But on second thought, I feel wrong. "Chief, I’m not too white. Is this for me to choose?"

HuoJiang leaning on the slowly nodded his head.
Yip hon struggled violently and hesitated for a long time before asking, "Is there anything I don’t know why, Chief?"
HuoJiang sipping mouth took a deep breath "the first point is not I said you come to drop the teacher; The second point is the meaning of the fleet. They think it’s a waste of time to put you back in the teacher’s place. The third point is the idea of the headquarters. On the one hand, I think your brain is good, and on the other hand, the people are very high. I hope that the best commanders can be transferred from the front line. That’s probably it. "
Yip hon thought for a moment and said with a wry smile, "Chief, how can I say this?"
"Tell the truth!" Huo Qiang rudely interrupted "I don’t want to listen to nonsense"
Yip hon grin "drop teacher … I really don’t want to go back to put it this way, I just talk to bugs every day to kill how many bugs? It is better for me to sink an enemy ship than to fight for a generation; In transferred to the headquarters … To tell the truth, I am particularly moved to stay in Beiyuezhou, which is not only guaranteed, but also often reunited with my family … "
"So you want to stay in the headquarters?"
Yip hon shook his head hard. "I’ll continue to command the Leishan if I can."
"Have you decided?"
"It’s decided!" These three words are very difficult for Yip Han to say, but after that, the whole person completely relaxed. "To tell you the truth, if I put them aside, I would definitely choose the headquarters, but now I prefer to leave a line."
Huo Qiang sighed after a moment’s silence and said, "You just want what you want. I’ll press it for a few days. If you go back on your word, come to me."
Yip hon nodded "thank you, chief"
"No" Huo Qiang’s expression is subtle. "Go, go home and have a look at it when it’s so long away."
"Yes!" Yip hon got up and saluted.
"Well" HuoJiang nodded suddenly remind of what "on the day to take your soldiers to the laboratory to find professor qin"
Yip hon one leng "chief, can I ask what our lab is doing?"
"nothing routine inspection"
"It’s the chief. I’ll go first!"
"Go ahead"
Yip hon turned away from the firm pace, but after leaving HuoJiang’s office, his pace slowed down immediately, and his face was determined and disappeared, turning into a loss that he couldn’t swing away.
Doesn’t he want to stay in North Moon Island? Of course, but he knows very well that it is not a good thing to stay in Beiyuezhou.
It’s really a good thing for one’s family to know that one’s own business is left behind, but where is Beiyuezhou? What is the headquarters? There are many high-ranking officials and generals here. When can a newly promoted major general have no real qualifications and no qualifications?
Gao Kai said that the higher the status, the more he should talk about political wisdom, and his worst skill is intrigue, which may make people sell the gang and don’t know what happened after the money.
It’s different to stay on the line. Since he can command the Leishan to achieve so many successes, he will certainly sink more enemy ships in the future. No one can suppress his achievements if he can continue to create brilliance with warships.
And yip hon don’t think a line is really so dangerous, at least you can still run.
After much deliberation, he finally gave up the idea of staying in Beiyuezhou.
Unconsciously, I came to a porthole. Yip hon’s eyes fell through the porthole to the harbor outside the window.
The Nanzhou, Beihai and several other warships, the red navigation lights of the warships are flashing one after another with great regularity.
After a lapse of three months, he didn’t know about the asteroid belt, but he knew that Nanzhou had returned to Hong Kong for more than a month, and Beihai had returned a few days earlier than Nanzhou. The two warships had completed maintenance and replenishment and were ready to leave Hong Kong at any time.