Now Aoqing doesn’t know enough about the whole thing, and all his troubles come to Kangmo’s words. This little white face has to slap his abacus in his heart and think about what to do step by step. But he doesn’t want to make himself too entangled and can’t think clearly, so he stops thinking about it and simply fights with Aoqing.

It’s not a bad thing that Wan Li is accompanied by beauty in the vast sea.
In this way, in the past two or three days, some practitioners have finally realized that the topic has shifted from the trivial quarrel between men and women to the practice experience tips.
When it comes to cultivation, the princess seems to be a different person. All her talk is full of piety. Unconsciously, she shows many advantages pointed out by famous teachers, such as nourishing essence, practicing qi, adjusting the body and keeping the dragon and tiger from the hurdle. It’s difficult for someone to sigh and practice hard to be a demon from Aoqing’s mouth.
At the beginning, Kang Moyan was able to argue a few words about his own views and experience. After two days, the little white face knew how good it was to have a master. What Ao Qing said was that he couldn’t find mistakes and omissions. Whenever he spoke out his opposition, it was bound to be a thorough criticism. In the end, Kang Moyan would feel that he was a stupid question! After a long time, he simply learned what Aoqing said, and he silently remembered it in his heart. Whenever his own views were different, he immediately corrected the whole thing and started a gigolo business.
So after more than half a month, Kang Mo said that he felt that his gains these days were even greater than the treasures taken from the Dragon Palace, and Aoqing seemed to be willing to sell him a good one. He always had questions and answers, except for the practice of magic, and he didn’t hide the secrets of Taoist orthodoxy, which made this little white face happy. It was a feeling of being a rich woman.
On this day, they talked about Kang Mo’s words again. Curious, they asked about Li Shan’s old mother’s deduction technique. Aoqing shook his head and replied, "My qualifications are stupid. Instead, my senior sister is quite talented in this method, and she has gained six sirens and three secrets."
"You have a teacher elder sister! ?”
Kang Moyan suddenly remembered that a person’s eyes lit up unconsciously.
"yes! I have two school sisters, one school sister, and those two school sisters are practicing my school sister beside Master now … "Speaking of which, Ao Qinggang took a good look at Kang Mo’s words and immediately stopped talking.
Kang Moyan couldn’t help asking, "Where is your senior sister practicing?"
AoQing facial expression, a sneer at a way "my teacher elder sister in what do you have? ! You snake demon, when you hear that I have a senior sister, your eyes are full of gods and you are guilty of peach blossoms. You want to ask me where my senior sister is going? "
Kang Moyan smiled wryly, and a white lotus flew out from the top of his head. In the middle of the night, Buddha’s rays scattered. Kang Moyan sat in the cloud and held a wonderful lotus flower mantra handprint in his hand, like a solemn picture of a monk! Do all this well before he slowly accents with the Buddha’s light falling. "Color is color, Aoqing benefactor may have misunderstood me, but I am actually a monk!" Where the hell is your senior sister? I’m just curious! "
Aoqing didn’t expect Kang Moyan to act like this all the way. This little white face either bickered with himself in a shameful and shameless way or devoted himself to studying the Tao of Practice, but never had such a funny joke.
This Buddhist spell is not as powerful as Aoqing, and naturally he will not recognize that Kang Moyan is really a Buddhist middleman. It is very funny that he is about to ask a woman about it now, but he is under the banner of a Buddhist monk.
Aoqing first zheng, then put his hand in his mouth and was about to laugh, but suddenly remembered something and couldn’t laugh anymore.
He is going to ask the teacher elder sister!
Has he seen the teacher elder sister …
What? Everyone who has met the teacher elder sister is like this …
Aoqing’s heart didn’t go well. A quiver of laughter caused by Kang Mo’s words stuck in her throat and she never came out again. She took a look at Kang Mo’s words and said lightly, "I don’t know where the teacher elder sister is. She left the master in her early years …"
"Alas …"
Como sighed with disappointment.
