Have to say; I don’t know what their brother and sister master think, but since they dare to let them out for experience, depending on their character, can they come back alive? Sunday is really some doubt.

Facts; On Sunday, it is not clear that the weak strength of the brother and sister will make the brother and sister appear. The main reason is that he is too b. Some people have been in the shadow of the royal sister, so Sunday’s self-confidence has been hit until the eye stops; On Sunday, everyone knows how far he has practiced his achievement method; But it is not clear; As far as his strength is concerned, if he goes to Jianghu; But it has already become a player.
And the strength of the brother and sister is not good compared with Sunday, but that is to say, it will appear some facts when it comes to Sunday, who is such an invulnerable expert in external work; If the brother and sister have a pair of swords, or if there is no invulnerability on Sunday; Then who will suffer when Sunday is with the brother and sister; It’s hard to say
Obviously; Eyes don’t know those things on Sunday. When the strength of the brother and sister is not good, the other master is not so good. They don’t attack them on Sunday after a state of mind. Is to keep blocking the way of the brother and sister, which direction they are going to escape; On Sunday, I blocked the road in that direction in advance and let the brother and sister wander around for a long time. But just can’t find a chance to escape.
"Brother? That man is so interested; Root won’t give us a chance to escape if we are caught by him; What will he do to us then! " The girl couldn’t help shaking a few times when she thought of what the bad guys did after catching the chivalrous girl in her master’s story. Obviously a little scared.
Almost the same as that girl; The teenager seems to have thought of something bad, and his face is a little ugly. After looking at it for a week or four, he finally found that they had tried all the methods they could, but the result was no matter how to get it. They all failed to escape from Sunday’s hand for a while; He told his brother and sister that they had successfully escaped from Sunday. I don’t have much hope anymore.
Think of your brother and sister if they really fall into Sunday’s hands; Then life and death will be decided by Sunday; Dare not entrust the safety of his brother and sister to Sunday, when the young man was just in the hands of the enemy, but suddenly he gritted his teeth and said to his sister, "Little sister; I’ll stall the man; You go back and tell the master to come and save me. "
"I don’t; That man is so fierce; Even the child was bullied just now if he caught his brother; When the time comes, will he also spank his brother? "
Teenager "…"
"I sue; Old is the kind of person who knows where the ass is? If you fall into my hand; The old man castrated; Female rape "heard the innocent words of girls; Sunday is deeply hit. Is being a bad guy a little intimidating in other people’s hearts? Angry Sunday; Directly cut in the conversation between the two brothers and sisters, and directly said their’ intentions’.
And after hearing Sunday’s words; The brother and sister’s face turned white after brushing, perhaps in the brother and sister’s eyes; Walking in the Jianghu is as simple as playing house in the sect! Take action when you see injustice; Then beat the bad guys away; After getting a compliment; Their fame will also be broadcast.
Eyes suddenly found that walking in the Jianghu is not as easy as they thought, and the bad guys may also defeat the chivalrous man. After the chivalrous man is defeated, he will not be lucky enough to get out and practice martial arts before going back for revenge, but he may be castrated and raped directly. While discovering how cruel the Jianghu people are; Is also not worried about their own fate.
Neither being castrated nor being raped is what the brother and sister want to happen after hearing Sunday’s decision. They once again put Sunday on the bad guys list; But also really worried.
Before, I wanted to get out, but I didn’t want to be caught on Sunday and then ruin my sect name, but now it’s different; Since Sunday is so’ ferocious’, a person’s image has been reversed for the very reason, and once again, Bai Sunday is a bad person. The brother and sister will try their best to escape without falling into Sunday’s hands, and their hearts are no longer afraid to start work on Sunday as before
Once again, Sunday was regarded as an enemy, but the brother and sister were angry after failing to escape from Sunday several times in a row; At that time, he pulled out his weapon.
"Let! Look at you, you are not a human being; We won’t care about your courtesy to us if you keep pestering us like this; Then don’t blame us. "
Look at that angry brother and sister; Sunday also put the face smile directly uncomfortable replied; "Don’t care about my gift as if it were your first initiative to jump out and ask for something! Now you blame me for everything. You really treat me like a bully! Hum; I just can’t find a master to go back to a job; When you get back, you may have to face endless work, so I’ll take you back as prisoners. When your elders come to my place, I’ll ask him how he educated you to be so arrogant and unreasonable. Really being a young master can’t be squeezed by mud? "
The original is just going to play with a brother and sister; But I don’t want the reaction of the brother and sister to be angry with Sunday, and I don’t want to play with them again on Sunday, so I will catch them back and punish them for a few days. Give them a good lesson; It’s better to let them remember it for a long time. This has become a plan for Sunday now.
