"Tao …"

Yuan Heng’s sudden move made Yan Hong quite unprepared. When he wanted to avoid it, Yan Hong suddenly found that this finger was like a long river, unstoppable, unstoppable and irreversible! Can watch your fingers slowly point your forehead!
"Think of this as a good relationship between you and me. Go and do it at your own discretion. We have a good relationship. Goodbye."
Yan Hong has a good talent and is a time-honored god beast. Yuan Heng doesn’t mind giving her some chances. This refers not only to Sanqing, but also to his Yuan Heng’s breath. With this theory of Yan Hong, I think Sanqing won’t mind having a good relationship with him.
"The development of mountains and seas seems to be much more interesting than expected …"
After a finger, Yuan Heng got up and walked out of the pub directly. He had made most of the situation clear, so naturally there was no need to keep him. There were still many things to do.
After leaving the pub, Yuan Heng wandered around the water. He was ready to start a tribe by himself to understand the rules of the mountain and sea boundary he had created. This boundary is an extremely important part of Yuan Heng’s plan, not only to attack the bridgehead of the abyss and build a wild world on the fourth day, but also to make further progress by himself. Therefore, he is one of Yuan Heng’s own trinity avenues …
Yuan Heng wandered out of the pub with great interest.
Jishui is famous in the mountains and seas, and the huge trade is guaranteed by the Qingqiu Fox clan. It can still guarantee that Yuanheng will walk out of this street that has been tampered with by many true gods and look around and restore the bustling crowd.
"Not the kui is a famous capital this species this modelling gee …"
If you really think this is an ancient society, then you will lose. The so-called god climbing technology is just like hooligans meeting martial arts, and no one can stop it …
There are Taoist swords and immortals with magical shapes (teenagers and girls) and monks and lamas … There are many styles of ancient, modern, future, martial arts, fairy tales and magical fantasies. It can be seen that almost all of these guys come from different customs to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-one Tai Chi Fu Yin
The mountains and seas are very big because of some bad taste in the mind of a founder or because of some planning considerations?
Therefore, this world has a very high degree of rule-making and tolerance-it is created by digesting foreign cosmic sources!
From this, I’m afraid that the prosperity of this world is more exaggerated than that of the Three Realms of the Universe. The other worlds of the Universe are not divided into the side of gods, the side of martial arts, the side of magic, the side of science, and so on. At first glance, the whole pumping water looks like an os exhibition, and there is almost no same style of writing-here the god camp does not occupy overwhelming absolute dominance!
Yuan Heng looked at people coming and going, and the practitioners with different characteristics touched Ba thoughtfully. "Speaking of which, I should also consider developing the characteristics of power types in the future …"
It’s also very important for Yuan Heng to create his own characteristics in this mountain and sea world, just like Plato’s utopia, Mo Zhai Machine City, etc., without a plan, even if Yuan Heng is unlucky, it will be really funny when the competition among these celebrities comes …
Yuan Heng’s eyes swept across the shop stalls, and it seemed that he had a little insight, and an outline slowly appeared in his heart.
"Let’s get something necessary first."
Even if there is something out of nothing, the title of creator can be put on him, but he can’t come out yet
"The fist spectrum created by martial arts master Qing Xu-"Qing Xu Thousand Fantasies Boxing Spectrum "is an introduction to martial arts. The best fist Pharaoh booth in martial arts has a guaranteed quality. It’s cheaper to have a big sale. It takes 1 spirit crystal to get started with martial arts …"
"Depend on you really when I am the brain muscle guy? Clear fist spectrum who doesn’t know Tibetan mustard sumeru corner is poor in cunning, who has no talent? I might as well get a weapon to defend myself … "
"Ha ha, that brother, look at this Mo Zhai airport city … the reputation of the elite Jinling MP5, which belongs to the national machinery country, guarantees that the magazine will be placed in a great position. If the brothers can react and breathe, they will be able to switch between the’ frozen bomb’ and the’ explosive bomb’, which is the most terrible’ morning sun armor-piercing bomb’, and so on. Thirteen kinds of magazines directly meet the needs of the brothers for hunting in the wild. The highest range of long-range sniper killing is that the messenger can be three times away from the spirit crystal. What are you waiting for?"
"Fu Dao Foundation" Detailed Explanation of Twelve Hundred Lingwen "What are you waiting for when vomiting blood and reducing prices?"
"Still worried about short life? Are you still counting your remaining days and counting? Still stagnant growth due to bottlenecks. Does Shou Yuan sigh? Blood-sucking true third-generation original blood is waiting for you … "
"Blood-sucking true species?"
Eyes swept past Yuan Heng thoughtfully, and the corners of his mouth drew a Gherardini irony. "The influence of the abyss has initially appeared. Sure enough, even if these ancestors are not as good as the ancestors of this level, they are by no means people kneading the generation keys all the time and still have the determination to cross the rubicon. Hey! Blood clan … "
Although the blood clan is a terrible ethnic group, it can be called the killer weapon of the ancestors of the abyss to counter the erosion of the wild, but the racial talent forged by their painstaking efforts is almost perfect for the will of the abyss
What a pity!
Even if the ancestor of the Abyss once came to Honghuang in two places, he could not get a deep understanding of the specific situation of Honghuang. Is there any special ethnic group in Honghuang world? Even some rare and terrible races are called one person and one ethnic group! Just a blood clan even if some rare places are put into the wild land, they can’t even take a bubble, even the doom caused by the’ scarlet God’ and so on is worse. Is he a wild world full of demons like an abyss?
Hey, hey, I didn’t see that it didn’t take long for these so-called blood families to be refined into drops of raw blood and used as a life-prolonging medicine.
To his surprise, Yuan Heng continued to wander around for a while. Here, some knowledge of martial arts practice, such as some meridians, martial arts achievement methods, some profound martial arts will, martial spirits and other secret methods have been dabbled in, almost second only to various mysterious methods. It seems that there is no outstanding martial arts master in this world, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network
Who secretly broadcast this?
Hey, who knows!
Yuan Heng for these smiling without a word.