Lotus turns into illusory Buddha’s light, and Kang Mo’s words are still a small white face
He doesn’t know AoQing heart is also a sigh.
"The teacher elder sister points in qingchengshan practice me … I should tell a lie to …"
Although the East China Sea is large, it is marginal. Although they don’t travel fast, they are walking on clouds and riding a horse for thousands of times faster. After another month, they have already seen the shore of the East China Sea in the distance.
Kang Moyan suddenly stopped at Yuntou and said to Aoqing, "Now that the vast sea is full of steam, Kang wants to linger for a few more days. Although Jinghe is the princess’s home, it is not where I can go. Why don’t we go our separate ways?"
Aoqing was silent for a long time and asked faintly, "Kang Daoyou is purposefully inconvenient to take Aoqing with him?"
Kang Mo said with a smile, "It’s not because I’m afraid of delaying the princess’s return home. I’m wandering around this sea, but I don’t have to go."
Aoqing smiled faintly. "In that case, Aoqing didn’t fail to reach the destination, and the tutor’s account has not yet come to a conclusion. Why don’t Aoqing be a guide and take Kang Daoyou around the East China Sea for a while?"
This suggestion is a must for Como, who has made up his mind not to do it at this time. The death of the nosy Jinghe old dragon must be resolved in one sentence or two, that is, tied with a rope so that he won’t bet with Yuan Shoucheng. Who knows if there will be another disaster? Besides, is this a curse for Como? Once Aoqing is successful, he will change a lot of things. None of these things can be mixed by a small water snake. Although a passer-by with a small butterfly wing may cause a great storm, Como would rather be a demon with his tail between his legs carefully, especially when his strength is weak.
Kang Mo Yan once again promised his peers that they would turn their heads to the northeast and fly to Lu Aoqing to give directions on the landscape of the East China Sea. In the past few months, this dragon and snake have also visited several good islands. Kang Mo Yan put caution to Aoqing and hid in the garrison soil to cultivate some mana in his spare time, but he also improved a lot.
On this day, Kang Moyan was listening to Aoqing talking about anecdotes in the East China Sea. The princess Jinghe suddenly said, "Have Taoist friends ever heard of Yingzhou Xiandao?"
Kang Mo said with a smile, "I have heard that there are ten continents and three islands overseas, and Yingzhou is one of them. Have you and I arrived in this fairy Shima Sakon?"
Aoqing nodded and said, "There is Yingzhou Fairy Island thousands of miles ahead. The island often grows fairy grass Ganoderma lucidum and produces beautiful jade in the East China Sea, but it should not miss the seascape."
Aoqing said this to lead him to ten continents and three islands, but Kang Moyan had the heart to visit it. But he was still enemies in the Dragon Palace now, so he had some scruples and asked, "This island is still in the East China Sea. I heard that several immortals lived on different islands before, but I wonder if that fairy family is easy to talk about."
Aoqing laughed. "Taoist friends don’t have to worry about the island where nine old people live in Yingzhou. It’s always hard to see and even more unusual for demon fairy to talk. These nine old people have a strange temper. Besides chess, they brew a drink called Liquan and never ask about the East China Sea."
After listening to this, Como was relieved, and then he remembered another thing. He pulled out a yellow gourd from his arms and shook it full of water, then pulled it out and poured it to the sea.
AoQingQi way "friends this is? Although this gourd drink is not fairy-brewed nectar poured into the sea, it is also very cheap and cheap. "
Kang Moyan shook off the gourd in his hand and replied with a smile, "I heard you say that the Liquan must be a kind of nectar and dew, and it will definitely be of great benefit to practice after drinking it. Now that I have arrived in Yingzhou, I have to beg him to make a thousand pounds for the bottleneck of practice in the future, so I can make a breakthrough with a few mouthfuls."
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The abbot Xiandao in the middle of the East China Sea