"This is really Lazio? This is really not a Premier League team? "

What makes the commentators even more collapsed is that Lazio’s long-distance punching and hanging is actually as good as a cucumber!
This is not a hasty choice.
From these long attacks, we can clearly see that Lazio are very skilled, and they have done this kind of training in their usual training …
The weakness of the high position is the huge behind.
Although Lazio’s quick pass can make the football move to the front quickly, it still needs to be reversed several times.
And long punching and hanging is simple.
Go straight ahead with a big foot and head to Bakklose Klose to control the football.
This is much faster and simpler.
Can play directly behind Manchester United
This change was unexpected to Manchester United.
Their Lazio is just a quick delivery.
I didn’t expect Lazio to play the long-distance hanging game!
And decent!
In the face of this, Lazio Manchester United can’t help it.
If they force Lazio from a high position, they will be hanged for a long time. If they shrink and defend Lazio, they will play positional warfare with them.
This is called "there is always one for you"
In the 67th minute, Lazioli’s backcourt director sent the football directly to Klose’s head.
The German bully jumped up and ferried the football to the side to meet mario gotze.
Gotze takes the ball and breaks directly into the restricted area.
Then facing the attacking goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar, he easily hoisted the football into the door!
“31! The total score is 41! Lazio will win! !”
The commentator said
"what a horrible thing it is for a team that is good at controlling the ball to play a long rush! And what’s even more frightening is that they played very well! "
He told the truth.
When Lazio learned more tactics and could play better, it was really … desperate.
Gotze’s goal finally got Chang Sheng up from his seat. He left the coach’s seat and applauded and cheered.
Like the people around him
He was not at ease when Lazio was ahead of Manchester United at 21, and he was not at ease when Lazio was ahead at 31.
Until now, the total score is 41, and his heart is finally at ease.
You can’t run this game!
So Lazio will definitely reach the Champions League final.
Reaching the final means that they are one step closer to defending the triple crown.
The opponent in the final will be Barcelona if not unexpected.
However, both Barcelona and Real Madrid Lazio have the confidence and ability to beat them.
Then the game lost its suspense and the winner was replaced.
Since it is a foregone conclusion to advance to the semi-finals, what is the need to wave the physical strength of your players?
And it’s not beautiful if it increases the chance of injury.
In a very short time, he finished all three substitution places.
Manchester United seems to have lost heart, too
Even if they want to compete, they can’t compete with Lazio.
Lazio, their actual performance proves how strong they are.
Manchester United have no doubt that Lazio will show their minions again if they continue to fight with Lazio.
Then poke a few holes in Manchester United.
They have this ability.
When the two sides slowed down, the excitement of the game was naturally greatly reduced.
Both sides are not thinking about the game.
Lazio is considering the Champions League final.
Manchester United, on the other hand, have to consider the League of Nations. They are now three points ahead of Chelsea in the Premier League, which is too dangerous.
Finally, the game ended with a score of 31.
Lazio beat Manchester United by 41, taking the lead in reaching the final.
The only thing Manchester United can be proud of is that they have finally become the first team to break Lazio’s goal in the Champions League …
But what is there to be happy about?
They were eliminated after all.
And their "feat" after the game will not be a …
"The game is over! Lazio beat Manchester United 31 away, with a total score of 41 and eliminated their opponents to reach the final! I used to say that he wanted to defend the triple crown, and many people laughed at him at that time, but now it seems that … he and his team are really moving towards this goal little by little! After winning the league title in the first six rounds, they reached the Champions League final! This is the third time they have reached the final in four years, and they have won the championship twice before! What about this time? "