Do you know the magnetic cannon?

Do you know the principle of pistol?
Do you know the original fission and fusion?
Hehe, although I don’t know the specific structure, I still know the basic principles, and I can create a series of super spells according to these principles after I practice.
Until today.
Qingyang was finally dumbfounded.
It’s wonderful to think of this morning’s situation that the young face in "On the Basis of Micro-Miao Star"
"This is to cultivate immortality? Why do I feel like I’m back to the days when I was in college? How do I feel that everything in mechanics, magnetism and calculus seems to be weak compared with monasticism … "
Qing Yang almost burst into tears. I recall that the predecessors of the sect just sent them a serious message to calculate the trajectory data of Tian Quail and Dove based on the theory of Xinggong Achievement Method and so on. I think it involves knowledge Qing Yang and almost wants to run over …
"Qing Yang, why are you still here?"
I was slowly walking back to my residence and Qingyang was suddenly stopped by someone.
Qingyang turned his head and found that he took good care of himself on weekdays. Brother Li Zhenghui was quite surprised. Looking at this red-faced brother, he said, "Brother, what’s the hurry?"
"Hey hey!"
At this time, Qing Yang discovered that this senior had uncontrollable excitement in his unusually bright eyes.
"Younger brothers and teachers, the elders of the Taoist temple have established special observation and research, and the observation of new superstars is dedicated to our low-ranking brothers!"
Qing Yang finally managed to control his emotional voice. He looked at Brother Li in surprise. "The leaders and elders are willing to invest huge resources to build a superstar to observe!"
Observing the stars, even if it is a micro-Miao star palace in the mountain fighting world, it can be said that if you want to build a hegemony, you have to feel bad for a long time. You have also built a sun observation and a lunar observation. After all, these two are the stars that hold a pivotal position in the micro-Miao star palace.
Although it’s a short time to get started, I haven’t experienced two observations, but if Xinggong’s true brother is more or less ignorant of these two magic weapons, Xinggong will invest huge resources in these two observations for maintenance and operation almost every year!
"No, no, no, little brother, your entry fashion is short, and many things are not white. I don’t know that this new superstar is valuable to my star palace!"
Brother Li smiled and led Qingyang to walk and say
Soon, the two of them came to the stargazing platform in the core area of Xinggong, which is an important place of Zongmen. If you want to come here on weekdays, you can’t come in without applying for the roots before.
"So that’s it!"
Looking at the three bases of the star-studded observatory, I was amazed. "No wonder I crossed the metempsychosis and joined the Mimiao Star Palace!"
Every universe contains countless mysteries.
However, in this era, the universe is intertwined with the dimension of poverty on the virtual level. Naturally, the source of these dimensions cannot be as vast as the universe.
Actually, it is also based on his own experience and the number of classics in the Mimiao Star Palace that he has slightly detected one of the mysteries. Whether there is a deeper reason is not what he can recognize now.
There are several ways to practice in the wild, but before the true god, because the monks’ cultivation level is too low, their cognitive research ability on heaven and earth is limited, so as to avoid these low-ranking monks from going astray, each Sect has its own methods
The practice of Wei Miao Xing Gong is actually based on the laws summed up by many true gods, that is, for example, one plus one deepening, which is actually a monk’s mathematics and physics in Qing Yang’s view.
"Teacher younger brother, are you practicing the method of observing the stars?"
Brother Li’s face was full of excitement, but Youzi didn’t calm down and asked, "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s not so simple to build this permanent post in Zongmen today and think about it in the future."
"Well ha ha ….."
Young with a hint of embarrassment, "Brother and younger brother just finished laying the foundation stone today and got the" On the Basis of Wei Miao Xing "which has not yet been studied."
Glancing slightly at the classics in the sleeve, my heart is slightly pumped up. Looking at the regretful face at the corners of my mouth, I can’t help but show a trace of inexplicable thoughts. I’m not afraid to learn mathematics, physics and chemistry all over the world. to be continued
Chapter two hundred and ninety Witches and demons?
Fengqi small world
"Brother, why are you here?"
Nu Wa looked strangely at Fuxi’s return and wondered, "Didn’t you form a sacred court, Taiyi, and other Taoist friends to have a good time?"
Fuxi, however, grasped the fate of the cat, peeped into the truth of the causal silk thread, and created the way of life. If this guy had not been arrogant in those days, he might have taken the position of destiny fiend directly, and there would be no yuan in the future.
Even humanity has made the first candidate of this humanitarian spokesman only a little inferior to the glory of being a great statue in the boundary.
Therefore, when the sky was set up and the Sun God Palace was set up, Wang Ting was ready to bring the Emperor of Heaven into the palm of his hand. Fuxi, this guy, at that time, directly exploded with swearing anger!
