Huo Junzhong practiced to be full of hair and stood upside down. In addition to the luck on his head, he was white and sweaty, and he immediately steamed off his hot body.

At this time, a cat barked and broke the silence. Huo Junzhong was shocked, and his consciousness immediately recovered. With the cat barking, his mental defense was broken and he was in direct contact with him. This is to know how to practice spiritually. Huo Junzhong knows here that one thing can be done, that is, the dangerous cat.
Huo Junzhong looked sure enough that the black cat meowed in the grass more than ten meters away.
Huo Junzhong frowns and defends his fingers. He is always ready to curse. He knows how dangerous this cat is.
Huo Junzhong’s mind is a little unhappy. If he bothers me this time, it’s his own gift that the cat is attacked by him. This time, he has avoided it, but he has not found the door too much. Although Huo Junzhong is somewhat wary of practicing cats, he is not really afraid that this cat will soon become a fine one.
Whether it’s vegetation, human-made things or all kinds of life bodies, if they are lucky enough to get wisdom from the world of mortals, they will be transformed into human beings and spit people out of the restrictions of animals and beasts, but with the gradual scarcity of aura in the world, the possibility of animal sperm will be greatly reduced
Even Lord Xudao thinks that Huo Junzhong has little chance to meet the demon. Because of the urgency of time, he has been able to focus on teaching Huo Junzhong’s Dan cultivation method and Qi-forbidden method in three months. He didn’t teach Huo Junzhong more details, let alone the skills to deal with the demon. Generally, it takes ten years to cultivate with his master, and then ten years to build a foundation and learn the method. It is already a genius among practitioners. It is rare for Huo Junzhong to have achieved what he has learned for three months. This is largely due to his indifference to life and death. There is not much contact between minor illnesses and society, and there is a considerable distance between them. It is a rare material for Taoist practice to survive and not be afraid of death. Otherwise, even if the virtual Taoist sacrifices his own way to help for three months, Huo Junzhong will never be able to complete the intersection of dragons and tigers and condense the courage and jade tripod.
Then nine turns into a great achievement, and when you enter the holy world, you are immortal.
Huo Junzhong has now completed the nine-turn elixir, which is said by the Dan method. The first virtual Taoist realm has reached the realm of the immortal, but it has been thousands of years since the practice of the third Dan family created the elixir method. However, I am afraid that no one in today’s practitioners is sure.
It’s a bit like Einstein’s theory of relativity, but today people can still prove whether he is right or not. The theory of relativity is correct. In the same way, before people cultivate into nine turns of elixir, then nine turns of elixir is the highest peak of the elixir method.
Huo Junzhong sink a way: "This cat friend is my reckless bothering you. You scratched me. We’re even. I didn’t bother you today. Why do you have to push hard?"
The cat mews a dozen paces away from him. It’s sad like a ghost crying. It’s chilling. This cat rarely sees its body. It’s silver-gray, with a pair of eyes with different colors. It’s just that the gold and silver demon pupil and its silver-gray fur make it look weirder than ordinary cats.
People often say that cats can see ghosts and take people’s souls, especially black cats, but Huo Junzhong has seen the most evil cat in Taoist scriptures. It is this kind of silver-gray gold and silver pupil cat, which means that it belongs to the ghost world of hell.
The body of a nine-tailed cat is a monster, but it is not something.
This time, the cat didn’t attack Huo Junzhong, but it repeatedly sang like crying, which annoyed Huo Junzhong’s central head. Although the cat knows how to learn from Yue Hua’s practice, it seems that the way of doing things is not profound, but the beast can remove cartilage from his throat, spit people out and talk to people.
Huo Junzhong really didn’t understand its meaning. He was on guard against the cat, so he stepped back carefully and said, "Since you are a misunderstanding between you and me, let’s say goodbye."
When the cat saw Huo Junzhong leaving, it got up in a hurry, let out a loud cry and pounced.
Huo Junzhong almost read the forbidden spell and pointed it out, but at this moment he took back his hand and stretched it out. The forbidden spell rolled on the tip of his tongue, but he didn’t read it in the end.
In order to make the incantation instantaneous, Huo Jun didn’t feel the cat’s scattered hostility like the second time, which caused the murder. Although this cat knows how to practice cat essence, it has not been cultivated into a root method to control the fluctuation of its own thoughts. In this world of mortals, a strong consciousness is like a wave passing by and flapping, which is aimed at people. Since ordinary people can’t see or feel the world of mortals, they can’t feel such consciousness in nature, but the practitioner’s practice is energetic. If there is a strong sense against himself, they can feel it immediately.
