Muhai eyes lit up and nodded his head.

Yang Wen got up and put on his clothes in front of Mu Hai.
The two rounded ones seemed to come out, and they were generally thirsty.
Yang Wen seems to find MuHai strange smiled and turned my back.
"Great, it’s really unobstructed."
Yang Wen mobilized the chaotic gas in Dantian to release continuously.
At this moment, she felt no obstacles than fluency.
Her experiment lasted for half an hour.
"Thank you!"
Yang Wenru, the same little girl, kissed Muhai gently as soon as she ran to Muhai’s face.
"Vivian, don’t mention it." Muhai’s eyes are full of soft light.
Yang Wen gently leaned against Muhai’s chest and looked at ease. "I really want to lean on you forever."
"Wen Er will come one day," Muhai said, patting Yang Wen on the back.
"Well" Yang Wen nodded.
Mu Hai seems to think of something and gently push Yang Wen "Wen Er, I have a set of skills for you"
"achievement method? But I already have the achievement method, "said Yang Wen.
Mu Hai smiled when he heard this. "Wen Er, in fact, your skill set is not suitable for you, which will make you sick. If you practice my skill set, it may cure you."
Yang Wen is reluctant.
She remembers that the master said that you should never practice others’ skills or you will be poor in the future.
This sentence has always been in her mind.
Muhai asked her to practice other techniques with him today, which made her extremely difficult to choose.
"I know your master must have told people not to practice other people’s skills, right?" Muhai asked
Yang Wen heard this face a surprised not nodded his head.
"If I were your master, I would definitely say that. Who wants his brother to practice other people’s skills? Isn’t that an apprentice?" Mu Hai said
Yang Wen nodded and stared at Muhai motionless.
"In fact, your master is really good to you."
Mu Hai grabbed Yang Wen’s shoulder. "But he doesn’t know that your constitution is a double chaotic body in the world, and there may not be one in a billion people."
Yang Wen was pleasantly surprised and some did not believe it.
"What I said is true or not, you can experiment." Muhai said seriously.
"How to test?" Yang Wen asked.
That’s the sentence!
Muhai a listen to the corners of the mouth with a if if satisfied.
Chapter 13 The harvest is not cheap
Muhai wants to get out of the room. Yang Wen will not let him lie in bed and rest more.
This appearance is to treat him as a patient.
In fact, there is nothing wrong with him. He will faint, but it will only make the devil wear too many magic elements when he is himself.
It is also because of the loss of Muhai’s strength that it has once again broken through and reached the middle stage of the magic gas realm, and the magic element has doubled its power and doubled its power.
He put the magic element outside the 100 meters to kill people, and his power is not diminished.