With a leader, the rest of the wizards also fell on their knees in front of the common sky, showing themselves as ministers.

See heaven has reached the goal corners of the mouth inadvertently slightly evoked mouth way
"Since you are willing to take the initiative to join me, I am not a murderer. Of course, I will treat you sincerely. Not only did Bai Zhi just give you the same conditions, but you can also choose a few pieces while we straighten out this witch tomb and you will take out the poison."
Bai Zhi said that the sound here suddenly turned cold and gloomy. "But to tell you the truth, since I really took you before, don’t blame me for being ruthless if there is a slight infidelity in the future."
Everyone felt a chill in their hearts and hurriedly replied, "We are all sincerely joined, and we dare not have any infidelity, otherwise I will be told to suffer from that million worms every day."
However, it is only in their own hearts that they know whether there is some truth in their words and some belief in them.
In this dead place, Yang Xiu suddenly heard a strange noise coming from the opposite side of the door wall. Of course, he was surprised and somehow didn’t know whether the opposite side was a ghost, a demon, a man or a beast, which would be like danger
And this room is hiding at a glance, so Yang Xiuyou quickly quit this statue of a fiend.
When Yang Xiu came out, he happened to see the Taoist priest practicing meditation, and he also noticed that Yang Xiuxun suddenly came out and got up with a face of alert.
Yang Xiu at this time is to see the magic way monk is hollow, after all, like him, there is not much spiritual fluid monk, but now I don’t know what danger will appear behind Yang Xiu, and there is no need to dispute with him about flashing out of the fiend’s mouth and hiding on the side of the idol.
The magic monk saw Yang Xiu’s face slightly changed and immediately guessed that there should be an accident in the channel. He hesitated and immediately flew out of the giant mouth of the idol to hide his body on the other side of Yang Xiu.
The group of zombies and zombies felt the breath of Yang Xiu and Brother Magic Road and swarmed in again, but Yang Xiu didn’t stay too far away from the idol, so these zombies and zombies were wandering about ten feet away and didn’t dare to attack them in close quarters.
All of a sudden, these monsters are left in the air, humming with their wings and zombies bouncing.
But what puzzled Yang Xiu was that nothing had come out of the mouth of the idol when there was a wick of incense.
"Didn’t you hit the door wall?" Yang Xiu certainly wouldn’t recognize that he would listen to wrong, so his heart was so good that he guessed.
After waiting for a while, I still saw nothing. Yang Xiu couldn’t help flying into the mouth of the idol carefully, followed by the magic monk
Brother Magic Way has been puzzling to ask Yang Xiu what the mystery is when he suddenly heard a scream from the inside passage, which was particularly creepy in this silent person’s death and almost startled Brother Magic Way.
"people!" The two men looked at each other and saw the indecision and hesitation in each other’s eyes.
I don’t know who the other person is, but since he appeared in this strange witch tomb, he was not an ordinary person, so Yang Xiu didn’t dare to check the gods and enter rashly
Waited for a moment to listen to the screams in the channel louder and faintly mixed with someone’s language, but they were too far apart to dare, so Yang Xiu couldn’t hear clearly what to do inside.
It’s not far to think that there are zombies and monsters outside, and staying here will be covered by people inside sooner or later. Now it’s better to go to secretly understand the situation first, and if there is an accident, it’s better to deal with it. The main thing is that since someone here, of course, there is a way to go out. I don’t hesitate to think of it here. Yang Xiu took the ghost king and the ghost to the channel.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine Calculation
Yang Xiu and Brother Magic Road quietly entered the channel, but now they can barely hear the people talking inside, so they hide their interest-gathering skills and dare not go deep.
When Yang Xiulai came, he just heard the process of collecting all the witches in the sky, and he couldn’t help but be cruel and cruel to the sky.
And I have a more intuitive understanding of the moment when I heard the name of the method of terror.
This makes Yang Xiu dare not act rashly.
However, in Yang Xiu’s side, Brother Magic Road didn’t completely know what material to take out to cover him, and Yang Xiu didn’t feel him when he was close at hand.
This can’t help but make Yang Xiuda envious. If he has this name and one thing, it will be much more convenient to cooperate with soil evasion.
But now in this environment, Yang Xiu has thought about it, and the chaotic camp has been faced with wizards.
But to make Yang Xiu frown, if you want to go out, you must deal with these wizards, learn about the location of the export, but see each other so vicious and bump into their secrets. If they are revealed, they will even be covered up. There is no room for discussion.
