"Wow, it’s so fierce." Weathered clouds are beaming. "Master, you can rest assured that I will find a place to make hey hey." Said the figure turned into poison dumpling and slipped away. Looking at the figure of weathered clouds, Zhao Zifeng shook his head. "Master elder brother is really always so impatient."

Chapter 52 Hell robbery ()
"Let him be" Zhang Chongxuan said, and then he leaned out his hand and a deep and remote black gas instantly permeated his hand. It was a windy night, and suddenly Zhang Chongxuan blew a cloudy swish wind in the center of his right hand. This wind fluttered aside, and Zhao Zifeng actually felt a cold feeling. You know, with the increase of real strength, he had long been fearless of the cold, and the freezing cold when he was hiding in the snowy peak could not produce a cold feeling for him. It can be seen that this wind was severe and the cold feeling was getting heavier and heavier. Zhao Zifeng couldn’t help but sneeze and felt his body tremble. yu looked at it and
In the center of the courtyard kiosk, Zhang Zhongxuan looks indifferent with his left hand. If Jade Bodhisattva sees Zhang Zhongxuan’s gesture here, he will know what Zhang Zhongxuan is going to do. It’s a pity that Zhao Zifeng was not present in the battle between Zhang Zhongxuan and Jade Bodhisattva, otherwise his mind could guess that Zhang Zhongxuan is now playing by tearing.
A black whirlpool appeared in Zhang Zhongxuan’s way to Zhao Zifeng, "Purple wind is cold and abnormal inside. Remember to absorb the soul and protect the body." When Zhao Zifeng heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, Zhao Zifeng hurriedly offered a soul-absorbing, soul-absorbing, and yin qi produced a protective wall in himself and then jumped in, and Zhang Zhongxuan followed him and flew in. When the black hole disappeared in the shape.
When Zhao Zifeng entered the black hole, he felt a little nervous when he saw the gloom around him, and then he flew in and Zhang Zhongxuan quickly said, "Where is this, Master?"
Zhang Zhongxuan lightly said "Yellow Road"
"what! Huangquan Road! " Zhao Zifeng couldn’t help but be shocked when he heard Zhang Chongxuan’s words. I really can’t believe that I will walk in the middle of the story. "Master Huangquan Road disciples have heard of it, but it’s also a people’s distance. Is there really a underworld?"
Zhang Chongxuan nodded his head. "Yes, the underworld is really there, and the netherworld is the only way for the devils and horses to lead souls everywhere." In fact, the netherworld is a root. Even those who fix the truth can’t know that Zhang Chongxuan didn’t know before he soared. When he soared, he wandered around for a while and naturally knew the location of the underworld.
Zhao Zifeng’s heart was relieved and smiled. "Master, do you want to rob the ghost in the yellow road?"
Zhang Zhongxuan Jie Jie laughed. "Black and white is usually a ghost that the hell pays attention to. It is difficult for them to go out once, while ordinary ghosts are sent by several cows and horses. Today we are really going to be robbers, but we are not at the entrance of the hell. Although there are fewer opportunities to find out about the robbery at the entrance of the hell, you have to know that countless people die every day if we rob in the grave. If we rob in the grave, we don’t know how many cows and horses to rob. Hey, when we get to the entrance of the hell, we will look at a high-order cow and horse to rob it.
As soon as Zhao Zifeng said that, he saw a tall cow’s head and horse’s face leading dozens of ghosts coming in the distance. Those ghosts were not dressed in all kinds of clothes, and they were all dressed in white and locked in a dark chain.
Zhang Zhongxuan pointed to the cow’s head and horse’s face and said, "See, they are low-level cow’s head and horse’s face, which is equivalent to being a novice. There is no robbery value."
Zhao Zifeng couldn’t help saying, "Master, since we don’t rob them, should we avoid it?"
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled slightly. "That’s not true. They can see us. I just found us in the invisible array between you and me. You can’t find us until the series is black and white."
Zhao Zifeng said, "Master, your old man’s house is really a master of arts. If I were a wave, I must have been afraid to go to the entrance of hell at the high-level cattle and horses such as the Yellow Road. It’s really informative to follow you."
Zhang Zhongxuan patted Zhao Zifeng on the shoulder and said, "Purple wind, you don’t feel bad. You are just getting used to it now. Let’s go to the entrance of hell. It’s not good to stay too long in the yellow road. After all, you will do some damage to your body if you fight with the soul-sucking cold wind for a long time."
"Thank you, Master." When Zhao Zi became popular, he followed Zhao Zifeng’s break.
Flying for a moment, the two of them came to the entrance to the hell. Zhao Zifeng’s heart thumped and thumped. As early as a few miles away, he saw the entrance to the hell. The entrance to the hell was nothing but a big stone gate standing tall, and the stone gate was naturally engraved with four words of the underworld.
The entrance to the hell is strange at the gate. The four words "the underworld" give people a sense of integrity, which is even more reminiscent of what they have done wrong one after another. Zhao Zifeng just caught the road when he saw these four words, and almost didn’t shed tears when Zhang Zhongxuan woke him up. When ordinary people saw those four words, they would be shocked by the righteousness of heaven and earth, then lead to past memories and finally repent in front of Shimen.
"Master, why is there no one guarding the gate of the underworld?" Zhao Zifeng looked at the entrance to hell and couldn’t help but ask Zhang Zhongxuan.
Zhang Chongxuan sneered, "If mortals in the underworld don’t know and become immortals, they dare not come here to make trouble. It will make people guard the place, but they will be humbled. Moreover, the wave of manpower is of course to withdraw the guards." I wonder if I will strengthen the manpower to guard the gate in this case? But Zhang Zhongxuan certainly won’t be stupid enough to leave a trace.
