Suddenly start wind walk 6 can royal sword tactic and wave the sword in his hand and severely chop it at the child sitting on the horse.

The sudden disappearance of 6 Can made the child slightly stunned, but just when the 6 Can sword was one foot away from the child’s head, the child magically reached out his left hand and slammed it and caught it firmly.
The child cried out in pain and brushed out 6 cans, shaking his sore left arm in tears.
6 Can flew out ten feet away and broke several big trees before stopping castration. The throat was sweet and the blood almost gushed out.
"This damn kid can see through wind walk who never misses, and wind walk’s extra triple attack also makes his arm ache. This magic weapon flying sword is sharp and doesn’t hurt his palm at all!" 6 can be terrible
"It hurts me!" Children’s face suddenly became ferocious and jumped up. For the first time, they took the initiative to attack Yu Di Lei Guang’s flashing power. Just now, the horse flashed ten times!
"Silence!" 6 Can has fully understood the difference between himself and Yuan Baby monsters, and dare not teleport this enemy skill.
Jumping children’s whole body energy is instantly imprisoned and screaming and falling into the dust.
Five seconds!
After five seconds, you can move again. wind walk has no energy to protect the taxiing period, and Liu Can has the confidence to hurt him.
But then, I let 6 Can’s ghost do whatever it takes to give birth. When I was a child, I was a little embarrassed when I landed, but for a moment, I jumped up again and screamed at myself.
Three seconds! This silent skill can imprison him for three seconds!
The idea just flashed through 6 can and I felt a pain in my chest and my body flew out like a broken sack.
A mouthful of dirty blood suddenly gushed out.
I want to plant it today!
6 Can’s heart is dim and manual, but he dare not neglect to take out the little fairy from the ring, leaving two Ning Qingdan, regardless of putting it in one mouth. If you take this medicine, you may die, but if you don’t eat it, you will die!
6 Can has just swallowed Ning Qingdan, and the body is still in flight. The child has flashed and appeared strangely on the right side of 6 Can.
A harsh sound of broken bones, broken right arm and broken right rib.
"Poof …"
Another mouthful of blood. Once again, he paid the price for his arrogance.
Children are as down-to-earth as they are in the middle of the game. If their right foot is turned and their left foot is like a tomahawk, they will split on the shoulders of 6 cans with fierceness.
6 can broken right shoulder!
In just two seconds, children’s serial three strikes are as serious as playing!
Wind walk!’
At this moment wind walk restrictions lifted!
Move wind walk 6 can take the road and run wildly.
In these two seconds, Ning Qingdan’s drug effect appeared quickly, repairing 6 Can’s injury, and the bones were fragile and reassembled, and the broken dirt was also repaired, and the wind walk was several times higher. At this time, 6 Can was really in a high wind.
However, the price is also huge. For those who fix the truth in the rotating period, Ningqingdan’s overbearing drug effect also hurts the 6 candiantian meridians and dantian from time to time.
In the process of crazy escape, the body meridians and abdomen are gradually broken by the impact of overbearing energy like a knife.
Wind walk level 3!
Silence level two!
"ding dong"
Mana burns level 2!
Wind walk level 4!
Silence level three!