Ji Xiaotian said, "Why not promise this? How can I be polite if it is equivalent to delivering the door?"

I came here to deal with the situation that the Maoshan Sect couldn’t understand the meaning of the Laoshan ancestor. He, a foreign elder, is equal to a shopkeeper of cutting. When the old guy from Maoshan comes to make trouble, the Laoshan Sect has a serious threat and he will have something to do.
In addition, he is not only a shopkeeper of cutting, but also seems to be above the contemporary head of Laoshan Sect. Lu Tianqi can freely command and arrange Laoshan Sect, which seems to be an emperor of Laoshan Sect. How can he not agree to such a good thing?
The ancestor of Laoshan almost vomited blood when he heard this. You know, he is well prepared. If Ji Xiaotian doesn’t agree, he has thought of many ways to attract Ji Xiaotian.
I didn’t think it was a promise to say something here, which made the founder of Laoshan full of joy and some bitter taste in his heart. Of course, after thinking about the Laoshan Sect, he had hope and his mood became better.
"I’ll give you the token of foreign elders, and there’s a tactic for sending people from Laoshan for many years. You can keep it. I’ll lay a solid foundation for you first, but others can’t even escape."
How do you feel uncomfortable when you listen to the words of the ancestor of Laoshan Mountain? You have to say how to escape before you are right with others, but after listening to it for a long time, you will get used to it. The ancestor of Laoshan Mountain will also adjust his body and naturally promise to come to the stone bed and sit down honestly.
By this time, Ji Xiaotian was completely released from his vigilance, and he really believed that the father of Laoshan had no intention of himself. Although Ji Xiaotian had not formally cultivated the dharma tactic, he somehow got a copy of the Maoshan Sect tactic in the deduction operation.
Although there is no great achievement yet, it is easy to help Xiaotian distinguish what is an advanced method.
After a few quick glances, Ji Xiaotian found that the things given to him by the founder of Laoshan Mountain were much better than the secrets of Maoshan Sect, and I don’t know whether it was because the magic ash didn’t learn the essence of Maoshan Sect or because the Maoshan Sect was rubbish.
"You sit here and don’t want to wait for me to help you turn all the true qi in your body into real yuan."
As soon as the little genius reached the stone bed, the father of Laoshan reached out and pressed it. This hand was like a thousand pounds of heavy stones, and the little day could not help but sit down.
Then the father of Laoshan re-released the horrible breath, and the whole stone room was full of such oppressive force. The golden hand flew up from behind the father of Laoshan and gently grabbed it and carried it to the middle.
Suspended in the water, Ji Xiaotian is still in a sitting position. It’s only now that it’s white. The ancestor of Laoshan Mountain has to tell him to sit still. This is definitely not something that ordinary people can insist on. Even Ji Xiaotian is struggling to maintain his will.
The overwhelming hot breath appeared with another light drink from the father of Laoshan Mountain, which wrapped Ji Xiaotian up as if a huge melting pot had been formed around him, constantly testing Ji Xiaotian’s endurance.
No matter how tough Ji Xiaotian is, he can’t bear such torture. Just as he was about to be put into a coma, a Dan medicine was directly stuffed into his mouth, and he felt cool and immediately emitted from all parts of his body, and the hot breath outside became peaceful.
Anyway, this is exactly what Ji Xiaotian, the founder of Laoshan Mountain, found it difficult to support. Sending one of the few pills of Gupei Yuandan just saved Ji Xiaotian’s emergency.
Gal to plan a small day although suffered some pain, it is surprising to find that there is not much residual qi in the body, and it has been refined a lot. Seeing the remaining little qi, it is estimated that it can be completely refined once again.
"Dan medicine, just another Dan medicine."
Meter Xiaotian heart desperately shouting at the moment he has no ability to send out a little sound, in this strange melting pot, he lost all ability, even the true qi or true yuan in the body can’t be mobilized at all.
"It’s up to you. Don’t blame me. It’s really hard to get these pills. I managed to squeeze them from the stingy little Taoist priest of Danding Sect hundreds of years ago."
Seeing that the father of Laoshan talked to himself, he put away his plan for Xiaotian. He earnestly hoped that Dan medicine would finally cool down. An accountant, Xiaotian, suddenly became hot again. Finally, this time, the degree of heat was still within the tolerable range of Xiaotian, but his body was wet with sweat.
Natural pain is not, but after all, it is not as severe as before, and after a humanitarian torture, Ji Xiaotian was once again surprised to find that the true qi in his body was completely gone
The flowing part of Zhenyuan’s body is full of liquid, and the powerful force is full of body and brings comfortable feeling, which makes Ji Xiaotian truly feel his own strength.
