood …
The abyss, by contrast, is nothing more than a child with a sharp weapon. To a great extent, it depends on its fame and reputation.
If these five giants join hands to attack the universe, even if Yuan Heng had already made great achievements at that time, even if the ancestors of the universe were able to emerge one after another, I am afraid they would be unable to catch up …
Unless Yuan Heng can kill Daozu like a chicken at that time, that’s another story …
"The abyss claims that the whole virtual heresy is as powerful as Brother Greenwood, but now you have to be respected to catch the flaw and everything will go smoothly!"
Yuan Heng never mind speculating others with the greatest malice, and never pinned his hopes on illusory luck. Facing the unfathomable power of the five virtual giants, he finally picked up the strategy and threw it away for many years.
Since we can’t crush all strategies with absolute strength … it is the only breakthrough!
There is a bone-chilling murder in his eyes. "The abyss must be eliminated before!"
Persimmons are naturally soft!
The strength of the abyss is reflected in its influence. If you don’t give it a chance, you will be completely swallowed up by absolute strength. We trust that the ancestors with ulterior motives can’t turn over the waves.
By that time, the eternal Taoist ancestors will still put one and two Taoist ancestors in their eyes.
If you don’t join hands with Yuan Henggen, you won’t care! -unless it’s the kind of strength, terror, extreme peak, or in the face of an immortal road, how much resistance is there?
"And the multiverse?"
Looking through the details of this power, Yuan Heng silently murmured, "It seems …"
Like the wild!
This is simply a root source, two roads, and a big tree is divided into two trunks.
This is also a cosmic world where Shinto dominates the universe.
The great wilderness was created by Pangu.
The multiverse is the creation of good and evil snakes.
At the beginning of heaven and earth, there are ghosts and gods coming out of the wild, which means congenital, and after pregnancy, heaven and earth are born, which can be described as the first demon.
In the multiverse, there are ancient gods, and the ancient gods are ancient. It is said that the giant tortoise in Russia and Romers walks in the rift of the multiverse, and its burden is a world. This is the oldest main material plane in the multiverse …
The source of ancient gods is a statue of gods, and one by one, from this, the universe is similar …
Facing this ancient universe, even Yuanheng feels quite tricky, which is different from the abyss multiverse. It is perfect in all aspects, just like others’ vast expanses …
Sighed and turned to the other side.
"And HarmonyOS big world …"
Pulled the corners of the mouth even at this time of yuan heng couldn’t help but sigh "Do you want to be so abnormal ….."
The biggest thing about this HarmonyOS world is that his creator is still alive and well …
Even if it is as powerful as Yuan Heng, it is not 100% sure to achieve this level in HarmonyOS!
This is not the abyss ancestor, a sad guy who created that abyss world full of loopholes!
Well, this can be compared for reference. If Pangu was an independent creature and succeeded in making Pangu a great god after the flood, how bad would it be?
Yuan Heng is sure that HarmonyOS, the ancestor of HarmonyOS’s great world, is not far away even if he hasn’t really stepped into immortality!
This HarmonyOS is different from the Avenue Mother, but there was a flood before the Avenue Mother. It can be said that the flood is the Avenue Mother, and the Avenue Mother is the flood place, so that the universe can be reincarnated until the peak of savings hits the eternal world …
It can be said that the avenue mother can continue to go on or go on because the flood has first stood in vain!
This is a refutation.
Let’s not argue that HarmonyOS is different. This is a man who created a perfect world with his bare hands. Just such a man has enough weight!
Even if the number of Taoist ancestors in HarmonyOS has never exceeded the number of first-hand ancestors, it is the same
Yuan Heng, a Titan group, is not worried.
I have to say that when Linda grows up, all birds have …
Titan protoss claims that every Titan is a creator-well, a reserve creator …
This is a wonderful race. This race wanders in the void, and almost every time they pass by a universe, they will stop. If there are no Taoist series figures in this universe, they will understand, transform and improve this world by themselves. Because these guys recognize that the Taoist universe is an imperfect universe …
These bigoted and stubborn guys will almost keep what they have learned all their lives to improve the rules and order of this universe. It is like an egg pain to collect and refine all kinds of treasures to suppress the universe!
The ultimate goal of these titans is to one day be able to create their own universe by their own divine power, and every successful Titan is a statue of a Taoist ancestor!
Therefore, compared with the invasion of the wild, they may be more inclined to create a universe by themselves. These wonderful things are wonderful, but there is no doubt that almost all of these guys have engraved their beliefs into their own blood, and their heads are full of one-track-minded guys
They were born to be creationists and struggle all their lives!
"Dimensional god? !”
Suddenly Yuan Heng seems to find that this force has a high affinity with himself!
This is a fairly liberal force, or this force is a very loose force, which is established by a group of Taoist series in mutual communication, discussion and transaction.
With the development of time, this loose force can receive all the knowledge of different languages in different universes and reasonably send out a horror super treasure-the Lord God!
Its main ability is that it can cross the virtual space and avoid being rejected by the great will of the universe, and it can successfully help a respected Taoist ancestor receive the knowledge they want.
Therefore, the Taoist ancestors who joined this force are also called-dimensional gods!