After a long silence, Yuan Hengcai sighed with emotion, "He should be carrying out the role of heaven, earth and popularity. In a robbery, he will rob the protagonist with Fuxi, Houtu, Kunpeng, Ziwei and Taitai. The foundation is extremely rich!"

The protagonist in the robbery is not the only real world. After all, it is not a one-step campus animation protagonist, nor is it the same as the protagonist of the city brother. It is often necessary to move forward and backward for a few hours before it gradually grows up. This is a causal handover, and the fate is intertwined, and the protagonist who is like Nu Wa and Zixiao is formed, and it is even more evolved towards several universes before it becomes a protagonist in this final world.
And the amount of robbing the protagonist is also not generally due to the amount of robbing the protagonist. Although the amount of robbing the protagonist is not as good as the fate of the first heavenly demon, after all, the number of robbing the protagonist cannot reach more than 3,000, so it is very impressive to share the amount of robbing the protagonist.
"So I’m afraid this wind Ye will play a very important role in a robbery, and it will be put into our sight early!"
The sage of Ziwei is thus associated with the gifted younger brother who sits at home. It was bred by the second generation of chaotic stars. The star god has created "Ziwei Dou Shu" for several years, which made him sit up and take notice.
What is especially rare is that he was born with an indescribable connection between the eternal ancestors, which can be described as a connection of luck and fortune. With this background, it is difficult to increase his talent, luck and mind.
Now that the Chinese sage saw Feng Ye, it suddenly dawned on him that he finally caught a faint trace of the Avenue Mother. Even the Lord who had never achieved the glory in those days failed to notice this great power. "Sure enough, the Avenue Mother has great power that we can’t guess!"
"Feng Ye … don’t let me down!"
Yuan Heng has a faint sigh in his heart. There is no denying that the appearance of Feng Ye was a far-reaching insight into his testimony and was arranged to calculate before then.
When Yuan Heng went against the sky?
The master of the mixed yuan dynasty cut down the road retrograde and killed the living beings with the source of fate of the Taoist ancestor-Hong et al.
Although it has all kinds of help and there are also all kinds of weakening over there, now Yuan Heng’s realm looks back and finds that the situation was shady in those days, even now he can’t get a glimpse of it.
I have to admit that Yuan Heng has enough resources and real glory to bear this fact-you don’t care if there is any shady in it!
It’s a pity that Yuan Heng still overestimates himself and underestimates the difficulty of creating a road. Do you create three roads by yourself?
This is not a myth but a fable!
If you tell anyone in the wild, people will think you are stupid!
I’m afraid only Yuan Heng has achieved this incredible feat in history.
But even so, absolute beauty’s glorious Lord is not omnipotent after all. He is stumped after all-Eternal Road has rushed to the highest peak of Daozu, but God’s constant wheel and India Road are still struggling in the mixed realm …
From this, when Yuan Heng just broke himself at any cost, the eternal environment cost source and the great loss cost made the other two busts!
One is to go far away from home and go to the unknown wheel path.
The only one left is now walking in the mountains and seas!
In addition to these two most important busts, it has been proved that the ancestors almost set foot on the eternal road in the immortal field, and it is naturally impossible to make other arrangements. His successors are definitely more than one or two!
And this wind Ye is naturally the final choice of Yuanheng Investment-a whole complete Yindaoyuan!
This is not a heavy price for the source where the printing track was still quite weak!
Feng Ye, don’t live up to my expectations! To be continued.
PS gee, first of all, first of all, the name "Feng Ye" is indeed borrowed from a novel character of Tonghuangliu, and some plots are similar, but it must be said that it is closely borrowed and filled with no other meaning.
Ps, hehe, everything is a coincidence. Please don’t sit down for Wen …
Chapter three hundred and thirty-three Catch a in the sky
For the time being, ignore the disturbance of the vast land and turn back to the mountain and sea world.
At this time, Yuan Heng, a half-length man in the mountain and sea world, holds the rule of Thai half-limit. All the rules and regulations were secretly controlled by Yuan Heng a few years ago, and the reality is that the species bought several years ago has finally borne sweet fruit today. Whether it can be perfectly digested depends on Yuan Heng himself.
It has been some time since Yuan Heng entered this world, and he has entered this water-drawing capital to experience this unique testimony. His mind is connected with heaven and earth, and finally he has a perfect end.
Draw a radian around the corners of the mouth. The whole person seems to have entered a different dimension. People around him are busy in the mountains and seas. calcium dobesilate capsules Heng seems to suddenly soar to another mysterious touch level that ordinary people can touch.
As if suddenly entering a huge micro-universe, it is generally full of exhausted energy particles. These energy particles are colliding and confronting in the most crazy and majestic way at every moment … so they are tearing!
Every collision, confrontation and tear will follow some unpredictable trajectory, and then it will be reborn, sublimated in the new life, and bloom more brilliantly after sublimation-this is the source of the seal!
In this inexplicable micro-universe, there are gold pieces in the central core, which are simple, boundless, or light … and so on. Among them, the most terrible, I’m afraid, is the name "the vast expanse". This is the most powerful terror seal of Yuanheng today.
Today, Yuanheng Honghuang Seal has entered the realm of terror and incredible three turns. This is a very subtle realm, which has escaped from the mixed element without achieving anything. When Daozu reached this realm, he almost exhausted Yuan’s perseverance, and it was difficult to surpass it step by step and fell into a bottleneck that made Yuanheng quite difficult.
In the three-turn-to-flood-and-famine seal, the collision of Yin and Yang and the collision of Yin and Yang continued, and the source particles poured into it and grew stronger. Yin and Yang imitated the chaos at the beginning of the world to create Yi Ji Sheng Tai Chi, two instruments to create two instruments and four images to follow the sky, and four images were derived from it. From here, three of them ran through everything in silence, and the power of the source flowed through millions of’ seals’. The core of the three-turn-to-flood-and-famine seal stabilized the whole micro-universe, and
This deduces the essence of the Three-Turn Seal-that is, the essence of the universe.
It’s strange that Yuan Heng praised and valued Xuanwu so much. Isn’t this the same as Xuanwu’s practice?