Someone chatted that you weren’t leaving?

"Have some more!"
Gentleness and Teng Yun are still not the focus of attention after sitting in the corner. Teng Yun is a little uncomfortable to be seen. Is this what you mean by casual place?
"It’s quite casual to come, but it’s different when you come."
With a gentle smile, Teng always picked his eyebrows, so it’s still my fault
Gentle finally laughed. Teng always caught his wife out of the corner of his eye and immediately grabbed her soothing smile.
Gentle by his bottomless eyes see whole body uncomfortable to eat.
The two men went back to the office building after eating. He said he wanted to take a nap and nodded tenderly. Then you go to sleep!
I didn’t expect that Teng always meant something until his dark eyes stared at her face, staring at her uncomfortable and gentle eyes. Aren’t you going to take a nap?
"How can I sleep alone?" Teng always said dryly, then put his wife into his arms and hugged her shoulder and went to the office.
As soon as the door opened, he immediately dragged her into the lounge, pushed her against the door and kissed her.
"You said it was sleeping!"
"How can I sleep without undressing?" The man slurred his voice and kissed crazy in love, so he could no longer control himself. Finally, he couldn’t help but push her to the big bed next to him.
☆, 6 Wenmi defeated Sue bitch.
Gentle, nervous, blushing, and then staring at Tengyun taking off his suit, you said you didn’t sleep well last night.
"I’ll make up for it this afternoon"
"I’ll sleep with you. I’ll sleep with you. You lie down and I’ll press one for you." She said, getting up and kneeling on the bed, trying to press his back.
Tengyun looked down on her and threw the clothes at her. I don’t care if I relax.
Gentle and scared, I swallowed my saliva. I escaped last night, but I can’t be lucky today.
"I miss you so much!"
Men always seem to have a lot of sweet words in bed that make women blush.
But as soon as I get into bed, I’m a little disloyal
Fortunately, he is not, and they are husband and wife.
Later, Teng always vented his arms and held his wife in bed. He was gentle and prone on his arms, although he was a little sweaty.
It’s not a big lounge, but it’s spacious at this time. A big bed is even occupied a little bit.
Two people are intertwined, and neither of them will leave. This moment is gentle and suddenly feels very warm.
It is warm in this autumn.
Jiang Wen went back to the office for a long time, but I didn’t see tenderness when she came back. When she was outside, she took out her cell phone and called her, thinking that she would have to ask the boss later. She couldn’t say one, two, three.
Who knows that gentle mobile phone rings in the office? At that moment, she immediately hangs up and scares her. She holds her mobile phone in her chest with both hands for fear of being disturbed by others.
It was when she heard the phone ringing in the office that she immediately thought of that level.
Gentle heard his cell phone rang, and Teng Yun was about to get up, but he held her tightly. If something important happened, it wouldn’t ring.
I thought about it gently, but it was past three o’clock when I raised his hand and looked at his wrist. Are you sure there is nothing else to do this afternoon? Can we lie here all the time?
"You should accompany grandma at night so that I can let you accompany me during the day."
Gentle nai smiled, "am I so important?"
"Of course!" He lowered his head and forehead on her shoulder and whispered softly.
Where is it important to be gentle in your heart?
I can’t help asking that sentence.
"Everything is important!" Said the body, and then raised my hand and gently held her hair and kissed it.
I never open my eyes, as if I were familiar with her, and I could find out where there was a scar with my eyes closed.
Stay in his arms gently and quietly until he falls asleep, and she turns to look at the exquisite outline when he sleeps.
When she got dressed gently, she went out and picked up her mobile phone. When she saw that Jiang Wen’s name was displayed on her face, she glanced at the door, then grabbed her long hair and tried not to look too messy before going out.
Jiang Wen sat by and watched tenderness come out from the inside, holding gills in his hands to help giggle at tenderness. Why did Gentle Nai pull her voice?
"Hey hey!" Jiang Wen giggled and sat up straight.
Gently put your mobile phone next to me and I’ll go wash my hands!
Jiang Wen nodded to see tenderness before she went far, and suddenly stopped her sister Rou here!
Looking at her gently, pointing to her neck, I immediately raised my hand and touched myself, and then ran to wash my hands when I grasped it.
She feels sad when washing her hands. Why does he do this every time? He has to leave something with her every time.
And it is strange that today she is completely prepared for him.
At noon, she almost returned to the original lukewarm state, but after noon, it changed.
I left my hair in the back of the office and pulled it to my chest, and then I found that I didn’t have lipstick, and I picked my eyebrows and went back to get it, but I saw a familiar beautiful image when I was going to the office door.
"I always found something in Teng last night," said to Jiang Wen.
Jiang Wen looked at her dumbfounded and then slowly moved her eyes behind her.
Su Jin looked at Jiang Wen’s eyes and turned his head. After giving her a gentle and cold look, he stepped over and walked over to Miss Su.
"Wenmi, it’s been a long time. I heard that your grandmother is not well. Is it okay now?" Su Jin asked softly
"When people get older, it’s more difficult to get sick. Don’t bother Miss Su." Gentle walked over and sat in her seat and hit the brain, then looked up. What did you just say you were doing here?
"Oh, you weren’t at home last night. Teng Yun left his tie clip when he went to the clubhouse to drink with me." Su Jin said and put the tie clip in front of tenderness
Gently look down and smile. Manager Teng didn’t sleep well last night. Now he is resting in the lounge. I thanked Miss Su for him.
Gently, I raised my hand and gathered myself. I washed my hands and pulled them to my chest and sent them to my back. Then I picked up the tie clip and put it in the drawer.
Section 4
Su Jin looked at the tenderness in a row and was dumbfounded. The two clear red marks on the gentle neck were tight. That’s all right. Since he is resting, I won’t bother you.
Xiao Wen, with a gentle smile, will see Miss Su off for me.