Violet took a deep breath and a faint clean stream flowed out from the depths of her heart. She calmed him down and then with a faint wry smile, "Uncle Heng, I am going to assist Chinese and MSI to establish Skynet-assisted practice when sealing the gods in the future …"
It is a great advantage to be able to predict the future in many cases. Even though the future here is not absolute, it is also the most likely "future". As far as the violet knows, the future of Xiqi Xibohou will have a pulse of Chinese descent. With the support of Chinese sage, the Chinese emperor Tianzong will surely be a strong competitor in the destiny of mountains and seas!
It’s not that violet doesn’t want to roll up her sleeves and do it herself with bare arms. Unfortunately, the rules of mountain and sea boundary naturally favor the emperor, but before she wants to seal the emperor, it is … the emperor is angry!
It’s not that there is no innate emperor’s spirit to seal the emperor. Actually, this thing needs to command a population of one million by itself and then establish its own system, so it can condense a trace and naturally grow slowly in the future …
But for violet, there is nothing wrong with this. One of his great ambitions is to go straight to the data to prove the truth. If this is the case, how can he compete with those vicious gods and emperors in the future? Which one should fight more than a vicious demon Lord?
At this time, the future will shine brilliantly, and the so-called Five-Party Heaven Emperor, the Purple Emperor, will enter the eyes of Violet … Perhaps it is better to rely on the help of these fateful fates from Long Gong?
Violet will plot her own slowly. For him, at this time, he must hold the golden thigh firmly!
"This plan is good. If it succeeds, it will push you to the top."
Yuan Heng silently calculated and then nodded his head, not the kui is a congenital inheritance data avenue violet descendants, although the realm is a little low, but the vision is not low at all.
Skynet Qinglian project is the future of the Chinese emperor Ziwei, the celestial emperor of the mountain and sea world, and will integrate the data avenue into the mountain and sea world through the celestial Shinto body.
Hey, hey, think about it. In the future, everyone who becomes a god will have a unified system. Oh, no, it should be that all gods have a golden finger to guide and practice. That picture should not be too beautiful …
"Ha ha …"
Suddenly Yuan Heng suddenly smiled, and he seemed to think of something. "The ego can help you achieve enlightenment, but …"
Lip angle gently sipped a radian, and his eyes were full of smiles. He finally sorted out his thoughts, which could squeeze the small maximum value in front of him … Ahem, how should it be better to pull out the younger generation? Hehe …
"Please also ask Uncle Heng for advice!"
Violet is very simple. The meaning revealed in the words is very simple … Well, or it can be said that he is very single. Now he is very white. It is obviously not wise to fly alone. There is no background and no background these days. It is difficult to go it alone. Even the team is looking for abuse … It is obvious that he is not stupid.
Hey, hey, although the pit of Data Avenue can really prove the truth, it’s really a promising future. I’m afraid the strength and terror will still be in the general ancestor … He was born on the Data Avenue, but it’s impossible to switch to another road easily. Otherwise, he would have changed his family after learning that it was inside!
This is full of blood and tears!
"Good, you will work in my hand when you are young!"
Yuan Heng nodded with satisfaction. What a good labor force?
Hey, hey, what’s the truth? Others are not white. Isn’t he Yuan Heng still clear?
I’m afraid at the beginning of the day, the mother of the missing violet Avenue has already begun to prepare.
Time cycle source This is a powerful source in the immortal level of half a step. The level of power theory is even a little short of Yuan Heng, which is almost eternal!
This is the time when he didn’t even get the good stuff. He did, but this time he answered the question. Actually, he was a little short of the perfect integration of reincarnation, and even a hundred thousand miles short. Maybe there is a little hope after the wheel of God passes through dzogchen in the future?
Ching lin terrace inherited most of the fate of the natural violet, and it is not difficult to find your fellow travelers to get the rest of the violet source back in the future and then advance to the mixed yuan to restore the elegance of Tianbao.
The innate inheritance of data avenue consumes the greatest source of the avenue mother before it can be condensed successfully.
In this way, when the body violet is equivalent to the perfect hardware, the reincarnation source can serve as the innate inheritance of the perpetual motion data avenue, and the software can be unified directly …
Hardware and energy software are available, and finally Yuan Heng, a novice tutor, perfectly guides …
Sometimes the data avenue can actually be very simple!
Gee, it’s even worse. He Yuan Heng has a killer saying …
Violet promised very simply, then turned to call the red and white witch outside and ordered, "After the wind chimes, you will take care of this violet shrine. Remember to take good care of my lotus pond!"
Violet wind chime is a witch. According to a certain statement, violet is the only witch who wishes her the ability. Undoubtedly, after being endowed with divinity by violet, she has demigod power. No one will offend a demigod witch when drawing water.
"It is my main wind chime that will cultivate many lotus flowers."
Unlike a red and white witch whose moral integrity can be discussed, selling violet wind chimes at the moment is very serious and promised.
At this moment, Yuan Heng’s heart moved and turned to look at the door of violet shrine.
Hua …
Light ripples passed, and two figures entered the shrine and appeared in front of Yuan Heng.
A hair like ink, a hair like silver like ice, but also an impressive temperament, two goddesses came to Yuan Heng with smiles on their faces.