Meng Qi listened to depressed, and he carefully wanted to think about getting along with Zixiang, and he didn’t think of where this girl was good to himself.

However, Meng Qi is used to it, and it’s nothing. But I feel that Zi Xiang is so soft on his chest and constantly rubbing on his arm. Although it’s cool, Meng Qi still feels wrong. I can’t help but say, "That Zi Xiang, please relax. I still have to go to your grandfather’s side to tell the three elders what just happened."
Zixiang, a girl who hasn’t seen many things, where does she know the filthy racket in here? Meng Qi knew that the guy was attacked by himself and ate a small loss, and he would surely let the people behind him come forward.
In that case, your side will be passive.
So Meng Qi said, "You girl can’t finish what’s going on here. Forget it, I’m too lazy to explain it to you. Anyway, we have to hurry back now."
Zixiang nodded, puzzled. She really didn’t do it for nothing. That guy went too far. They just taught him a lesson and didn’t hurt his life. How could it be so troublesome?
"That’s what happened to the three elders. If you are smart, you will inform the people here in the Dragon Palace first and then tell them clearly. When you get it, it’s not good for the other party to preemptively fall into the passive position." Meng Qi told the story again after meeting the three elders in the Dragon Valley and then expressed his thoughts.
There is no objection to Meng Qigang’s response to the three elders. After all, if Meng Qi chooses to endure in such a situation, it is a mature practice, but it is difficult to hurt morale if his brother knows it.
Moreover, Zixiang is also the granddaughter of Ziqiu, and the other elders won’t say it even if they have little words. After Meng Qi finished speaking, the three elders discussed it a little, and one of them said, "Let’s go to the elders here in the Dragon Palace and talk about it now. Hey, if you can’t give a satisfactory answer here in the Dragon Palace, will I be bullied in the Dragon Valley?"
This elder is the middle-aged man in charge of the Dragon Valley trials, that is, the fifth uncle of Long Xiaotian named Long Yao.
With that, Long Yao took one look at Meng Qiran and said, "You purple girl also went to confront Meng Qi face to face. You did the right thing without any psychological burden."
Meng Qi nodded and replied, "Thank you three elders."
Now that you have drawn up a response, several people are going to the Dragon Palace to be responsible for receiving all the visitors.
In fact, the elder doesn’t need to go to receive everything in person. Everything has already been arranged. If you want him to come forward one by one, how busy is it? He is mainly responsible for the disputes among ethnic groups in the Dragon Palace.
This time, a clan of three elders suddenly came, and it was even worse than the sensitive Dragon Palace people. The famous Aoshang elder was a head of the Dragon Palace Dragon Valley, which has been complicated for years. If it is not handled well, it would be bad.
But even if the two are worse, it is not good to make the contradiction too obvious and make the rest of the race laugh. Of course, the rest of the race already knows about the Dragon Valley Dragon Palace.
The Ao Shang was greeted out of the door early and said with a smile, "What do we have here for the three elders? But people are not well cared for? "
Long Yao said lightly in the previous step, "I, Longgu people, shall come to trouble Elder Ao for such a trivial matter? I came here this time because one of my brothers in Dragon Valley was insulted by you in Dragon Palace on the way, and I came to discuss it. "
Ao Shang suddenly had a bad feeling when he thought of being here just now, but anyway, he will deal with the present situation first.
But sometimes when people are unlucky, it’s really hard to drink cold water, and this ao Shang is unlucky. First, he was unlucky and sent to this troublesome position, and then a lot of troubles appeared. Now the unpleasant things are coming again.
"Have you found the two dragon valleys of Aoshang Laoer?" A sudden sound came in from the outside. Ao Shang heard the sound and his face turned black. Then a group of people came in. The leader was an ordinary-looking middle-aged man, but his forehead was slightly closer to the inside, and his eyes were not big, but he was very fierce. It felt like a volcano would erupt at any time.
And there was a man behind the middle-aged man who was beaten by Meng Qi’s sneak attack. After seeing Meng Qi, the handsome man was extremely surprised and looked at Meng Qi with hatred, but he didn’t have leisure to think about whether Meng Qi would be here at this time.
After he was slightly surprised, he just laughed. You are a trap. Then he pointed to Meng Qi and shouted, "That’s the little one!"