In the past, it was often said that people like Jiang Ya, Zhang Liang, Zhuge Wuhou, Liu Bowen, etc., who had a sudden whim, could know that they had something to do with themselves, and they knew that they were going to have something against themselves. This is the ability of induction.
Huo Junzhong left his hand and didn’t attack. The cat rushed to Huo Junzhong’s middle leg and bit his trouser leg in the other direction. It was very anxious to pull and whine in his mouth.
Huo Junzhong was sure that the cat was not going to attack himself. He asked, "Do you want me to go with you, Cat Daoyou?"
Chapter 7 Help the cat ()
When the cat heard the words, her feet were loose and her head was round, and she kept knocking on the ground as if she were kowtowing
Huo Junzhong hesitated for a moment. This cat knows how to practice and can understand people’s words. It’s already a Uber. It’s not a good thing for a yogi to get too close to Uber, but it doesn’t look like there is any malicious eyes, tears and impatience. I’m afraid something will happen.
Huo Junzhong finally decided to go with the cat. If there is any reason, it is that the cat’s tearful eyes are as clear as human beings, including grief.
It is not long to follow the cat away from the park, which is understandable that the cat can’t run too far to practice.
Before coming to a conjoined single-family villas house, the cat jumped lightly on the balcony wall on the second floor and turned around and meowed at Huo Junzhong.
Huo Junzhong knows how to ban gas and curse, but he doesn’t know how to fly. He is not a doorman who likes to climb water pipes and break into other people’s homes.
It’s illegal to watch a cat tell him to shake his head like a rattle and climb a wall into someone’s house. If he is caught as a thief, it will be miserable.
When the cat saw that Huo Junzhong didn’t come in, he jumped into the house. A moment later, the cat walked out of the main door and shouted at Huo Junzhong.
Huo Junzhong followed it from the main entrance into the house.
This room is expensive, and the furniture in the room is also quite exquisite, but the room is a mess of sand, and there are black filth in many places. The coffee table on the ground is full of noodles and takeout boxes, and there are a lot of things such as condoms and needle rubber bands. There may be no doors and windows for a long time, and the whole room smells bad.
Huo Junzhong frowned. What kind of people can make this 200-odd flat house look like this?
The cat scurried upstairs after entering the room.
Huo Junzhong looked at the room a little and followed the cat to the top floor bedroom.
Things in the bedroom are very simple, just a big bed, a naked young man lying in bed, I don’t know whether to live or die.
The cat cried sadly at the bedside and pawed at the man’s face from time to time. It seems that the cat found Huo Junzhong and it was the man.
"Is it your master?" Huo Junzhong hurriedly walked to the front of the bed and turned the prone man upside down.
The man is pale with saliva in his mouth, and his eyes turn white and look like a dead man, but Huo Junzhong can barely hear the heartbeat when he leans back. His arm is still tied with a syringe and a rubber tube. Although Huo Junzhong has never seen it in reality, it is often seen that this person is an overdose.
Although there is still a heartbeat, the breath is weak and the heartbeat is slow, and it is very likely to die at any time.
It shouldn’t be said that it is almost dead.
Huo Junzhong did not hesitate to pick up the phone and call the hospital to let the ambulance come immediately. He was lucky to point his hands at the position of the male chest and cervical vertebra. This is called the real-yuan thorn. It was originally a toxin technique that condensed in the body when he stimulated blood release in his body. Later, it can also save people in his body.
It is regarded as the most primitive form of acupuncture. It is necessary to learn medicine, but practitioners must understand that gold acupuncture can save real physical strength. However, although Huo Junzhong learned acupuncture from virtual Taoist, he didn’t recognize that he wanted to be a doctor. Maybe he didn’t have acupuncture and gold needles, not to mention he now carries Nai Neng, a method that harms others and helps this man.
After a while, I heard the ambulance sound, and the male heartbeat was also stimulated by Huo Junzhong. There was a slight improvement in his face, and his face was a little less bloody. Huo Junzhong withdrew his hand, and his face was not good. At this time, the cat took a piece of jade ornaments and looked at Huo Junzhong and purred.
"Give it to me?" Huo Junzhong didn’t refuse. I have emphasized that Huo Junzhong can save lives and help people, but he can’t help others. He doesn’t ask for anything in return. Although Huo Junzhong doesn’t understand what this request means, he also remembers to help Dr. Li. That’s because she has done great kindness to herself and helped the Lujia sisters. That’s because they are their relatives in Huo Junzhong’s center. Don’t repay this time to help this cat demon. Naturally, you have to pay for it.