Now that I’m going to be serious; On Sunday, there would be no more polite to them. The brother and sister just pulled out their swords. Sunday there is already directly toward their fists.
As far as moves are concerned; Sunday can be said to be more than the rookie brother and sister, not as good as the base Sunday. No punch can successfully hit each other, but the other sword can always stab Sunday. Although the law hurts Sunday; However, this situation is suspected to have expressed the words of both sides in terms of the moves they will know; Who is strong and who is weak?
However; On Sunday, due to the successful practice of "Iron Shirt"; Except for the master, those who are not armed with magic weapons can’t do harm to them, so they will be in an invincible position in a week. Although it looks as if Sunday is not dominant; But no matter whether the two sides fight each other, they can’t hurt Sunday; It is impossible to win Sunday and Sunday needs to successfully hit the other side one or two; I believe that Sunday will be enough to defeat the other party.
Obviously, the brother and sister also know the situation of both sides; Although it has never fallen into the wind; But when I saw that they couldn’t do anything about Sunday; At that time, they were anxious.
And have to say; The brother and sister are really in a bad mood; Their moves immediately became a little messy, so the change was naturally discovered by Sunday, and finally there was no such opportunity as waves on Sunday; Take advantage of this opportunity when the other party is in an unstable mood; Suddenly, when I found an opportunity, I jumped into the girl’s arms with a tiger leap, and then, regardless of it, I carried it back to my sect headquarters.
Chapter 43 A chivalrous man becomes an accomplice
"Let my sister go!" "Bastard; Bad guys let me go quickly. "
With a burst of noise, a very interesting picture appeared on the street of Tieniucheng. A man was carrying a young girl regardless of walking forward, while another teenager kept attacking her at the back, but he didn’t know whether the two sides were acting there or not, regardless of whether the teenager stabbed his opponent like a sword. In the end, they didn’t stab each other, which made people see it; It is difficult to generate an unreal feeling.
The three people who are’ performing’ are naturally the rookie brother and sister on Sunday! Rely on each other’s psychological flaws; After Sunday succeeded in catching the girl; He relied on his own advantage of not being afraid of the other party’s attack to directly carry the prisoners and prepare to leave. For Sunday’s lai practice, the brother and sister were angry; But it happened that there was no way to take Sunday.
And Sunday can’t care what the brother and sister feel; Anyway, the two sides are already enemies; Then Sunday is not afraid to widen the gap between the two sides. They don’t want to deal with themselves. Aren’t you nosy? I will take them back as prisoners now, although it is not necessarily a big deal; But they will always do things like serving tea and sending water! When the time comes to give them a labor reform, when will you wait for your anger to disappear? Then release them, that is, now! Very not easy to find two door coolies Sunday nature is impossible to easily let them go.
I don’t know if the brothers and sisters are too affectionate or really as they showed before, because some brains depend on the situation; I believe that even if they pester Sunday like this again, it is impossible to change anything. Instead, they will really be led to their lair by Sunday, and then they will be caught by Sunday.
The best way to see; Naturally, the teenager went back to his legacy for help, and then asked their legacy elders to come forward. Although there is no guarantee that Sunday can be taken at least at that time, the possibility of success will always be greater than now! Consume like its eyes; But no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem likely to succeed.
It’s a pity that the brother and sister’s eyes seem to have lost their thinking ability. Most women know that they are struggling on Sunday’s shoulders. But I don’t know that she can take advantage of her on Sunday; But there is no root.
And the teenager also didn’t want to leave; Know constantly attack Sunday; I tried to save my sister, but dozens of swords didn’t hurt Sunday until my eyes refused to give up courage, although it was commendable; But his line is absolutely stupid.
For the performance of this brother and sister; On Sunday, nature is in the eye, but; On Sunday, because they are enemies, it is naturally impossible to tell them to act like this, but at that time; Sunday intentionally led them to continue to act like this, and there were also the brothers and sisters who continued to wait like this until they arrived at their own sect headquarters; Sunday will be able to capture them in one fell swoop, otherwise Sunday will not be able to capture them; And the intellectual man fit kung fu is terrible, if you really want to catch two people at once; For Sunday; That’s a lot of difficulty
Obviously; In the aura of the brother and sister’s brain-dead, the Sunday plan is step by step towards success, although there is still a distance from the sugar gate station; But if thing don’t change; I believe that today this matter should be developed according to the Sunday plan.
Facts; The brother and sister didn’t consider anything as Sunday thought. Seeing Sunday carrying his sister away and finding his roots, there was no way to rescue his sister from Sunday’s hand. The boy couldn’t help but feel some sadness. At that time, since a kind of crying tone cried for help to the bystanders around him, "Please; Save my sister! That man is a rogue; If if he takes my sister back, then … "There is nothing to say later; But since Sunday is a rogue! Even if the latter things are not said; Others as one pleases alone has been inferred.
