Thousands of people drink and drink at the same time and never face the big sister again. The timid voice is full of poverty and murder.
Ice pupil rarely show relief expression nods "yes! If someone steals your treasure, kill it! If you see each other get valuable treasures to kill! You are my brothers from Taiyi Fairy, I’m from Tianxuan Peak, and I’m Bing Pupil. Anyone who dares to lose his seat and doesn’t return to our school will kill you personally, do you hear me? !”
"Now, team, here is the list of all teams. Form a queue according to the surface."
Ten Pian Yu Jane floated out of the hands of the ice pupil and flew to the hands of ten first-class deacons at Tianxuan Peak respectively. They divided the teams according to the list.
Each team is not absolutely a hundred people, there are fewer and more, but the comprehensive strength is almost the same, and it is this way that fairness can be achieved.
One by one, after the names were read, they went out and went to their respective teams. Thousands of foreign brothers were decreasing, but Chen Han didn’t hear his name until all the queues were divided. The whole tinker was divided into forty small policies, and only he was alone in his original position.
"Face meaning?" Chen cold immediately blindsided.
"A total of 41 team captains have also been listed," said the ice pupil lightly.
A first-class deacon respectfully responded, "Report to the Senior Teacher Sister that there are forty teams."
"I said it was forty-one teams."
With a sly twinkle in her eyes, she pointed to Chen Han and said, "Qin Yang is still very good to you. You are the captain of the 41st squad, and you will become a captain in less than ten years. You are still the first person to hope that your squad will gain the most. Otherwise, don’t you mind sealing you up?"
Chen Han looked around stupidly and shouted, "Tell Senior Sister where my team members are?"
Ice pupil shrugged his shoulders a very nai tone "Tianxuan peak outside the door brother is divided into forty teams, the comprehensive strength is just quite a little brother or a little brother, the strength is not balanced, so you are the only one in this team, and the team leader is you."
"It’s unfair to Qin Yang to report to Senior Martial Sister!" Kouxun couldn’t help coming out.
"So you’re in a group with him."
Glancing coldly at Kouxun, holding back her anger, she sneered, "The 13th team to which Kouxun belongs will be reassigned later. Does anyone still think that the allocation of seats is unfair?"
No one speaks, and whoever speaks is assigned to a group with Chen Han, but there is no key to a group with him. That will offend the elder martial sister’s body and grace, and the younger brother will offend the ice pupil and die. Which stupid fork will come out?
Even if there are at least 90 people in the squad, he has his own one. It is also stipulated that he must be the one who gains the most, otherwise he will be sealed off.
Seal yuan baby can also continue to practice sealing yuan god, then it is really impossible to practice. This woman is simply vicious to the extreme.
Looking at unconcerned walked beside KouXunChen cold heart a nai sound way "brother, you will run out to die? It’s not wise to offend this dead woman. If she wants to kill you, it’s no different from crushing an ant. You are really brave. "
"Ha ha … it’s far worse than you. You offended her like that and didn’t die?"
"Old life is better than death!"
Looking back on all these years, he found that he really didn’t live alone, and I’m afraid Kouxun didn’t have a good life either.
With a streamer, I played out and stayed in Chenhan Yuanying for nine years. The ban vanished on the spot.
Lingjian of Lingqi Moon suddenly appeared at the foot of the ice pupil. She jiao shouted, "Now go to the outside of the mountain gate to meet the four peaks of Tian Shu, Tianji and Yuheng. This tempering is still the closest sunset to the door. The original Tianxuan belongs to the seat."
Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh
A series of sword lights rose from Tianxuan Peak to the sky, but in the blink of an eye, they had already appeared outside the mountain gate, where more than 10,000 people were waiting, apparently from the other four peak brothers.
This year, I went to the fierce place to hone the five peaks. It is my brother who is in charge of the top five in the bloody battle list. After all, there are competitions in the five peaks of Beidou. Therefore, the five peaks are honed together every year according to the bloody battle list.
If Chengtian is in charge of Tianji Peak and competes with the worst true brother, there will be no competition.
"Sister, you are finally here!" Xuanlong was greeted by a grin.
"Sister, since your success in Du Jie, my brother has gone to see you many times."
Cheng Tian’s expression is a little bitter and sighs, "But the Tianxuan Peak guards all say that you have been closed for these years. How is everything?"
