Zhang Jiao walked step by step towards the Bixiufeng Hall with a smile on his face.

Signaling symbols with the same number of hours soar into the sky and fly in all directions
"I have seen the palm teaching". Outside the Bixiufeng Hall, Germany gave a gift to the palm teaching.
Zhang Jiao gently sighed, "Is Martial Uncle going to make Miao Xiu practice for a generation?"
No one ever thought that Zhang Jiao should come straight to the point.
Chapter 21 You are blocking my way
De one leng was obviously caught off guard by Zhang Jiao’s sudden question, and then he made a little remark: "Zhang Jiao is my pilot in Taiping Road, and now he will also feel that I am a humble brother in Bixiufeng."
This sentence secretly scolds you for teaching so many important things in the Sect of Illegitimacy, but instead of paying attention to the present, you pay attention to an insignificant brother. This is not what is Illegitimacy.
"Martial Uncle is joking. Although this younger brother is humble, he is involved in clan affairs. The arrangement of clan should not be underestimated." Zhang Jiao looked solemn.
De Wen Yan smiled and shook his head, turned and walked into the hall, followed by Zhang Jiao.
"I didn’t expect a younger brother of Bi Xiufeng to be involved in the operation and rise and fall of the patriarchal clan. It’s really amazing." The founder of virtue bowed a incense before with a trace of ridicule on his mouth.
"That’s the truth. Now that I’m in Taiping Road, at the critical moment, life and death will naturally mobilize all resources to unite all forces." Speaking of this, Zhang Jiao’s face is sincere. "Martial Uncle, I’d better ask Miao Xiu to come out and meet you."
"It was only a few hundred years ago, and the palm teaching face was much thicker than that of that year." De turned his head and stared at the palm teaching mouth with a weird smile, and the palm teaching eyes could not say sarcasm.
"It’s a pity that Miao Xiu, a child who has just returned to Bixiufeng to practice, has found a place to dive. Even I can’t find him now." I don’t want to be taught by Zhang Xiufeng, whose main mouth is blocked.
Zhang Jiaowen’s eyes moved to the children around him. "Go and see if Miaoxiu is a hermit. If you see him, say, please sit down."
TongWenWen turned and walked out of the hall BiXiuFeng Lord didn’t stop it.
It wasn’t long before I saw Tong Dao turn around and told Zhang Jiao that I didn’t find any trace of Brother Miaoxiu.
Zhang Jiao smell speech looked at the eyes of Bi Xiufeng. "Martial Uncle, we have a good personal relationship, which will hurt our friendship."
"You should know your temper." Master Bi Xiufeng stared at Zhang Jiao closely.
Zhang Jiao felt guilty and turned around. "Since Miao Xiu doesn’t, don’t disturb Martial Uncle and take a seat to leave."
"Don’t send" Brigitte Xiufeng looked at Zhang Jiao far away and took a deep breath.
"Look at the palm of your hand."
"Zhang Jiao’s face is not good, obviously there is no negotiation success."
"Master Bi Xiufeng has always been so tough, even if he teaches, he can’t get any benefits."
"That is, the master of Bi Xiufeng is that the stone in the pit is smelly and hard, and who doesn’t bother him?"
I looked around Bixiufeng and took a look at the eyeliner palm teaching. I broke off my heart and walked back to the palm teaching hall without nostalgia.
Hidden rock cave Jade Duxiu rubbed his palm, and black and white light flashed in his eyes. "I’m more forgetful and aware of heaven and earth now, even though my mana hasn’t increased much, but I don’t know how much I’m always hiding like this. It’s not a way to go out and make an end of it."
Thought of here, Jade Duxiu stretched out his hand and dragged the bodhi old zu of jade up and tied him up and walked towards Bixiufeng.
Jade Duxiu shrank into an inch, and it was a few steps away to the gate of Bixiufeng.
"Miaoxiu" I don’t know who yelled, and the lurking agents around showed their heads and looked at the expression. Jade Duxiu flew out of his hand and then jumped out to stop Jade Duxiu. "Brother Miaoxiu, please stay."
Looking at the Taoist jade standing in front of him, he said, "Are you human?"
"It’s Yin Xiufeng and Ma Yuan who have seen the elder brother." The Taoist priest gave a unique gift to the jade.
"You’re blocking my way." Jade Duxiu didn’t ask the Taoist what happened.
Hearing Yu Duxiu’s remarks, the Taoist priest was appalled and then laughed. "Stop Brother here …"
"You’re blocking my way." Don’t wait for Ma Yuan to finish. Jade Duxiu repeated it again, and the sound was still Gujingbo.
"Brother, the thing is …"
"Get out of the way." Jade Duxiu’s right hand was too strong to move suddenly, and he stuck the nagging horse field suddenly, only to see it fly out. "Bang!" When a big tree is installed in the distance, the blow of Ma Yuan’s hair will inevitably lead to a bellow of broken tendons and fractures.
"This kind of stuff also wants to pay attention." Jade Duxiu looked at Ma Yuan dismissively and kept going forward.
"Miao Xiu, everyone is a fellow student. How dare you be so heavy-handed?" A road flyover thundered behind him.
"He’s blocking my way." Jade Duxiu kept taking steps and didn’t use evasive methods.
"That’s why you did it. Is it because you look at your fellow students?" The man thundered.
Yu Duxiu turned his head and looked at the Taoist with an expression. "Are you human again?"
"Zhengfeng Liu Tao"
"Being original is like doing something important." Jade Duxiu disdained to smile and turned her head to continue walking.
"Hum, everyone is the same. You are so vicious, but you can’t see the past. You have to make a theory." Liu Tao clenched his fists.
"Oh," Yu Duxiu stopped with a slight frown. "Do you mind your own business?"
"It’s not meddling. It’s my Taiping Dao. Your hand is so vicious that it doesn’t conform to my Taiping Dao doctrine." Liu Tao stared at Yu Duxiu without showing weakness
"Have you heard a word?" Jade Duxiu suddenly turned the subject.
"What words?" Liu Tao consciousness way
"Right and wrong are strong because of many troubles." Jade Duxiu looked at Liu Tao and turned around and walked on.
Liu Tao paused for a moment, moved his right hand and quickly buckled his shoulder and neck toward Jade Duxiu. "Don’t go. Don’t go until you make it clear."
Jade Duxiu shook his shoulders and instantly shook Liu Tao’s left foot like a gyro for a moment and then kicked it away.
Jade Duxiu has rich combat experience. Are these monks majoring in magical skills comparable to this foot, which contains Tai Chi strength? The leg wind roared, and Liu Tao flew out like a shell and hit a tree not far away, following in the footsteps of Ma Yuan.
"I said that you don’t want to be strong, but you don’t believe it." Jade Duxiu shook his head, and he didn’t listen to the old man’s words, but he owed more than he deserved.
"Stop him from telling the stuff at will and don’t leave until it is clear." Liu Tao vomited blood and looked ferocious.
For a moment, many younger brothers stopped Jade Duxiu and glared at Jade Duxiu in front of them.
"How do you also want to block the road of poverty" Jade Duxiu hands behind him leisurely way.
"Miaoxiu, you’ve gone too far. How can you hurt people casually?" A younger brother thundered.