Inside the villa, the body of Ying Xueqing’s parents and grandmother has been covered with white cloth.

To be the only relative, we must agree with Xue Qing that the bodies of three people can be sent to cremation.
Seeing the bodies of three people should be sunny and crying.
Muhai didn’t comfort her when she saw Ying Xueqing’s appearance.
Everything has its own face, and she will grow up
It should be able to grow up after the snow clears, and it will no longer depend on parents and children for everything.
She still needs to walk by herself.
It took a long time to stop crying when it was snowy and sunny.
A staff member of the Guest House holds an agreement for Ying Xueqing to sign.
Inspired by Muhai, Ying Xueqing signed his name in person.
After half a day of mourning and burial …
Ying Xueqing has been crying from beginning to end.
"Mom, dad, grandma, go well. I won’t forget your teaching."
Ying Xueqing stayed in front of the grave for a long time.
Finally, she wiped away her tears and looked back at Muhai and smiled "Brother …"
Holding hands in the sea should look good in the snow and shine.
"Brother, where are we going now?" Asked should snow shine.
"How about catching bad guys with my brother?" Mu Hai said
"good!" Should snow shine heavily nodded his eyes give a strange brilliance.
"Then wait a moment."
Say that finish MuHai point identity token.
Identity token connection is a special network of Dragon Network, and there is no access point in Dragon Network.
The reason for doing this is to prevent hackers from invading.
Soon a video jumped out.
"Eldest brother, where are you? The video "We are waiting for you at Golden Eagle Hotel in Longcheng" was sent by Ping Yinghao.
Should snow shine at just jump out to interest projection eyes reveal magical appearance.
In the Dragon Kingdom, such technology or military roots are not common.
Muhai sent a message back to Ping Yinghao and then read it at exactly 5 pm.
Today, it should be snowy and sunny, and the foundation is finished.
In this way, you should practice after the snow clears, and you won’t always think about it and be invaded by demons.
Although Muhai is also a demon and cultivation is the devil’s achievement method, there is no way for demons to invade.
The devil is actually an obstacle in my heart, and I can rely on myself for everything.
Today, I will not be disturbed by this matter after facing it bravely.
"Does Qingqing like this?"
Looking at should snow shine touching his hand identity token asked.
"Like" should be snow shine nodded his head.
"Well, I’ll give you one later," Muhai said.
"Great, thank you, brother." Ying Xueqing held her arms in Muhai and kept swinging.
"Now let’s catch the bad guys," Muhai said.
"good!" Should snow shine nodded his head.
Muhai released a magic yuan to hold Ying Xueqing’s arm, and his body quickly disappeared in situ.
All the way, Ying Xueqing gawked at the surrounding scenery, and a pure smile appeared on her face.
She spread out her other hand to meet the wind blowing against her face.
At this moment, she completely walked out of the knot.
Chapter 25 Bloodthirsty Witch
Longcheng zile garden
This is a high-rise residential area, and every floor lives in Longcheng to fight for men and women.
Area 212
There is a couple living here.
Today, the man was drunk, took out his key and knocked on the door to enter it.
"Liang, have you been drinking again?"
At this time, a 3-year-old woman came out of the living room to hold the man.
"Dead woman never drinks. Get out."