Qing Lou and Qing Lou are just like a village girl who has never seen the market. In fact, they are almost the same as the village girl. They touch the wine cabinet for a while and then pick up the remote control to play for a while.

Although Ling Yue is also curious about these things, after all, a master should always have a master sitting there and looking at everything in the lounge.
"Qin … eldest brother" spirit month always feel this call is very uncomfortable, but there is no way.
"What are you going to do after you are the leader now? Should we fight against the magic road? " Spirit month asked
I know where Qin Shaojie some depressed thought.
Ling Yue, a woman in today’s society, is definitely a strong woman in a professional suit. She talks about work everywhere, but she doesn’t care about anything else at all.
Shao Qin Shaojie admits that talking to him about the leader, fighting the magic way and things like that is talking about work.
What does he think? Although he has had many fights with the magic word, he is a lone ranger. In other words, he is a good soldier but not a good general.
From the front, he is a little worse than sitting in the command.
Besides, where did he know how to fight the magic way?
Well, even if I’ve been to the magic road site once, so what? Aren’t they stupid enough to take you to the real place? Now go over there and jump
Besides, although he put a door in Jin Suozhen, he is not from Zhuge Kong, and he won’t pinch his fingers to tell fortune. Where do you know what will happen next in Magic Way?
If you can figure it out, he doesn’t mix any spiritual circles, and he shouldn’t be the leader. He went to Tianqiao to set up a stall to tell his fortune.
The iron pen divines divination, and the truth is twenty dollars a divination, so it is unreasonable for him not to die.
"I don’t know," Qin Shaojie simply shook his head and said, "I didn’t want to be the leader here, but I just didn’t want to see Xing Hai’s old miscellaneous hair succeed."
"Besides, if there are only two people in Tianmen, it is not as crowded as a small sect. What do I want from this leader?"
"It’s not a drop in the bucket," Ling Yue said. "I suppose you know there are so many people vying for the position of the leader?"
"I know this is not the so-called reputation," Qin Shaojie said. "When the leader can bring benefits to the sects, they will snatch it."
"That’s right," Ling Yue nodded and said, "but they are not as skilled as people, and this leader position is not in your hands."
"If you want to revive Tianmen Wang, there is a lot of this leader."
"It’s not that easy." Qin Shaojie shook his head and said, "I also said that there are only two people in Tianmen, and the magic way is always thinking about finding trouble with me."
"Besides, where can I collect my brother? Do you want to get some sects to come in? " Qin Shaojie said, "That’s not as good as it is. These people are used to being wild, so it’s impossible to make the same mistake again in Tianmen."
"Then you have no idea at all?" Spirit month doubt asked.
She can see that Qin Shaojie Xiu is already very high. Although she can’t see it, Ling Yue is sure that he has entered the realm of meat fairy in Du Jie.
After more than a year of practice, he can have such a shocking practice. I don’t see that a three-year five-year plan will definitely enter the period of scattered immortals. Such practice in a sect is only for elders
But it happened that he was so young, had such a repair, and was still a leader, but he didn’t want to carry forward the sects, which made Ling Yue puzzled.
If someone else had done this, they would have established their own sect and widely accepted their disciples.
"Do you have an ideal for Lingyue?" Qin Shaojie suddenly asked
"Ideal?" Spirit month frown wanted to think, this word is really a little uncommon for her.
"Ideal means what you want to happen most," Qin Shaojie said.
"Yes," Ling Yue nodded and said, "My ideal is to let me continue Emei for generations and be famous in the spiritual world."
"Me too" Qin Shaojie smiled.
"oh? What is it? " Spirit month curious asked.
"Seclusion" Qin Shaojie said.
"Seclusion? Just like us? "
"No, if I live in seclusion, I won’t think about going to high school and taking my family to find a secluded paradise and build a kingdom of my own."
Chapter 395 Can you take me away?
Talking to a beautiful woman about life and the ideal is that every man likes to do things. Qin Shaojie casually asked about things without thinking, but it aroused Ling Yue’s interest.
"Seclusion? Establish a kingdom? " Spirit on some don’t get white and some curious.
She doesn’t know Qin Shaojie. What does this mean? Since she wants to live in seclusion, she must establish a kingdom of her own. Is he going to have an uprising?
"Spirit month you misunderstood me" Qin Shaojie looked at spirit month that puzzled expression and explained.
"I think if Tao Yuan describes the Peach Blossom Garden, even if he wants to live in seclusion, he will find such a place to live in seclusion," Qin Shaojie said. "There is no interest dispute and no outsiders say that the kingdom has my family."
Qin Shaojie squinted at the ceiling at a 45-degree angle and said seriously, "No one can find me. My family and I will live there forever, with flowers, birds singing and laughing, peach blossoms, lush grass and gurgling little evenings."
Qin Shaojie felt that he was almost a poet.
Look at the spirit month only to find that her eyes shone with a different light, staring at Qin Shaojie unblinkingly.
Qin Shaojie seems not to feel the spirit month eyes one-way continued
"When I was very young, my greatest happiness every day was waiting for kindergarten to finish school, that is, school to finish school." Seeing Ling Yue was puzzled, Qin Shaojie explained what kindergarten meant again.
"At that time, my parents would always wait for me to go home at the door like others’ parents, and then I would recite what I learned every day to my parents, and they would be happy to buy me a pack of 20 cents cookies and 30 cents soda as a reward. This was my ideal at that time."
"Later, when I came to primary school, my ideal was to look forward to going out with a group of classmates every day after school or physical education class." Qin Shaojie missed laughing very much.
At this time, the clear dew and the clear rain all gathered around to listen to Qin Shaojie, just as the kindergarten children listened to the aunt’s story seriously.
At that time, I had a very good friend, and we played and fought together every day.
"Later, when I was in junior high school, I thought about which little girl I could have a youthful and unforgettable first love with. This was the ideal at that time."
"It’s a pity to study together after school and write together every day, but I can study hard if I don’t find haha."
"But this wish came true in high school. I had a girlfriend who I thought was the most beautiful at that time. Although it came true a little late, I was still very happy. At that time, my ideal was to study hard, get into a good university, graduate, find a good job, marry my girlfriend and have another child. My family was worried and lived."
Speaking of the problem of having children, Ling Yue turned slightly red. It seems that she remembered Qin Shaojie’s question in Shushan.
"But it didn’t last long," Qin Shaojie said with a sigh. "In less than a year, the girl broke up with me because I didn’t have money."
"Maybe you don’t know that in this era, feelings are unreliable and money is the most reliable thing in the world."
"But there are exceptions. I met several women who were with me without money after I was in college."
"I have given up on myself since that girl left me, but God seems to have played a joke on me again."
"When I was going to give up my ideal, the old man at large, that is, my master, appeared like a fortune teller." Qin Shaojie’s mouth slightly evoked a beautiful arc when he met at large for the first time, as if he were smiling and remembering.
"It was the old man who brought me into the realm of practice by coaxing and cheating, saying that I am a Tiandan, and I will definitely have a great future," Qin Shaojie said.
"Yes, I’m from Tiandan, and I’ve been practicing for more than a year, which is more than you who have been practicing for hundreds of years. But the old man said that he was great, but I didn’t see being harassed by the magic way for three transgressions and four times, but there are often things that always make me busy."
"But I also want to thank him," Qin Shaojie smiled and continued. "If he hadn’t brought me to the spiritual world and taught me to practice, I would still be an angry otaku in diploma mill who ate and died."