"Wait a minute!" Xie Suixin was interrupted by Pan Hui before his words were finished.

Pan Hui frowned and his eyes turned fast. "You said that the palace looks complete. There is no living person in the palace? ! Impossible … This is impossible! Before I passed out, Fiona Fang Wuli was scorched, surrounded by punishment. It’s like magic gas. It can’t be complete as you say! There are problems in this, and there are big problems! "
"No …" Mu Yan was surprised this time. He blinked and looked at Pan Huidao. "Aoqing and my eldest brother and I will see that it is not scorched earth. If you are not covered in blood and floating on the lake, we will all fall asleep in the lake! However, there is a strong sense of defeat, and I didn’t pay attention to anything else when I was in a hurry to rescue you. "
Chapter 53 The sword is inexplicable (2)
Pan Hui turned around and took a deep look at Mu Yan and asked in a low voice, "Xiao Yan, are you hiding something? For example, what happened before I woke up after I was in a coma that I couldn’t know? "
"No … no … no!" Mu Yan was hardly blown three feet high by Pan Hui’s words. Fortunately, he reacted and quickly denied it.
Pan Hui eyebrow squinting "no? Nothing. What are you nervous about? " I was so nervous that I didn’t even know there was a loophole in my speech
Xiaoqing likes to mind her own business, but she never likes to finish the aftermath. Xiaoqing will come to rescue her and will do anything to save her, but she will never ask Mu Yan to send Mohe sword back to the inexplicable pavilion, let alone leave before she wakes up and let Mu Yan escort her alone.
There must be a very important person who has appeared or something very important has happened, which makes Aoqing feel at ease to make such a decision.
And this is what Pan Hui wants to know!
"Who is your eldest brother …?" Pan Hui knew that she wouldn’t say that Mu Yan’s life has been broken now, and she can directly find out what is going on in Mu Yan’s head.
Mu Yan was really unguarded. It was a bit awkward in his expression. "My eldest brother … is Aoqing’s fiance."
It’s really a little hard for him to call Sister-in-law Mu Cong to a girl who is more than 1000 years younger than himself, especially if he stays in the human world, one is equivalent to Minister Qin and the other is an exile prisoner. This differential treatment makes Mu Cong unable to admit him and Ao Qing to the outside world.
"Small fine fiance? !” Pan Hui’s eyes are staring at the size of two bells, and her mouth can’t be matched in broad daylight.
Pan Hui is not exaggerating this time. She really didn’t expect it to be like this.
But it’s normal to think that she doesn’t know. She even suspects that Xiaoqing herself only recently learned that she has a fiance.
Xiao Qing was sent by the celestial world to guard the Arctic ice sheet. For more than 1,600 years, Xiao Qing has been surrounded by mortals and immortals, which is a bunch of fierce beasts in the Arctic ice sheet. If it is really known, Xiao Qing, a fiance, will not be so comfortable!
This is a very afraid of being bound by freedom. Unless she is willing, it is obvious that Pan Hui has known each other for eleven years and there is no free man around Aoqing who makes her willing to be bound!
Uh, no, it’s a fairy!
Xiaoqing’s fiance can’t be a mortal. She must be a fairy.
Fairy falling in love will appear in a strange story, but it will never appear in a real engagement, which means …
Mu Yan is a fairy!
At this point Pan Hui leng good half-day just return to absolute being, look at MuYan eyes not much a few minutes weird.
It’s not surprising that the immortal god was demoted, but it’s very strange to cultivate the immortal spirit.
There is still a problem in this, and it is still a big problem. The root of the problem may be in her own body-her identity!
Today, it would be a big problem for Pan Hui if she never found out that she had a problem with her identity.
Deng Zu will personally come to give her a vein to change the fire as a spirit, and this vein is really a fairy, which is likely to be the protoss Wansheng Island owner. She asked her to call her sister Xiao Qingfen, who has returned to the celestial world in response to the natural disaster and returned to the human world to save her!
Pan Hui calmed down and didn’t ask Mu Cong again, but turned to Xie Suixin and said, "Can I … send Mohe home with you?"
She knew that it was not the right time to confirm her guesses. She would ask Mu Cong and eventually say it, but she didn’t want Xie to hear it at will.
The more you know about some things, the harder it is to get out of them. Now you have entered a Mohe. Pan Hui doesn’t want to get involved in Xie Suixin, who has stayed out of it.
Xie Suixin nodded without asking more questions. Even Mohe didn’t ask about the cause of death. He took the lead in walking towards the inexplicable pavilion with his sword.
He went out to look for Mohe Falls because the Mohe Soul Card was broken. Now he has found it. It is not easy to leave a residual sword at last. Worse, the man beside Aoqing woke up when he was away from the Arctic ice sheet. Don’t even ask Mohe in front of Pan Hui!
That man should be the eldest brother in Mu Yan’s mouth. Let Xie follow his heart. He can’t detect that the man is in the ice and snow, and the fierce beasts are rampant in the Arctic ice sheet. It seems that he belongs there naturally and is more suitable for that world than Aoqing.
Of course, this is not what Xie wants. He doesn’t like a nosy person, especially in the face of unfathomable people, and he won’t take the initiative to provoke each other
In this way, the three men walked wordlessly for a long time. When the door of the inexplicable pavilion appeared in the line of sight, it was already dark. The pair of red lanterns at the door of the inexplicable pavilion swayed in the night wind, which made Pan Hui feel a little sad and disappointed.
Maybe one day, maybe one hour, this pair of red lanterns will be replaced by other colors and return to Mohe.
Pan Hui stopped at a place ten feet away from the gate, and Mu Cong was clever enough to say nothing beside her.
Xie Suixin noticed that he turned around and asked with eyes.
Pan Hui long spit out a sigh, "I’m not going in. I’ll wait outside."
Waiting to pay homage to Mohe together.
In the end, she still didn’t have the courage to face Tan Moxue, the only sister of Mohe, a woman who has only once met a strange owner and independently supported a large family business.
"Good" Xie casually nodded and walked back to the gate with the epee, even if the guards at the door didn’t smell Jianli.
In a short time, I cried inexplicably in the pavilion, but I didn’t know how many people were crying.
The guard at the gate looked at Pan Hui and Mu Yan warily, and kept staring at them warily when they closed the door to the villa.
This Pan Hui is a light smile.
Mu Yan carefully observed Pan Hui’s look and said, "Sister, are you sure you don’t want to go in?"
Pan Hui callous shook his head. "What can I do if I go in? Cry with them? "
Her tears have already dried up in the Song Palace. If you want to cry again, I’m afraid there will be blood and tears left!
Mohe tried to smile at her until the end. How could she cry easily?
She has already cried. When Mohe closed her eyes and gradually dissipated, she cried more painfully than they did. Even what happened later impressed me. Now my heart is still numb and I can’t feel the pain.
Chapter 531 The sword is inexplicable (3)
"noting …"
With a muffled sound, the inexplicable pavilion closed the door half way, and a yellow figure swayed out lightly and gently closed the door.
Pan Hui eyebrows looked at the figure getting closer and closer, and suddenly she sighed, "You are there …"
It’s not that she didn’t expect to meet Du Ruo in the inexplicable pavilion. Since Xie Suixin has come back, Du Ruo should follow.
But she didn’t expect to meet again under such circumstances.
Du Ruo looked faint. "He asked me to play with you."
"You?" Xu had selfish Pan Hui at the moment would like to know whether Xie Suixin Du Ruo really got back together.
Du Ruo smiled at a glance. "We are married."