But fortunately, Fu Shan didn’t die immediately. Of course, he was seriously injured, but he wouldn’t live for a few days. However, it was in these days that he found a unique geographical environment of Lizhong Volcano Passage to make himself a zombie.

As a result, it is obvious that Fu Shan succeeded. Less than two months after his death, he succeeded in becoming a zombie, and perhaps his fortune was still there. After becoming a zombie, he was not only much better than ordinary newborn zombies in spiritual intelligence, but also kept some memories.
And this part of the memory also includes the place where he buried what he got before his death. On the one hand, it was very simple to find his own buried treasure. Fu Shan not only greatly increased his strength, but also restored all his memories. Of course, this memory was not completed by himself, but he deliberately recorded all the important memories before his death. After reading this jade slip, he gradually became well versed in it.
Knowing the memory of his life naturally made him aware of the ban on the volcano passage. Similarly, by this means, he amassed a lot of spiritual resources to make him stronger step by step. However, due to the painful lesson before his death, he was also very cautious, so he has never been discovered.
Then Fu Shan can be said to be a person who succeeded in breaking through the card and building a 12-story dzogchen and then hitting the elixir.
Fu Shan relies on his own living memory, although he knows that his impact on the elixir must be from others, but he doesn’t care too much. For him, it’s not a key to avoid these people in the first round of chasing the roots, but it’s a matter of doing things like this after hiding.
For Fu Shan, the Bell Volcano is absolutely impossible to stay for a long time. The spirit of this Bell Volcano is created by six monks of the magic Sect Tsukiji. Both of them are unwilling to have Brother then stay in this Bell Volcano for a long time, which will affect the balance. If all factions fail to capture themselves in a certain period of time, the Yin magic Sect then belongs to Elder Yuan Ying. These people will definitely do it themselves. These people are not only far better than him, but also familiar with the channel prohibition. They will definitely win or lose when he really hands.
Second, although the mysterious yin and corpse of this clock volcano are rich and abundant, the quality is too poor. Although it is not impossible for a real person to practice, the effect is definitely poor. Moreover, long-term absorption of this low-level breath will affect his body strength and make him go further in the future. Now he is no longer the kind of small-scale practice in those years, and naturally he will not be willing to stay in the realm of real people in then all his life.
However, it is not easy to escape from Bell Volcano. At least, it is absolutely impossible for him to break through the forbidden barrier of Bell Volcano by himself. His only way to live is to go out through the specially carved doors like others. Although these doors need special access to jade symbols, he also has this one. After all, he came in along the right path in those years. Although he is a zombie now, his core spirit brand has not changed and there is no problem.
However, he is clearly aware that every road away from the door is guarded by an then real person and two then-level zombie puppets, and some then real people are constantly patrolling him back and forth. The smell of then-level zombies may be able to hide from some Zhu Jidi, but for then real people, especially those of the same kind in the past, it is impossible to think about it. When he appears, it can be said that iron and iron will be found, and the chances of him escaping can not be guaranteed.
However, when Fu Shan sensed that the fellow zombie in the second fork also successfully advanced to the realm of then, he had an idea in his heart, that is, to join hands with the converging hatchback, so that the chances of success would be much greater. However, when he was preparing to swim in the third fork, he sensed that the surging breath of the fellow zombie who made the realm of then in the second fork suddenly disappeared.
In this case, Fu Shan is naturally white, knowing that his fellow monk must have been arrested by those Buddhist monks. In the face of such a situation, Fu Shan is not worried but rejoiced, because he is white. Whenever there are intelligent creatures, there will definitely be selfishness and zombies, and it is no exception. His fellow monk may not be intelligent, but he must spare no effort to ensure his own safety. It is just mutual benefit. The volcanic gate must have fled separately, and there will never be any mutual help and support.
But now that this fellow zombie who has achieved the goal of elixir has been arrested, if he can snatch it back, he can easily refine it into his puppet in a short time with the help of the magic magic method, so that he can completely master the action of this fellow zombie. After leaving the bell volcano gate, he can stay or directly intercept the master of elixir or wantonly attack the younger brother to delay the master’s action and escape for cover. In this way, Fu Shan’s chances of escape are much greater, though it is not 100%, but there are always 70%.
Thought of this happy ending, Fu Shan also specially accelerated the speed, but because the third fork was more complicated than the second one, Fu Shan was slower than Yuan Li when he came out of the hole. Fu Shan was about to go to the second fork when he came out of the third fork, but through the unique feeling of zombies, he induced another zombie to leave a little breath.
Through this breath, Fu Shan suddenly found that the person who took another then zombie was only faster than himself. He had just rushed to the outside of Mingyang Cave from here and had to go through some searching. I didn’t expect that such an excellent opportunity was close at hand. Fu Shan naturally wouldn’t want to miss it. He didn’t hesitate to urge his flying sword to rush toward the outside with a crackling purple flash sound.
Fu Shan has been in this volcano for more than a hundred years. Naturally, it is not unknown that there will be a battle waiting for him outside this situation, but he doesn’t care. He believes that those people outside will definitely not recognize their zombie identity after their disguise, and they need to go to one side for an inspection.
Fu Shan this idea can’t be wrong, after all, he has seen many times before to capture then zombies. Ordinary monks have been like this, but he didn’t expect that his fortune was really bad this time. Yuan Lilai shouted at random because he wanted to get away from himself, but he was so coincidentally bumped into him.
Fu Shan naturally heard Yuan Li’s words, but when he heard them, it was too late. He was already wrapped in a purple thunder, and Linlin rushed out of the Mingyang Cave. At this time, he faced nearly a thousand monks outside the Mingyang Cave, and his eager eyes shocked him. He was a real person, and he couldn’t help but be careful.
