Xia Qingyu frowned and asked, "What have you forgotten?"

"I forgot to tell agarwood that the movement should not be too exciting or too cruel." Wei Bing said with a little frustration, "Otherwise my peach leaf charm will be greatly reduced."
Xue Runan rolled his eyes fiercely. "How can you forget such an important thing?"
Wei Bing face emerge please smile "I this is not to see you in the heart so slightly nervous to the word of mouth to forget? But agarwood is alert. I think he should know what he should do? "
Xue Runan spat, "You still depend on me! If there is something wrong with agarwood, see how Gu can tidy up you. "
But in fact, as Wei Bing expected, the ancient wild silkworm jerked and disappeared after a few days.
It seems that Sun Hao really knows that he can’t wake this big silkworm casually.
Silent for half a ring, Wei Bing glanced at Xue Ru’s male face and smiled. He said, "It’s a pity, it’s a pity, it’s a pity …"
Xue Ru-nan said grumpily, "What do you regret?"
Wei Bing’s face was very sorry. "I’m sorry that agarwood guy is so clever that he can understand the Mid-Autumn Festival so quickly that I can’t learn from my aunt …"
Snow RuJie sloped chuckle.
If the dragon and the wind flow together, they admire Wei Bing very much. This monk can flirt with somebody else’s female brother or that tigress’s female brother without fear of the majesty of the holy palace. It’s really heart-warming.
Xue Ru male heart couldn’t wait to unload Wei Bing scene.
It’s the first time she’s met such a bold guy after such a long overhaul.
Wei Bing really drummed in his heart. "Boss, is it okay for you to let me say this?"
Hao Anyi: "If you want to win the beauty, you always have to impress her, and you always have some advantages. Now you and I have guided you to make a lot of moves several times …"
Hao Anyi’s words didn’t finish. ice silkworm’s body suddenly moved, and the heavy water rippled and flew forward quickly, but strangely, it was not the same as the swaying phenomenon in front.
Look at me, everyone. I’ll see if you don’t know if Sun Hao’s attack again has alarmed ice silkworm in ancient times.
Wei Bing coughed and then shouted, "Taoist priest, please drive the flying car and follow the heavy water, otherwise we will bump into the curved wall pipe behind …"
Liang Daochang suddenly woke up, whistled in his mouth and roared, "The donkey got up and ran away."
The flying donkey, who has been pretending to be dead outside, quickly got up and pulled the flying car forward smoothly.
Wei Bing coughed again and winked at Xue Runan and then said, "Congratulations to all Taoist friends. From the current situation, it looks like Aquilaria. How can we control ice silkworm? We are about to get out of trouble."
Juliufeng shook his fan smartly and asked, "See?"
Wei Bing put up a finger "The first day the silkworms acted smoothly, not like a war" and then put up a second finger "The second day the silkworms didn’t attack us, but that we would have been soaked in the cold sea water" and put up three fingers "This third intuition …"
After the words were not finished, a stream of water rushed away.
The water current is extremely fast, pushing the flying car forward and rushing away.
I don’t know how long it has been running, but the speed of the flying car seems to have reached a limit, and then poof
The pressure and pulling force outside the flying car suddenly lightened, and the body of the flying car, together with a large amount of cold sea water, has appeared a vast world of ice and snow. The flying donkey pulled the flying car and dashed forward for more than 30 feet, then stood through the snow and slowly stabilized.
And a huge pit appeared where the flying car had just been ejected.
They came out of the flying car and floated. Everyone looked around and found that they had emerged from the collapsed ruins of the North Sea and returned to the world of ice and snow.
Xia Qingyu looked at the deep pit, and there was a bit of worry in her heart. I didn’t know that Xiaohao was now like this. Although Wei Bing said that he might have controlled the eternal wild silkworm, she didn’t see Sun Hao for a moment, and her heart never let go.
Everyone has just decided that another large water light appears in the hole.
Wei Bing shouted, "Be careful that agarwood is coming out."
The words sound just fell and everyone found that Sun Hao rushed out like Fei Biao in a large area of water.
Pack up the black spar. At this moment, Sun Hao’s heart surges up and tens of millions of people can control ice silkworm’s massive cultivation resources in underground glaciers. This spar is enough to make Sun Hao rich overnight, which is very likely to make Sun Hao truly dominate in the extreme north.
And Sun Hao can secretly control and develop quietly.
Huge temptation
Easy-to-get benefits make Sun Hao feel excited.
But in the end, I don’t know that Sun Hao remembered the first time he set foot in Xiandao, but he suddenly became firm in his heart when he saw those handy fairy edges.
Godsworn’s practice is the root, and the unshakable goal is the king. If you covet these resources in the far north, and these easily available strengths, you may eventually be imprisoned in the far north and eventually stop here.
Put away the black spar Sun Hao as if he had put a big stone in his heart.
Of course, even if you are not greedy, you must unswervingly take your own road, but some of the benefits you deserve are not missed, and Sun Hao did not intend to share them with his monks.
Through the black spar Sun Hao command ice silkworm quickly received some strange resources in the far north, and then it commanded the ancient wild silkworm body to quickly drill into the world of ice and snow and spit out a flying car
And Corleone himself was also ejected for an instant, when his mind moved, and the body of the huge ancient wild silkworm was collected into the Sumeru coagulation tower through the black spar.
While Sun Hao himself rushed to the front.
The impact of the sea brought Sun Hao’s body forward, but Sun Hao found himself huge in the sea.
Sun Hao suddenly felt heavier than the body from the moment when ice silkworm body appeared in ancient times.
Great power oppresses his body from other places. If it weren’t for him, it would be gold and dzogchen’s body. Maybe it would be directly crushed by great power at this time.
This force is great, even if Sun Haofen is really fighting against each other, but it still has little effect. In spite of himself, Sun Hao didn’t fly far before he slammed into the ice and snow again.
Snow flying
Sun Hao crashing to the ground seems to be a huge monster falling, and four or five feet of snow in Fiona Fang have been shaken up.
Xia Qingyu came to see and cried dumbfounded.
Where Sun Hao fell, there was a huge sinkhole with a thickness of four or five feet. Not to mention the thick snow and hard ice, it was also smashed into six or seven feet. Sun Hao was sprawled at the bottom of the sinkhole, trying to support himself.