Even more surprising to Ji Xiaotian, something happened. With the golden hand of the father of Laoshan Mountain crashing down and slapping heavily on his body, there seems to be something more inside him. This feeling is always very strange that you can’t say whether it is good or bad.
It’s like a variety of plants growing slowly in his body in the small day, then taking root and sprouting, full of life, and feeling that it has come out from there. This position seems to be the position of the mud pill palace in his head.
Mud pill palace is a mystery in the forehead. Some modern researchers say that the pineal gland has not been clarified yet, but one thing is certain that this position and human spiritual strength are great, so nothing has been clarified yet.
However, the ancestor of Laoshan Mountain made such a seed in the position of Mud Pill Palace. You can imagine how mysterious this is. When Ji Xiaotian tried to get himself there, he found that he failed for the first time.
There are places in his body where the real power can’t reach.
"Don’t mess around. Do you want to destroy your Yuan Shen directly?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
When the sound of the ancestor of Laoshan Mountain came up again, he stopped preparing to attack the Mud Pill Palace again, and let him react this time. Originally, I had seen someone else’s body before, and Yuan Shen was actually living in this position.
It was a magical anomaly.
Knowing that it is your own Yuan God, Ji Xiaotian will be careful to protect it, and it will be tossed around at random. This is the second life. Generally speaking, if you want Yuan God to die, it means that it will never die. Although it is in Ji Xiaotian’s hands, he has also destroyed many Yuan gods.
"It is only after you have the Yuan God that you can further cultivate the Dharma tactic and reach the realm of immortals in the future. It is extremely important for Yuan God to soar to the celestial world. Sometimes, you should try your best to cultivate yourself and make him more powerful."
According to my own experience, I know that many secret ancestors of Laoshan Mountain are solemnly awake, and Xiaotian is afraid that he will be ignored because the Yuan God is not too big except for his high spiritual strength at this stage.
In fact, there is another reason why Xiaotian, the founder of Laoshan Mountain, doesn’t know how to cherish himself. The importance of this second life is not to mention the key. There is another reason why Ji Xiaotian’s spiritual strength is increasing at an unprecedented speed.
If we insist on making an analogy, it turns out that Ji Xiaotian’s super brain belongs to the first generation of new large computers, then now the Yuan God species has jumped to the second generation level immediately after it appeared in his brain, and the speed is not twice as high as it is.
This is still the true plan that the Yuan God species is taking root and sprouting. If Xiaotian Yuan God’s complete form is what he looks like, then it will be an even more frightening number for him to increase his spiritual strength.
In this way, how can Ji Xiaotian not attach importance to his Yuan Shen cultivation? After all, his strength is that he has a super abnormal brain than others. How can Ji Xiaotian catch up with those abnormal people who have been practicing for many years without relying on this strength?
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six donkey kong
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six donkey kong
"Ha-ha, once in 50 years, this painful day that lasted for hundreds of years has finally passed. In the future, the Laoshan Sect will depend on you young people. Well, some people just wonder that it’s so young to pretend to be so old."
Everything was made clear. The founder of Laoshan finally burst out laughing. If it wasn’t laughing, it was quite normal. It was just a little loud, and it was certain that the founder of Laoshan was crazy.
When I heard the last sentence of the father of Laoshan, I was even more surprised. Xiaotian was in a cold sweat and hid himself very well. His true face was still tender in front of the monster like the father of Laoshan. Fortunately, the father of Laoshan also didn’t investigate the reason bit by bit
Honestly, I left Xiaotian as a foreign elder to the father of Laoshan Mountain. Even in the face of the father of Laoshan Mountain, he didn’t bow down, bowed down and gave a ceremony, turned around and stepped out.
When Ji Xiaotian stepped out, the road entity naturally divided into a road. It was not long before he returned to the big mound and the Laoshan cave was full of aura. Ji Xiaotian once again felt like the world again.
"Brother Jie, you can come out. How did the founder give you the annual gift package?"
Before Ji Xiaotian could catch his breath, there was a bad wind coming from behind him. He didn’t look at it and knew that he must be a good brother. Lu Yi was really anxious. After that, he was obviously worried about Ji Xiaotian.
Behind him are not four other disciples, such as Xu Yuan, or who? They are also eager to compare one by one.
"The annual gift package What annual gift package does the founder seem to have given me a piece of this without saying anything about this?"
Ji Xiaotian smiled and deliberately made a selling point here. As soon as this was said, Lu Yi and others became extremely disappointed. He was embarrassed to tease these people again, and threw out the foreign elders’ tokens.
"If you don’t give it, you don’t give it a walk. It’s rare for you to come here and let’s get together." Lu Yi really didn’t benefit from it and couldn’t help being comforted first
When Ji Xiaotiandi’s token was thrown over, he picked it up at random, took a look and jumped up. I couldn’t believe it and shouted, "Foreign elder token?"