Silence for half a ring.

Su Zhi will look straight at Yuan Heng’s atmosphere, which is slightly dignified. The cost of saving one party from extinction is not surprising, even if it is the future, the eternal world will be ordinary.
Of course, all this is based on the success of the wild …
Finally, Yuan Heng raised his right hand lightly, and a palm-sized silver seal appeared in his hand. "This eternal seal is my handle, and my will is enough to make you walk in the wild world."
"Shout …"
As a result, Xiao Yin finally breathed a sigh of relief. She finally felt that somehow Weili finally released her hostility.
Of course, in the heart, it is actually this small seal that replaces the monitoring responsibility. If she uses means to shield the small seal power, I am afraid that this projection will be erased at the first time!
In my heart, it’s a matter of course, but I also reached out and a recruit appeared. A black ball will be thrown to Yuan Heng. "There is most of what I know in it, and my incarnation will stay in the universe. If you have doubts, you can ask at any time."
At the moment of the result of Yuan Heng Silver Seal, Su Zun has already started the earlier arrangement to refine this projection into an incarnation.
Just glancing at Yuan Heng, I probably know that there is a huge flood of information in this dark ball. I’m afraid that even if I hide a lot, I’m afraid most of the important information is actually in it.
Virtual secret hiding?
It’s unknown how long the virtual reality has been, even if it’s like this, because even the birth and death of the universe and heaven are just bubbles for the virtual reality, so even if it’s rare, it’s like this, I’m afraid it’s accumulated a lot of immortality. Although it’s rare, it’s not absent, and when it’s falling, it’s a virtual treasure for the Taoist reality, but it’s not yet time.
False danger?
Beasts are often accompanied by some natural resources and treasures, which is a kind of law, and these dangerous places are enough to threaten Daozu, who often hides precious treasures in them, but not yet.
Treasures of specialties from all walks of life?
Some worlds specialize in some special products, which are a little precious even if it is so incredible for Daozu, but these worlds are often equally powerful …
A torrent of information swept away, which is just a glance for those who are not going to set foot in the virtual yuan heng for the time being.
"I found it!" Finally, Yuan Heng’s eyes passed away with a cold cold light. "This big emptiness is in the universe of Daozu!"
It is a potential threat to Yuanheng that the forces adjacent to the wild and the wild should be in Daozu!
There is not a Taoist ancestor who does not long for immortality, and there is not a world that does not long for eternity!
That’s the incentive. That’s the threat!
Therefore, it is conceivable that this big imaginary lieutenant general will be divided into two camps in the future-the vast and wild part tends to be a predatory alliance like an abyss!
In addition to these two camps, all the others have no room to live in the universe-no one will tolerate anyone taking advantage of it!
Nowadays, many forces are forbearing, not because they are not tempted, but because they can’t chew-the universe has not yet grown to its peak, and the management of the immortal universe is to die!
It is the best time to attack when all the accumulation is burned together at the peak of the universe. This is also a big disaster for the promotion of the universe
"Yuan Heng Daoyou, although the universe is empty, but there are still a few things that must be paid attention to."
Su explained, "These universes are big worlds with great strength, such as the abyss world in the stalemate with the universe …"
"Abyss?" Yuan Heng took a strange look at the abyss. Although it is difficult, there is an abyss ancestor that should not be counted, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network
"Ha ha ….." Su shook his head with a wry smile. "Taoist friends should not underestimate the ancestor of the abyss. It’s not luck that he can be notorious in virtual reality and still be at large today!"
In the virtual, this kind of direct destruction devours other worlds, which has always been annoying!
For example, when you see a world with good potential but too immature in the abyss, you will naturally lose your hand, but if it is destroyed, it will be fun if you can resist it …
The world is facing the crisis of destruction and being swallowed up. Even if the world has no independent thinking, I am afraid it will spare no effort to cultivate its own talented people at all costs!
The so-called Erhai Lake is a hero!
At this time, it is very likely that there will be a peerless hero who will take the lead!
And there is the possibility of a Taoist ancestor-even if the other world is drinking doves to quench its thirst.
For example, in some shattered worlds, there are always some people who shoulder the burden of remaining blessings after the world is shattered. These are often world-class talents. These little guys who have lost their homes and have huge sums of money are often very welcome in other worlds. If they can fully integrate into the new world, they can add a lot of details to this new world!
And these small characters who accept those worlds are often not simple, and often appear comparable to Taoist ancestors or directly own Taoist ancestors!