Then count the Adaling people’s sincere prayers, and the ripples kept rising with time, and the doors with the size of a planet were beaten.

In the end, inexplicable Weili chains extend from it and slowly pull huge planets into it.
Looking at this terrible scene, several people did not believe in the [art god], and even many Adaling gods swallowed their saliva involuntarily.
Pull millions of planets into Asia at one time …
So powerful that they have never even heard of it …
You know, there are planets that are thousands of light years away.
It will take some time to reach even if you use the sub-network road for superluminal navigation.
It’s a dream to pull into Asia without hurting the planet from such a long distance …
Not only the strength is strong enough, but also the ultimate control over the strength!
If you are the King of God [Asuyan]
It may be possible to do this at the peak.
But in the final analysis, it is limited to moving a single planet.
Once you need to move a little more planets, it may lead to excessive force and directly break them.
And move a million planets at once without causing harm?
Even if the whole Adaling family’s bottom is put in, it may not be enough …
Chapter 5 The first meal of "Sex Evil"
Adaling pantheon
Looking at those giant doors that have been gradually closed.
Look a little ugly 】 【 ASU how to not far from each Ada Eldar Baal said.
"I have a hunch that the threat is coming!
If you don’t want to die, you’d better restrain yourself and prepare early. "
Say that finish also ignore their reaction directly turned away from the pantheon.
And those Adaling devils looked at each other after each other.
God’s color change is very dignified, while others are still that indifferent look.
After the Adaling Empire, ruled by ordinary Adaling people, found that its territory was ten times less in just a few minutes.
Also feel angry!
Especially knowing that those who leave the guy are willing.
If it weren’t for the deep fear of the power of the [Art God], the degenerate Adaling clan would immediately vilify it in all aspects.
When faced with this scene, the sober Adaling people hesitated, and then arranged for people to enter various movable ark planets one after another to escape to their chosen Ann area …
At that time, the situation of the Adaling Empire seemed to have changed a little, but it seemed that nothing had changed.
Of course, the departure of a large number of personnel resources has weakened a little.
But their remaining strength is still enough for them to close their eyes and hang on to the forces of the galaxy.
And after the sober faction left, there was no obstacle for the fallen Adaling people to act crazily …
A few years later
Ya-【 Boshang Fortress 】
In the past, it was muddy and it was hard to see the shape here.
I don’t know when it has gradually become clearer from virtual to real!
The high spire of the fortress is constantly filled with purple dense fog.
On the surface of the barrier composed of dark stones, there are countless deformed life bodies with bones hanging.
As the fishy wind blows through the waves, it sounds like the sound of babbling when men and women are happy, and it continues to emanate from those corpses and reverberates around!
The deepest part of the fortress 】 【
Special room with a limited extension
Median has androgynous characteristics, and the low-level joyful maid, the evil demon, is sleeping on the outside like a statue.
The closer you get to the center of the room, the stronger the strength of those sleeping evil demons will be!
And there is a huge and softer bed in the center.
Some of its materials are like fur, and some of them slowly exude a strange fragrance to the surface of organs.
In addition, the bed surface also displays all kinds of beautiful and beautiful things in the poor world.
It may be a gorgeous creature or a brightly colored star.
And there is a special human figure sleeping in the core position where they are heavily clustered.
No gender, no race.
Everything in his eyes will be the most beautiful.
If you look carefully, you will find that a little bit of power visible to the naked eye is flowing out of the other body and slowly infiltrating into different worlds.
It is also the influence of these forces
It has caused natural disasters such as giant substorms in many worlds, including the physical universe.
Slowly, in silence, as time goes by
The power that keeps flowing out is getting less and less …
When it is less than a certain level,
The human figure on the bed
Slowly opened his eyes.
He sat up in bed, wiped his eyes, and then casually stretched himself.
Then just like mortals sometimes yawn when they get up.
He also yawned with his mouth open, symbolizing his awakening.
This moment!
Enough to reshape the world energy.
This’ yawn’ from his center has spread wildly!
They directly broke through the scope of the "fortress" and echoed in every corner of Asia like a wave!
Countless creatures that failed to respond were torn to powder on the spot.
And those sub-storms, which were formed by the power of "color evil", were forced to break through as quickly as the window paper was punctured.
Even some residual energy overflowed and flowed into many worlds including the physical universe.
At this moment, the evil demons who are sleeping around [Sexia] wake up like they have received the signal …
Physical universe
Adaling territory
Follow the power of Adaling’s depravity [color evil] and arrive here directly.
Apparent distance characteristic
If the scope of the Adaling empire is the degenerate Adaling, all the places are attacked by that force at the same time.
Just as human breath is a hurricane to ants.
Because of the size gap, although [Color Nie] yawned.
But this sound sounds to them like a scream that goes straight into the depths of the soul
The Adaling clan, together with the creatures nearby, were instantly torn apart by this harsh sound.
Even when they are in the stars, they are torn into pieces by visual intensity!