"This how line? Everyone is the same. How can they jump the queue? " There was an inappropriate sound in the crowd.

"Don’t cut in line, and send you there less."
Yu Yun Feng’s side sound just fell to the side of Xian Zun, who spoke brazenly. Xian Jun didn’t understand what was going on and was directly blown to pieces by a palm shadow.
One hundred people suddenly disappeared in the interstellar array, and the immortal emperor, who was guarding the array, glanced at the ground with minced meat and sneered with disdain. "I don’t know what life and death deserve to be slaughtered. Someone will clean up these rotten meat and look disgusting."
More than half of the hundreds of people in line sneered repeatedly. What is this kind of person who died and didn’t deserve it?
Knowing that the other party is in a hurry to save lives can’t delay them, but they are not in a hurry. If the other party is an ordinary immortal with no potential, it’s just that even if it is to save lives, it won’t let you jump the queue, but pigs can see that dozens of people in the other party are showing great potential. It’s strange that your ya will come out and scream not to kill you at this time.
There will always be some things that are out of balance, and seeing the situation clearly and being killed will not win any sympathy.
The 100-member team went straight to the place where the Heavenly Sword Sect passed at the fastest speed. It never queued up and forced to jump in line directly. Fortunately, even after passing the position of Youquanmen, it always belonged to a patriarch, and it played a great role in guarding the candidate elders of the sea of clouds. The guards who sent him to the array would sell him a face.
Two days later, a group of people entered the dome of Yuzong site, and Qi Xianer was displayed at this time.
The situation is the same as that of the previous two days. Even if it has not yet entered the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Sword Sect, it belongs to the territory directly under or affiliated to the Heavenly Sword Sect. The strongest subordinate force of the Heavenly Sword Sect, the fairy face is much bigger than the clouds and the sea.
It’s always smooth all the way, and occasionally there’s a little trouble, and it’s not local forces, but some stupid tourists who don’t cut in line
Treat this kind of person without saying anything. No one cares if you kill him directly.
Angry star
The super power dome Yu Zong governs one of the few thirteen prefecture-level planets.
Six of these 13 prefecture-level planets are directly under the command of Yu Zong, and the other seven are assigned to the strongest five vassal forces, and the wrath line is one of them. This is the camp of the Heavenly Sword Sect, and even the access is not allowed unless ordinary immortals, members of the Heavenly Sword Sect, say nothing.
Not only is there a fairy statue stationed in the interstellar array, but also a large number of superior teams are responsible for patrolling all the year round in the virtual capital outside the planet.
Whoosh …
Light and shadow flashed, and hundreds of people appeared in the array one after another.
There are thousands of people around the interstellar array, the worst of which are immortals. There are more than five immortals in the middle and late period, and there are more than a hundred immortals.
Suddenly seeing so many strange faces, the thousands of guards were suddenly surprised, but the face of the late immortal who was in charge of sending the array became full of gentleness and kindness.
His eyes rested on JiXianEr body ha ha smiled. "Miss Shen Jun said this time, however, you must be confined and secretly take people out without saying hello. I’m afraid the Giant Sword Sect is as bold as you. These people are …"
For a moment, he noticed that the remaining people felt dozens of extremely powerful smells.
Not good!
Miss, I just took six immortals out of the scene. There are actually ten immortals and forty immortals. Who are the extra people?
It’s almost a reflex. He’s kidnapped by Qi Xianer, and the other party comes over for some ulterior motive.
"Yu Li Feng in the Imperial Palace"
Yu Qifeng saw that the other person’s face changed dramatically. He naturally knew that the other person had misunderstood and quickly took out a token. "The younger generation and Qi Xianer are friends. Please don’t get me wrong."
Chapter 59 The Emperor is furious
"YuYun maple? The Imperial Palace Kowloon made you the residence of Hanyu Emperor? " The tense atmosphere relaxed with the expression of the late immortal.
"Hanyu Emperor is the great-grandfather of the younger generation."
"It turned out to be the welcome of the emperor’s temple!"
The fairy face smiled gently again, which was very meaningful. He glanced at Qi Xianer and laughed. "It turned out that Miss Yu Shao, a friend, came to visit the door. Please go to the Qingtian Palace as soon as possible."
Although the Heavenly Sword Sect is strong, after all, it is still a super power. Compared with the patriarch, the imperial palace is still in a moat, and the status of the emperor’s palace is much more noble than that of Qi Xianer. Don’t you see how horrible the guards around people are?
Because the two forces are too far away and anxious, they don’t know much about each other’s younger generation, but we can be sure that Yu Qifeng is not only a simple office, but also likely to be cultivated by the future emperor. There are many hidden things in it.
It is precisely because they are far away from each other that they are not like neighboring forces in various contradictions and conflicts. This is the truth of the so-called far-reaching attack.
Qi Xianer brought back the young master of the Imperial Palace. Does this mean that they have something?
