In less than a breath, the giant also became a humanoid creature with black scales and was bigger than Mohologa.
"Come again!"
When the physical changes stopped, the giant roared again.
Then, like an out-of-control steel behemoth, he rushed towards Mohologa.
"It’s really a clever way to give full play to your body shape advantage."
Looking at the steel behemoth Mohologa who is getting closer and closer to himself, his expression is still very calm at the moment.
"But you are still not too clever …"
"What did you and I have that advantage but didn’t take the initiative to attack?"
"That’s naturally because you imitate me and I also learn from your subtle control over your body."
After saying his word, Mohologa has completed the micro-control of his body, and his body has begun to change, which is closer to the combat structure.
-Shenzutong Thousand Machine Wheel!
The body swelled slightly and 40,000 muscle fibers began to work.
Just like a small gear of a large instrument, 40,000 muscle fibers continuously rotate, guide, transfer and accumulate the muscle strength of Mohologa into a form of brute force with a hundred times increase.
"I call it a thousand-machine wheel."
Although it is a trick, it is more like a strengthening state.
It is Mohuluoka who, after realizing the giant’s entry into the physical body, benefited from the mechanical and leverage principles he learned in his previous life and magnified his strength by a hundred times.
This is not a new magical power and magic, but a change in Mohologa’s development of his physical strength to the extreme.
"Of course, I prefer to name it’ God arrival’ or’ Monty disintegration’ …"
Mohologa murmured softly, full of regret.
Because he can almost imagine that Xiaoqing will show disdain when she hears her "God arrival" and "Monty disintegration" to call this state.
Xiaoqing, who shows the second attribute of Pei Wende from time to time, has always been unabashedly disgusted.
"But whatever the name, this force is genuine!"
After seeing, forcibly changing the body structure will do harm to itself, because Mohuluoka is the incarnation of Shinto, which can bear the change of suicide for ordinary creatures.
The rocks are flying and the wind is overflowing, and the muscles are bulging. Mohuluojia just took a step forward and the surrounding environment has already changed.
For a second, don’t shout that Lorca suddenly stamped his foot. His body flashed and he met the giant with a series of sonic booms.
Fierce airflow swept across the earth, and many gravel and dead leaves were spirally involved in the streamer.
This is the sound of claws tearing the skin and breaking the muscles, and it is also the instant when the giant of Mohoroga brushes against each other.
Then the second and third time …
It’s like two love fighting machines, and the two sides pass each other again and again, and the ordinary people perceive the time slot to tear each other’s flesh and blood.
And as time goes by, both Mohologa and the giant can feel each other’s fighting spirit and blood boiling.
Compared with the less intense fighting spirit, the root of physical injury is nothing
So once again, I passed by, and I cried out to Lorca in a flash, forcibly turning my body and stabbing the claws to each other’s back.
"You can imitate my ability, but the combat experience is something you imitate!"
With a demon-like whisper, I saw Mo Huluojia suddenly exert himself to tear the giant in half from behind.
Going …
Instantly dripping blood instantly dyed Mohologa’s body red.
Chapter 30 Killing, nursing, cutting the industry, not cutting the people
"This, this, this …"