"Well … Feifei is still your best!" Shen Nuo was very moved by Lu Fei’s intimacy.

"What is love in the face of friendship? I am not a friend who values color over friendship!" Liu Fei, this sentence is so special that even she doesn’t know it, but Chen Haoxuan around her appreciates looking at her.
After Liu Fei hung up, Ma said to Chen Haoxuan around him, "Husband, go and get Shen Nuo back to me. I want to see her appear in front of me safely."
"wife!" Chen Haoxuan suddenly said emotionally, "Do you know why I love you so much?"
"Huh?" Liu Fei wondered
"I love you as a friend, but you are too generous!" Edward chan said he was excited and kissed Liu Fei on the forehead.
"oh! You damn fool, go quickly! " Liu Fei was amused by Edward chan’s move and pushed Edward chan to pick up Shen Nuo.
"ok! The guarantee is completed! " Chen Haoxuan left Liu Fei with a natural and unrestrained figure.
It’s getting dark. Shen Nuo is squatting on the side of the road waiting for the arrival of Chen Haoxuan.
In fact, Shen Nuo has always been curious whether Hugh will worry about her when landing, but the fact is not.
The autumn breeze is cold and biting, and Shen Nuo feels colder and colder. There are still some cars on this road during the day, but at night there are no cars here.
Shen Nuo shaking looking at more and more dark can not help but be afraid.
"This Lu Xiusi is so cruel! I didn’t do anything wrong to do this to me! Doesn’t he know that girls love to play small temper? " Shen Nuo muttered angrily
"Yeah, who is he, Lu Xiusi? He’s a big president. Who said he wouldn’t listen? What’s worse, I’m a nobody!" Shen Nuo looked at the end of the road but couldn’t wait for Chen Haoxuan.
At this time, two parallel lights suddenly appeared at the end of the road, and Shen Nuoxin got up. Sure enough, Edward chan finally arrived.
"Oh, my God, what did Hugh think when he landed? Why did he throw it so far away for you?" Chen Haoxuan also expressed dissatisfaction with Lu Xiusi at this time. How can he rest assured that Shen Nuo is here alone?
"Stop it and let’s go!" Shen Nuo heard Chen Haoxuan complaining for her after getting out of the car, so he said to Chen Haoxuan
"I’ll talk about him later." Chen Haoxuan glanced at Shen Nuo and felt distressed.
After driving for a short distance, Chen Haoxuan caught a glimpse of a car in the corner, listening to it. It was Lu Xiusi.
"How long have you been with Lu Xiusi …?" Edward chan tentatively asked
"Even when I called your wife, we had already split up!" Shen Nuo looked at Edward chan puzzled and said
Unexpectedly, Chen Haoxuan snorted after hearing it. "This little point is just to walk me!"
"No, no, no, I didn’t mean it." Shen Nuo Chen Haoxuan said she was very guilty.
"No, Shen Nuo, you misunderstood me. I didn’t say you." Chen Haoxuan shook his head at Shen Nuo. "I said it was Lu Xiusi, a bad guy!"
"What happened to him?" Shen Nuo will ask Chen Haoxuan for help only when he sees that Lu Xiusi has left. I didn’t expect Chen Haoxuan to say that Lu Xiusi walked him.
"Look at the back of our car" Chen Haoxuan said to Shen Nuo. Shen Nuo went back and saw that Lu Xiusi’s car was firmly following behind Chen Haoxuan’s car.
"What does this mean?" Shen Nuo surprised at Hugh car looked at Chen Haoxuan lu.
"I saw his car when I picked you up. He didn’t leave. He has been watching you out of sight!" Edward chan unhurriedly said
"No way. I saw him leave. He was angry with me before he left me!" Shen Nuo shook his head and felt that such a thing could not happen.
"Do you think it is possible that he is angry with you? It may be true, but how can he not worry about your safety if he takes you so seriously?" Chen Haoxuan smiled. "I told you, how could this little guy leave for nothing?"
"Is it true …" Shen Nuo didn’t do it at this time. She sat in a chair and faded.
"Didi Didi!" At this time, the car behind Chen Haoxuan really pressed the horn.
Chen Haoxuan glanced at the car and saw that Lu Xiusi not only used the horn to stimulate him, but also used the lights to sway him.
"Miss Lu, President, this is forcing me to stop. What do you think?" Chen Haoxuan asked Shen Nuo while driving.
