Well, it’s no wonder that all the people in the city want to get the magic weapon. It seems that even if it is really auctioned, it will be no small trouble to take it away. Dragonfly said with a little concern, hee hee, this is the temple we are looking for. To tell the truth, we have been paying attention to your understanding of you since you came to King Bezos. We can also be regarded as the most detailed intelligence organization in the mainland. Not only I, but even my grandfather believes that we want to win the magic weapon successfully. The second person wants to be the second person except you, says Jenia flatteringly.

Hehe, Miss, you look up to me too much. Do you know who the person who came to see me just now? Dragonfly smiled and said that he knew that it should be a whirlwind of weir countries in the capital of Bezos. Knight Leader Melifes said with great certainty.
You really know me very well. Now that you know it’s Melifes, you should know that it’s hard for him to stop me from leaving with a magic weapon. What’s worse, at the moment, I don’t know how many masters are lurking in the city. It seems that if you want to retire after success, you really need to make a good plan. Dragonfly said seriously
My daughter listened to the temple and told Jieniya to salute the dragonfly and said, "When the meeting is two days, can you get the information about the number of troops and other noteworthy experts from Bernard City in two days?" Dragonfly asked after a slight meal.
This is no problem. In two days, I will definitely put everything in your hands. Jieniya wrote, "Well, then I’ll wait for your good news." When Dragonfly got up and prepared to leave the gate, he suddenly turned back and said to Jieniya behind him, "I know we don’t have much faith now, but I want you to believe that since Dragonfly took your reward, I will try my best to finish it, and I won’t go back and leave Jieniya standing on the ground with a confused face.
Time flies in two days, but it’s a blink of an eye. Jieniya is really capable of thoroughly understanding the influence of various organizations outside Bernard City in two days, with tens of thousands of words of information, and soon the dragonfly case will be discovered.
On February, when the black market conference was called, it finally arrived. On the first day, almost all local black market organizations discussed whether it was necessary to integrate things, so the dragonfly and others didn’t go to participate. On this day, the dragonfly didn’t stay at home, taking advantage of the departure of Jieniya’s Divakxi jewelry joint person, and the dragonfly secretly called Ryan to listen to Yu Xuan.
Ryan, you immediately ordered the troops to prepare for the battle after you went back to the army’s stationed place today, and transferred 1,000 elite players from the army to sneak into the city in black at night today. Remember to let them look for their hiding places, and never disturb anyone until I give the order. Dragonfly said to the travel-stained Ryan.
Yes, master, rest assured that I will complete Ryan’s big response. Good, then please go to the city now. Dragonfly waved at Ryan and said, Boss, what do you want to do? Luo Cha doesn’t seem to want to do something, so he asked.
Luo Cha things are very complicated, and it’s hard to say for a while. This time, our goal is that the black market chamber of commerce will auction something soon. This thing is not only very important to us, but even the inferno will peep at it. Therefore, after we get that thing, we must leave for Kvas at once, Qi Longfei said with a frown.
Well, since it’s important, do you want to have a joint laugh? Luo Cha knows that dragonfly doesn’t want to say certain things, so he won’t ask any more questions. Alas, it’s a thousand miles away from Kvas. How can you inform Skywalker? Dragonfly said sadly
Hey hey, boss, don’t blame me. In fact, Zi Long has been hiding in the bodyguard division. I’m worried about the boss’s safety. Let Zi Long come with us secretly. In case of any accident, Zi Long’s flight ability will soon be able to pass the news back to Kvas’s Qitianxing, and they will be able to respond in the first place. Laugh, Luo Cha is embarrassed to lower his head and say.
What dragonfly was surprised and then gave a smile gently? Luo Cha played dirty with a fist, but this time you really did a good thing. Say that finish, dragonfly returned to his seat and picked up the topographic map of the table and smiled at Luo Cha. I will write a letter later. Tonight, you quietly gave Zi Long a message to Tianxing.
Well, it’s absolutely no problem to laugh. Luo Cha readily promised that after listening to Luo Cha’s words, the dragonfly sat quietly and nodded, and his melancholy eyes were gradually replaced by excitement. Zi Long, the Indiana Jones dragonfly, had more room for everything. Although the shortage of troops at present was still unsolved, less backup would arrive soon.
After the generation of laughing Luo Cha should do something, the dragonfly waved to the surrounding area and called evergreen laughing Luo Cha Kay and others to the side. Then they whispered in their ears. While listening to dragonfly’s words, everyone’s face became darker and darker. But after a while, everyone’s face gradually became angry. When Dragonfly finished, he saw that everyone was smiling and said that the master was waiting for me.
Important friends can’t type the old domain name, but they can access it by visiting the alternate domain name.
Hey, hey, Pei is fake, right? Call me sinister, right? But forget it, if you can make these preparations, anyway, it’s ok. Now go and get ready. Dragonfly said to the people after two quick laughs that it was everyone’s orders, and then they acted outside.
Laughing at Luo Cha and others’ departure, suddenly the dragonfly was left alone in the hall to see the map on the table. Long laugh said, Hey, hey, you can catch cicadas and yellowbirds by playing sinister tricks. I’ll show you how cicadas kill yellowbirds. Ha, ha, ha. No one knows what dragonfly wants, but at the moment, the laughter echoed in the hall seems to be a declaration of victory, which not only enriches the powerful letter, but also challenges the courage. Maybe this is the kind of life that dragonfly hopes to live in exciting adventures every day.
One day, she quietly passed by, and after dinner, Jieniya returned to listen to Yuxuan. As soon as she entered the door, she saw this beautiful and mysterious woman walking straight to the dragonfly dormitory.
