Besides the martial arts, the Rune Avenue also surprised Yuan Heng enough. There are so many kinds of runes, and there is almost a kind of spiritual body. Then there will be a corresponding rune, such as Shenwen and Xianwen … because of magic runes!

"But it seems that no one has realized the potential? Or did you realize it but haven’t been able to do it yet? "
The original source of these runes are all from the sacred road. If someone can build a road that shines on the heavens and the earth by relying on the foundation!
"It’s a pity that this great opportunity was buried in vain whether it was the talented first Cang Xie or the post-Cang Xie pulse."
Yuan Heng secretly sighed in his heart that the first Cang Xie actually had enough opportunities, talents and luck. Unfortunately, this guy indulged in the glory of word-making after creating a stream of words, and was forced to rise to the realm of God. It’s a pity …
This is a holy way to reach that peak!
Don’t look at it as the peak saint, otherwise the peak saint claims to be comparable to the ancestor of Honghuang, and it is in a way that the peak of the Tao has unpredictable power and high status!
This potential even if it is 3,000 celestial fiends, except those at the top, I’m afraid only Xuanwu, Candle dragon and Qinglong can compete!
Yeah, I’m afraid there are many Taoist friends in the first fiend, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network, but unfortunately, their paths have been fixed, and at the end of the day, they will retreat if they don’t advance.
I wonder who this avenue will be cheaper in the future.
But even so, although everyone knows the situation inside, it is impossible to instruct the younger generation to occupy a very tacit understanding. Even if there is a talented generation like the first Cang Xie stream in the younger generation, it will implicitly instruct everything to see its chances
If you really have great words to let your younger generation step into this road, but if you don’t have enough talents and luck in the future, you will be in an awkward position. Hey, hey, it will be fun then …
This road is not only the first celestial fiend (there was a time when the road of the first celestial fiend was not finally fixed at the beginning of the world, but it was a pity that there was no soil for this road to develop at that time), and it is only possible that it is really destined to make people laugh.
"Hey? Strange … "
"Tai Chi Fu Yin?"
When Yuan Heng was talking about the founder of rune practice, he was far away from the nine gods Yuan Heng, Yuan Tianzun, Tai … and so on. Many mighty saints suddenly surprised and looked at a corner of the vast land …
In a remote corner of the vast land, in a valley shrouded by a large array of nature, a figure shuttles through this fascinating fragrance of vegetation everywhere.
In this valley, there is a breath of yin and yang, and the spring of Fukuyama is pregnant with divinity. Even today, this valley is a rare blessed land with a lot of innate aura.
"Tai Chi Fu Yin?"
The wind Ye looked at the palm-sized jade plate in his hand and felt the name from the inside with a tangled face.
"The one in Yuan Tianzun’s hand?"
What is the man in practice, Feng Ye Ma, who digs out the memory from the depths of his mind and hangs a shiver-this is to scare him to find out that there is a statue of a so-called Jade Qing Yuan Buddha saint in Kunlun Mountain with this kind of robbing Lingbao …
Hey, hey, this guy doesn’t know that it’s not just the Yuan Buddha who almost exceeds the number of hands. The saints are all looking up at this time …
In the end, the wind Ye still refined the Lingbao in hand in the struggle. After all, it is still white for him to take the blame instead of taking it.
"Time is turning!"
I got Lingbao Daocheng and finally burst into tears and sighed, "It’s not easy!"
Is it because someone predestined friends that Lingbao recognizes the Lord as a humble god? Feng Ye actually sacrificed it for three times in just ten days.
"Congenital Lingbao!"
Get information from it. Feng Ye’s eyes are straight. But he learned from the swire metempsychosis guy that this level guy didn’t even have one or two pieces at his peak!
Tai chi fu yin congenital avenue gave birth to congenital avenue. When the sacred text of congenital avenue was born, a most essential divine light gave birth to embryos. In those days, a certain amount of flood and drought was incredible. It was not until now that a seal and a Taoist source were mixed and watered.
"The vast land finally has my wind and ye rising machine!"
Long ago, Feng Ye found out that the tribe of his own origin was the Suiren tribe, which was created by the terran or a great god called Nuwa …
I’ve heard that there is a statue of Xing, a guy named Di Jun Taiyi, who created a shrine far away from here, and there is also a group called Wumen, whose heart is cold …
Lich wars. Is there wood?
How can he play happily with these awesome people with such a small body? To be continued.
PS, hey, hey, hey, bad taste …
Chapter three hundred and thirty-two In those years, the darkness was heavy.
"Congenital Lingbao!"