The middle-aged man looked at the past along the handsome male fingers, but his eyes stayed for a moment in Meng Qi’s body and he was already transferred to the three elders in Longgu next to Meng Qi.
After looking at the three elders in Longgu one by one, the middle-aged man was silent for a moment and then said, "Long Yao? I didn’t expect to see you here. "
Long Yao looked at the middle-aged man’s acquaintance, and it was neither too cold nor too light to talk to him. He replied, "It turned out to be Ao arsenic. How did the injury heal in that year?"
As soon as this combative discourse came out, everyone didn’t pay attention to Meng Qi’s handsome man. After carefully looking at Long Yao, Ao Shang suddenly remembered a demon meeting hundreds of years ago when Ao Arsene was seriously injured by Brother Yi Long Valley.
And that brother Longgu is Longyao, but because things are too long and things are not their own, Aoshang didn’t remember it at the moment.
However, after seeing Long Yao, Ao Arsene completely forgot that his disappointing son was beaten by someone. He said deeply, "Long Yao, do you know how much I miss you over the years? It’s a pity that it’s impossible now."
Long Yao smiled gently and said, "Isn’t it good to be unable to compete again?" You are seriously injured again. I don’t know how long it will take to raise it. "
Although Long Yao’s tone is very weak, the dialogue between Ao and Arsene is completely needle-to-needle. After all, although he won Ao and Arsene in those years, he was also injured. This meeting can be described as an enemy meeting, and it is naturally extremely ironic.
Ao arsenic practiced for hundreds of years, although he was also a very popular person in those days, but now he has hidden that popularity, and he is not angry because of Long Yao’s sarcasm. He laughed coldly. "It’s that little bar that hurt my son. Look at you, I broke his leg."
Speaking of it, if you really break a leg, it really doesn’t matter in the cultivation of immortals. After all, if you interrupt this compartment and turn around, Meng Qi can take care of it himself.
But now it’s not a matter of serious injury but a matter of face. Long Yao naturally laughed. "What do you think is possible? Where are you insulting me, Longgu people? If I don’t look at you, I’ll break his leg, too. "
Two people so step don’t let the atmosphere so silent, next to ao shang is a headache than this kind of situation, I’m afraid I will fight, not necessarily at that time, he is responsible for this would be out of luck.
So he said before crustily skin of head, "Now, why don’t you two hold your own words and let the little guys confront each other face to face?"
Long Yao looked at Aoshang and thought for a moment. Now, although our own side occupies an absolute advantage, after all, it is in the Dragon Palace that they make a big deal. They also can’t get what they want, that is, they nodded their heads and agreed.
And ao arsenic also has the same worry. Although this is their territory, it is not good to blame him for making a big fuss at the Demon Congress. Seeing Long Yao promised him is also a reluctant nod.
Ao Shang saw that both of them agreed to breathe a little sigh of relief and said, "Let the little guys come out."
Chapter DiErSiWu Shortage two embellish
Chapter DiErSiWu Shortage two embellish
Meng Qi Zixiang, the Aoguangjun Xiunan, came out from their respective crowds. In such a tense atmosphere, even though Meng Qi had seen many big scenes, he was still a little nervous.
While Zixiang has already quietly held Meng Qi’s hand, which is quite nervous about Ao Guang’s cool face, so you can’t see whether he is nervous or not.
But when he came out, Meng Qi found that Ao Guang’s hands clenched tightly, and even his joints were a little white. Meng Qi smiled. It seems that this guy is not as calm as it seems.
Ao Shang looked at the two sides and said, "Well, what about Ao Guang first?" The face of all the people in Longgu is slightly heavy, which seems to be similar after saying it first, but generally speaking, people will give people a feeling of being in the first place. It seems that Aoshang is also slightly partial to the Dragon Palace, but this is normal. After all, Aoshang is a Dragon Palace person.
It’s hard for everyone to say that all they can do is to eat a small loss.
The Ao Guang hatred glanced at Meng Qiran after talking about just now.
"I came here to wander around at random and suddenly saw this girl from Longgu coming head on, but out of love for beauty, I enjoyed it. Who knows that this girl was inexplicably swearing at me, but he said a few words, and then a word was inconsistent, which was to sneak up on me while I was unprepared."
This Ao Guang is also cunning to take what he said by Meng Qi in a vague way, but it is purple and fragrant and unruly, and Meng Qi is barbaric