At this moment, everyone looked into the distance, where a rare young man’s blue grain was presented with a strong breath.

This man is Yan Yuan.
God turned into a man and said to Xu, "Master!"
Only to see a sloppy old man come out and stare at the sky in vain, showing three elders of Yin and Yang!
Two people come out dignified breath.
This is the Great Sage Realm, and there are two Great Sage Realms as soon as they appear.
Chapter 361 Double Great Sage
"Gollum …"
Jiang Huairen swallowed saliva and stared at the day. "I’m tired … this is two great sages. These two great sages are all facing the imperial boss. It’s … it’s so cool."
"Yes … in the future, there will be a royal boss covering our street and molesting the holy land girl. No one will beat us!"
"Can’t the standard be higher? We want to flirt with the saint!"
"Your sister! The saints are all royal dishes! "
"It’s also ….. the royal day boss is so awesome that the saint is not the mistresses!"
A group of animals here complained that they heard that people were constipated.
However, these people stared at the distance, and their hearts were horrified. One great sage did not appear in one thousand years, and now two statues appear.
Well, this sacred place of Yin and Yang is really unlucky.
The fear of the Elder Tai of the Holy Land of Yin and Yang shows an instant apology.
Yutian stared at Yan Yuan with his hands on his back. "Don’t kill these guys. I gave this sacred place of Yin and Yang to him, but when I kept stepping stone in captivity for three years, I hoped that the sacred place of Yin and Yang would grow well in three years, otherwise it would be meaningless to kill it!"
Imperial day bright eyes sharp stare at this day, Yin and Yang are too elders, and these guys are angry, but they dare not move there.
God also said, "Master … just like Brother Yu Tian said, leave these to us!" "
This sloppy road nodded and then fractured and returned to Zhongzhou again.
Yan Yuan also stared at the Imperial Heaven and nodded and disappeared.
These elders of Yin and Yang are angry, but they just hold back and dare not break out at the Imperial Heaven!
Yutian laughed. "Go away … fatten up or it will be boring to kill!"
As soon as this is finished, I will regard the holy land of Yin and Yang as my own captive pigsty.
At this moment, several people are frightened. Fortunately, they either provoke the Imperial Heaven, which is to provoke the Imperial Heaven or provoke three malefic statues! A holy land, the Lord Sendai, was beheaded alive by the Imperial Heaven.
Even with the help of god and generals, killing is killing 2!
The generals’ occultism is also powerful, and they can bury everything!
The Imperial Heaven stepped forward and fell directly to the Black Emperor.
The black emperor’s eyes trembled and he just waved his dog’s paw to rob!
It’s a lot to get good things today, and a lot of things are given away from the holy land of Yin and Yang.
The black emperor is staring at the imperial heaven. "Wang … what are you, even swallowing the mirror of Yin and Yang?"
The black emperor said it seemed a little uncomfortable. This is the Great Sage, but now it has been swallowed up by the Imperial Heaven.
Yutian shrugged. "I created the’ Measuring Treasure Sutra’ to devour all kinds of weapons. It’s nothing to take these weapons to refine the flesh, even if it’s an extreme weapon, it can devour such a great warrior!"
Disdainful words made the black emperor want to cry. "These are all treasures!"
No matter this greedy black dog directly leads Purple Moon, but also pulls Yao Xi.
Boy, this shake light Lord almost didn’t vomit blood! This rocking light saint was killed by the Imperial Heaven, and now his own saint has been occupied by the Imperial Heaven. This is such humiliation! Shake the light, constipation in the holy land, eyes just missed vomiting blood.
It’s the same for Ji’s family. Staring at the Imperial Heaven will kill her. It’s not enough for her to have her own little princess to find her woman.
Imperial heaven, regardless of these, directly turn into streamers and fly to the holy city!
Sheng cheng Bei Yu center
This northern region, this holy city, is as famous as the ancient mine in the early days, and the people in the northern region even worship the holy city!
Yutian and his party flew less than 600 miles from the holy city, but they landed slowly.
Imperial Heaven stares at this avenue, and the wide road leading to the Holy City Avenue is even more crowded with people, but this is an oasis, but these are still mountains and cliffs …
Imperial Heaven stares at this holy city "Let’s go!"
Stepping forward is walking towards the holy city.
When it was less than 200 miles away from the holy city, a wild beast roared but rushed towards the holy city
The smoke and dust of the road filled the sky, and the eyes were a little unhappy!
With a wave of his right hand, it instantly turns into a strong wind and falls directly towards the dust, but it also rushes to these pretty beasts with a hint of sword light!