Moreover, Yang Xiu doesn’t know much about the fighting methods and fighting capacity of the Wu clan. It is said that they are stronger than the monster beast and can directly resist magic weapons and spells. Besides, their curses, witchcraft and poison are very regular. If Yang Xiuzhen and them are absolutely in the wind, there is no chance of winning.
The most important thing is that Yang Xiu knows from the inside that it is not a cry. Those two people can fight witches, and there are also people. This completely dispels Yang Xiu’s plan to give it a try. This is not a fight, but a throw straws against the wind.
Therefore, Yang Xiuyou intends to take advantage of the enemy’s dark advantage to see if he can fish in troubled waters or divide them one by one or secretly find out that they are connected with the outside world and wait for an opportunity to escape.
Make up your mind. Yang Xiu, look at these people honestly now. What is it that they are doing? Can he remember that there are only a few things in this room that can’t be hidden, and he has finished them. I don’t know what else will make them crazy.
At this time, accompanied by a heart-rending groan, Yang Xiu heard the cold voice and said, "Okay, now you go and sort out those magic weapon materials. I’ll come and check them later."
All the wizards heard that they were going to refine the statue in the same day, but they didn’t show any signs of devoting themselves to it and quickly withdrew from the room.
See all the people out of the room, immediately came to the front of Bai Zhi and looked at Bai Zhi, the louder he called. It seemed that he yelled and frowned slightly, and he didn’t care that he searched out the drawing of the Wu tomb from Bai Zhi.
I looked at the drawings for a while, then put them aside and didn’t seem to find them. He wanted to know. He couldn’t help but look at the high wailing and Bai Zhi’s seductive tone and said.
"Bai Zhiwu this taste bad? Tell me how to close the door of this room, and I will give you a good time. You will suffer from flesh and blood again. How about you teach me a reward over the years? Anyway, you know that even if you don’t say anything, I just spend more time, and sometimes it’s too late to find it. "
Hiding behind the passage and overhearing all this, Yang Xiu’s mind became active.
Now that the rest of the wizards have left and they have to close the door, isn’t it a good time to start work? Maybe whether we can get out successfully depends on whether we can seize this opportunity.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name L A.
Thought of here, Yang Xiu couldn’t help looking at the magic monk. Unexpectedly, the magic monk also looked at Yang Xiu. It seems that both of them want to go together.
Bai Zhi seems to be really unbearable. When he hears the news, he can’t help but show his hope and tremble. "You say it’s true. Will you really give me a good time and won’t torture me again?"
Seeing this picture of Bai Zhi in the sky, the corners of his mouth became warped and he said lightly, "Of course, what’s the point of torturing you? I’m still upset when you howl."
Bai Zhi was even grateful when he heard that. "Well, actually, it’s not complicated to close the door in here. You see, if this statue of Feng rotates two and a half times from left to right against the right corner of the black dragon on its right foot, it will automatically meet your promise now."
A total of days ignored Bai Zhi’s expression of hope and didn’t personally try whether what Bai Zhi said was correct. Instead, he pinched out a few tricks at another howling wizard, who stopped limping and gasped in the soil.
At the moment, there is not a piece of meat in the wizard’s body, which is covered with worms like maggots swimming around his body, face, mouth, nose, ears and eyes.
He said to the wizard, "Do it according to the method that Bai Zhi Dawu just said. If you do it well, I will end your pain immediately."
When the sorcerer heard the news, he suddenly showed a big smile and got up from the ground and staggered to the statue. He quickly turned from right to left at the black dragon horn for two and a half times according to the method.
In an instant, I heard a "tut-tut" sound at the door, and the huge door suddenly closed slowly.
Seeing the giant door closed smoothly, the sorcerer suddenly showed a look of excitement and wanted to say something to the universe, but the worm had already drilled his tongue and lips and moved his mouth for a long time, but he still didn’t make a complete sentence clear.
No, he said that the sky was of course white. He thought it was something. When he drew an arrow from the quiver behind him, the tip of the arrow pointed at the wizard’s neck, and the wizard’s head suddenly fell to the ground and gave me a smile of relief.
Seeing that the giant gate had reached the sky, he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief and planned to refine the statue immediately, but at this moment, he suddenly saw that Bai Zhi had jumped from the ground and was coming towards him.
Seeing this mutation suddenly, I will crush the soul-moving doll that I have been holding in my left hand, but Bai Zhi can’t come when I have mental arithmetic. I feel that my left wrist suddenly hurts and my hand’ soul-moving doll’ suddenly falls to the ground and wants to pick it up, but there will be a chance for him to suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood from his mouth.