Fu Shan, a panic-stricken man, was somewhat negligent in controlling his breath, slightly leaking out his own source breath. Among them, there are many monks with high eyesight or unique exploration treasures. This observation immediately found that this monk with purple thunder light rippling all over his body is himself and others who have worked so hard to wait until then zombies. I couldn’t help but shout out one by one, "Come on, this is then zombies!"
After so many days of kung fu, it’s natural that so many monks’ power groups are not just waiting here for the ghost cave. Outside the cave, they have been jointly arranged with several powerful bans, that is, they won’t be allowed to return to the ghost cave to escape after they get out of the zombie power.
These powerful bans were immediately launched by the leaders of various Godsworn influence groups after the zombie identity in Fu Shan was exposed. Immediately, a black optical network, a cyan barrier and a golden spirit flashed out, and the mouth of the ghost Yang cave was packed.
These three kinds of forbidden black optical networks are the magic way, the blue barrier is the fairy magical power, and the golden talisman is the Buddhist means. The difficulty of breaking the three religions can be imagined.
As soon as Fu Shan came out, he faced the situation that his identity was exposed, the posterior route was cut off, and several monks in front were eyeing him. This was a very big blow to his self-confidence than Fu Shan. At this moment, his lungs were about to explode, especially when he found that revealing his identity had caused him such trouble. The monk was actually the one who fled with another then zombie.
But what about anger? He can’t return it by the same means, not to mention that he still wants to have the person. The zombie himself is reluctant to disclose it, but he is willing to believe what he says under such circumstances.
At this time, he can continue to rush ahead, just like in the third fork, he usually escapes with the help of these power groups. Of course, he still has a goal to escape, and that is Yuan Li in front.
Yuan Li naturally wouldn’t have thought that this casual nonsense would really come true, but he is a very exquisite person, and it will be white in the blink of an eye. This is of great benefit to himself. Because everyone’s mind is focused on the back and then the zombie body rushes out, then the attention to himself will definitely be weakened. If it is decided at this time, it will go to a Taoist power group and press the sword light to rush forward again.
This Xiandao clique sees that Yuan Li is interesting, so it is not strict to monitor it. At this moment, in the case of then zombies, it is natural to put all your energy into the past. Although there are some vigilant people who are puzzled by Yuan Li’s crazy escape after then zombies appear, I don’t care much about this person’s mess just now, so it makes him rush out smoothly from the sphere of influence of this Xiandao Godsworn clique and disappear into the black fog of Xuanyin towards a farther distance.
Then Fu Shan, a zombie from the follow-up pursuit, was not treated so well. When the leader gave an order, hundreds of monks dispatched mana to pinch out the method tactic to promote the operation of the law. Immediately, a violent and fierce tiger roar sound was accompanied by an overwhelming wind.
This storm turned into a substantial black hurricane, which spread wildly in all directions in the virtual world. Fu Shan, then a zombie, was naturally intercepted by this hurricane. Although he is not hiding his strength at this time, he is an incarnation of a person folding his thick purple thunder light, which broke this hurricane in an instant and dashed all the way forward.
However, it was so slow that the tiger, with two or three feet of wings behind him, appeared in front of him and blocked his way forward.
White Tiger Heaven and Earth, Four Spirits, One Main Fight, Killing Although no one has ever seen a real white tiger, his image is no stranger to anyone. Fu Shan, a zombie, is no exception. His eyesight is not bad. It is natural to see at a glance that the strength of this white tiger method is more in your own imagination. After all, it is over 100 masters of preconditions, and the forced impact will definitely not have a good result.
With this in mind, Fu Shan naturally wants to adjust and control the direction in real time and avoid it with his own speed and flexibility. After all, this white dharma protector is the manifestation of the law force of all people, and it can’t be too far away from the battle, but the white tiger has already made moves and naturally won’t flee so easily.
Seeing that the white tiger was another deafening tiger roar, thousands of feet of crescent moon appeared in the virtual space, and the wind blades gathered together to form a nearly-high position, like the waves strangling the past toward Fu Shan, followed by the white tiger opening its mouth and spraying a series of thin, gossamer, long and thin gold wires emerging in the virtual space.
These gold wires are not ordinary things, but are condensed to the extreme. The essence of gold is manifested, and the firm but gentle is absolutely sharp. Don’t let the kendo master rush it out. The golden but firm but gentle bursts like a downpour and gathers into a bright jin hong’s violent impact on Fu Shan.
Followed by the white tiger itself, it made a vertical leap, so it swooped down on Fu Shan in vain. The white tiger’s hand was fierce and complete, and it was like killing Fu Shan here instead of catching him.
Fu Shan is naturally not a provincial oil lamp. He has accumulated wealth in Bell Volcano for a hundred years, and there are more than 20 jewels. However, his daily platform has been enough to defend against the enemy’s thunder sword. At this moment, it is a crisis for him, and he naturally dare not ask for it.
Draw a bronze mirror of Fu Shan’s body rose and hung on its head. It was going round and round, and this bronze mirror was named Jiugong Shenbaoqi, but the strongest defense device in his hand had long been refined into a life defense device, and it was like an armband.
Then three jewels flew out, but it was a palm-sized white yu fu; A bowl-mouth-sized black orb; A colorful rosy ribbon shines with these three jewels. yu fu is an attacker named to ward off evil spirits, which is huge and powerful than eliminating evil spirits. The orb is called the Red Yin Bead, which is an instrument suitable for both offensive and defensive purposes. It can release the Red Yin Divine Barrier, which is not only strong in defense, but also highly toxic than launching pollution. In the third piece, the ribbon is called Xiaguang Lian. As the name implies, it is a concise instrument of talent and clouds. It is also suitable for both offensive and defensive, and it can also bind the enemy’s power immediately.