Yan Dihan grunted, "What’s there to be afraid of? They are superhuman powers and can eat us all."

LiuReFeng looked up at the sky is in the middle of the day. It was noon one day when she got up and patted the dirt. "Well, we’ve all had enough rest. Hurry to the girl literature where Leng Yun Palace is located to get the nectar of rebirth while it’s still early."
On Sunday, I also recovered a lot of Zhenyuan. Although I felt that the breath of life was constantly weakening, I didn’t see any decline. I thought, "It doesn’t matter if I want to get the nectar of rebirth and save Lan Lan’s life."
The three men walked out of the forest and ran to the southwest with their posture. Just at the entrance of Xinyun Canyon, the three men suddenly heard behind them calling "Dear benefactors, please wait". Looking back, they saw that the four brothers of Dust Master were due to law, cloud, existence and extinction.
Liu Refeng laughed. "The four masters are well. It must be that the dust master sent four brothers to come over. Girls’ literature was updated for the first time."
Because of the Dharma, "Amitabha is my teacher. Master Chen is worried that four benefactors will lose to Leng Yun Palace, so he sent four of us to help us. We have been fighting with each other in Chongsheng Temple and Leng Yun Palace for more than 50 years, and each of them knows the root of the matter and has dealt well. How come she is not seen?"
Sunday looked sad and wry smile for a long time, but tears still couldn’t help laughing and crying and said, "Fengfeng has died in the tomb of the sunset."
"Amitabha" saw that Sunday’s expression was white because of the dharma. What happened to his hands? Because of the cloud, three people read the past life sutra. Half an hour later, because of the dharma, he said, "People can’t come back to life after death. Girls’ literature still hopes that Zhou’s benefactor will not change."
On Sunday, I laughed. "It’s okay. I’ve already read it and said it again. Maybe I can go with Feng Feng soon."
Everyone was puzzled by this sentence on Sunday. Yan Dihan just wanted to know what it meant. Liu Refeng interrupted Yan Dihan’s words, "Now it’s not to say that when it’s urgent to get rebirth nectar, you must enter Xinyun Canyon. The first difficulty in entering the canyon is to guard the seven monster beasts there."
Because of the method, he nodded, "The first seven monster beasts are worse than the girls’ literature. Even if we meet a few people, we are definitely not opponents. But if we can’t stop the first seven monster beasts, we can’t get close to Leng Yun Palace, let alone take the nectar of rebirth."
Yan Dihan said, "That’s not easy. We can trap it by crystallization."
Liu Refeng shook his head and said, "No, now our manpower is not enough. If Leng Yun Palace suddenly rushes out of a group of people to attack you, and then lures the seven monsters to attack us, we will be caught between Scylla and Charybdis and maybe the army will perish."
Yan coldly hated, "What should we do then?"
On Sunday, Bai Liurefeng suddenly thought, "Liu’s predecessors mean to kill the first seven monster beasts."
"What?" Yan Dihan exclaimed, "The seven monster beasts are poor in strength, and they are born to throughput the sun and the moon, so it can be said that it is impossible to move mountains to fill the sea and call it rain. We can’t kill the seven monster beasts alone."
Liu Refeng praised Sunday and nodded, "Sunday, what do you think?"
Zhou Tiandao said, "There is no way to come, but we may have a chance when the four masters of dharma come."
Because of the Dharma, "Amitabha Buddhism was forbidden to kill life, but now it has also been broken to save the whole world." Because of the cloud, because of the existence, because of the extinction of Qi Dao, "very"
Yan Di’s cold impatience quickly said, "Do you have any good methods to speak out quickly on Sunday?" On Sunday, after several contacts and several experiences of life and death together, several people’s feelings are naturally deep and much less polite than speaking.
Add Sunday’s calmness in the face of life and death, and all the ways he came up with showed his great wisdom to make Yan Dihan feel sad about Sunday. This young man will surely achieve great things by making rapid progress and wit than in the future.
Therefore, when Liu Refeng asked Sunday’s thoughts with a smile, Yan Dihan naturally recognized that Sunday would definitely be a good method. Liu Refeng’s intelligence still valued them so much on Sunday.
On Sunday, he smiled and said, "The Seven Monsters already have their own Yuan God. With Yuan God, it means that they have a mind, but they are willing to be controlled by mortals to protect the canyon. Doesn’t it cause others doubts?"
Yan Dihan said, "So what? The monster beast is a monster beast after all. Even if you have sanity, you can’t escape from the monster beast. It is still inferior to human wisdom."
