"If you find a willow, you should hurt yourself." Gong Wenbin bit his teeth and felt that he hated iron and did not produce.

If Liu wants to take back his hand, but Gong Wenbin won’t force him to hold it and not break free for her.
"Let go" is like finding a willow, and being exposed to secrets that people don’t want to see is like being torn off in disguise, and there is no sense of security.
"Are you worth it to marry a man?" Gong Wenbin asked, his face was anxious.
"Are you worth it for a woman like me?" Xunruliu retorted.
The two men confronted each other for a long time, and no one would admit defeat. Gong Wenbin gradually calmed down his emotions and said, "I really feel sad when willow looks at you like this. I want to make you forget him, but I still can’t get out of the pain without you."
Gong Wenbin’s words were melancholy, clutching his hand and slowly releasing a mouthful of melancholy. He added, "In fact, there is one thing that I don’t want you to know for a generation, but looking at you now, I know I did something wrong."
He sat in the chair and motioned for her to sit opposite, and looked at him quietly, waiting for him to finish talking.
"Three years ago, I sent someone to secretly track down the people who came after you at the dock. You know that it is not the domain of the Imperial Palace to find a group of outlaws, and it is not easy. At that time, I will ask you for information about those people who came after you from time to time." Speaking of this, Gong Wenbin was a little afraid to look at her cold eyes.
"After many twists and turns, Xiao Feng finally found a clue and found one of them, and found others under duress."
Gong Wenbin bowed his head and said that he was embarrassed. People are selfish in front of their feelings.
"They told the truth, and it was Chen Yishan who ordered Chen Yishan to destroy her first, then poured all the dirty water on you, and finally Yuan Hong took revenge on you. She was killing two birds with one stone."
Gong Wenbin carefully observed the expression on his face, but a good face was cold or cold, which made him inexplicably afraid and nervous.
"I’m sorry I hid it from you. I can advise you not to come back for revenge. I want to pour all my hatred on him. You can’t love him anymore. I’m sorry, Liuliu. If you want to hit me, you will scold me. I suffer all this. I deserve it."
"Hum" if Liu found cold from his nose, he looked at Gong Wenbin with cold eyes.
"Those people you have already got rid of want me to track down Gong Wenbin foolishly. You think it’s funny, don’t you?" If you find Liu light way, it turns out that those people were not sent by him to kill her.
It’s really funny to hate over the years. Hehe, it’s ironic and funny. Her IQ is really funny. Actually, she hasn’t realized a truth in the past three years. It turns out that she hurt him more than a little. No wonder he hates her so much. He won’t forgive her, will he?
The truth is really cruel, and it’s too late. If you look for Liu, you get up and drag your body back to your room.
"willow, since you love him so much, go and find him." Gong Wenbin said with forbearance. God knows his heart trembled when he said this sentence.
If you look for Liu, she frowned. Yes, these days, she has been self-pitying but never thought about it again. Before looking for him, he always chased her and begged her. Now, why can’t she switch places and come and run after him?
Her eyebrows slowly spread, even if he avoided it, even if he was sarcastic, she endured all this because she had done the same to him.
Chapter 77 Bad words
Finally, Ruoliu decided to try bravely, and after making up her mind, her face was re-colored, even if she failed, it was an explanation for this relationship.
She turned to Gong Wenbin and said, "Wen Bin, I don’t blame you. From now on, I will take good care of myself and wait for me to find him."
Then she hurried back to her room. She took a shower and cleaned herself up. She was so excited that she took care of herself very quickly. After that, she took her handbag and keys and left the bedroom.
Seeing that Gong Wenbin in the bedroom hasn’t left yet, she squirmed her mouth and said, "Wen Bin, thank you for taking care of me over the past few years, but everyone has their own choice of path and mission. In fact, we are not suitable. Maybe it is better for you and me to retreat to the position of good friends."
Gong Wenbin looked dim and his face was full of loss. He looked at the excitement and found that Liu could also endure and nodded his head.
"I’m going out to look for him now." Xunruliu threw this sentence and disappeared at the door.
It’s 11 o’clock now, and she hasn’t been out for a few days. She feels a little headache. He is driving to the Jizhai to look for him. After the excitement, she is a little nervous. Will he drive her away or speak ill of her? She thinks that one by one, she may hold the steering wheel and her palms will sweat.
Like a gust of wind, the car quickly stopped in front of Jijia’s gate. It was already late at night. There was a dim light in front of Jijia’s door, and there was some light in the room, so that Jijia looked a little cold.
If Liu rang the doorbell, her heart was beating "snow, snow, snow". It took half a ring before someone came to the door. She knew Ah Yi.
Ah Yi looked at her eyes a little secretive, and if Liu was embarrassed, he said, "Well, I’m here to find Ji Yu. Is he at home?"
If you find Liu, you can feel that her tongue is not smooth like wringing.
Ah Yi snorted from his nose. "Miss Xun, I’m sorry, but the boss is asleep. If there is nothing, please go back."