Huo Wenbin directly stepped aside and the sofa was naturally invited.

"Where is the high commander? It’s normal for the municipal government and the war camp to support each other and string together a door."
Hearing this, Gao got up and left his desk and sat on the sofa opposite Huo Wenbin.
"Mayor Huo, come straight to the point if you have anything. My country is a clown and I don’t like to play charades with you politicians."
Huo Wenbin adjusted her glasses, and her face gradually became serious. "In this case, I will come straight to the point."
"When are you going to solve the current situation in Yongjiang City?"
Gao Guo didn’t answer directly, but asked, "When does Mayor Huo think I should do it?"
"The sooner the better"
"oh? Mayor Huo didn’t wait for the gate to be developed? That’s a very good technique that can write a lot of money for your resume. "
When he heard this, Huo Wenbin suddenly smiled. He took a meaningful look at Gao Guo and said with a smile, "Don’t be ridiculous. You and I should both know that the technology is just a bait. If I really put my hopes on that side."
"Then what awaits me may not be a success, but a legacy."
"Mayor Huo, what you are saying now is different from what you said at the original meeting with me and those investors."
Huo Wenbin said calmly, "Isn’t the first criterion of a politician to know what to say on any occasion?"
"If I don’t say that Xu Ruiru will develop the stargate, how can other investors be willing to pay for it?"
"Sometimes some small means of kindness can help us solve problems better and … I didn’t lie when I said it, did I?"
Gao Guo smiled and shook his head. "It’s a pity that you don’t act."
Huo Wenbin didn’t speak again and smiled and didn’t talk.
Gao Guo looked up at him and said, "After seven days, I will launch a counter-offensive. Gao Guo is not used to following the enemy. I like to take the initiative into my own hands."
After getting the accurate attack, Huo Wenbin got up directly.
"Yes, I need to know about it in an hour. I’ll help you deal with the rest of the things … and leave them to your camp."
Say that finish HuoWenBin got up and left the operations.
After Huo Wenbin left, Gao Guo took one look at the huge map of Yongjiang City.
"Seven days after the calculation date, people in the alliance should have arrived and it’s time to make moves …"
In a remote training base of the 3rd Battalion
See Liu Yuan’s face calmly looking at a stake in front of him as a target.
And not far from Liu Yuan, Tam and the three of them are looking at each other with curiosity.
It seems unclear what Liu Yuan is going to do.
Little light creaks (Brother Tam, do you know what the master wants? )”
Tam quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack. )”
Xiaoguang was shocked when he heard Tam’s words.
Try to sleep!
This world still has such magical skills!
To learn this, you must learn!
Just as Xiaoguang was shocked by Lu Yuan’s skill of "trying to sleep"
At this time, Lu Yuan, who had been brewing for a long time, moved.
A knife flows and ghosts chop!
See suddenly out of the knife, a purple strange energy attached to the long knife.
One second, the purple long knife waved a purple chop and shot down the stump three meters away from Liu Yuan.
Cut that two-meter-high stump in half.
And that’s not all. Seeing that Lu Yuan didn’t close his knife, he began to take a special breath.
With this special breath, Lu Yuanshen’s robe began to wind automatically.
A strange purple energy started from the handle position and eventually spread to the whole long knife.
Liu Yuan’s long Dao was wrapped by the purple flame.
The purple fire shines on Liu Yuan, and the breath becomes strange, which makes Tam and others not far away feel some unspeakable depression and fear.
At the moment, Lu Yuan looks almost the same as when he used to breathe every day.
Can breathe the flame every day is a gorgeous fire, giving people a majestic and hot feeling.
The purple flame in front of us not only makes people feel a little hot, but also gives people an indescribable cold.
Because this flame is a new power-purgatory fire, which was developed by Lu Yuan in combination with daily breathing and something congenial.
I observed the instantaneous force of Lu Yuan after the fire of Long Dao Purgatory for a while.
Purgatory Breath One Type Purgatory Dance!
A flame that is even more horrible than before flies out instantly.
When this purple flame cut down the stake, the stake immediately fell apart when there was less than one meter left.
Not only that, the stump fragments are covered with a lot of purple flames, and the power is amazing.
After observing the power of purgatory fire, Lu Yuan slowly lifted the breathing state of purgatory.