Feng Ye’s eyes are full of enthusiasm. He’s not a grass root with a fine background. Behind him is an ancient great god … The forehead was once.
Therefore, he is naturally white, and everything in this spiritual treasure is rich, vast and great. He never thought that his family would get such a big chance one day.
"But …"
However, after all, Feng Ye is not a mortal. He grew up in the tribe when he was born in the wild land, and commanded dozens of the whole Suiren tribe. Finally, he was able to be cruel to unload the tribal leader and practice alone in the lonely mountain. There is no doubt in his mind, so he quickly calmed down and thought about the gains and losses of his interests, which may be hidden behind him.
"Ask your cheap brother!"
Finally, my heart was full of thoughts, and Feng Ye finally chose to suspend the original plan of the East China Sea. After all, the flood water is still quite deep. Although his brother is now down and out, he has dumped himself dozens of streets less in terms of knowledge.
After Feng Ye left the valley, which is a paradise, he felt very complicated and chose the road of return.
"Gee, it’s a natural treasure. It’s just a great chance to think about what it was when you were born!"
After a long silence, the Nine Heavenly Gods were proud of Pangu Jade Qing at this time, and his heart was very complicated. It seems that he still remembers his ecstatic expression when he found his own innate box (the mixed box of the wild and backward monks’ respectful names-Jade Qing box) in Kunlun, the ancestral source of the wild and eastern earth. After all, Kunlun is stronger than other celestial gods. Can there be a congenital spiritual treasure to treat it thick?
Didn’t you see that Luo Hou’s famous demon ancestors had just made their debut in those days? Could they not be forced to hold the magic tower in transit?
Compared with him, it’s really true that you should not be too happy.
"Was Lingbao choose their own master? Is this small origin so blessed? "
Too, I left my long bridled eyebrows. This one is getting more and more’ old’ and old, but now it looks like a teenager with a bald head. But I have to admit that his realm is also more unfathomable than his other two brothers. If it is no accident, the first place in Sanqing will finally decide the preliminary high and low outcome …
"What’s more, there is a source of’ seal’ hidden in the Tai Chi Fu Yin!"
The older you get, the more cunning you get. At this time, it’s too smiley to look at the Taoist body not far away. Although he saw a little trace to hide more fog, he was naturally able to find the answer in the person who could see through the fog. "Well, I seem to remember that in the past, the eternal Taoist Buddha took out a source in addition to the Eldar clan, and only the Qing Dynasty God Emperor had such a privilege, right? Wrong novel network many words "
Too saint’s eyes and so on? The thick’ India’ source breath is like a firefly in the dark in front of him.
Yuan glanced at Nuwa without trace, and now he is studying fate more and more deeply. He has no idea of his own, or he can’t. So now Yuan is more and more interesting in the depth of fate. He seems to see a trace of Nuwa’s involvement from his face, which is the trajectory of fate and the entanglement of cause and effect
Yuan can detect things naturally, but Nu Wa can’t hide them from her own. Although Nu Wa doesn’t have a deep study of fate and causal avenue, after all, her realm is too high to be called the first person of the eternal ancestor!
When Yuan Heng had not yet returned, Nu Wa was still struggling to support the overall situation of the flood and wasteland, which prevented many Taoist ancestors from peeping. The purpose was to keep the abyss Taoist ancestors out of the flood and not to push their feet. One can imagine Nu Wa’s strength!
It can be said that although Houdi, the nether world of many goddesses in the universe, is extremely strong, there is still a long way to go from Nuwa-even if Houdi can beat Zixiao to prove that the achievements are incredible, so is Daozu, even though it is completely unreliable …
"Feng Ye …?"
Nu Wa’s eyes are deep, and no one can guess what the most powerful goddess in the universe is thinking at this time.
But after all, envy is envy, but no one wants to rob the innate Lingbao because of it. Even if the innate Lingbao is attractive enough, it can’t catalyze greed from the envy of these saints. This is the reason why saints are’ holy’
Sages have everything that mortals have in their hearts. Can worldly desires dominate themselves? Indeed, they really’ I’ and all’ external things’ can’t really shake their hearts. Envy can’t rise, greed can’t love food, it can’t evolve, gluttony and pride can’t grow up. This is Saint. This is Saint!
What they wonder is why God didn’t give this great opportunity a good fortune for just one day.
Even a passer-by who jumped out of the supporting role came out to play a good show of killing people and stealing treasures?
In their long life, they have seen too much and too much experience, so it will be quite strange to see Feng Ye get Lingbao and easily refine it.
"So that’s it!"