In addition, a long golden Se flame was left in the kendo furnace to flow slowly.

This golden Se flame is no stranger. It is the kind of flame that refines the source blood into Tao blood.
If you don’t move in your heart, you will take out the golden Se flame and put it somewhere in the sword house.
Just finished these moments, another golden Se flame poured into the sword house and was refined by the Kendo furnace.
One piece after another, the golden flame kept wrapping Moxiu, but it fell into the sword house and was refined into a golden Se flame.
The rapid increase in the number of golden Se flames in the sword house has filled dozens of zhangs in the sword house.
However, there are still a large number of gold Se flames falling into Jianfu and being refined into golden Se flames.
See the sword house almost fana mo Hugh heart move somewhere in the sword house suddenly qi Lu out of a small black tripod.
This is the Xuantianding, the ancestor of blood.
At the beginning, Moxiu threw Xuantianding into the kendo furnace without moving after receiving it. Later, it condensed the sword house, but it was directly protected by the sword house.
Only in this way can we not worry about the blood ancestors escaping from Xuantianding and making waves. Even if there is a trace of the strength of the blood ancestors, it can also cause disaster.
However, Moxiu also has no strength to maintain this state by refining blood ancestors.
The blood ancestor seems to know that once he leaves Xuantianding, he will be suppressed by Jianfu, so even though Xuantianding’s suppression on it has been greatly weakened, he dare not escape. He can gather strength bit by bit in Xuantianding until he is strong enough to escape at one stroke.
Although the suppression in Xuantianding has weakened a lot, the blood ancestors can completely break away from Xuantianding for a while, and each time they can separate a little bit of double roots to defeat Moxiu.
Blood ancestors and Moxiu are so alert to each other that they are all accumulating strength.
But now Moxiu has the confidence to refine his blood ancestors.
At this time, Mo Xiu is just thinking about micro-motion sword house, which drives the sword house to pour a large golden Se flame from Xuantianding into Xuantianding.
Xuantian Dingfang was originally punched by the blood ancestors in order to introduce Kuroshio. Later, Mo Xiu also managed to make up for this gap and keep it.
Now it’s just a channel for Moxiu refining blood ancestors.
Immediately in Xuantianding, there was an angry roar of the blood ancestor, and obviously the golden Se flame caused great damage to the blood ancestor.
Blood ancestors never thought that their escape and chance to live had become a deadly source at this time.
The whole Xuantianding was shaking and seemed to collapse.
Now, Mo Xiu doesn’t try so hard to escape, but devours the golden Se flame, which has been refined into a series of golden Se flames and poured into Xuantianding to become the force of refining blood ancestors.
However, this state did not last long
Just as he devoured the golden Se flame, the heroic spirit in the plane finally found Mo Xiu’s strange feeling and immediately sent out an angry voice.
"Where is the little thief! How dare you devour the golden flame! Give me death! "
Heaven and earth rumble and shake, and everywhere they are shaking, they are handing out the anger of the heroic spirit.
A bright white mountain suddenly appeared in the virtual space, shining the whole world and shooting into the sword house in an instant.
The sword house is rumbling.
The power of this blazing white mans far exceeds that of the former golden Se eyes, and the sword house is almost completely broken.
But at this time, a sword of Heaven appeared in the sword house and hit the white mountain.
The sword house exploded and churned, but Moxiu took advantage of this short gap and plunged into the exotic passage and disappeared!
Chapter 21 Find fault again
The bright white mountain in the kendo melting furnace … seems to have the wisdom to roar and release a powerful force, and even the purple Se flame can’t make it.
However, the oppression of the white mountain by the sword array in Heaven soon languishes and is thoroughly refined by the kendo furnace.
Behind him, Mo Hugh can hear the roar of the heroic spirit in the whole plane.
However, this has nothing to do with Moxiu. At this moment, he has fled the plane and entered the foreign channel.
The oncoming is a flaming gold Se flame.
It turned out to be the former flame giant who blocked the exotic passage. As soon as Mo Xiu entered the exotic passage, he flew to the flame giant [body] and was burned by the flaming gold Se flame.
This surprised Mo Xiu a little. When he came, the monks defeated the Flame Giant, and only then could they enter the plane. But now the Flame Giant seems to have no strength at all.
Or this fire giant is the theory of killing by law, and it will be reunited before long.
At this time, Mo Xiu was found in the flame giant, which immediately drove Pang Dajin’s Se flame to Mo Xiu.
This time, Moxiu didn’t try so hard to get out of here, but put the sword house to absorb it.
The flame giant’s body is shrinking like a deflated ball in a flash, and at the same time, one golden Se flame after another is refined in the kendo furnace.
What heaven sword array has been urging to help the kendo furnace refine the flame giant.
Gold Se flame after gold flame was injected into Xuantianding again in the manipulation of Jianfu Spirit, which caused trauma to blood ancestors.
gain two ends at once
In this way, Moxiu swallowed the whole flame giant without being damaged at all.
Moxiu didn’t leave here, but waited for a moment. In the passage, another flame giant reunited and threw themselves at Moxiu.