The expression is not very cold, but the polite tone is obvious. The ice pupil said faintly, "Thank you, two brothers. I have been closed all the time. If there is nothing else, should we go?" Tianxuan Peak belongs to the Sunset Plain by sending an array! "
Yu Mu, a tall, thin young man who often frowned and seemed to be thinking forever, couldn’t help muttering, "The setting sun is original … alas, it will be delayed for another year, and sometimes it’s too rough to practice."
"Fourth Senior Brother, can’t you think of anything other than practice?" A bloody battle list fifth JiReXu shook his head with a wry smile.
"Bachelor, you need to know that personal strength is everything. What do these little guys have to do with me?" Yumu a serious said
Pity him. There are more than 1,000 people in charge of Yuhengfeng, and the number is definitely the lowest among the 100 peaks. Even so, he still feels that there are too many people. If it weren’t for Tai Xuanfeng’s interference several times, he said that he was too tired and lazy to force some outside brothers to him. I’m afraid there is not even one outside brother left in Yuhengfeng.
By the same token, the average strength of my brother from Yuhengfeng is much worse than that of other peaks, which is worse than that from the bottom of the bloody battle list.
Hone the competition every year. Yuhengfeng is always at the bottom. Yumu never spends a little time pointing out how can they be strong?
If it weren’t for the excellent talent of others and the extremely fast progress of cultivation, he would definitely be in the last five instead of the positive fifth. Compared with the other four peaks in the five peaks, the strength is almost the same. Among them, Chengtian is in charge of Tianji Peak, and the suspect is the strongest. There are more than 5,000 people, among whom the elite number is even more.
A total of more than 17,000 foreign brothers filed into the outside of the mountain gate to see off, and disappeared with a gorgeous light flashing.
Nearly 20,000 people affected the delivery speed, and the setting sun was far away from Taiyi Xianmen Gate, not in Taiyi Xianmen’s jurisdiction, but at the junction with the top ten Xuanmen’s iron bloody battle government. Therefore, it took more than 100 transit days to arrive.
After all, according to the size of the array, the number of people sent at a time varies from one to a hundred, and it takes a certain time to wait for the reiki to be transported after the previous delivery.
Unless the Lingshi is driven to send the array, it can be sent continuously, but that kind of consumption is too great. Taiyi Xianmen will never spend so much Lingshi on a group of outside brothers.
Sunset plain
He once lied in the magic fairy city that the source of his treasures was Chen Han, that is, from the setting sun, but in fact he had never been there.
With the end of the last delivery, he first saw the fierceness of the fix-true world.
There is no difference between here and the original edge of the sunset. However, the original direction of the sunset thousands of miles away gives people an unspeakable sense of suffocation. From a distance, you can find that there is a problem there, as if a huge fierce beast has opened its mouth.
You can often see people who are not weak and fix the truth passing by nearby. When they see tens of millions of people coming to the array, they are horrified and far away.
Even if some of them have four robberies and five robberies and scattered immortals, they dare not have the slightest collision in the face of the super-power brigade.
A figure flew rapidly from a distance, and the target was directed at a dozen swords behind the big brigade.
In front of that person, there are four robberies and scattered immortals, but there is not even a four robberies and scattered immortals among the pursuers. However, they all have the realm of Mahayana in the middle and late period, and the sword light is overwhelming, and they are trembling and breaking several finely black gaps.
The four robbers scattered immortals are only one year taller than the late Mahayana. How can the four robbers scattered immortals resist the pursuit of more than ten people with a step increase?
Seeing that he was seriously injured in blood should have been ambushed, otherwise, even if he couldn’t beat more than a dozen middle and late Mahayana masters, he could easily escape the injury, which greatly affected his speed. Many of those Mahayana masters were a little faster than him.
Chapter 335 Ling Jing Jing
Bang …
Seriously injured, the four robbers scattered fairy barely condensed the fairy force to launch both sides to attack and collide with each other. It seems that the heavens and the earth are shaking, and the four robbers scattered fairy spit out a big mouthful of blood on the spot and turned blue.
However, among the more than a dozen Mahayana masters, there is also one person who is weak and is taken care of by the key. His skin is cracked and scattered, and his meridians are broken by 30%. The baby has cracked several cracks and directly lost his combat effectiveness, but he is only one of more than 10 people.