In the view of the immortal, the young lady probably brought Yu Qifeng to meet her parents. If the Qingtian Sword Sect can form a in-law with the Imperial Palace, it will be of great significance to the development of the Qingtian Sword Sect.
Lights are on in the Qingtian Palace.
Tall and straight, seemingly middle-aged, Qi Youfeng just received the message, and immediately got excited and closed and ran out.
Twenty days ago, my little granddaughter sneaked out of the house for the first time to go out with her. My brothers all hung up on Qi Youfeng, and I was so angry that I couldn’t do anything about her. He had three children, two of whom were married, and the so-called married daughters poured water on them. All of them were the only ones with other people’s surnames. There was such a woman as Qi Xianer, so before her grandson was born, my little granddaughter became the only heir of Qingtian Sword Sect.
Gaqi Xianer’s talent of being clever since childhood is even better. HarmonyOS’s sword body is the most suitable for practicing the swordsmanship of Qingtian Sword School.
Therefore, in the sect, she is the owner, and the little princess is proud in front of Qi Youfeng. Where can she really be willing to punish her?
After sneaking back, he told her to stop sneaking away. It’s not that she is not allowed to go out, but that she should take an expert with her. If there is an elder grandson in the expert protection door, that is, the brother who loves her, how can she die easily?
My little girl was absent-minded and promised to come. I didn’t expect to sneak out again this time. Fortunately, this time she was a little good and brought six immortals.
Of course, without the Pope’s instructions, she can also take the immortal emperor out. The immortal master is not qualified to mobilize. However, it still makes Qi Youfeng very angry. The immortal emperor seems to be strong and relatively speaking, it is not a fart to have a field. This girl has not learned a lesson yet.
So Qi Youfeng made up his mind to punish her a little this time, or something might happen in the future.
If anything happens to his granddaughter, the Heavenly Sword Sect will be the successor in the future.
For a moment, he suddenly received a message from the interstellar array.
Originally, I was going to punish her, and I planned to declare bankruptcy because my little granddaughter actually brought back a young master in the imperial palace this time.
He sat on the first throne with a smile on his face, and two columns were full of people. After all, he meant to meet other’ foreign guests’, so some important people came. Among them, a man and a woman sitting on the right looked like they were in their thirties. It was Qi Mutian, the only son of Qi Youfeng, and his daughter-in-law, Shuang Yun.
Qi Mutian’s qualifications are excellent and he is a madman in practice. Even though Yu Zong is recognized as a wizard in the whole vault, he was already in the middle stage of the immortal statue as early as a thousand years ago. His wife, Frost Yun, an heir of the Giant Sword Sect, also has great talent and has reached the early stage of the immortal statue.
"XianEr also ridiculous time to steal away also calculate this time to steal away, etc. Must …"
"What must it be?"
Before Qi Mutian could finish his sentence, Qi Youfeng gave him a hard look. "This time Xianer didn’t go out to play, but it was a great contribution. Wait a minute. Don’t talk nonsense, understand?"
Poor immortal master Qi Mutian turned into a good baby in front of his father. He was actually happy when he nodded.
There are sect rules. Even if you are noble, you can’t go too far, can you?
It’s a trivial matter for the daughter to sneak out of the house again, but the celestial forces usually keep their word, but it’s still very important for the Germans to leave a knot in their hearts for the elders and guardians. It’s always bad for him to play the bad COP and say that he wants to teach his daughter a lesson. Qi Youfeng is playing the bad COP. He said that Qi Xianer has made great contributions. What else can the elders and guardians say?
It’s wrong for Qi Xianer to sneak away many times, but the credit lies there. It’s okay for their grandson to sneak out to play. If something happens, he can also bring a super-powerful young master back.
"Xianer has made great contributions this time, but it is a great thing to get closer to the imperial palace. If it is really as the Pope thinks, it will be a great thing."
"Yes, even if it can’t be a good thing, it’s still good for the door to make friends with the imperial palace."
Those elders and guardians are like mirrors in their hearts and know that the father and son are acting, but it is also true that Qi Xianer has made merits and demerits, and they immediately attached them to each other.
Just then!
Hundreds of figures broke in from the outside, which made many people feel unhappy.
Qi Xianer is a little princess of the Heavenly Sword Sect. She just goes back to her home and does whatever she wants without informing her, but there is still a young master in the Imperial Palace who doesn’t know the rules. When you come to someone else’s site and you are still a visitor, you have to stop outside the main hall to let people pass through, right?
"Grandpa, please save Chen Han"
Before everyone could react, Qi Xianer looked haggard and plopped down to tears. "He is dying, and all the way is continued by the immortal master Yuan. If he dies, I will not live."
Qi Youfeng was baffled by her granddaughter. "Who is Yu Qifeng Xianer? Who do you think is going to die? "
"Younger generation Yu Qifeng has seen Shenjun Xianer and said that people are sworn brothers of younger generation." Yu Qifeng’s previous walk was full of anxiety.