Even if their desire in this respect is not as indulgent as human beings, they will never really not taste the love between men and women.

Ghost green road ning avoided for the first time.
Tourmaline obviously knows that this enchantment will definitely make them feel free to avoid it, so that they can feel more at ease and sink into that beautiful, moist and soft place.
In a flash, it was a night and a day, and it was hurried away.
Finally relieved the suffering of lovesickness, and they were still naked and tightly together at the moment.
The body was so warm that their hearts were closely reunited again.
At the moment, the two of them are talking about each other.
Suddenly Chai Wanying suddenly sat up and shouted in horror, "Where are the children?"
Chapter 34 Who are you?
Tourmaline was startled by her sudden movement.
Sister, what’s wrong with you? What happened to the children?
Tourmaline Tourmaline, can’t you see that six children are about this tall and so big, one of them has black eyes and the other five are beautiful children with green eyes like you.
Sister, sister, what are you talking about? Are you still awake from your dream?
Tourmaline couldn’t help worrying about hugging her again.
It’s comforting her and stroking her back sister. Don’t be afraid. You’re awake. The nightmare is over. You’re back. You’re back with me.
No, it’s not tourmaline, it’s not a nightmare, it’s not like that.
Chai Wanying hurriedly shook his head from his arms.
The more anxious I am to tell those children, the more I don’t know what to say.
Those children are our children. No, no, they should be our future children. They call me mom.
Tourmaline is real. I’ve seen six of them.
Although they all say I can choose one, they are all so nice and lovely. How can I abandon the others?
When you see it, you must look as if you were just like an egg.
I’m holding them together. What? I’m alone now, boss. Where are they?
Tourmaline Tourmaline You really haven’t seen them?
Tourmaline has no idea what she is talking about.
And after waking up from his sister, he found that the two of them could know each other what was going on in each other’s minds, and that telepathic ability suddenly disappeared.
Tourmaline doesn’t know whether this situation is accidental, temporary or later.
I always feel a little bad in my heart
Especially listening to my sister’s words at the moment.
But he doesn’t understand what she is talking about, and this feeling of insecurity is even more obvious.
Sister, I’m you. What are you talking about, boss? What’s the penis? What’s the child? I’m the same.
Sister, calm down and talk slowly. Do you take things in your dreams seriously
Chai Wanying saw his worried face and melancholy eyebrows.
Finally slowly calmed down.
Did I really dream of mumbling? None of them are true.
Chai Wanying instantly felt excited and full of energy, and she was swept away by the word dream.
Those tears, those children are crisp, and their mothers call back those who have gone through a lot of hardships together, and they almost won the process.
Are they all dreams
Don’t you just never do anything?
Today, she woke up from her dream and her children were gone.
Chai Wanying vigorously fell back to the bed but was held in her arms by tourmaline.
Sister, what’s wrong with you? What are you upset about? Say something. Don’t scare me like this. I’m scared.
Tourmaline, I’m sorry. I’m all right. I’m depressed
Sister, what are you missing?
I’m lost. I’m in a dream. The child wakes up with me and disappears.
Tourmaline green beautiful eyes suddenly moved slightly.
Soft lips gently fell on her forehead. Silly sister disappeared from her dream. Isn’t it the same in reality?