Seeing all the eyes in the face of fat, Ying Zheng’s heart is pacing tightly, and the throne sits on the lips and evokes a smile. "Why should Wang take you in?"

Xu Fu squeezed his mung bean-sized eyes and lamented, "How can you be so affectionate to your old friend who has known you for many years?"
Ying Zheng light looked at so wronged fat is not satisfied with this explanation.
"Do you remember … The six great divisions in the wheel of karma?" Xu v carefully shows their friendship.
"It’s you!" Ying Zheng suddenly realized that the momentum of the whole body was explosive and sharp, and the momentum pressed against the old knowledge and evil. "So it was you, the little donkey king, who was a witch. You were a demon and an enemy. Without the support of the demon emperor and saints, the king would not dare to move. You should blame heaven for having a road, but you didn’t take the hell gate and you broke in."
In Ying Zheng, the imposing manner oppresses Xu Fu’s obese body, which is like drifting in a raging sea. The lifebuoy swings from side to side and realizes the failure of friendship climbing. Xu Fu hurriedly shakes a pair of thick and short arms and even says, "It’s no good for the king to kill me slowly, but it’s a crime for my master. Why don’t we make a deal?"
"Deal?" Ying Zheng ShaNing startled right.
Chui fook inwardly breathe a sigh of relief grinning "satisfied with the deal to ensure the king"
Ying Zheng put away his momentum and found a comfortable position. He leaned back and gestured "Let’s hear it."
"King Bao I soar to the celestial world before exchanging my effectiveness in King Yi and offering a treasure that King Yi is satisfied with." Chui Fu said that he took out a bloody long knife as thin as a cicada’s spell and the rune faintly flowed from his arms.
"Wu Dao!" Ying Zheng exclaimed with a pair of strokes that nearly rolled to the limit, and ignored what the imperial dignity had taken away from Chui Fu in front of him, stroking the blade over and over again with extreme gentleness as if treating the lover’s skin.
Feeling sharp and fierce, I can’t help but think of my sabre a long time ago-the amber-ended disappearing sword is clever and amber.
A long sigh of relief gently said, "Yes, it was Wu Dao." It was the first time that Wu Chiyou was born. Naturally, Zhu Rong, the ancestor of the fire, knew this weapon with him.
Chui fook will round face to Ying Zheng base laughed, "king human-god, my old friend, this gift may enter the eyes?"
Ying Zheng holding Wu Dao disdain "with your little donkey is not qualified to get this treasure.
The demon emperor has something to say. "
Coincidentally, Chui Fu’s eyes also flashed a trace of sarcasm. Through the cover-up, he stood in awe and said, "The master has said that the king will destroy all the major sects. No matter whether it is impossible to kill them all, it is necessary to leave the revival fire in China."
It’s clear that sects can be destroyed and scattered, but it’s not difficult
Ying Zheng thoughtfully for a moment, unpredictable, and meaningful for a long time. Although he is ambitious, he is not stupid. At this time, he angered the demon emperor and saint, and the other backhand can blow himself into residue.
"This little donkey even came to watch." Ying Zheng was heartbroken and never expected that Xu Fuwei’s mission had been completed.
The deal was reached. Xu Fu Daqin Buddhist Ying Zheng closed his eyes and realized the mystery of the ancestors and wizards. After three years of running-in, the magic sacrifice was refined freely
Ying Zheng’s ancient Jiuli Wang Chiyou, the three Empresses of the world, is the only one who can unite Kyushu Emperor in heaven. His hands twist up three fragrant flowers and hold them high above the top door, silently telling the east that "Ying Zheng, the ancestor of Pangu, has the honor to sweep the unified sky in the later generations, and now he will worship Mount Tai and ask the ancestor to protect me for ten thousand years."
Then I can’t get up when I knock respectfully for nine hours.
At this time, the rising sun slowly appeared = Xu Fu snickered when he saw it. "Bowing down to the east is not to see my old master?"
I can’t afford to fall to the ground. Ying Zheng’s heart is not calm. Wu Dao, deep in the Yuan God, trembled gently. A message made him ecstatic.
I see …
Wu Dao, the master of the first refining device of the Wu clan, is precious not only as a sharp weapon, but more importantly, it seals the secret law, and the Wu clan relies on it to dominate the vast land-a large array of gods and evil spirits.
Ying Zheng’s steady body suppressed trembling. With it, the twelve ancestors of witches are expected to rise again, and the major sects will compete for high.
Strong since suppressed the joy in my heart, Ying Zheng waved his sleeve and nine tripod floated and sank deeply into Mount Tai, and others flew to all sides.
Turning around, Ying Zheng stood proudly on the top of Taishan Mountain, and his arms sank. "My Daqin unified famine will be blessed by Pangu ancestor and will last for thousands of years. My Daqin monarch is … the emperor!"
All the ministers have fallen on the plastic film with tens of thousands of armor. The samurai raised their swords high and shouted that the mountain called for a tsunami and shocked the sky. "Long live the position!" Long live, long live! Positions … "
The dark buildings of Xianyang Palace are like a huge beast.
Ying Zheng sat in awe in the dragon chair and looked down at the ministers with dignity and looked down at them to accept the worship, then waved to the squire eunuch Zhao Gao to read the will.
When the ministers endured the sharp voice, they were frightened to disgrace and went out to remonstrate.
"The establishment of counties and counties in unified measurement is a matter of benefiting the country and benefiting the people. It is a unified text that should be implemented in the future. You can’t fuck the burning method. No way! Hey! Absolutely not! " Han Fei, who has entered middle age, is even more graceful with a few wisps of emptiness. At this time, he frequently knocks on the image of tears.
"When recruiting civilian workers, we should be cautious in the chaos of the world. When we are frivolous and enrich the people’s cultivation, we will suddenly be so politically exhausted and fish!"
"The law of our court is too strict. At this time, the minister of Tianda has suggested relaxing the theft and will be sentenced to death. It is against the sage’s benevolence and righteousness, and the consequences will be unimaginable."
"Pursuit back day hardware people farming? Please take back your sacred life! "
A bunch of Confucian-born ministers knelt down in the dark and begged the emperor to take back his intention.
Ying Zheng slammed a wave of his hand and shouted "Execute"
"Sage!" The prime minister of Baiguan, Reese, came out of work to answer the question that the military commanders were indifferent, and only a few people could not bear to look.
"courtiers!" Han Fei jumped up and pointed at Reese’s nose and scolded him.
"How did Confucianism give birth to such a scum as you!"