"Hum! Want to run? " To react, Zhang Xiaotian saw that there was a special fluctuation around the Buddha’s body braved the milky light, and immediately he drank a long knife in one hand and split it in the past!

Mind move around the purple spirit force also follow turn to the Buddha!
The fluctuation of the Buddha’s body is a sign of the array! And it’s teleport! Nai array level is too weak, and Tianbei Buddhism can truly "teleport"!
The purple spirit force broke the Jia defense and Zhang Xiaotian’s black long knife fell-
Sniff! Sniff! Before-
Several long knives fell and blew, sneering at the wind and sorrowful Buddhism to avoid it! Sad face really turned into sadness!
The number of knives falls to the sky and the Buddha’s head flies high!
"whoosh!" A golden light flashed, a figure flew to the Buddha’s side, and a dim and damaged cassock was fished out with one hand!
A handsome boy is quietly suspended in the water!
"the sky!" Such as Zhang Xiaotian face not peep out one silk slightly stunned!
Only after fighting can we grow! Two masters of the Seventh Order have destroyed Zhang Xiaotian, and they didn’t shoot again. Instead, they directly attacked by a group of hands!
"This garment … is really good!" Zhang Xiaotian thought that the Happy Buddha was destroyed only when he was hit by dozens of spiritual forces! However, the God-fearing Buddha has withstood hundreds of spiritual attacks because of this ritual! Can’t help but admire!
"It’s a pity that it’s ruined!" Then ice spirit also came to the front and said slowly! There are only five six-order Buddhas among the ghosts who come to repair a six-order secluded pine! However, there are two sixth-order Buddhas who attacked and fell in Zhang Xiaotian’s spiritual power! That secluded pine in the front row didn’t escape!
Four months later, five lich kings were promoted to the sixth rank in extreme cold and fire inflammation! Plus the previous promotion of two lich kings, there are seven sixth-order monsters in total besides the ice spirit and the fire spirit! After the three sixth-order Buddhists were scraped off by them, the ice spirit and the fire spirit were completely idle! To those four or five order Buddhists and Ghosts, it is said that they can’t afford to lose that person when dealing with such rubbish …
In fact, they don’t want to rob their opponents …
After the fire and water spirit ring is repaired and the fire and water spirit force circulates again, the spirit ring monsters will repair thousands of miles a day! There are countless breakthroughs! This is just the right time to practice their hands! Let them break through the new growth strength!
After hearing the words of Bing Ling, Zhang Xiaotian’s face couldn’t help showing a pity!
"I can fix it!" Gazed at the sky for a while suddenly mouth way
"Huh?" Zhang Xiaotian was puzzled at first and then frightened "What!" This armor is not a magic weapon. Its defense is abnormal. It can be repaired …
"Can you repair the magic weapon?" Zhang Xiaotian blurted out.
Sea sky is shook his head "this magic weapon is good but not damaged, so it is because of the energy consumption! After replenishing the energy, it will be as good as ever! " After that, the white light in the hands of the sky and sky flashed and the armor was restored immediately! Jia Jia scattered a faint golden light outward!
"This ….." Zhang Xiaotian was a little surprised to see the damaged Jia recover!
"I will give it to the boss when I replenish it with energy!" Sea sky slightly laughed
"Replenish your energy?" Zhang Xiaotian frowned. Since this magic weapon is not broken, it can be used directly after refining! What energy do you need to supplement?
"This magic weapon is different and requires energy!" A white flame rose from the sky and the sea, and then it sank into the mouth of Caleb and said slowly
"This ….." It was a shock to see the white flame being sucked to Zhang Xiaotian by Gaal! He knows that the supplementary energy mentioned by Haitianqiu is his milky white energy! But Zhang Xiaotian know this energy but fuelling eye avatar energy! This …
"Every time you add some energy, this magic weapon will open a layer of defense cover!" The sky and the sky finished, and a white flame bounced again!
"The first rise is the outermost defensive cover! From the outside to the layer is stronger than the layer! " A white flame once again into the Jia.
Every time the sky and sky say a word, one or several white energy flames will melt into the karma!
Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotian noticed that every time the sky and the sea shot a white energy, his face turned pale! Yu’s face is getting more and more ugly!
Thoughtfully for a moment Zhang Xiaotian laughed "sky! You’d better keep this magic weapon. I don’t want it! "
Hai Tianqiong stopped and looked up at Zhang Xiaotian manually. "What not?"
"This magic weapon is that monks wear cassock. I don’t like to wear it!" Zhang Xiaotian light smiled and shook his head.
Suddenly the sky and the sea laughed!
"Eldest brother! This magic weapon is spiritually changeable! " Hai Tianqiong said with a smile that when he finished speaking, his cassock became a white robe!
Then there was a strong white light on the sky and the sea, rushing towards the robe!
"The sky! Stop it! " Zhang Xiaotian was shocked to see this move of Haitianqiu! He thundered!
However, the sky and the sky looked at Zhang Xiaotian with a pale smile and didn’t stay manually! The white light is getting thicker!
"Boss, I’m glad to be stronger now!" Sea sky a face of pale smile said
"Boss, if you know that you have destroyed two seventh-order Buddhist practitioners this time, you will send order monks to deal with the boss!"
"Order monks have realized the law of the day the boss is absolutely no match! If you touch the boss, don’t try to be brave and hide immediately! "
"The sky! Stop! " Zhang Xiaotian stretched out his hand and eagerly touched the sea sky, but the white light penetrated one inch!
"This magic weapon can block the order monk attack is the only thing that the sky can do now! This is the fat boy who came to the sky to absorb all the energy and now give it back to the boss! " Speaking of which, the sound of the sky and the sea is a little low
"Maybe … it was a mistake to wake up in the sky!" Sky looked up with a smile.