Just at this time, I saw Sun Chi’s hand support at this time, and he came to this mansion’s main courtyard with a tumbling blood ShaQi. He saw the falling courtyard and his face was in a mess.

"I’ve seen the general, and now I’ve captured Xue Ju’s willingness to defect, and the general has also invited him to take him in." All the monks gave Sun Chiqi a gift.
Sun Chi nodded. "Good, good, thank you, fellow travelers, for trying your best to capture this. Before the general spoke, he said that whoever can capture this fellow alive will definitely play the throne."
These monks have milk, but it is unrealistic for the mother to try her best to contribute. However, it is not realistic to say whether these monks are loyal to Sun Chi. However, it is not trustworthy for these monks to vote against the Lord. It is still good for the two armies to fight as cannon fodder in the future
"The general we don’t know will be forced to kill. It’s better to be original than to be original. Being original is bound to be grateful." That Xue Ju was prostrate at Sun Chi fuels at this time.
Sun Chi laughed coldly. "You’re guilty, but you can’t stay."
"There are five competitive horses ready for the seat, and this fellow will be chopped up and sent to this guy for reincarnation." Sun Chixiao was ferocious.
"You’re so vicious that you dare to be original and dismember yourself in the future." Xue Ju saw Sun Chi forced to kill himself and immediately panicked and turned to look at the surrender monk. "Is it true that this fellow said that the promise of God is true? The list of gods is a godfather’s royal decree. Is it a mere mortal? It can be said that he will give you a throne if he says he will give you a throne? Don’t you believe that he will let you be a godfather? "
As soon as this remark came out, everyone was quietly looking at Sun Chi with their eyes, but they saw that Sun Chi was unhurried and unhurried, and smiled gently. "You Taoist friends should know that this time, the host of the gods’ list was the master of nine wonderful temples, and Xue Ju’s former domain had once plotted against the master of the cave, and the master of Biyou Cave had no choice but to flee, but he called the master of Biyou Cave to give up the pursuit."
Speaking of this, Sun Chi smiled coldly. "If you want to kill this today, the master of Biyou Cave will spare a god’s position. This god’s position is also divided into three or six, and those middle gods don’t know that every few people say that we will kill this for the cave master. Will the master of Biyou Cave spare the god’s position?"
When this remark fell, the people around him suddenly recovered their tranquility. At this time, Xue Ju was shocked and pale. "Who the hell do you know about the main grievances of being original and traveling in Biyou Cave?"
Sun Chi patted Xue Ju’s face before he smiled gently. "Who am I? You don’t have to ask more. You need to know that karma in this world is not good. What goes around comes around comes around. You dare to betray Taiping Dao, but you deserve this disaster."
"It turned out that my Xue family was killed by the monks in Zhongyu because you were playing games in Taiping Road." Xue Ju’s face was ferocious and his eyes were splitting.
Sun Chi noncommittally, at this time, a soldier brought five fierce horses, and Xue Ju’s five limbs were already tied with ropes before Xue Ju struggled.
"Jade Duxiu, you don’t die a natural death, you don’t die a natural death." Xue Ju struggled constantly, but at this time, a magical power was sealed, but it was not as futile as a mortal.
"chopped up" Sun Chi cold way
"Sun Chi you don’t die a natural death …"
Xue Ju didn’t finish shouting when he heard "snow". As if a piece of cloth were torn, five fierce horses quickly flew into the sun Chi’s five limbs and separated their insides.
Although the scene is tragic, everyone is used to the battlefield, but this scene can’t make everyone move
"Dispelling his soul will make it impossible for any Xue family to dispel their soul forever." Sun Chiyi ordered a warlock to prepare to start work.
But I haven’t waited for Sun Chi to start work, but I saw a sigh in the virtual space, but I saw a flash of light flying out of Xue Jushen and falling into the list of gods.
Taiping Dao Taiping ancestor seems to have a feeling in his heart and smiled gently. "This Sun Chi is good. It’s a pity that the Xue family died. It’s a pity that Taiyuan’s old guy made a move, but it’s inconvenient to stop and give the old guy a face."
Xue Ju was the chief culprit of Taiping Dao’s fiasco in the wartime when Taiping Dao was deified in the middle domain-the tone of Xue Ju’s punishment of Taiping Godfather was smooth.
"I promised to protect the Xue family in those days, but it’s not easy to explain where Taiping is. It’s always necessary for someone to bleed to put out Taiping anger. Now it’s just right to use the deity machine to not only eliminate Taiping anger, but also give you a future seat. It’s right for your Xue family." Taiyuan’s highest peak, Taiyuan’s ancestor, slowly withdrew his hand and face and revealed a bit of sigh.
There is no doubt that rescuing Xue Ju’s soul before it is Tai Yuan’s ancestor watching Xue Ju’s soul enter the list of gods, and Tai Yuan’s ancestor’s voice entered the ears of the nine great ancestors of Terran. "The soul of gods in this domain is rooted in the fact that we have to make rules and regulations to fight, but it can’t be extinguished, otherwise our Terran elite will not bleed in vain."
The ancestors of Taiyuan heard a burst of meditation and nodded in praise. "Yes, it is true that this truth still needs to be met. Godsworn Tongtian shall not violate this regulation or he shall not be deified after death."
When the nine great godfathers finished speaking, they saw that the law had been issued.
The gale mansion looked at the lost soul Sun Chi’s face suddenly gloomy. "Oh, no, there will be twists and turns in the future. We still need to tell the Lord to make decisions and take precautions early."
When he said, he took out the imperial edict, but he saw that the imperial edict was twinkling and flying towards Taiping Road.
"Everyone has dispersed, and told the master of Biyou Cave about this matter. The master of Biyou Cave will know in a few days that you will be raised." Sun Chi looked at the surrounding dribbling monks and generals and waved.
When all the soldiers heard the news, their faces lit up, but the monks felt very bad. It seems that they were accidentally involved in a big trouble whirlpool.
Chapter 57 Li Weichen Choice
This involves the game between Tai Yuan, the father of Taiping. Isn’t it a big trouble? The monks are caught in this whirlpool like ants, and they may be run over at any time.
But now that you’ve joined in, there is no chance to quit, but at the same time, you monks are not glad to re-evaluate the power energy behind Sun Chi.
Li Weichen threw herself in tears in front of the Aifeng Peak in Taiping Road, and looked at the little streamers in the hands of Fuofu and thought silently.
"Brother, you must let me make the decision." Li Weichen cried with shame.
"Family? Do what? Who is in charge? Then Xue Ju is a traitor to Taiping Road, and everyone will be punished. What do you want to do? " Jade Duxiu looked at Li Weichen coldly and felt that Li Weichen didn’t know how to advance and retreat.
"I …" Li Weichen was asked by Yu Duxiu in a series of rhetorical questions, but she was speechless and didn’t know what to say.