"Boy, you always want to build an unprecedented grand occasion for the whole world. How can you get along with the future Taoist spokesmen?"
Fuxi was so angry and the consequences were serious.
It is impossible for Fuxi to let others take the title of Emperor of Heaven, which is Fuxi’s concept.
For Fuxi, the position of Heaven Emperor is not necessary but also a powerful supplement. Fuxi has absorbed the essence of humanity. Fuxi is not satisfied with the idea of harmony between man and nature. In his view, it is a very harmonious road with development potential, which will add a heavy weight to his future road.
Therefore, Fuxi decisively created a Tai Hao Shenting Qingtian in the Central Zhou Mountain area, and Taiyi fought for the front. Up to now, there have been several robberies
Drinking Lingbao the day after tomorrow, brewing and pouring out the sacred treasures, Fengqi Shanzhen has been in a slightly better mood as soon as this tea fragrance is coming. Fuxi suddenly snorted, "The two bastards, Qingtian and Taiyi, are outrageous!"
"oh? Did the two Taoist friends invite any Taoist friends to help boxing to besiege their brother? "
Nuwa smiled and blinked directly quipped.
This is just a joke by Nu Wa. Don’t look at the connections between Qingtian and Taiyi. Look at Qingtian as brothers. Look at Taiyi’s fate for five days. It’s too authentic to be authentic. What about Ziwei and Wang Shuke?
He Fuxi can also have his holy twin sister, Nuwa, who really fights. It is enough to directly hang the five brothers in the sky, and it is too easy for the three brothers and sisters to rely on the power of the stars to have some confidence.
"If that’s the case, then things will be easy."
Fuxi was depressed here. If it was really some first celestial fiend, he wouldn’t have come to his sister to talk about the quantity and quality of masters. Don’t look at the sky, which claims to dominate a statue of heaven, and the first one claims to be the sun, Di Jun, commander in chief of many congenital stars. But can Zhou Shanda’s many powers be used as decoration?
It is said that in those days, the Weiyang Holy Land in Zhoushan Mountain was the head of Fuxi and Nuwa, okay?
Fuxi really doesn’t care if he really fights.
To tell the truth, she doesn’t care too much about who won the high position of Heaven Emperor. Even Fuxi Tai Hao Shenting Nu Wa doesn’t care too much about the three Shenting development models, namely the Blue Sky, the Sun and Tai Hao. Over the years, Fuxi’s three-person chessboard has been playing brilliantly with the help of the three, which is quite instructive for Nu Wa.
In fact, these three shrines have been robbed for several times, and they are also the hot spots noted by the great powers of the heavens, especially the first celestial demons. Their mentality is actually quite different from that of Nu Wa. Don’t you see that since Fuxi, Qingtian and Taiyisan performed the three shrines, not only the glory of the ancient gods has grown like weeds, but also a lot of great powers of the series of great gods have been born?
Even many saints with innate abilities were surprised to find that since the establishment of the three shrines, they have played an amateur entertainment program, the Three Kingdoms War, and their growth rate seems to have accelerated a lot …
Since the discovery of this situation, many innate great gods have been happy and busy trying to balance out harmony. Today, they are dragging on an advantage, and the sky is back, and the sky is back, and the support is down. Too many times, the day after tomorrow, a bodhi old zu left a chance to be picked up by a lucky little guy in Tai Hao Shenting. As a result, this little guy was about to get rid of fate, realize cause and effect and throw himself into the arms of this bodhi old zu …
Are there any drastic changes in power in the three great shrines now?
With a faint doubt, a pair of eyes, like an ocean god, glanced directly in the direction of the celestial body, followed by frowning and whispering a "witch?" Demon? "
Tao Xing was born, the stars retreated, and Zurongguang occupied the whole universe for 9911.
The influence that this domineering mode can bring is so terrible that it is simply a bunker.
Who can resist such a domineering temptation when it comes out?
In Yuan Heng’s previous life, those saints who were in charge of Heaven and Hongjun killed every day, what was the God-sealing war and what was the journey to the West? Isn’t it just a matter of spreading the Tao and inheriting its own mixed Taoist foundation to carry forward the avenue and then growing a fruit, and brushing off the merits and demerits of luck?
Taiyi, Wang Shu is in charge of the sun, and Taiyin Niuer occupies the two-vein Taoism, which is almost glorious, but they are not the real founders of the two-vein Taoism after all.
The Taoist fruit bred by these two monks who practice in the world will be attributed to the lunar, the sun enhances the lunar, and the sun’s Tao and source can benefit from the two innate star gods, but it is impossible to directly belong to the two star gods after all.