"Looks like you’ve got a good harvest."

Speaking of it, Yuan Heng’s own sister and baby daughter can really say that they are not good at personality because of their respective avenues. Now they are all smiles and seem to be in a good mood.
But …
Visible frowned eyes slightly glanced at two people behind …
There was a faint surprise in my heart, and then Yuan Heng communicated with each other with a faint smile. "… What surprises always come inadvertently. I didn’t expect to meet two such interesting successors after coming to this mountain and sea world …"
Yan Hong, though a little ordinary at present, is calcium dobesilate capsules’s constant vision and so on sinister?
Obviously, what Yan Hong lacks now is just a little chance to get started with a stroke of luck. Such a soul is transparent, and the future of the true spirit is enough to be expected-it is impossible for people to be able to keep the red heart frustrated for thousands of times without changing.
"It seems that my father’s harvest is full, and my aunt and I also have unexpected gains!"
Neon cold silver eyes with a hint of joy "father, you look at this …"
"Friends, we meet again …"
Dancing like the most beautiful song, the figure is as clear and moving as a spring eye in a snowy mountain. Look at this figure, your eyes are fascinated, your will is in your heart, and it will be filled with this figure, just like … the most perfect thing in the world!
"It’s you!"
The familiar figure is printed in the eyes, which makes Yuan Heng’s pupil shrink in an instant! To be continued.
PS, is the vagrant club trying to say this?-Let’s work honestly, young man.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six Alliance
"Daozu … lodge!"
Yuan Heng quietly looked straight at this projection. Although it was beyond his expectation that the outside world could break through the universe without disturbing him, didn’t it? Didn’t he also look outside?
I don’t know how many years it has developed, but it’s normal to be a little mysterious and mysterious.
"Don’t Taoist friends come here all night?" Daozu Suqiao smiled and said that he didn’t care about each other’s silence at all. "Or do friends want to ask if Suqiao is here?"
"This is meaningless." Yuan Heng quietly said that the other party has a purpose and he is not afraid of people. "It is not important for me how you come and how you do it."
Calm words have a contempt for everything.
"Ha ha …"
It’s a terrible reaction for her to give her a wry smile, which means that the other party has almost no need for her purpose, so her weight is much smaller
"Daoyou, in this case, I’ll be straight with you."
In the end, it is the Taoist ancestors who cultivate their high mood and their eyes can’t afford to waver. "I came here to seek harmony!"
"Although the universe has a long history, there have been more than one Taoist ancestor, but friends in the universe should also know that these ancestors in the universe have impacted the immortal Tao one by one and failed to destroy it, so for the universe, I’m afraid the base is equal to the limited virtual exploration, right? Wrong novel network many words "
"Although the wilderness is strong, it can be said that it is just a virtual bubble. It is as small as a dust, and it has all the resources. I believe that Taoist friends have information and can’t go anywhere?"
Tao Zusu’s tone is gentle, listing one by one. "Besides, although Taoist friends have taken action, I am afraid they don’t know much about the surrounding forms of the wild. Now, because of the accumulation of strength in the wild, they have attracted many Taoist friends’ attention. Don’t Yuan Heng Taoist friends want to know specific information?"
I didn’t exaggerate, I didn’t cajole Taoist ancestors, I just listed the facts one by one. These are really Yuan Heng and urgently needed in the flood.
Yuan Heng took a deep look at Dao Zusu and said noncommittally, "There is no denying that these are really what I need. Do you need them or do you want them?"
In fact, both sides know that these problems are actually not problems. The flood has entered a stage of rapid development, and sometimes the ancestors of the flood will be able to explore what they need sooner or later. The key is this time difference …
"Taoist friends have to promise that if the universe can really be detached in the future, they can close my’ Jie’ world to the attached interface."
Su solemnly said, "I’m not afraid that Taoist friends know that my’ Jie’ world has entered the countdown to extinction. Even if I do my best, I’ll just try my best to delay the arrival of this time and ask Taoist friends to agree to this condition. Su will definitely help Taoist friends!"
In and out!
Yuan Heng’s eyes are different from the reincarnation of the universe, which means that one side of the world has entered its old age and is about to return to the virtual arms completely!
Not all the world can accumulate to the peak like the flood, and then hit a higher level. More still, the’ Jie’ big world falls into silence and disappears.