Zhou Tiandao: "We can not discuss this point for the time being. According to ancient books and records, it is generally possible to control the mind of the seven monster beasts. It is said that’ the soul * *’ can bring one’s own consciousness into the other’s mind in a clever way to control the opponent’s mind."
Yan coldly said, "Even so, we won’t’ take the soul * *’, let alone control the first seven monsters."
Chapter two hundred and forty-six Kill seven monster beast with wisdom
Girls’ literature
On Sunday, he shook his head and said, "I didn’t mean it like this, Yan.’ Soul-sucking * *’ has a fatal weakness. If we can break the’ Soul-sucking * *’ monster beast, it will lose its direction and its power will be greatly reduced, so we can take the opportunity to’ blow it to death’ and destroy it."
Yan Dihan; "asked," so what are we going to do? "
Zhou Tiandao said, "Because the four masters of the Dharma, the Sanskrit of the Outer Space, have a shocking soul. If the four masters form an impenetrable wind sound network and destroy the exchange ability between the monster beast and the" ecstasy ",the monster beast will lose its direction for a while, and its power will be greatly reduced, so we will have the opportunity to destroy that monster beast."
Say "no problem"
On Sunday, he said, "When the four masters of the cause method cover up the" soul-taking * * ",the monster beast’s divine power will suddenly drop. Senior Yan, Senior Liu and I will strike the monster beast Yuan God with a thunderclap."
Yan Dihan said, "No, it takes five people to work together, and the three of us can’t make it."
Zhou Tiandao’s "Yes, it is necessary to gather the five forces of Jin Mu’s fire, water and soil, and to cultivate five masters of Jin Mu’s fire, water and soil skills."
Yan Dihan said, "In that case, we still need wood and soil."
Zhou Tiandao said, "Today is the time when Tiangou eats food. When wood and earth are prevalent, we can use the five elements to gather the two forces of wood and earth to cooperate with our forces of gold, water and fire to form a’ thunderbolt’."
When they were in Jiangzhou City, Sunday and Xia Lan escaped to a cave and got the mysterious Yu Pei. They were baptized by the trinity of the moon, the sun and the stars, which are rare in the Millennium, and they were particularly sensitive to this supernatural phenomenon.
As early as when I walked out of the tomb of the sunset, I saw that the sky above my head was particularly strong on Sunday, and there were many black spots next to the sun at noon, which was a sign that the dog was eating the sun.
You know, Sunday didn’t have formal education when he was a child, but his parents were knowledgeable and knowledgeable, especially his mother was good at seals, array methods and astronomical phenomena. When she was awake, Sunday’s mother forced Sunday to look at many ancient array methods, seals and astronomical records, and even taught what she had learned all her life for a long time. What she learned on Sunday was extremely exquisite and varied.
Liu Ruofeng, Infa and others were surprised by what they learned on Sunday. It is rare to have such a wide range of knowledge at an early age. Yan Dihan has always admired the scholars who have learned everything from ancient times to modern times, and even more sincerely felt that Liu Ruofeng’s female literature is no longer learned on Sunday, and she is likely to know more.
Because the law says, "If it’s so good, it will be bad for us to delay for a long time when we leave."
Led by Infa, a group of seven people quietly approached Xinyun Canyon, which is the most mysterious area in the whole northwest, surrounded by deserted deserts. Only this area is not affected by yellow sand, with abundant water resources and charming scenery. There are hundreds of small canyons, large and small, which have been eroded by water for years, and a huge river has condensed hundreds of canyons into a huge valley bottom, which has become the most famous canyon girl literature in the northwest.
A line of seven people arrived at Xinyun Canyon, and four people were even more familiar with the method to find a hidden place. They said to the three people on Sunday, "Leng Yungong is just across the river. In the past 50 years, Chongsheng Temple’s Leng Yun Palace’s wisdom and wisdom have finally been matched in the river. The most terrible thing is that the monster beast is hidden in the river. If someone infringes on the monster beast, it will induce a fierce counterattack against the enemy. It is this monster beast that makes Leng Yun Palace fight against Chongsheng Temple evenly, which also makes the organizers dare not underestimate them."
Sunday nodded and said, "Then we don’t have much time to prepare." Sunday Earth made a personal girl’s literature and put it in the east wood and put it in the west.
Liu Ruofeng and Yan Dihan occupied the middle of the southern and northern Zhou Dynasties.