Shen Nuo hesitated at this time. If the car stopped at this time, wouldn’t it be too easy to bully Shen Nuo?
"You have to decide quickly what you want to say. Stop when you say it, and keep listening to you when you say it!" Edward chan see Shen Nuo has not made a decision to urge her to.
"car!" Shen Nuo suddenly spoke this sentence.
"OK!" Chen Haoxuan got a reply from Shen Nuo and ignored Hugh Lu behind him to speed up the throttle and secretly wore Shen Nuo with backbone.
"What is this guy doing!" Lu Xiusi was very angry when he looked at the car in front of him without stopping according to his standard, but instead he roared off.
☆, Chapter 111 Contradictions broke out!
Chen Haoxuan sprinted the car all the way to the hospital gate.
Shen Nuo hurried to the car and was about to run quickly downstairs when he received a call from Lu Xiusi.
"Don’t move there!" Lu Xiusi’s tone is very tough and he doesn’t refuse Shen Nuo.
But this time Shen Nuo also lost his temper. He hung up Lu Xiusi’s words at that time and rushed to Lu Fei’s ward to avoid Lu Xiusi.
But when Shen Nuo’s ass hasn’t been warmed up in the house, Lu Xiusi rushed to drag Shen Nuo away with a face of anger.
"What are you doing!" Shen Nuo kept retreating in the house. Liu Fei and Chen Haoxuan were also very afraid when they saw Lu Xiusi.
"It’s not convenient to talk with me out here!" Lu Xiusi is angry, especially because Shen Nuo is so disobedient to him now, which makes Lu Xiusi feel very unhappy.
"Lu always have something to say! Must you move your hands? " Liu Fei is obviously moving towards Shen Nuo. In his words, he means that he hopes that Lu Xiusi can sit down and talk calmly.
"Lao Lu" even Chen Haoxuan came to persuade Lu Xiusi that "you are wrong, but you always put on a show that you are right, which is unfair to Shen Nuo!"
"How dare you tell me this?" Lu Xiusi angrily left Shen Nuo’s arm. "I asked you to stop on the road. Why didn’t you stop?"
"I …" Chen Haoxuan knew that Lu Xiusi was very irritable at this time, so he didn’t put the blame on Shen Nuo again but took it on himself. "I don’t know what impulsive actions you would make at that time!"
"Chen Haoxuan now even you help Shen Nuo!" Lu Xiusi pointed angrily to Chen Haoxuan. "This is why Shen Nuo made you blind!"
"Lu Xiusi!" Shen Nuo was annoyed to see that Lu Xiusi was losing his temper with Gu Chen Haoxuan. "You coward, you left me, but you secretly hid and watched me. Why are you afraid that I will find another man to date after you left?"
Shen Nuo’s words once again violated Lu Xiusi’s bottom line. What Lu Xiusi couldn’t stand most was that his woman gave herself a green hat, so he once again pulled up Shen Nuo’s arm and pulled her out to have a good talk about anything he said today.
"Don’t pull me!" Shen Nuo saw Lu Xiusi’s amazing strength, so he hit the landing with a bag in his hand. I didn’t expect that Bai Zhe had just knocked Shen Nuo’s potion to the ground in an instant because Shen Nuo was too hard.
A crisp glass rang and it was quiet. Someone was in the place.
But then a strange phenomenon appeared. Shen Nuo squatted down and watched the potion flow through the traces after it was knocked over, which would give off a stench and corrosion marks.
Chen Haoxuan wakes up Liu Fei and covers her nose when she is afraid of affecting her body.
"What’s that smell?" Chen Haoxuan squatted down to look at the ground.
At this time, Lu Xiusi felt that something was wrong with this potion and squatted down to see it.
"Hugh" Chen Haoxuan squatted down to observe Lu Xiusi carefully and asked, "Do you think this medicine is like a medicine?"
Although Chen Haoxuan said that the statement was not fluent, everyone present understood what Chen Haoxuan meant.
"Call a doctor to identify one!" Hugh Lu got up and commanded Chen Haoxuan.
Edward chan fart Dian fart ran to call the doctor.
After the doctor came, he observed the liquid for a while and asked everyone, "What is this medicine for?"
"Doctor" Shen Nuo took the initiative to go forward. "If this is used to get rid of scars!"