The original teenager is still; I asked for help in this way; When the time comes, one or two chivalrous men will jump out to help them beat away on Sunday; Then he rescued his sister, but the reality was that the chivalrous man didn’t hear his words as much as he thought; Onlookers mean that he constantly talks about Sunday and really jumps out to help others; But I haven’t seen one for a long time
Seeing that it is such a result after asking for help; The teenager’s heart was cold at that moment and he couldn’t understand it; In reality, there is such a big gap between the rivers and lakes in Master’s story, and the strength of the bad guys is so strong. I haven’t seen many people come out to help me even when I meet with injustice. Is this world really so dark? Is it true that no one with a just heart came out to help himself?
At a time when teenagers are almost disappointed with this world; A few men, like shining golden gods, descended from the sky with their backs to the sun, posing one by one. They were very confident. At that time, they reported themselves as "martial arts school brother YY; Sect brother KK…… … "That pitch is better than one, and I’m afraid others won’t know that they came out to fight bravely, which is usually the performance; I can see that these people are much more sophisticated than the brother and sister. At least no one will know that the brother and sister really did something good. It is equal to saying that they can be said to be thankless and have no gains, but these people are different; Before doing chivalrous deeds, I knew that I should advertise for my master first, so that they could really save the girl. At that time, not only the brother and sister will be grateful to them, but others will see their performance; Their legacy can also leave a deep impression on those onlookers. When the time comes, those who want to practice martial arts will be considered first.
It can be said; Although these people are doing heroic deeds there; But the utilitarian heart is definitely better than that of the brother and sister, which is precisely for such a reason; Let Sunday have no affection for them.
Root doesn’t even have the mind to talk to those people. On Sunday, he directly carried the girl and rushed at them with three punches and two feet. The original performance is very rob to play a few strong men, and they will be directly beaten everywhere on Sunday.
"Scared people; Hold Meng Bu’s death and the star has just stopped dying. You must take a joke. "Because the front teeth were knocked out on Sunday, it was already a little dew. When several’ chivalrous men’ begged for mercy, the sound became much more distinctive. It was their sudden change before and after. Don’t say that the former teenager still had a lot of hope for them. It was those onlookers who were ready. On Sunday, they were defeated by those people’s shame. Seeing those few smiles on their faces; Zhou Tianzhen didn’t know what to say about them.
Although I am not happy with the performance of those people; However, it just happens that the eyes are short of hands on Sunday, even if those people show that Sunday is no longer pleasing to the eye, but now the situation is human; On Sunday, however, I still have to force my bad feelings towards them. I ordered them in a cold tone, "Take the boy and carry him with me."
"Be, be, be; We’ll do it. "Shame on a few people, regardless of whether they were still there before, cried out to do something heroic, and directly adjusted their heads to command them on Sunday and rushed directly towards the boy."
Perhaps it was because of those performances that the teenager was shocked and even the reaction slowed down, or that the original fencing of the teenager was suitable for one-on-one combat and not suitable for group warfare, and finally Zhou Tiandou spent half a day; Can also rely on defense to defeat the teenager; The result is that a few fighters have settled a few things, but the process of taking the young man was smooth and somewhat unexpected on Sunday.
But anyway; Being able to take the young man even achieved some abnormal performance on Sunday, and he didn’t pay too much attention to it. After nodding his head approvingly towards the fighters, he carried the young girl on Sunday. The people who led the group went their way again.
Chapter 44′ Fairy’ Sunday
"Well; Just send it here. You guys can go. Remember; Once again, when you want to fight bravely, you should choose the right person first. Didn’t you find that guy stabbed me with so many swords when you jumped out? A performer like me wants to know that it is beyond your ability to deal with it! Under such circumstances; You should pretend you didn’t see anything; Wait until you meet someone weaker than you; At that time, it is not too late to jump out and act bravely. "It may be that I feel that those people have helped me; It’s not good to have no point to express yourself! After arriving outside his sect’s headquarters; Sunday when let the men leave; But I don’t forget to ask them if they have listened to their own’ experience talk’; But it is not considered on Sunday.
However; It’s impossible for those people not to take it to heart on Sunday! After all, they only ate such a loss on Sunday and had personal experience; Believe in Sunday dialect; Those people can still listen.
Looking at Sunday with a grateful face; That a few fighters have long forgotten that a line of people came to Sunday to find trouble in those hearts; Sunday’s image is now tall, but after they offended Sunday; Since Sunday spared them in this way, and when he left, he also taught them such performances as "doing chivalrous deeds"; It has been suspected that those people have left an image of’ he is a good man’
Ignore those people who left with a face of’ moved’ expression on Sunday after those people left; At that time, he also carried the brother and sister with a full face of "Yin" smile and entered his own sect in a few steps.