When they waited for a while in front of the gate of the underground, they watched a number of devils in bull’s-head and horse’s-face pressing ghosts, but because they pressed too few ghosts, they were too lazy to start work, so they kept waiting for the big fat fish to appear. After a full tea, Zhang Zhongxuan finally got excited. It turned out that he had just heard that a large group of ghosts were coming this way hundreds of miles away and hurriedly told Zhao Zifeng to be ready to absorb ghosts.
Chapter 53 Punishing your honour ()
I don’t know that Zhang Zhongxuan and Zhao Zifeng will lie in ambush at the entrance to the hell, swaggering thousands of ghosts coming towards the entrance to the hell, and humming a strange tune, which duck is calling.
"Sing it, sing it. This is your requiem." Zhao Zifeng chuckled in his heart.
Zhang Chongxuan’s hands stretched out and two powerful true yuan shapes were released. When he was walking, the bull’s head and horse’s face showed fear at one glance. When his figure was about to move, two powerful true yuan attacked their chest. Thousands of ghosts were puzzled and flew to the sides more than ten miles away. Zhang Chongxuan’s strength was far from perfect, and no one came to trouble in the underworld. His vigilance had long been lost. What’s more, Zhang Chongxuan repaired the gods and saved themselves, and they all died.
As early as Zhang Zhongxuan instructed Zhao Zifeng to sacrifice the soul-absorber. The soul-absorber absorbed all the ghosts crazily. However, Zhao Zifeng was losing the soul-absorber, and the body protector of Yin Qi was struggling to support it. This distraction greatly reduced the effect of soul-absorber.
When thousands of ghosts saw that the cow’s head and horse’s face were dead, they would have been in a mess and scattered around. Zhang Chongxuan knew that Zhao Zifeng couldn’t absorb his body. Together, he shot several lights in his hand for a moment, and set up a trapped beast array at the entrance to the hell. His right hand even sent out a powerful real element to absorb the ghosts. As soon as the ghosts arrived at Zhang Chongxuan’s hand, they turned into a gas pouring in from Zhang Chongxuan’s palm.
Zhang Chongxuan’s move is also to increase his skill by using ghosts. He is not a gentleman and a concurrently. He studied heterodox cultivation before he soared, and his knowledge increased after he soared. He also didn’t forget that he was interested in witchcraft. Ghost absorption can increase people’s soul power. At the beginning, weathering clouds swallowed up human beings, just to absorb people’s souls and increase their soul power, and take the opportunity to improve his skill and practice against the sky.
After absorbing thousands of ghosts, Huo Ran has evolved again, and Zhang Zhongxuan’s repair has also improved a lot. Zhang Zhongxuan looked pale and Zhao Zifeng knew that he wouldn’t last long. "Well, the soul-absorbing complications protect yourself." Then he took the cow’s head and horse’s face with both hands and sucked it up to prepare for the destruction.
Zhang Zhongxuan, who saw a delicate black leather whip hand in the horse face, smiled. "This horse face actually brought a treasure with him." Put the bull’s head to the ground and put out his hand. When he pulled out the horse face, Zhang Zhongxuan immediately took out a black whip. He took the black whip away with the spirit of no waves, and then turned the horse face body into ashes to destroy the bull’s head. However, looking at the horns of the bull’s head shining with black light in the dark, he felt it was a bit like a bow. It was a pity to tear the bull’s head and melt the cow’s flesh, leaving it
After recovering from the evil wind, Zhao Zifeng saw Zhang Zhongxuan and said, "Master, why do you keep this bull’s head bone?"
"This bull’s head is well repaired, and his bull’s head bone is also much harder than the Antarctic ice stone. Unfortunately, we will build a bow with it in the future."
After cleaning up the land, Zhang Zhongxuan stretched out his hand and pulled out the tear, and Zhao Zifeng left the entrance to hell.
This autumn came earlier and more strangely than in previous years. In that autumn, there was a cold feeling everywhere. Many people got sick inexplicably, and the number of people who came to see a doctor thanks to God reached another peak. This directly led to Zhao Zifeng and weathered clouds coming out of the mountain to sit in the classroom. Zhao Zifeng had nothing to be weathered, but he was not happy in his heart these days. It was uncomfortable for Zhang Zhongxuan to give him a dragon-hiding pile, but he was called back by Zhang Zhongxuan before he had enough fun. When this tiring doctor sat in the classroom, he wanted to take out the dragon-hiding pile and look at it.
Looking at the smiling doctor Zhao Zifeng in the classroom, he hated to strangle Zhao Zifeng. Zhao Zifeng came to see a doctor with a mean smile. Most people saw his words and a face of insolence. He went to see a doctor with Zhao Zifeng and Xie Shiming. Who wanted Zhao Zifeng but shouted at the weathered cloud saying, "That’s my master brother’s medical skill." As a result, a group of people exploded and surrounded him. There was no way to be a big doctor.
Sitting inside the black curtain, Li Tang Zhang Zhongxuan is looking through this passage, but his performance is perfect. Other companies are still operating in the name of Ji Shi Tong Ren Tang. yiguang is still in a bleak business. There is no way to Xingcheng. People would rather walk more than go to the branch to see a doctor, but do it in their hearts. Be practical. Zhang Zhongxuan is considering Xie Shiming’s proposal to expand the main hall of Ji Shi Tong Ren Tang to make it the first yiguang all day.