Xuanbeizhen, the unlucky man, didn’t make it into a painting, and he didn’t make it into an artistic explosion, which made the explosive art spread all over the world. Instead, Xiao Di became a Xiao Li-style figure. This has always been a joke of many gods in the mountain and sea world. This is the toddler mountain and sea world in Handan. Anyway, Blackwater is a disgrace and lost to the ends of the earth

"ha! Who knows! "
The girl’s so-called shrugging is also a kind of divination unofficial history. In fact, if few people know it, or nobody is really popular, except Blackwater and himself.
"I don’t know what I just found will be picked up by those lucky little guys. Well, it should be good luck to pick up my things. Gee, or consider observing one …"
The two men walked or stopped several different curved roads in this huge water-drawing capital. It seems that they are still walking with some kind of maze ring array special effects, and they are smiling and sensing something. "Well, what should these little guys get after they have achieved something?" Full of a hundred kinds of spirits? Mountain and sea food seats? Is there a variety of ingredients in the north and south? Or ninety-nine species of a spiritual fish in the East China Sea … "
The girl muttered to herself, and her mouth seemed to be a little moist, obviously immersed in her own dreams and fantasies …
Yuan Heng looked at the girl’s appearance and couldn’t help smoking a girl at the corner of her mouth. You specialized in spreading the message. It turned out that you didn’t want to be a big one, but you were grateful for your undivided attention, professionalism and unremitting struggle.
For a long time, Yuan Heng and his wife finally came to a stop in front of a building after being transformed into a strange appearance by those true gods. This is a small pub surrounded by nothing for customers, and even if passers-by pass by occasionally, they will consciously ignore it, thus ignoring the shabby pub’s gorgeous and artistic style.
After entering this style, the scene inside the pub was beyond Yuan Heng’s expectation. In Yuan Heng’s expectation, this new mountain and sea community, though abundant in resources, is expected to have a great chance to achieve another "day" in the boundless universe, but in the end, the number of true gods is not large enough, but this pub is quite lively and almost full. Oh, no, it should be gods. This pub culvert doesn’t want to be as abstract as its appearance, but it is more than enough to be expanded by a powerful divine power.
Looking around for a circle, Yan Hong led the two to choose a corner seat, reached out and ordered a special brew, and then naturally sat there to drink.
"Daoyou, this pub, is a place where we meet the true gods in the capital of Jishui, where we exchange information and trade privately. Listen to other Daoyou here and you will naturally understand the present form of the mountain and sea world."
In the end, the true god is full of beauty, and the face is as dignified as her name. Well, this majestic taste is as dignified as a vampire demon lady in Yuanheng’s impression.
It embodies divinity and crosses all things. In fact, the true God is quite pure and firm. Almost all people are frank and honest. If necessary, there is almost no so-called hypocrisy and hypocrisy. Only in this way can we go further and further in the way of Shinto, which is also the reason why this universe has chosen the way of Shinto.
"… It is said that a Taoist friend named Plato in the west has set up an alliance team called’ Utopia’ in the west to try to explore the rules of mountain and sea boundaries further, which has been recognized by the major western tribes such as Ji’s and is preparing to promote his own ideas ambitiously."
At this time, a dignified and generous woman sitting in the corner diagonally opposite to each other was discussing with her companions in high spirits.
But I glanced at Yuan Heng slightly, and I could see that this is a spiritual turtle. The root of the true spirit is quite good, and the blood of the body is full of a strong mysterious turtle lineage. I want to come here, but this one is a mysterious turtle with straight blood.
"Turtle spirit you right? Is that rigid guy’s’ rational’ concept actually recognized by western tribes to establish the so-called ideal country? "
When a female true god heard this, his eyes widened and he couldn’t believe it. "Plato’s Shinto concept can support him to achieve the true god, but we can’t comment on it, but his so-called’ Plato-style spiritual love’ can be promoted by other princes after angering the Shang queen?"
"’platonic spiritual love’?"
Yuan heng don’t want to yan hong asked.
"You said’ Berber love’!"
When I heard that Yan Hong’s eyes suddenly overflowed with a slow smile, "It’s interesting to say that when Bai Daoyou just had a successful practice and was ready to debut, he just touched the King of Shang in the big harem …" To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine Shanhaijie schools of thought contend
The great Shang gods lived in dynasties and emperors were short-lived.
This short sentence tells the pain of the Shang royal family.
Known as Putian Murphy, the king of the land leads the land, and the princes have the leading role. Shang Tang’s reign was directly finished in just 300 years
Shang Tang’s son-Wang Taiding of Shang Dynasty, this cargo is even more miserable, but it is also a legacy of Shang Tang’s blood of the earth. As a result, he was called brave and brave before he ascended the throne. Less than ten years later, he went directly to reunite with his father and did not even leave his son to die. It was very sad.
Then came Waibing, Zhongren … Up to Yong Ji, although the seven business kings were better than the unlucky Tai Ding, there was no exception. The roots did not reflect the vitality of God’s blood, and they were all short-lived ghosts.
"This situation has continued for the tenth person, Shang Wang-Tai Wu succeeded to the throne."
Yan hong corners of the mouth become warped a little in stitches. It’s no wonder that she hasn’t heard that there will be a true god who will die of old age, except for the wonderful work of Shang Wang. This is also a new way for the true god to die-being supported by fate …
"Maybe it’s nine, but it’s extreme. Maybe it’s the ups and downs of fate. This guy Tai Wu gloated with his brothers and relayed the tenth emperor of Dashang and spent a long time in peace …"
"Anyway, it’s Tai Wu who died in the envy and hatred of his brothers. His brother died in his own desperate eyes. After his sons died in Sun’s incredible eyes, he died in his own grandson …"
"As the saying goes, if you are full of warmth and desire, there will be no death threat, and your children and grandchildren will die. When Tai Wu finally wants a big business, Plato will come out of the mountain …"
In those days, Plato was a person of the same era as Tai Wu. As a result, Tai Wu rushed to the peak of the true god in a short time with great luck. It is incredible that Plato’s goods were not dumped by Tai Wu, but also achieved the road of the true god with his own ten volumes of Plato’s Philosophy, which was enough for Tai Wu, the peak true god, to stand up to the wind!
