"Since your death, Pei Wende has lost blood ties. What qualifications do you have for him to pretend to be a’ sister’?"

Fox Ruier is Pei Hui’s "green hill method" to refine the lamp, and she is prepared to "die for herself"
In theory, Pei Hui, a fox, can be reborn with the help of her life even if she dies.
I don’t know what went wrong in this. Pei Hui didn’t choose to be reborn with the help of Fox Rui’s identity at the moment she died.
Now Fox Rui Er has both Pei Hui’s memory and her feelings before her death.
And this kind of incomplete "assimilation" falls into Xiaoqing’s eyes, and it is naturally impossible to really agree with the identity of "Pei Hui"
Or even Pei Huizhen reborn Xiaoqing could not agree with her identity.
Xiaoqing is cautious or possessive …
Xiaoqing doesn’t want Pei Wende to talk to Pei Hui again, even a little bit.
"I see. I can understand how you feel."
Looking at the opposite Xiaoqing fox core suddenly a face suddenly laughed
"I was a wife before I became Pei Hui, and I hated my husband and sisters very much."
Chapter 10 Sword Psychic
"But don’t worry, I’m not here to’ rob’ Wende with you this time."
Take a deep breath and see your face smile again. Fox Rui Er continued
"I’m here to wake you up. One day, people have found the reincarnation of Xuan Jue and are trying to get back the’ Feisheng Dan’ in Wende’s hands."
When the word "Feishengdan" was used, the fox did not show a trace of complexity and difficulty.
It is Pei Hui’s lifelong cultivation of Dan medicine that can help Pei Wende to hinder the achievement of Yang Shen as a strong man.
As a result, she never imagined that Pei Wendegen would not have that "Feisheng Dan"
From the perspective of fox, she naturally disagrees with this stupid choice and feels that Pei Wende’s approach is a bit too formal
But Pei Hui’s identity shows that she is somewhat gratified by Pei Wende’s practice-although this is not the same as her plan.
These two extremely contradictory views and attitudes directly led to Fox’s complicated emotions at the moment.
"That fool, I knew it was a’ curse’ to keep it …"
Didn’t notice, or didn’t care, that fox’s complex mentality Xiaoqing was a bit bold and cursed.
However, cursing and cursing Xiaoqing has never advised Pei Wende since then.
Because she knew Pei Wende’s personality root could not go to the elixir refined at the cost of his sister’s life.
This is Pei Wende’s shortcoming and his personality charm.
I don’t know what happened after I left. At this moment, Pei Wende sneezed and sailed from Longyou Lake into the grain river by boat.
And Pei Wende side is to pick up the sword Zhu Auntie.
That long sword is not a sword that Aunt Zhu carries with her, but a magic weapon specially selected by Pei Wende from those swords refined by herself.
Although it is a magic weapon, this sword is a standard face sword.
The body of this sword is straight, and the blade is curved twice and extended into the sheath, which is simple and plain, and the edge is sharp when it is drawn.
In addition to forging complex patterns by Damascus technology, the most striking feature of this sword is its external roundness, straightness and straightness.
It’s a sharp sword that makes Aunt Zhu feel gentle and courteous.
"Good Sword. This is definitely a peerless sword that swordsmen dream of!"
Can’t help but caress a scabbard pattern Zhu Auntie sincerely sighed.
It is the first time for Aunt Zhu to see such a spiritual sword, even though she has seen magic weapons for more than ten years.
Holding this sword hilt, Aunt Zhu felt as if she were dancing with a modest man instead of waving a lance.
-the sword has the spirit to choose the Lord and move!
Aunt Zhu understood the meaning of this sentence for the first time in her life.
At the same time, she finally understood why some people would not hesitate to give up the "man’s sword" method and let the "magic sword control people"
I think those "imperial" magic swords are like the sword in their own hands, which can be used by sword holders to dance with "fencing masters"
The difference is that those magic swords are vicious, but the sword in their hands is a modest man.
"It’s good that you can, but it’s not worthwhile for me to turn this sword out again."
Rub your nose gently and wonder who is nagging yourself behind Pei Wende.
This face sword is different from Pei Wende’s previous forging of various weapons, because he broke through his own forging skills and forged a "spiritual sword" from another aspect.
Instead of overemphasizing the spirituality of the magic weapon, I copied and integrated some of my skills into the forging magic weapon.
In this way, although the sword lost the possibility of limiting the rise, it had Pei Wende’s kendo repair at the beginning of forging.
"Zen master, little woman, there is still something not too white. Why would you give me such a precious sword?"
Reluctant to wipe a scabbard, aunt Zhu asked, full of doubts
She really didn’t understand why Zen master Fahai would deliberately give this sword to herself before the mountain.
"The sword is for the hero, and besides, I didn’t want to give you the sword."
"It chose you by itself, and I just pushed the boat with the flow."
Pei Wende is telling the truth. From the moment he forged the sword, the sword refused to be used by its holder.
Including forging it, Peiwende Tufa really awakens spirituality.
If Pei Wende hadn’t clearly felt the potential of the sword, he almost forged a "waste" himself.
So proud, so lofty, and so principled …
Pei Wende doesn’t remember that there is still such an unpleasant division in his personality, which he can attribute to the particularity of the sword body.
"I’m also curious about the potential of such a proud sword to explode once it touches the right person."
Looking forward to the outbreak of the sword from the heart, Pei Wende felt that he might be right to think about the forging direction at first, but the difference was that the sword made the conditions too harsh.
Once this is confirmed, one of Pei Wende’s tasks is to recast the green snake sword.
After all, when Pei Wende gave Xiaoqing the Green Snake Sword as a gift, his magical power was not as great as the forging technique, and he also had great flaws.
"Thank Zen master for giving me a sword, little woman, and Zhu Han will not live up to your expectations."
In the face of a serious face, Aunt Zhu Pei Wende turned her head calmly to look at the land owner who was punting.
At this moment, the land Lord, who had previously offered to punt Pei Wende, is now looking awkward.
"If you have anything to ask!"