Liu Yuqian looked at the chaotic dragon with a flash of awe. Soon he took out a black Phnom Penh robe and a primitive token from Gankun Ring and handed it to Li Xuandao.

Li Xuandao eyebrows a young face slightly surprised way "core brother? Shouldn’t I be promoted to my real brother if I pass the third test? "
"Li Dashan, you don’t know."
Liu Yuqian smiled wryly. "Just now, I saw that your strength was amazing and I knew that the first three tests could not beat you, so I summoned the fifth test. Xiao Jiu wanted to test your strength. Now that you have passed the Xiao Jiu test, you are naturally qualified to be promoted to the core brother."
Said Liu Yuqian’s face. "Hehe, ordinary core brothers are mostly eternal. Now you don’t know how to cause a sensation when you are promoted to the core brother with a layer of strength."
"So that’s it." Li Xuandao nodded and said nothing without moving his robe and token.
The higher the status, the wider the scope of activities and the better informed the news. Now he can be promoted to the core brother, so he will naturally not refuse.
"Where did you get this chaotic dragon of Li Dashan?" Liu Yuqian looked at the disdainful dragon and dared not approach it in the distance.
There’s no way to chaos. Rowen is too strong
The impact of this imposing manner on the spirit is no less than that of the gods on the worm.
"I picked this up from Longgu."
Li Xuandao hesitated for a long time to tell a lie. "A few days ago, I found that Dragon Valley had been breached, so I went in to search for it. I didn’t expect to find a dragon egg, but I don’t know if it will suddenly hatch today."
When Li Xuandao lies, his face is not red and he is not afraid of Liu Yuqian seeing through it.
Anyway, Dragon Valley is really breached, and he is not afraid of the giant devil clan to investigate and calculate, and the giant devil clan will definitely not find clues when it sends out its staff to investigate.
"So that’s it, Li Xiong. You are really lucky."
Liu Yuqian smiled and didn’t show any surprise. Soon, he pondered for a moment and said, "We have always rewarded and punished. I will give you some benefits in view of your strength passing the fifth test."
Li Xuandao raised his eyebrows and didn’t expect any benefits. "What benefits is that?"
"Very simple!"
Liu Yu Qian Yin said flatly, "You should have found that the Thousand Magic Towers is a magic weapon that can speed up the speed of time. It is true that the speed of time is ten times that of the first layer. The faster the speed of time is, the faster the speed of time is. The seventh layer of the Thousand Magic Towers has reached 70 times the speed of terror."
Speaking of which, Liu Yuqian looked at Li Xuandao with a twinkle in her eye.
Although Li Xuandao already knew this, but in order to cooperate with Liu Yuqian, he didn’t reveal his identity. He was surprised and said, "Seventy times so powerful?"
"Of course, the Thousand Magic Towers are a Taoist device!"
See Li Xuandao shocked expression Liu Yuqian was so proud that he said, "I will give you the advantage of allowing you to practice for ten days on the seventh floor of Thousand Magic Towers. Don’t look down upon these ten days. Ten days outside the Thousand Magic Towers is two years."
"Thank you Mr.Liu you readmitted Li Dashan toothless unforgettable" Li Xuandao was ecstatic welcome hurriedly polite said.
Before Liu Yuqian waved his hand, a dim light appeared, saying, "Li Xiongyan stressed that you deserve it. If you can make a great contribution to me, it is not impossible to practice in the magic tower forever."
Until Li Xuandao left the Thousand Magic Towers, an old man in a black robe suddenly appeared.
"Elder Chang!"
Liu Yuqian looked respectful and cold. "Elder Chang, did you say that Li Dashan just said everything was true?"
Elder Chang closed his eyes and mused, "The Dragon Valley is indeed broken, and only the Dragon Valley can haunt dragons all day. Li Dashan said that there should be no fake, but the origin of this person should not be taken lightly."
"White" Liu Yuqian heart awe-inspiring hurriedly low drink a way
Chapter Nine, the clutches of the sky!
Chapter Nine, the clutches of the sky!
The seventh floor of the Thousand Magic Towers
Li Xuandao sat cross-legged in a swinging hall and looked at the chaotic dragon.
This chaotic dragon is like a children’s hall with a childlike innocence, and it seems extremely excited until Li Xuandao coughs and wakes it up. It comes down and says with a smile, "Li Xuandao, you are so bold that you dare to impersonate me to win my parents’ letter. It is also strange that you are a human being with such a powerful Rowen?"
Li Xuandao smiled and didn’t show any surprise.
Chaos Draco has produced spiritual intelligence before it hatched, and it is normal that he can feel everything outside and his level is very high above Ao Sheng and Red Carp, and he can detect that he is not right.
"I can’t believe that you can figure it out?"
Li Xuandao flicked his fingers and said, "I lied casually and wanted to scare the dragon god for a long night. I didn’t expect that Aosheng, who was naturally cold by mistake, actually had an affair with red carp and gave birth to a son. But the two of them have become gods and can’t easily appear. It is also called that they know my identity."
"What if they are really angry and want to get into trouble with you?" Chaos dragon entrenched steps look elegant and asked
Li Xuandao smiled and laughed. "Five hundred years ago, they were not my opponents. Five hundred years later, they couldn’t beat me."
"Five hundred years ago?"
Chaos Tianlong’s eyes flashed with horror. "Li Xuandao, are you reincarnated as a great power?"
"Okay, let’s not talk about this."
Li Xuandao impatiently waved and said, "Now that you have hatched, what are you going to do? Now there are no dragons in the Xuanhuang World. Are you going to find Aosheng and Red Carp or are you going to stay with me? "
Chaos Tianlong thoughtfully bobbed his head and said, "I don’t want to change my mind, and Aosheng and Red Carp abandoned me when I was born. Although I have forgiven them, I decided to follow you. Your long breath makes me feel very kind. When I am with you, I always feel a sense of security."
Li Xuandao eyebrows a young didn’t expect this dragon to be sentimentally attached to himself.
However, after thinking about it, he was relieved. Although he is not a real dragon, the blood of the ancestor dragon is far from that of the ordinary dragon, and the chaotic dragon is always a wet doll. Naturally, he wants to find a similar companion.
Looking at the whole Xuan Huang Dalu, it seems that there is also the dragon Li Xuandao.
"Since you are willing to stay with me, you must obey human rules and listen to my orders."
Li Xuandao vomitted a sigh of relief and said lightly, "First of all, we took three chapters. First, you are not allowed to reveal yourself without my permission. Second, your strength is too low. You must practice pagoda without my permission. Third …"
Speaking of which, Li Xuandao shook his head and said, "You must not disobey these two items after the third one. If you don’t promise me, I will send you to see your parents now."
Chaos dragon staring eyes straight wait for a while looked at Li Xuandao.
It took him a long time to protest, "No, Li Xuandao, I can accept the first one, but the second one is absolutely impossible. You know, my dragon egg has been in the dark for five hundred years, and if you don’t let me out, it will drive me crazy!"
"What about that?"
Li Xuandao’s solemn voice was full of unquestionable majesty. "Do you know that this is the human world, and your dragons have long since become a thing of the past? Do you know how dangerous you would be if someone knew you?"
Chaos Tianlong opened his mouth and couldn’t make a sound.
He knows that Li Xuandao is right, and he knows Li Xuandao’s heart. Now he is too low in reality and has the strength to refine his mind. It is really not suitable to go out, but he still has some reluctance to say, "Can’t I change into a person with you?"