It is conceivable that Plato was an equal figure in the mountains and seas!
Come on, at the same time as Tai Wu, Plato was actually quite satisfied with the rule of Tai Wu, especially since this guy Tai Wu always had a palace, which made Plato praise it even more. Isn’t that good? It’s not a stallion’s wife. It’s good to have one. Plato’s extreme behavior towards Tai Wu was in line with his own appetite, but he didn’t praise it less. He praised Tai Wu many times in public. "It’s a rare sage in ancient and modern times."
Well, it’s not known whether Tai Wu was praised by Plato because of his suspicion of flattery, but it’s certain that Tai Wu has a wife, which should be the friendship bond between them …
Well, let’s not delve into what the friendship between Tai Wu and Plato depends on the pain of the other wife. It is still very important for Plato whether Tai Wu is a wife or not. His wife is the witness of their friendship.
Plato was suddenly upset when Tai Wu asked for a harem to send a beautiful woman to the four governors.
"I don’t know exactly what happened in the end. I know that Tai Wu was angry and Plato fell out. After that, Tai Wu finally died in his great-grandson’s glad eyes …"
The face look inexplicably low smile "Tai Wu died and Plato is actually not clear to others, but no matter what Zhong Ding thinks in his mind, he always has to do something. You can’t say that Tai Wu wants a harem and then he is educated by Plato. Then he hangs up, right? Wrong novel network many words "
Well, this is the famous platonic love …
"Plato was wanted by Shang Wang? Platonic love also flows to the mountains and seas? "
Yuan Heng took a sip of his wine and took a funny look at Yan Hong. I’m afraid this is the reason why Plato’s product name can be first-class in the whole mountain and sea world. After all, the area of the mountain and sea world is really not small …
Two people chat here, turtle spirit and others here are also full of sighs about Plato’s "utopia".
"Dolly, don’t underestimate Plato!"
Turtle spirit serious way "Plato and other talents? Creating ten volumes of Plato’s Philosophy is even more famous. The mountains and seas have created their own true Shinto. If the Republic can develop smoothly and grow, its achievements will be limitless in the future! "
"All right, all right."
Dolly, the true god, replied with a pie mouth. In fact, she also knew that people like Plato were really very different from their ancestors, but she was just talking. Then she was full of energy and asked, "Are there other powerful religions besides Plato?"
"other religions?"
Turtle spirit slightly zheng can’t help but sigh a little lost in my heart. "Nowadays, with the increase of the number of true gods, the powerful religion in the mountains and seas is like a hundred flowers blooming. Plato’s’ utopia’ is just one of them."
There is an inexplicable premonition in Guiling’s heart. It seems that with the emergence of various religions, there seems to be an inexplicable change in the mountain and sea circles. This change seems that Shang Tang was born with subtle similarities in the past, and it seems that it will be a magnificent era …
"It’s a pity that only Plato, an independent figure, is qualified to take a share in this era of a hundred schools of thought, right? Wrong novel network many words "
From the bloodline, the soul of the ancient turtle-bearing spirit knows that although she has occupied some advantages in the cultivation by virtue of her strong bloodline, it is a pity that she has not embarked on her own path. After all, it is impossible for Plato and other figures to compete with each other. She didn’t even talk about their competition in Lian Deng stage?
"For example, Chixian Shenzhou Yin-Yang Sect founded the’ Great Kyushu’ alliance, and the Yin-Yang foundation extended." The Final Theory of Five Virtues "almost exhausted the mystery of dynasty changes, including astronomical calendars, geography and meteorology, and its leader Zou Yan was not inferior to Plato’s genius."
"For example, Mo Zhai is famous for its machine city, array method and treasure refining." Mo Shi Lun "contains ten mysterious and incredible realms. There are only a few secrets in the whole mountain and sea world that can match Shinto, so it is not rare to pursue Mo Zhai governors."
"Such a strong orthodoxy is not rare. Nowadays, the mountain and sea circles are really strong, alas …"
Turtle spirit sighed. These are the best among the true gods. The true gods in the whole mountain and sea world can achieve the peak of the true god except those wonderful true gods in the Shang dynasty royal family. I’m afraid there is no bottleneck even after the water reaches Xu Cheng. Hey, ordinary true gods have not accumulated for tens of millions of years and want to impact the realm of the gods?
No way!
Is it so easy for the gods to claim to hold the combination of heaven, earth, morality and Taoism?
Hey, hey, it’s really lucky to have one or two of the ten thousand true gods in it.
"Plato, Zou Yan, Mo Zhai … these are all three points that even the Great Shang Dynasty made it strong and true. Can we achieve this in the future?"
Dolly can’t help but envy that she doesn’t have a long history as a turtle spirit, and there is great hope that she will be promoted to the gods in the future. Now she is just spinning around in the plane of the true god … for her!
"Don’t you know?"
Looking at the two beautiful women and true gods talking lively, there is a true god next to them. "Speaking of faster impact on the realm of the gods, it is natural to join the old gods. As far as I know, some time ago, three great magical powers came in our mountain and sea circles!" To be continued.
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Chapter three hundred and thirty Die with one hand and die with the other.
"What corner did this come from, fool?"