Have you slept in the Prince’s Palace? Janea knew that Dragonfly had not rested yet, but she was still at the door and politely asked, Is it Miss Janea? I haven’t slept yet. Come in, Dragonfly. Lazy voice came from the room.
Excuse me, Jieniya gently pushed the door and pushed in. What is it that the young lady came to see me so late? What’s the trouble in today’s meeting? Before she put it on record, she asked with a history book to put on an act without lifting her head.
Alas, I don’t know that this time it’s a joint business of the Chamber of Commerce, but I know from various organizations that after the magic auction, my mind is not at the meeting. Today, except for a few speeches from several major organizations, other people are not interested in this meeting, which can be regarded as a sloppy field, said Jieniya
Oh, it seems that it is not so easy for the local chamber of commerce to merge, so it seems that it is not too heart to do things. After a few words, it will no longer be spoken.
Seeing that the dragonfly was not interested, Jieniya smiled and changed the subject. However, today, it was heard that the joint chief of the South China continent said that the horse dealer selling magic weapons had arrived at the Bernard magic weapons auction meeting today, and God would not know what you think of the temple.
Oh, really? Longfei finally said the theme when he heard it, so he gently put his hand down and said, Miss Jienia, where do you think the horse dealer will be now? Will he be alive?
Well, I don’t know where he will be, but I’m sure he’s still alive. Before he takes the magic weapon to the auction house, he will live on whether he lives with the money or not. It depends on his luck. When I say this, Dragonfly is surprised to find a murderous look in Jieniya’s eyes, which makes Dragonfly more sure that this mysterious woman is no ordinary character.
Well, that’s good. Since the magic device hasn’t been shown yet, we can take a step by step and make plans when we really see the magic device. By the way, Miss Jienia and Xiao Wang, a reluctant miss Jackie Chan said.
Temple said to my daughter do will promise to temple jie ni gentle said to dragonfly.
Well, then Xiao Wang said that it’s actually not a very difficult thing. Miss Wang wants to promise whether Xiao Wang can let the dragonfly eyes flash at Jieniya.
Hee hee, it’s this thing. Jieniya continued after a charming smile. Actually, if you don’t tell my daughter, she will definitely ask for a meeting in the temple. Even if she can buy a magic weapon, she can’t help the temple. It’s impossible to leave Bernard with a magic weapon and let the temple wait here. Once my daughter succeeds, she still needs to find the temple here. Isn’t it going to be a lot of waves? The meeting will definitely make the temple participate.
Thank you, Miss Cheng. Since this is the case, let’s have an early rest day and attend the meeting. Dragonfly got up and made a salute to Jieniya, and then moved to Fujian. Why do you keep driving my daughter away? Is it that the temple can’t look at the little girl or the temple? You Jieniya suddenly became very feminine and looked at Dragonfly with a pair of eyes.
Hey, hey, miss, it’s a beautiful month, but Xiao Wang’s heart belongs to it, and now it’s not a big event. How can you rest early?
Temple Jieniya wants to get close to Miss Longfei after a few steps forward. Don’t worry, Xiao Wang is not a man of his word, and he is not a fake gentleman. Since I have promised Miss Jieniya to help you get the magic weapon, I will do my best. Miss, let’s go back.
After listening to the dragonfly, Jieniya was silent for a long time before she said, Prince Tianlong is different. I have a life to seduce the temple, but today I am still in the temple. Don’t be a water-based woman. My daughter excused herself late at night and said a face of loneliness. Jieniya gently turned and walked through the door.
Looking at Jieniya leaving the room, Dragonfly seems to be a little regretful, but let him stop being impulsive. Boss, when Dragonfly is at a loss, a black shadow suddenly jumps into Dragonfly’s dormitory from the window.
Hey, hey, boss, isn’t it a bit tempting to laugh? Luo Cha has a smirk on his face. When you come to dragonfly, you stink. When you see it, you laugh. Luo Cha suddenly smiles. Hey, hey, it’s when that chick says, come to the temple, light up, and laugh. Luo Cha smirked and said.
Go to your place. You said it was so disgusting. I asked you if the matter was completed. Dragonfly turned red and immediately changed the subject. Wow, the boss turned red. It seems that he must have done something wrong. Honestly, do you miss her very much? Luo Cha shouted at Dragonfly as if he had discovered a new continent
Even if I want to go, I have to leave it to me first. How can it be her turn to be a smelly person? I think it’s your turn. Like a dragonfly suddenly realized, he raised his finger and pointed at the smile. Luo Cha said, No, it’s not the boss. You can’t blather this. Let Purple Moon hear it and it will crack my penis. Luo Cha quickly danced and retorted.
Purple moon, when did you get together with my sister? Dragonfly was surprised and laughed. Luo Cha laughed. Luo Cha quickly panicked and covered his mouth. I let slip a face.
Dragonfly doesn’t eat this set. Luo Cha puts the candle behind the table and laughs at Luo Cha’s face and scolds you for being a little honest, or I’ll let you taste the latest trick of the report. Dragonfly in hell knows that laughing Luo Cha is the most ticklish, so this means to threaten him.
Don’t scratch, don’t scratch me. Just laugh. Luo Cha begged for mercy. Hey, hey, quick say. Dragonfly laughs. Luo Cha immediately asked with a smile. In fact, it’s like this. Luo Cha got up and rubbed his arm and said that in a dark night with a dark wind and a high night, the soldiers in the strange city wall of Kvas were already asleep. Suddenly, ouch!